The Planetary Prince

The advent of a Lanonandek Son on an average world means that human will, the ability to choose the path of eternal survival, has developed in the mind of primitive humanity. But on Urantia the Planetary Prince arrived almost half a million years after the appearance of human will. About 500,000 years ago Caligastia, the Planetary Prince arrived on Urantia. There were about one-half billion primitive human beings on earth at the time of his arrival. He established his headquarters in Mesopotamia. ( This is the same place the Anunnaki settled and the same time they touched down, yet there is no mention of them in the Urantia book. There are several theories as to the origins of Homo sapien sapien, but one thing they did not do is evolve from primitive hominids such as Homo erectus or Cro-magnon. I like Sitchin’s idea that the Anunnaki wed their own genes to the genes of Homo-erectus to create a slave race for the mines and other hard work. It wasn’t until much later that the “gods” uplifted humanity and taught us how to build the civilization of Sumer. But all of that is suppressed in the Urantia book.

Caligastia had a reputation of loyalty and devotion to the welfare to the universe of his origin, but he also had a certain restlessness coupled with a tendency to disagree with his superiors in minor matters. Melchizedek, the author of this paper 66 was on Jerusem when Caligastia went to Urantia, and he did not then realize that Caligastia was falling in love with himself; he did not understand the subtleties of personality pride.

The Planetary Prince brought with him all sorts of assistants and administrative helpers. His associate-assistant was Daligastia, also a secondary Lanonandek Son. There were a host of celestial and angelic persons assigned to promote the welfare of the human races. The most interesting of these were the Caligastia 100. These were not invisible to human like the other staff members were. They had actual physical bodies. I think this is because they would be interfacing with humans from the tribes and teaching them domestic skills. The main job at first was to turn the tribes from hunters to herders, with the hope that man would turn into a home-loving and peaceful farmer. The settlement was a beautiful city with walls 40 feet high and the temple to the unseen Father in the middle. Outside the wall all colors and classes of humans met for schooling. The teachers would teach the especially bright students and send them back to their tribes to teach those children.

The 100 were material but superhuman beings. It was the custom for these teachers or assistants to create new creatures before they retired. There were 50 males and 50 females and they didn’t know what sort of creature they would give life to. The 100 had souls because they had progressed through the morontia worlds and gained citizenship on Jerusem. During the mortal life in the flesh the soul is embryonic. It is born (resurrected) in the morontia life and grows through the successive morontia worlds. Anyway, the second and seventh of the 100 were exploring the various non-sexual ways of producing offspring and accidentally produced a primary midway creature. Soon the other 98 got into the act and they didn’t stop until they had produced 50,000 primary midwayers. These midwayers came with all the skills they needed to be helpful in any situation. And they could affect physical reality if necessary.

History of Urantia

600,000,000 years ago the commission of Life Carriers sent out from Jerusem arrived on Urantia and began the study of physical conditions preparatory to launching life on world 606 of the Satania system. The Satania Life Carriers had projected a sodium chloride pattern of life; therefore no steps could be taken toward planting it until the ocean water had become suffiently salty. The Urantia type of protoplasm can function only in a suitable salt solution. This oceanlike salty solution circulates in our bodies, bathing each individual cell with a chemical liquid in all essentials comparable to the salt water which stimulated thefirst protoplasmic reactions of the first living cells to function on the planet.

Urantia land masses spread out, allowing the oceans to have more shorelines. This enabled ocean plant life to find its way onto land. The large amount of carbon in the atmosphere allowed the plants to flourish and produce varieties of luxuriant growth. However, Man could never survive in such an atmosphere. The planet’s atmosphere filters through to the earth about one two-billionth of the son’s total light emanation. If we paid for this light at the rate of 2 cents a kilowatt hour, the annual light bill would approach 800 quadrillion dollars. Vast solar energies pour in upon Urantia embracing wave lengths ranging both above and below the recognition span of human vision. In other words there are things going on just outside the corners of our eyes.

