The first flying saucers. According to a NSA document leaked by Edward Snowden, classified programs are used as a cover for more highly classified programs. For example, the first stealth spyplanes such as the SR-71 Blackbird were used as a cover program for the more advanced hybrid conventional/electrogravitic aircraft. And these hybrid aircraft were themselves used as cover for the even more highly classified Aurora Project, which can deploy satellites into low earth orbits. The Aurora Project included the most highly classified aerospace program known to Area 51 workers, the TR-3B. That aircraft used Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) antigravity technology and has been deployed since 1990. But this program became a cover for yet another top secret project.*************** There was evidence that Germany had been working on flying saucer technology as far back as 1938. Germany actually had two space programs. The SS controlled one program with the aid of the Reptilians. The Vril Society, founded by Maria Orsic, created the other space program by channeling the designs of spacecraft from ETs, probably Nordics. There were many reports of flying saucers at that time, so they could have been German. W.O. Schumann was brought to the US after WWII in Operation Paperclip. His research specialty was large scale electrical charges and plasma physics and how these applied to the exotic propulsion technologies used in advanced Nazi aviation projects and the flying saucer phenomenon. Dr. Schumann’s classified work at Wright Patterson AFB included the study of rotating plasma and its weight reduction effects used in the Magnetic Field Disrupter/ Magnetic Gravity Cancellation technology described by whistleblowers. There is not much information on Maria Orsic and the Vril Society. They may have been reluctant to divulge their source of information. They may have been afraid their saucers would be used for war. Dr. Schumann, who helped Vril, may have been concerned about his reputation. The Vril Society was an offshoot of the Thule Society, which was composed largely of German aristocrats. It was founded in 1918 by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf. The Thule Society is best known for sponsoring the creation of the German Workers’ Party. Adolf Hitler became its 55 th member and the 7th member of its executive committee. It was renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP or Nazi party) in February, 1920.* The Thule Society believed in the existence of an advanced far northern, subterranean civilization called Hyperborea, described in Greek and Roman legends, whose ancient capital was “Ultima Thule.” Thule Society members believed that the Hyperboreans were the racial progenitors of the Aryan race. The Thule Society believed it had a powerful Vril force that would enable it to heal, change or destroy cities. They were also into the occult, which they hoped would help them find ancient technologies. In 1919 Orsic began channeling beings from the Aldebaran Star system. She wrote several pages in two foreign languages, one of which she didn’t know. She and her friends concluded from the other language that they were seeing the directions and design for building a spacecraft. Later they found out that the mystery language was ancient Sumerian. Schumann was brought in, and he looked at the design and said it was scientifically feasible. The designs were entirely in Schumann’s area of expertise, which was at the leading edge of high voltage electrostatics and plasma physics. And the design provided information about the practical application of high voltage electrostatics and plasma physics. It took Schumann 2 months to put together a scientific dossier and 5 months to get funding from Thule members, although the members were wealthy. According to covert programs researcher Peter Moon, the first successful prototype was produced in 1914.

Urantia Book 52. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus wandered into the hills and sent the very depressed apostles to take the boat across the sea to Bethsaida. The wind came up and threw their boat around. But Peter fell into an exhausted sleep. He dreamed that he was called by Jesus to walk to him across the water, and when he became afraid, Jesus took his hand and chided him for his lack of faith. Peter woke up and actually stepped over the side of the boat and had to be pulled out of the water. To Peter this experience was real, but he couldn’t convince anyone else. Mark left part of the story out of his Gospel, and Luke concluded that it was a vision and refused to put it in his Gospel (152.4.1-4).****************************** The exhausted disciples slept late on Thursday morning, but Andrew was first up and found Jesus by the lake. Jesus asked him to assemble all the apostles, evangelists and women. When they were all assembled, he said: “How long shall I bear with you?! Are you all slow of spiritual comprehension and deficient in living faith? All these months I have taught you the truths of the kingdom, and yet you are dominated by material motives instead of spiritual considerations. Have you not even read in the Scriptures where Moses exhorted the unbelieving children of Israel, saying, “Fear not. