Urantia Book 85. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus and the apostles arrived at Bethany shortly after four o’clock on Friday afternoon, March 31, AD 30. Lazarus, his sisters and their friends were expecting them; and since so many people came everyday to talk with Lazarus about his resurrection, Jesus was informed that arrangements had been made for him to stay with a neighboring believer, one Simon, the leading citizen of the village since the death of Lazarus’ father. The chief priests were informed that Jesus lodged at Bethany, but they thought best not to attempt to seize him among his friends; they decided to await his coming on into Jerusalem. Jesus knew all about this, but he was majestically calm; his friends had never seen him so composed and congenial; even the apostles were astounded that he was so unconcerned when the Sanhedrin had called upon all Jewry to deliver him into their hands. Six days before the Passover all Bethany and Bethphage joined in celebrating the arrival of Jesus by a public banquet at the home of Simon. This supper was in honor of both Jesus and Lazarus; it was tendered in defiance of the Sanhedrin. The agents of the Sanhedrin were present, but they feared to apprehend Jesus in the midst of his friends. Nothing out of the ordinary happened until Mary, the sister of Lazarus stepped forward from the group of women onlookers and went up to where Jesus reclined as guest of honor. She opened a large alabaster cruse of very rare and costly ointment; and after anointing the Master’s head, she poured it on his feet and wiped his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the odor of the ointment and the guests were amazed at what Mary had done. Judas stepped over to Andrew and said,” This is a waste. It should be sold and the money given to the poor. Tell the Master to rebuke her.” The Master was aware of what Judas was saying, and said, “Let her alone, every one of you. You always have the poor with you, but I shall not always be with you. This woman has long saved this ointment for my body at burial, and now that it has seemed good to her to make this anointing in anticipation of my death, she shall not be denied such satisfaction. I say to you that in the ages to come, wherever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, what she has done will be spoken of in memory of her.” It was because of this rebuke, which he took as a personal reproof, that Judas Iscariot finally made up his mind to seek revenge for his hurt feelings. Many times had he entertained such ideas subconsciously, but now he dared to think such wicked thoughts in his open and conscious mind. And many others encouraged him in this attitude since the cost of this ointment was a sum equal to the earnings of one man for one year–enough to provide bread for 5,000 persons. But Mary loved Jesus; she had provided this precious ointment with which to embalm his body in death, for she believed his words when he forewarned them that he must die, and it must not be denied her if she changed her mind and chose to bestow this offering on the Master while he was still alive (172.1.1-7). ****************************** Jesus gave his apostles their final instructions before going to Jerusalem. He told them that he would be giving many lessons before returning to the Father, but he advised his apostles to refrain from any public work during the Passover. He instructed them to remain near him and to “watch and pray.” Jesus knew that many of his followers carried swords concealed in their robes, but he didn’t make an issue of it. He also told Lazarus that he was in danger of being killed by the Sanhedrin, so Lazarus and his sisters fled to Philadelphia. Jesus’ followers sensed a looming crisis, but were spared worry by the cheerfulness and exceptional good humor of the Master (172.2.1-5).*********************** Bethany had accepted Jesus and believed in him and he had profound affection for its people. Jesus did not raise Lazarus that the villagers might believe, but rather because they already believed. Jesus thought about his entry into Jerusalem. Now that his death had been decreed by the Sanhedrin, no harm would come from letting his apostles express themselves. He even thought of making a formal and public entry into the city. In thinking of this he thought of the many more or less contradictory so-called Messianic prophecies, but there seemed to be only one which was at all appropriate for him to follow. Most of these prophetic utterances depicted a king, the son and successor of David, a bold and aggressive temporal deliverer of all Israel from the yoke of foreign domination. But there was one Scripture that had sometimes been associated with the Messiah by those who held to the more spiritual concept of his mission, which might be taken as a guide for his entry into Jerusalem. This Scripture was found in Zechariah and it said, “Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion; shout, O Daughter of