Solar radiation at the extreme ultraviolet end of the spectrum are short wave lengths,but we are protected by a layer of ozone ten miles thick. Unfortunately, our ozone layer is getting thin due to pollution and other factors. The sun pours down a flood of deadly rays, but the earth has many ways of protecting herself. The lower 5 or 6 miles of the earth’s atmosphere is the troposphere. This is the region of wind, air currents and weather. Above this region is the inner ionosphere and next above is the stratosphere. Eight mile above the earth’s surface the temperature is 70 degrees below 0. At the height of 45 miles the temperature begins to rise, until it reaches 1200 degrees F. This heat is what causes the ionization of the oxygen, The power of sunspots to alter light frequencies shows that these solar storm centers function as enormous magnets. Such magnetic fields are able to hurl charged particles from the sunspot craters out through space to the earth’s outer atmosphere, where their ionizing influence produces such spectacular auroral displays.

The History of Urantia

1, 000, 000, 000 years ago is the date of the actual beginning of Urantia history. The planet had attained approximately its present size. And about this time it was placed on the physical registries of Nebadon and given the name, Urantia. The real geological history of Urantia begins with the earth’s crust cooling sufficiently to cause the formation of the first ocean. By the end of this period, the ocean was worldwide, covering the world to a depth of over one mile.

9.5 million years ago Urantia presents the picture of one great continent of land and one large body of water, the Pacific Ocean. I think the land mass was called Gondwanaland, but I know I am not spelling it right. Volcanoes and earthquakes are still widespread and carbon dioxide continues to be large. About this time Urantia was assigned to the System of Satania for planetary administration and was placed on the life registry of Norlatiadek. Thus did administration recognize an insignificant planet that would become known as the “world of the cross.”

900, 000, 000 years ago witnessed the arrival on Urantia the first Satania scouting party sent out from Jerusem to examine the planet and make a report on its adaptation for a life-experiment station. This commission consisted of twenty-four members, embracing Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Melchizedeks, seraphim and other celestial orders. They reported favorably to the System Sovereign that Urantia be placed on the life-experiment registry. It was accordingly registered as a decimal planet and the Life Carriers were notified that they had permission to institute new patterns of mechanical, chemical and electrical activity at the time of their subsequent arrival with life transplantation and implantation mandates. This would be the sixtieth Satania experiment designed to amplify and improve the Satania type of Nebadon life patterns.

650,000,000 years ago the continents took shape and the oceans became salty. They say the moon has been here as long as the earth, but ancient people knew a time when there was no moon. Also the moon is hollow; it rang like a bell when astronauts dropped a bomb on it. And the underground grapevine says its a spaceship. Ancient records conflict with the origin of the earth as described here, also.

The History of Urantia

5,000,000,000 years ago our sun was an isolated, but blazing sphere, which was drawing material to itself. The sun contracted and had a gradual increase in temperature which led to violent convulsions on its surface. This was the origin of Monmatia, the name of our solar system. Less than 1% of solar systems have this type of origin. 4.5 billion years ago the enormous Angona system began its approach to the region of our sun. At the center of this huge system was a black giant of space, solid, highly charged and possessing tremendous gravity pull. The gravity of this system would cause the sun to eject tongues, streams of gaseous material out into space. The material in the tongues of fire would break off and become meteors of the solar system, which immediately started to revolve around the sun. As the Angona system got closer to the sun, they both disgorged tongues of fire and matter, which met and produced a long column pointed at both ends and bulging in the center. From the odd space formation came the solar system of 12 planets.

The five inner and five outer planets soon formed in miniature from the cooling and condensing nucleuae in the less massive and tapering ends of the gigantic gravity bulge, while Saturn and Jupiter were formed from the more massive central portions. The powerful gravity pull of these planets early captured much of the material from Angona, as the retrograde motion of certain of their satellites bears witness. These two planets were so gaseous that they glowed like suns. They still are too gaseous to be inhabited (for humans). Saturn’s rings can be settled, which ETs do, but I don’t know whether they build facilities or live in a mother ship.