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord? ‘Be patient, wait upon the Lord and be of good courage. He shall strengthen your hearts. Cast your burden on the Lord and He shall sustain you. Trust him at all times and pour your heart out to him, for God is your refuge. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.'” “And now do you see that the working of miracles and the performance of material wonders will not win souls for the spiritual kingdom? We fed the multitude, but it did not lead them to hunger for the bread of life nor thirst for the waters of spiritual righteousness.” Jesus said that the crowds wanted to make him king so that they would always have free bread. He also warned that they could come to the attention of the Romans with this king business. “Don’t we have enough enemies already?” he questioned. Then he announced that he and his apostles were going away for a few days and forbade anyone to follow them. He wanted to prepare for the Passover in Jerusalem. In fact, the king business did get back to the religious leaders and the civil authorities, and they were worried (152.5.1-6).******** Jesus and the 12 rested at the home of a wealthy believer at Gennesaret. Jesus held a conference everyday with the apostles. They were serious, sober, chastened and disillusioned men. Things had happened so fast the last few weeks, but change comes slow. They didn’t have time to make the requisite changes in fundamental concepts of social conduct, philosophic attitudes and religious convictions. The second night Jesus impressed upon them the fickleness of crowds. He reminded them that the multitude of 50,000 had dwindled to 500. Jesus taught them how to appeal to the spirit inside each human: First, appeal to the emotions; this will arrest and focus the intellectual attention. The mind is then aroused and the mind is the gateway to the soul, where the spirit is found. The spirit recognizes the truth of the gospel and transforms the listener into a believer. Jesus also tried to prepare them for the difficult times ahead. The Jewish rulers would conspire with Herod Antipas to destroy them. The apostles were finally seeing clearly that Jesus would not be a king on David’s throne. And they saw finally that the kingdom would not be advanced by material wonders. They vaguely saw the cruel adversity ahead. They were slowly awakening to the realization of the real nature of their task as ambassadors of the kingdom, and they began to gird themselves for the trying and testing ordeals of the last year of the Master’s ministry on earth (152.6.1-5).************* On Sunday, April 3 Jesus, with only the 12, left Bethsaida for Jerusalem. They took a long route to avoid travelers and arrived on Wednesday. Jesus forbade the apostles to preach or teach while they were in Jerusalem. Jesus only went into the city once, to go to the main feast. The apostles could feel hostility in the crowd. They took a similar route home, up the coast and over land (152.7.1-3).**************** On Friday, when they all arrived at Bethsaida, the apostles noticed that Jesus was very preoccupied, like he had some momentous problem. He didn’t eat anything; there was tension in the air, and Jesus wouldn’t talk to anyone. Peter reacted by becoming depressed. Others reacted as well and became downcast. Jesus may have been anticipating the epoch-making sermon he was scheduled to preach at the new Capernaum synagogue at 3PM that afternoon. The only apostles to address Jesus were the clueless Alpheus twins, who cheerily wished him well.************************ There was a distinguished congregation waiting for Jesus as he entered the synagogue at 3. Jarius presided and handed Jesus the Scriptures to read. The day before, 53 Pharisees and Sadducees had arrived from Jerusalem; more than 30 of the rulers and leaders of the neighboring synagogues were also present. The contingent from Jerusalem had come to inaugurate open warfare on Jesus and his followers. Sitting near the Jewish leaders were the official observers of Herod Antipas, who had been directed to investigate the king business. But Jesus saw all this and assumed the offensive. He intended to attack their concept of a Jewish deliverer. This sermon would mark the crisis point in the transition from the period of discussion to that of open warfare and final acceptance or final rejection. The Master knew that many of his followers were slowly preparing their minds to reject him. He also knew that his apostles and evangelists were passing through that training of mind and discipline of soul which would enable them to triumph over doubt and assert their faith in the gospel. Jesus had trained them to do that. The whole of the congregation had one question only: “Why did he himself so deliberately and effectively turn back the tide of popular enthusiasm?” It was after this sermon that the doubts of his adherents turned to hatred.