Jerusalem. Behold, your king comes to you. He is just and he brings salvation. He comes as the lowly one, riding upon an ass, a colt, the foal of an ass.” A warrior king always entered a city riding on a horse; a king on a mission of peace and friendship always entered riding upon an ass. Jesus would not enter Jerusalem as a man on horseback, but he was willing to enter peacefully and with good will as the Son of Man on a donkey. Accordingly, after lunch Jesus sent Peter and John to Bethphage to bring the donkey back. There was a code. The owner asked them why they were taking the donkey and they told him it was for Jesus and he let them go. A huge crowd accompanied Jesus into Jerusalem, singing, “Hosanna to the son of David; blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed be the kingdom that comes down from heaven!” Jesus was cheerful and lighthearted until the city and temple towers came into view; there he stopped the procession and there a great silence came over the crowd as they witnessed Jesus weeping. Looking down on the vast multitude coming from the city to greet him, Jesus said in a tearful voice,”O Jerusalem, if you had only known, even you, in this your day, the things which belong to your peace, and which you could so freely have had! But now these glories will be hid from your eyes. You are about to reject the Son of Peace and turn your backs upon the gospel of salvation. The days will soon come upon you in which your enemies will cast a trench around you and lay siege to you on every side; they shall utterly destroy you, so that not one stone shall be left upon another. And all this shall befall you because you did not know the time of your divine visitation. You are about to reject the gift of God, and all men will reject you.”

Enslaving the Mind. After Jeremiah’s testimony, the author goes on to describe the source of his torment in Project Monarch, which had its beginning in Nazi Germany concentration camps, where Dr. Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death,did his experiments. The author says the doctor “had a preference for horrific torture.” Project Monarch is named after the Monarch butterfly, symbolizing transformation. It is a method of mind control which is still used today for covert purposes, for example, training assassins. Being subjected to this program produces multiple personalities or alters. Any of the alters can be triggered by their handlers. Another name for this programming is slave or delta programming. ******************** Project Monarch has connections to MKUltra, a documented mind control program during the 50s, 60s, and 70s until the Church Committee hearings sent it underground. Its methods are traumatic, inhumane, sadistic and the results are horrifying. Anybody who thinks the program ended with the Church Committee is in la-la land. After the mind separates, the creation of a mind-controlled slave is achieved which can be triggered at any time to perform any action required by the handler. By some estimates, over 2 million Americans have gone through the dreadful experience of being “trained” to be a slave. To achieve Monarch programming, as a mind-control technique, the individual is subjected to the trauma-based transformation in early childhood and is horrendously tortured in many manners, which comprises elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse resulting in synthetic Multiple Personality Disorder when the mind separates, for example in the case of children, watching a loved one brutally and viciously murdered before their very own eyes. The trauma utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an ‘alter persona’ that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers; sleep deprivation and drugs are also key tools of programming. The levels of Monarch Programming identify the slave’s “functions” and are named after the Electroencephalography (EEG) brainwaves associated with them.******** The types of brainwaves are the following: 1.ALPHA programming is within the base control personality. It is characterized by a relaxed, calm, lucid and non-thinking mind. 2. BETA is referred to as “sexual” programming in slaves. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions, stimulates the primitive instincts and eliminates inhibitions. Cat alters may come out at this level. Otherwise it is characterized by an awake, normal, alert consciousness. 3. DELTA is known as killer programming, originally meant for training special agents or elite soldiers. Suicide instructions are layered in at this level. Otherwise this is the wave of deep, dreamless sleep. 4. THETA is psychic programming. Multigenerational Satanic families wanted to be more psychic than other families, but they failed, so they turned to high tech ways of manipulating and controlling other people. They developed various forms of electronic mind control devices, lasers, satellite systems, etc. Otherwise, THETA waves are characterized by deep relaxation and meditation.