The planets do not revolve around the sun in the plane of their solar mother, which they would do if they were spun off by solar revolution. Rather, they travel in the plane of the Angona solar extrusion, which was at an angle to the plane of the sun’s equator. Something happened which is hard to explain. Apparently, Angona threw off 3 “tributaries” the orbits of which were retrograde or opposite to the planets, which would be very disruptive. They are just called “foreign space bodies.” The narrator says that the moon is drawing closer to the earth, which is true. It’s a little scary to me. But if it’s being driven by ETs, maybe they can put the brakes on. Hope so!

The Narrator continues: And then, in that far distant future when the moon approaches to within 11,000 miles of the earth, the gravity action of the latter will cause the moon to disrupt, and this tidal-gravity explosion will shatter the moon into small particles, which will assemble about the world as rings of matter resembling those of Saturn or may be drawn into the earth as meteors.” 3 billion years ago our solar system was placed on the physical registry of Nebadon and given its name, Monmatia.

The History of Urantia

The Andronover nebula gradually assumed the form of a spiral. These secondary space nebulae are usually observed as spiral phenomena. Gravity control at the center weakened and gas escaped, allowing two gigantic and distinct arms to take origin on opposite sides of the mother mass. The increasing rate of whirling of the mother mass caused sons to be thrown off hither and yon. The energy wheel grew and grew until it gained its maximum of expansion, and then when contraction set in, the critical centrifugal stage was reached and the great breakup began.

500,000,000,000 years ago young suns became spherical and became the stars of space. The vast majority of Orvonton suns have had a similar birth. 400,000,000,000 years ago the mother wheel contracted and recaptured the nearby and smaller suns. This was the terminal phase of nebular condensation, which always precedes the final segregation of these immense aggregations of energy and matter.

A million years subsequent to this epoch Michael of Nebadon, a Creator Son of Paradise, selected this disintegrating nebula as the site in which to build his universe. Almost immediately, the architectural worlds of Salvinton and the 100 constellation headquarters groups of planets were begun. It took almost 1,000.000 years to complete these clusters of specially created worlds. The local system headquarters planets took from that time until about five billion years ago.

300,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover solar circuits were well established, and the nebular system was going through a period of relative stability. The staff of Michael arrived on Salvington and the Uversa government of Orvonton extended physical recognition to the local universe of Nebadon. There are many more stages: the nebula created 876,926 sun systems; 6,000,000,000 years ago our sun was born; it’s number is 1,013,572.

The Origin of Urantia

Urantia’s origin is in the sun and the sun is one of the many offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was organized as a component part of the superuniverse of Orvonton, and later to be included in the universe of Nebadon. This nebula was created and organized by the Primary Master Force Organizers of Paradise, who were in full control of the space energies of the nebula.

987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of the materialization phenomena in a certain section of the easterly sector of Orvonton.

900,000,000,000 years ago, the Uversa archives record, there was a permit issued by the Uversa Council of Equilibrium to the superuniverse government authorizing the dispatch of a force organizer and staff to the region previously designated by inspector number 811,307.

875,000,000,000 years ago the enormous Andronover nebula number 876,926 was duly initiated. Only the presence of the force organizer and the liaison staff was required to inaugurate the energy whirl which eventually grew into this vast cyclone of space. The living force organizers simply withdraw at right angles to the plane of the revolutionary disc, and the inherent qualities of energy insure the progressive and orderly evolution of such a system. 800,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover nebula was well established as one of the magnificent primary nebulae of Orvonton. At 700 Billion years ago the nebula was becoming enormous; additional physical controllers were dispatched to nine surrounding physical creations to support the power centers of this new material system. Whirling faster and faster the nebula started to condense and contract.

600,000,000,000 years ago the height of the energy mobilization period was attained; the nebula had acquired its maximum of mass. It was a gigantic circular gas cloud shaped like a flattened spheroid. Gravity and other influences were about to begin their work of converting space gasas into organized matter.