The new Space Force. On June 18, 2018, President Trump gave a speech in which he recognized space as a “war-fighting domain” and called for the development of a United States Space Force (USSF) which will take over the current space functions of the US Air Force and other military services. It will be the sixth branch of the US military and will be put under the administrative control of the US Air Force. Trump then commanded General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, to carry out the assignment. Initially, Trump and his administration were against the necessity of a space force, but then the AF found out about the widespread deception on the part of the Deep State, the Germans and the Navy (all so-called allies). The AF made Trump aware of all this and the Deep State’s use of Maser satellites to steer Hurricane Irma toward MacDill AFB in September 2017, and its role in the ballistic missile attack on Hawaii on January 13, 2018. The full extent of the space assets of the Deep State and its Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) partners was not known. But something had to be done to assert military control over these rogue elements to eliminate future threats by these groups. The advantages of creating a Space Force escalated. This would also lead to the elimination of the decentralized, compartmentalized system that had evolved over decades in the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), which had greatly benefited the Antarctic Germans’ Dark Fleet and led to the creation of the ICC, which was tied to the Deep State. Trump didn’t have the authority to create the Department of the Space Force; only Congress could do that. But he tasked the Secretary of Defense with forming a comprehensive plan. On August 9, 2018 the DoD released to the Congressional Defense Committees the “Final Report on the Organizational and Management Structure for the National Security Space Components of the Department of Defense.” It identified four components: 1. Space Development Agency 2. Space Operations Force 3. Services and Support 4. Space Command. The big change was that the military would assert control over corporate contractors so they can no longer secretly build components for other space programs. They would eliminate practices such as the “20 and back” programs described by Navy whistleblower Corey Goode, which involve mind control and memory wipes. Corey had PTSD as a result of repressed memories. A big advantage of the Space Force is that scrutiny will eliminate Black Projects run by the Deep State, which are said to cost one trillion dollars of your taxes every year. The Deep State also suppresses invention of free energy devices, confiscating the materials of inventors, burning their labs, even murdering them.************************ On December 18, 2018 Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum authorizing the creation of a United States Space Command: “Pursuant to my authority as Commander in Chief and under section 161 of Title 10, US Code, and in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I direct the establishment consistent with US law, of US Space Command as a functional unified Combatant Command.” He then announced that nominations for the position would be considered. On February 19, 2019 President Trump released Space Policy Directive 4, affirming that US Space Force will be a two-step process. The USAF will temporarily command the Space Force. When the Space Force is a sixth force, the Navy SSP will be directed to move its space assets into the Space Force. The USAF has some advanced technology of its own. It has 3 different sized saucer-shaped ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), 3 different sized TR-3Bs triangular shaped craft, rectangular weapons platforms, and stealth space stations. Its ships can patrol the solar system, and the USAF even possesses traversible wormhole technology that enables its airmen to explore different solar systems. When the AF changed its allegiance and policy, it helped the US and global society to break free of the corrupting influence of the Deep State and its Antarctic German/Reptilian/corporate allies. Similar scenarios have taken place on many other worlds where Draconians have established a foothold, and where Nordics have stepped in to help these worlds break free of a similar corrupting influence. Hurricane Irma was in retaliation for disclosure of spacecraft coming out of MacDill AFB. It was on the anniversary of 9/11 and named after a Germanic goddess of war.

Urantia Book 51. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The next day Jesus taught the people from the boat on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. He told them several parables to illustrate the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man sowed in his field. A mustard seed is tiny, but it grows into a large bush so that birds can rest in its branches. He was saying that the church would grow to be huge, just like the mustard seed. The kingdom too is like leaven which a woman hid in three measures of meal. After the loaves were baked, they were huge because of the leaven. The evangelists are like leaven in society growing the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man discovered. In his joy, he sold all he possessed in order to buy the field. These are the people who give up all they have for the gospel….Jesus taught other parables and seldom taught the masses any other way. But during the evening lessons, he more fully expounded on his teachings to the apostles and evangelists. ****On Sunday Jesus grew tired of the crowds and suggested a trip across the lake. About half-way across a terrible wind came up. The boat was tossed all over and the apostles were terrified of drowning. Water came over the side of the boat, and Peter in his terror awoke the sleeping Jesus. Jesus came out from under his shelter, looked at Peter, looked at the darkness, looked at Peter again, and said: “Why are you all so filled with fear? Where is your faith? Peace, be quiet!” Peter mistakenly thought Jesus was addressing the storm when he said “Peace,” so from then on Jesus had power over nature, the weather and the sea. The storm ended when Jesus stopped scolding Peter, but it was just a coincidence, not a miracle.