Urantia Book 84. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Saturday afternoon, March 11, Jesus preached his last sermon at Pella, which was a full and complete discussion of the kingdom of heaven. He discussed the subject from every viewpoint and tried to make clear the many different senses in which the term had been used. First, the prophets had presented the kingdom of God as: 1. A present reality 2. A future hope–when the kingdom would be realized in fullness on the appearance of the Messiah 3. The later Jewish concept of a worldwide and transcendental kingdom of supernatural origin and miraculous inauguration 4. The Persian teachings portraying the establishment of a divine kingdom as the triumph of good over evil at the end of the world.********* Just before the advent of Jesus on earth, the Jews combined and confused all these ideas of the kingdom into their apocalyptic concept of the Messiah’s coming to establish the age of Jewish triumph, the eternal age of God’s supreme rule on earth, the new world, the era in which all mankind would worship Yahweh. In choosing to utilize this concept of the kingdom of heaven, Jesus elected to appropriate the most vital and culminating heritage of both the Jewish and Persian religions. Concerning the kingdom, Jesus’ last word was always: “The kingdom is within you.” Confusion over the term ‘kingdom of heaven’ is due to three factors: 1. The confusion occasioned by observing the idea of the ‘kingdom’ as it passed through the various progressive phases of its recasting by Jesus and his apostles 2. The confusion that was inevitably associated with the transplantation of early Christianity from a Jewish to a gentile soil 3. The confusion which was inherent in the fact that Christianity became a religion which was organized around the central idea of Jesus’ person; the gospel of the kingdom became more and more a religion about him (170.1.1-10).********** The Master made it clear that the kingdom of heaven must begin with, and be centered in, the dual concept of the fatherhood of God and the correlated fact of the brotherhood of man. The acceptance of such a teaching, Jesus declared, would liberate humans from the age-long bondage of animal fear and at the same time enrich human living with the following endowments of the new life of spiritual liberty: 1. The possession of new courage and augmented spiritual power. The gospel of the kingdom was to set them free and inspire them to dare to hope for eternal life. 2. The gospel carried a message of new confidence and true consolation for all, even for the poor. 3. It was in itself a new standard of moral values, a new ethical yardstick with which to measure human conduct. 4. It taught the pre-eminence of the spiritual compared with the material; it glorified spiritual realities and exalted superhuman ideals. 5. This new gospel held up spiritual attainment as the true goal of living. Human life received a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity. 6. Jesus taught that eternal realities were the reward of righteous earthly striving. Humans’ mortal sojourn on earth acquired new meanings consequent upon the recognition of a noble destiny. 7. The new gospel affirmed that human salvation is the revelation of a far-seeing divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged people of God.************************************ The problem embodied in this sermon was the attempt to translate the concept of the kingdom of heaven into the ideal of the idea of doing the will of God. Long had the Master taught his apostles to pray: ” Your kingdom come; your will be done” and at this time he earnestly tried to induce them to abandon the use of the term ‘kingdom of God’ in favor of the more practical equivalent, ‘the will of God. ‘But he did not succeed. Up to this time the apostles had developed a double view of the kingdom: 1. It was a matter of personal experience then present in the hearts of true believers 2. A question of racial or world phenomena; that the kingdom was in the future, something to look forward to. Jesus taught during this lecture the double view: First, the kingdom of God in this world is the supreme desire to do the will of God, the unselfish love of others which yields the good fruits of ethical and moral conduct. Second, the kingdom of God in heaven is the goal of mortal believers, the estate in which the love for God is perfected, and where the will of God is done more divinely. Jesus taught that, by faith, the believer enters the kingdom now. Two things are essential to faith entrance into the kingdom: 1. faith, sincerity. to come as a little child. to receive sonship as a gift. submit to the doing of the Father’s will without questioning. have trust and confidence in the Father’s wisdom. come free from prejudice. be teachable. 2. truth hunger. the thirst for righteousness. a change of mind. the desire to be like God. the desire to find God (170.2.1-10).