Galactic Federations, Councils and Secret Space Programs, by Dr. Michael Salla

Thor Han described a group called the Nine Elders (Nine Gods or Nine Prophets). They don’t live in any one dimension or universe; they live outside where space/time is uncreated. This nonplace is called the Void or Sanctuary, but to me they are not the same at all. ‘If you stare long enough into the Void, the Void will stare back at you.’ I stared too long into the Void, terrified myself, and was rescued by God. Anyway, these Nine are the first children of Source and higher up the food chain than archangels, which is not all that high. The Nine don’t need a ship to move; their minds can connect anywhere. They can instantly teleport and materialize in a biological body related to the species they visit. They are above almost everything.

Thor Han next mentions the Intergalactic Super Confederation, which other ETs call “Do-the Guardians” because that’s what they do. They help and protect troubled planets. One of Salla’s sources told him that two ET groups were going to be very active on our planet, Earth. “They’re gonna make their presence known…and help out with the disclosure.” They “are working with us through frequencies and in our dream states…to help clean up the planet” (James Gilliland-34 years of ET contact).

William Shatner and Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame were among the convoy of Earth nations to go to Ganymede and welcome the ETs’ arrival. One of Salla’s sources met the Nine. At first they were in a glittering opalescent haze; they were tall slim silhouettes. She said that they were “plasma supra consciousness beings…that had no form.” But they changed. A being emerged that was elegant and 9 feet tall; he had green skin and wore no clothes. He had beautiful slanted eyes, with sparkling purple and garnet colors.

The Law of One is a book based on channeled information from ETs. Information isn’t the right word, because it is ET philosophy, a belief system. The Nine told the Law of One channel that they lived in the eighth dimension of Saturn, in the rings. This is a contradiction of Salla’s previous statement. The Nine, through channelers, “enticed Gene Roddenberry…to create a popular series that would affect deeply and powerfully the consciousness of Humanity on Earth for generations to come….Star Trek echoed an existing future reality by quantum resonance” (It was a bridge to the future). The “success of the Star Trek series was therefor attributed to humanity’s collective unconscious recognizing it as a potential timeline that needed to be embraced for it to manifest into reality.

It seems that Humanity must manifest a positive destiny amid an undeclared “Temporal War” in which negative ETs tried to manipulate Humanity to bring about a galactic tyranny 350 years in the future. The result was a wide ranging Temporal War in which off-world groups were heavily impacting humanity’s potential timelines. The Galactic Federation intervened and put a decisive end to this. Our future reality, Salla says, “is going to happen far more quickly than anyone anticipated.”

Galactic Federations, Councils and Secret Space Programs

The Draco Empire and the Orion Collective steal our electricity, take our oxygen and hydrogen and kidnap our people. The Orion Grays perpetuate a nightmare on the people of Earth. Here’s one scenario: They abduct people, they put them into a coma to the point of death. Here the soul is accessible. In a 4 second procedure they transfer the abductee’s soul to a special box, where it will stay until a hybrid needs it. A ship of the Andromeda Council intercepted a Gray ship and found the following: the souls of thousands of children and adults in those boxes and children in cryogenic stasis. And why are the Grays doing this? They have hundreds or even thousands of hybrid children which have no soul and they are trying to adopt the soul of the human. Failing that, they are staying alive by syphoning off the soul from the box. This is a tragic situation, but the Grays brought it on themselves by forcing human women to give birth to these hybrids. And also the soul goes into the afterlife with the personality, so what are the implications of going to the afterlife without a soul?

The Ashtar Collective is an organization even larger than those previously mentioned; groups splinter off from it, making new groups. The Alcyone Star System is where the Tall Grays (Nebu) come from. The Andromeda Council is also known as the Zanotean Alliance. A group called the Moderates have controlled a cluster of galaxies for 75 million years. They don’t get involved politically, but they are very powerful. We are dealing with the Galactic Federation, which is helping Earth solve its problems and move into a higher dimension. In any event, our solar system is moving into an area of space which will affect humans favorably, but I don’t know much about it, except to hear David Wilcock talking about Ascension all the time.