********************************* The boats put in at the village of Kheresa. Jesus had no rest. They were accosted by Amos who was said to be a demoniac. He had been chained up, but he had broken his chains. Amos groveled at Jesus’ feet but he was told to stand up. Amos then came into his right mind. This is where the legend of the devils being sent out of the demoniac and sent into a herd of pigs, which then ran over a cliff. The truth is that Amos was not possessed, and dogs chased a few pigs over a cliff. But Jesus and his followers were asked to leave the next morning (151.6.1-8).**************** A great throng met the preaching party at Bethsaida. Among them were observers from the Sanhedrin looking for a charge they could pin on Jesus. One of them, named Jarius, was looking for Jesus to heal his daughter, who was dying. Jesus went with him, and, in a frame narrative, a woman touches his garment, and is healed of a hemorrhage. The narrative then goes back to the daughter of Jarius. Upon reaching the home of Jarius, a servant announced that the daughter was dead, but Jesus told the father not to worry. He told the mother the girl was only asleep. He said to the girl: “Awake and arise.” And the girl opened her eyes and sat up. Jesus explained to the family that the girl had been in a coma following a long fever, and he had not raised her from the dead. Jesus told the woman with a hemorrhage that her faith had healed her–that no miracle had happened. But it was futile explaining these events to the apostles. They were miracle-minded and out of control (152.0-1.1-3,1-5).*********** Jesus taught the crowds during the day and the evangelists at night. He didn’t have time to be exhausted. On Friday he let his followers go home for week of rest, but many of them refused to leave him. The Master had so little rest on the Sabbath that he tried to escape on Sunday. The went to the opposite side of the lake to a pretty park, but they were followed, and by Wednesday, he had 5,000 men, women and children clamoring for his attention. And they also had to be fed. Also, there was a rumor that Jesus chose this park in which to be crowned king. The enthusiasm of the crowd was at fever pitch. The apostles and evangelists were influenced by this rumor, especially Peter, John, Simon Zelotes and Judas Iscariot. At 5PM Jesus noticed the crowd had no food and that he didn’t want to send them away hungry. Jesus said: “These people are like sheep without a shepherd. I would like to feed them. What food have we with us?” Mark the gofer revealed that they had five loaves and two fish. Jesus told Andrew to organize the people into companies of 100 and put a leader over each group (this prompted a critic to allege that Jesus was organizing a revolutionary army). Jesus divided the bread and fish, prayed over them, and passed them out. Everyone ate and there were 12 baskets left over (12 is symbolic). The UB says this was a conscious nature miracle on Jesus’ part. “The feeding of the five thousand by supernatural energy was another of those cases where human pity plus creative power equated that which happened” (152.2.1-10). Jesus’ fame was all the more enflamed by this miracle and the crowd was determined to crown him king. The idea spread like a “contagion.” The crowd had been taught that, when the son of David came, the bread of life would be bestowed on them as manna from heaven. These simple-minded people believed that the power to feed carried with it the right to rule. But Jesus cut them off at the knees. Brutally. He said as he was majestically posed in the enchanting glow of the eastern twilight: “My children, you are short-sighted and materially-minded. You would make me king, not because your souls have been lighted by a great truth, but because your stomachs have been filled with bread. How many times have I told you that my kingdom is not of this world? This kingdom of heaven which we proclaim is a spiritual brotherhood, and no man rules over it seated upon a material throne. My Father in heaven is the all-wise and all-powerful Ruler over this spiritual brotherhood of the sons and daughters of earth. Have I so failed in revealing to you the Father of spirits that you would make me a king of his Son in the flesh? Now all of you go hence to your homes. If you must have a king, let the Father of lights be enthroned in the heart of each of you as the spirit Ruler of all things.” The multitude was sent away stunned and disheartened. The apostles were shocked beyond speech, especially Peter, but Mark said: “And he refused to be our king.” Jesus told Andrew to take everyone back to the Zebedee house and pray, especially for Peter(152.3.1-3).