Salla records an ET making the remark that “Free will was the trap, now it is stopping, you will see it.” This remark is confusing because on Earth we have been taught that God gave us free will. But look at it another way. The Earth is getting more crowded every day. And think of carrying a whole civilization in a spacecraft. These situations demand cooperation more than free will, which is irrelevant. Besides, God only gave us free will so we could choose him freely, so we wouldn’t feel we HAD to choose him. The highest good for the greatest number of people is cooperation, not self-assertion. This Western value is still seen in those who are ruining the Earth in order to make money. I heard several years ago that ETs cleaned the pollution in our air, but China has no regard for the air they are breathing.

Robert Renaud Gabriel Green has a website that informs us of another ET group, the Confederation of the Galaxy of the Stars. There is a Council of 9 embedded in a Council of 24 Elders. They are known for protecting evolving worlds and helping them with their spiritual powers. Their philosophy is that the power of love surpasses all else. There is also the Intergalactic Confederation aka 24 Civilizations (I know, they all sound the same, but I’m trusting Salla to pull us out of the weeds.) One of the groups is the Hoore Civilization, which is linked to Christ. 22 of these races have genetically contributed to our Earth Humanity, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Salla made the remark, perhaps quoting an ET, that “Genetic intervention is better than Intelligent Design.” We know from the Urantia Book that evolution was carefully monitored, but we know from Sitchin that man was produced by combining the genes of the Anunnaki with the genes of Cro Magnon Man. Corey Goode was in the Secret Space Program for 20 years. The SSP is run by the Navy and after their 20 years they retire and the Navy tries to wipe their memory of everything that happened during the 20 years. It didn’t work with several officers and they became our witnesses. Corey said that ETs think we are like royalty because we have spirituality and we can do with our consciousness what ETs need to do with technology.

An international space coalition sent ships and personnel to Ganymede to prepare for the arrival of a highly evolved group of ET visitors. Salla’s sources said “these ETs were highly evolved, powerful, benevolent forces from another dimension and realm that has always tried to free Humanity on Earth from slavery.” This fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation came to evaluate ” the result of our common work regarding the dismantlement of the Dark Alliance and collaborate with the Galactic Federation on the next step”(Thor Han, spokesman for GF). Thor Han also said that these ETs might want civilian contact. WOW! What happens when these ETs find out “civilians” have been murdered to keep the secrets of Special Access Programs?!

Galactic Federations, Councils, and Secret Space Programs

This is the name of a new book by Dr. Michael Salla that makes everything in Kevin Freeman’s book, “According to Plan,” somewhat doubtful. This is because the global elite (cabal, Satanists, child trafickkers, human sacrificers and drinkers of blood, globalists and those in league with the Nazis and Reptilians) have been forced to leave Earth and go to a planet in a distant galaxy. They surrendered their tools for making black magic, which they used to control humanity. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I must tell the story behind these events–events which will change the course of human history.

There are thousands of ET civilizations in thousands of galaxies–I could easily say a billion galaxies, because who knows? The important and interesting thing that in our section of space the ETs are human and they have formed many organizations, federations, brotherhoods, councils, confederations, commands, etc. But before I describe our partners, there is a negative group on earth that has caused more destruction and misery than any other. After WWII the Nazis created the Fourth Reich, based in Venezuela and Antarctica. They are partners with the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which has factories in space and uses slave labor. Also a partner is the Draco Empire, another negative force which had been helping the Nazis since before the war. The good thing is that they are all leaving the Earth, too.

Most of the ET organizations have more than one name, but Salla has managed to untangle them. I should start with Earth. Earth has 14 spacefaring nations, with the US being the leader. The name of our Secret Space Program is Solar Warden; it is old, having started service in the 80s, so a new fleet is being built. Since it is a secret program, information comes out in leaks. However, there is a soft disclosure permitted. Men who have served their 20 years in the program can be interviewed and say anything without losing their pension.

The Ashtar Galactic Command is a friendly collective which has a base 72,000 miles above Earth. They are responsible for the flap over the White House in 1952. The Ashtar Command is associated with the destruction of a planet named Lucifer (aka Maldek or Tiamat). This is very interesting because Maldek could be Marduk and Tiamat was destroyed by a moon of Nibiru. Half of it makes up the asteroid belt and the rest is the Earth. It would be interesting to know why the AC destroyed Lucifer, a peculiar name for a planet. What was its people doing? Love to know. There’s also the Galactic Federation of Worlds aka the CiaKahrr Empire aka United Worlds Alliance. We of Earth are dealing with the Galactic Federation. In 2021 there was a meeting near Jupiter which resulted in the Jupiter Accords. The Galactic Federation met with the 14 representatives of the nations which had space programs and determined that the US had the most stable program and would be the leader of the new Earth Space Alliance, and became the US Space Command. We owe it to our new friends that all the negative influences that have kept humans in bondage, freed the slaves on Mars and the moon Ganymede, and are helping us rise to a higher dimension are finished or in the works.

According to Plan

The Gobalists’ plan is to replace national currencies- especially the US dollar, the world’s benchmark, with digital currencies, known as Central Bank Digital Currencies. CBDCs. This would weaken the national sovereignty of the US and give the globalists control over the world’s commerce. The General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) said, “With the CDBC, the central bank will have absolute control , and we will have the technology to enforce that.” But we are at a dangerous place with Biden’s deficit spending. He is walking into the arms of the BIS and the Globalists. In March of 2022 Biden issued an Executive Order elevating creation of a CDBC to the “highest urgency.” He knows it will destroy the dollar, so why is he pushing these policies? Is he naive or does he have dementia? According to Freeman, 10s of millions of dollars have flowed into the Biden family from China. Diane Feinstein received illegal campaign funds from China, and invested millions in Chinese companies. One of them, Lenovo, then sold spyware computers to the US military, giving Chinese intelligence agencies direct access to US defense forces. Congressman Stalwell, thanks to Pelosi, serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He also had an affair with a known Chinese spy. During all this, his net worth grew from pennies to millions. I wonder how that happened. It’s not just one or two. They all get rich while serving in Congress.

Freeman quotes Ronald Reagan, who pointed out, “Our founding documents proclaim to the world that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few. It is the universal right of all God’s children,” And, says Freeman, ‘that’s exactly why the Pigs hate America.’ Abraham Lincoln said if America was ever destroyed, the causes would come from within. He ought to know! So the cabal, elites, globalists, deep state, whatever you want to call them (they are all ruthless and they think China and Russia wll accede to their plans, which is highly doubtful) has been working quietly, but relentlessly to take us down from within, to diminish America so she can no longer pose a threat to their tyranny. They are methodically conspiring with our own wannabe autocrats and corrupting them for the purpose of weakening America economically, militarily, socially, and culturally.

It’s no secret that China wants US land, the Western half of it, in fact. Defense Minister Chi Haotian proposes that Americans leave America so the Chinese can settle here. He said, “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the CCP leads the world.” Is he Joking!? President Biden is very naive about Chinese intentions, saying, “They’re not bad folks…” A ‘disturbing’ book was published in 1999 by two senior colonels in China’s air force, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, the subtitle of which is “China’s Master Plan to Destroy America.” I’m sure the CIA and the DIA are all over this. Anyway, the book proposes alternative methods of attack, including political, economical, network, and terrorism. The authors claim these methods would be more effective than military warfare. We are already in a cyber war with both Russia and China. China continually steals our technology and Russia destroys our internet hardware. While Obama was in the White House, the whole system was destroyed by Russia. Millions were spent buying new computers. They didn’t destroy anything important, though. Obama wouldn’t let Russia know that they were successful in this hit on the White House