The CIA, the Defense Department and ETs. The Urantia Book says that the universes are broken up into systems. The name of the system which contains Earth is Satania. The headquarters of the system is an artificial planet several times larger than Earth. Its name is Jerusem. All the planets in the system are numbered. The number of Earth is 606. Here is where things get very weird. The Galactic Alliance (an ET political group) has mapped out coordinates for planets and stars in the galaxy, like an IP address for each one. They have given Earth the number 606. What are the chances of that? This comes from Michael Salla, “USAF Secret Space Program.” There’s also new information about crop circles. They are probably produced by microwaves sent from satellites or military antigravity craft. Since nobody has even seen an aircraft associated with a crop circle, they probably come from satellites. Salla says the way the stalks of wheat are bent and burned is consistent with microwave radiation.************** And there’s more about the missile attack on Hawaii. The missile was fired from a nuclear stealth submarine, which was located and destroyed shortly after the attempted attack. There was an immediate cover-up, and the public was told that the bright light was an exploding meteorite. Most witnesses weren’t buying it. People saw something being shot down. Early news reports were taken down and replaced by the meteor story. Witnesses were visited and intimidated by police and other authorities to remain quiet. There was a Fusion Analyst at Hickham AFB in Pearl Harbor who described how the Trump White House said “Negative” to retaliation on North Korea and requested further information. The White House suspected a false flag, and QAnon, an anonymous military intelligence source, was also telling the public the same via online postings. Salla says QAnon works in the White House, but they don’t have any contact with Trump at all. The QAnon group sent a representative to Donald Trump encouraging him to run for president in 2016. They also gave him a list of things they wanted him to do–mainly things to save the country. They said they would always support him. But he has only the most oblique contact with them. Trump will tweet something only meant for QAnon, or their post will have meaning only for Trump.***************** Things got complicated when Trump tried to investigate the corruption in the Deep State. The NSA (National Security Agency) had files on the subject in Honolulu, and Trump, on his trip to Asia, tried to take those files and failed. So one motive for the attack on Hawaii would be to destroy the files. But Trump could have the files transferred to the Pentagon if there was a Emergency Missile System activated. So Trump had a motive for activating the Missile Alert, but the Deep State would make sure he was impeached. QAnon warned of further false flag attacks in post 538. Three days later Japan had an accidental alert that North Korea had launched a missile in another false flag by the Deep State. According to Benjamin Fulford the SSP was used to destroy the missile headed for Japan and to stop the cabal from leaving Earth. The Deep State was directly targeted by an Executive Order issued by Trump on December 21, 2017. It declared a national emergency and a freeze on the financial assets of anyone involved in human rights abuse and corruption anywhere around the world. QAnon has discovered that the CIA owns the submarine from which the missiles were launched. The CIA also has its own aircraft, carrier and battle group. The CIA has gone rogue; but we’ve known that for a long time. The fleet is called “The Dark Fleet.”

Urantia Book 50. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of the Universe of Nebadon. Everyone met the master at Nazareth on March 4. It was the first time Jesus had visited Nazareth since the beginning of his ministry. Jesus arranged to preach in the synagogue on the following Sabbath (I have read two authors lately that say synagogues in the New Testament are an anachronism–they didn’t come into use until after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Also they say the same thing about rabbis.) The people of Nazareth had a hyper-critical attitude toward Jesus. For one thing, they weren’t very devout, and they were influenced by the low moral standards of nearby Sepphoris. They resented that he did not include Nazareth in any of his preaching tours. So, knowing that he was going to speak on the Sabbath, they packed the audience with numerous troublemakers to harass him. Even the orthodox Jews criticized him for walking too fast to the synagogue (150.7.1-4).****** The Sabbath service consisted of two prayers, followed by the Shema, the Jewish creed of faith. This ritual involved repeating numerous passages from the law wherein the worshipers took upon themselves the yoke of the kingdom of heaven and the yoke of the commandments. The ruler of the synagogue then took a position before the ark containing sacred scrolls and recited nineteen prayer benedictions. Everyone said Amen and the service ended. The ruler then went to the ark, chose a scroll and handed it to Jesus. Jesus read from Deuteronomy and Isaiah, and then he started his sermon, which was on “The Sons and Daughters of God. He said: “Today are these scriptures fulfilled.” (150.8.1-11). The people marveled at his wisdom. Jesus’ enemies confronted him as soon as the service ended, and Jesus could have easily handled them, but some of his newer disciples acted protectively and made matters worse. The crowd pulled Jesus to the edge of a cliff, clearly intending to push him to his death. But Jesus turned to face them, crossed his arms and stared at them. They parted and let him walk through. The next morning they all left for Capernaum (Bethsaida), arriving on Thursday, March 10 (150.9.1-5). The following Saturday night the Master discoursed on “The mission of adversity and the spiritual value of disappointment.” Everyone had been very depressed at how the Nazareth event had turned out, and Jesus was telling them how to cope spiritually with disappointment and adversity. And they never forgot the lesson. Jesus himself had not fully recovered from the sorrow of his rejection at Nazareth. It’s true that people are not taken seriously by those they grow up around. When I tell my relatives about the information that I dig up, they laugh at me. So I don’t bother anymore. I don’t like to scare them, for one thing. My daughter leads a charmed life, and I don’t want to burst her bubble. She didn’t have such a great childhood. We, meaning humanity, would have been wiped out by the Deep State if the Alliance hadn’t raised the consciousness about the Deep State and their plans for humanity.******************************** One morning Jesus went out and sat in the boat which was kept on shore for his use. A crowd gathered and wanted his attention. At this time he started to teach in parables. He told them the parable of the sower. A sower of seed dropped some seed on the roadside and it was stepped on. Other seeds dropped on rocky ground, sprouted quickly, but soon withered because it had no roots to gather moisture. Other seeds fell among thorns, but was choked off by the thorns and produced nothing. Still other seeds fell on good ground and yielded hundreds of baskets. And Jesus said to the crowd: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” This type of teaching perplexed the apostles, and Matthew asked: “Master, why do you speak in parables to those who seek the truth?” Jesus answered: “In patience have I instructed you all this time. To you is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to the undiscerning multitudes and to those who seek our destruction, from now on, the mysteries of the kingdom shall be presented in parables. And this we will do so that those who really desire to enter the kingdom may discern the meaning of the teaching, and thus find salvation, while those who listen only to ensnare us may be the more confounded in that they will see without seeing and will hear without hearing. It sounds like Jesus is fed up (151.1.1-5).***** *********** Jesus invited his followers to interpret the parable of the sower. Peter and those around him had concluded that the parable was an allegory, that each feature had some hidden meaning, so Peter approached the Master and said: “We are not able to penetrate the meaning of this parable, and we desire that you explain it to us since you say it is given to us to know the mysteries of the kingdom.” Jesus countered by asking Peter for his interpretation of the parable. Peter said: “The sower is the gospel preacher; the seed is the word of God.” And he explained the parable. After he was finished, Nathaniel offered a different interpretation. When he was finished, the group fell into a lively debate about the meaning of the parable. Finally, Jesus called them together and asked if anyone had a comment. Thomas said: “I remember that you said to beware of this very thing. You instructed us, that when using illustrations for our preaching, we should employ true stories, not fables, and that, having used the story, we should not attempt to make a spiritual application of all the minor details involved in telling the story.” Andrew wanted to know Thomas’s interpretation. Thomas said: “I think this parable was spoken to teach us one great truth. And that is that our teaching of the gospel of the kingdom, no matter how faithfully and efficiently we execute our divine commissions, is going to be attended by varying degrees of success; and that all such differences of results are directly due to conditions inherent in the circumstances of our ministry over which we have little or no control” (151.2.1-8).** Jesus during the evening conference further discussed parables. First, he told his apostles that they must consider their audience; there are varying degrees of intellect listening, so you must teach a story that will reach everyone. Jesus continued with further instruction: 1. He advised against the use of fables and allegories, but recommended the free use of parables. He said the analogy existing between the natural and spiritual worlds was valuable for teaching truth. 2. Jesus narrated some parables from the Hebrew scriptures, noting that the use of parables was not new. 3. In teaching the value of parables,Jesus called attention to the following points: A. The parable provides for a simultaneous appeal to vastly different levels of mind and spirit. The parable stimulates the imagination, challenges the discrimination and provokes critical thinking; it promotes sympathy without causing antagonism. B. The parable proceeds from the things that are known to the discernment of the unknown. The parable utilizes the material and natural as a means of introducing the spiritual and supermaterial. C. Parables favor the making of impartial moral decisions. The parable evades much prejudice and puts new truth gracefully into the mind and does all this without the arousal of the self-defense of personal resentment. D. To reject the truth in parabolical analogy requires conscious intellectual action which is directly in contempt of one’s honest judgment and fairness. E. The use of parable form of teaching enables the teacher to present new and even startling truths, at the same time avoiding controversy and conflict with tradition and established authority. F. The parable also stimulates the memory of the truth taught when the same familiar scenes are subsequently encountered… In this way Jesus taught his apostles the many advantages of using parables in preaching. After that, he said that the parable of the sower referred to two things: 1. It was a review of his ministry up to that time and a forecast of his future on earth. 2. It was a hint of what the apostles and other messengers of the kingdom might expect in their ministry from generation to generation as time passed…. Parable was also an ideal teaching tool because the common people viewed natural phenomena as the product of actions by spirit beings and gods. Parables also gave less cause for offense on the part of religious officials. Before Jesus sent the group to bed, he added something to the parable, which confused the apostles. Was Jesus entertained by confusing them, or was he making them practice critical thinking?