Covert Technological Murder, by Renee Pittman. Pittman brings to the reader the horrific testimony of Jeremiah Ivies’ abuse and harassment. Pittman says it is hard to believe that individuals are sitting in an operation center, watching in real time with access to the highly advanced versions of this technology and using it for evil and without remorse. These efforts relentlessly attempted to manipulate Jeremiah, using every aspect of their high-tech weaponry until he sought relief believing that if he did what was requested, his covert torment would cease. Here is his personal account: I was targeted when I came to San Diego in 1999. I have been kept a prisoner here and unable to leave or prosper due to intense remote ongoing torture. I noticed changes in my mind and body first, intense sexual desire, mentally and physically. I developed an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. My emotions could not be controlled when I was around people, even my family and friends. For example, when close to my mother or father, I would feel a sexual attraction between us or mental imagery of attraction. I also felt this with male friends, although I was not gay. I’ve been attracted to females all my life. I was very disturbed by this.************************ But more disturbing was the visualizations of negative mental imagery which appeared in my mind and was triggered by objects in my environment. My thoughts increasingly became more negative, which caused my family to treat me differently. I could not figure it out. I became more secluded and paranoid to hide my feelings and fantasies. I became emotionally sensitized, and I could not focus or use my time wisely. It became difficult to work or think productively. I could not focus on school work or other work because of these distractions. People in my life who were influential and in positions to help me decided against it because I was so unstable. It drove a wedge between my family and me. We started to resent each other, and we became angry at each other. I developed a sense of desperation.******* At this time I noticed that certain parts of my body were constricting and in pain. For example, my left hand and shoulder became weak and out of place despite how often I worked out. My neck began to hurt and look skinny and unhealthy. My throat and lungs became irritated and stressed as if my glands were sick. My hips started to hurt and protrude from my body. My body odor changed. My spine tightened and all my bones began to crack. I started to get uncontrollable urges to crack all my bones, especially my spine and neck. I started getting rashes and hard little bumps were coming out of my skin. I felt afflicted.***************** My parents threw me out and I became homeless. In my environment people would befriend me and then become hostile and say things that only I would know. They would pop out of the blue and try to manipulate me into negative behavior. They would say and do things to me as if they were trying to program me with street theater. The color red began to stand out everywhere I went. I got the feeling that I was being led into a psychological nightmare. I began to hallucinate and stare at objects for long periods of time. Then for the first time in my life at age 30 I began hearing voices that were not my own. At first they were nice to me and tried to gain my loyalty by identifying themselves as the United States military. They said to me that my parents were satanic terrorists that were committing crimes like child pornography and secretly filming people and making money from it online. At the time, I had no idea how my parents made their money, so I thought it might be a possibility. They said they were a covert operation that needed my help in killing my parents for duty to country. They played on my patriotism because of the war on terrorism. When I refused and said I did not believe them, they became verbally abusive in my head. It seemed like I was communicating with a group of military scientists.********************** They began to humiliate me after every thought. They began injecting me with dreams of violence and drug use. The mental voices went on 24/7. I was sleeping less and less. I would close my eyes, I would see in my mind the outline of men masturbating and laughing at me like they were raping me virtually in my third eye. I was very paranoid wherever I went. I walked and watched how people enjoyed their lives compared to my situation. I was being followed by white trucks and vans, and brand new government SUVs with tinted windows. Police were stalking me all the time. They had me driving to different locations of town, getting out, and marching around San Diego like a soldier they were training for some mission. They were injecting different personalities into me. I would laugh, cry, become angry or aggressive, thoughtful, religious, in an instant, and they let it be known that they were in charge. I was experiencing extreme fatigue along with sharp pains and pressure to my head.**************** After 9 months of this remote torture and gang stalking, they convinced me to kill my parents on the promise of relief and making it stop. I went into my parents’ room with a knife and watched them sleep. I broke down crying, woke my parents up, and finally told them what I was experiencing. They called 911 and police and ambulance came and took me to the mental ward. This happened 3 times and on the 4th time I stabbed my father in the chest several times, threw him down the stairs and beat him. I ran to the police station, thinking it was over. I turned myself in and police interrogated me. I told the Chula Vista police during my statement that I was hearing military voices that ordered me to kill my parents. The police became angry and aggressive with me. I got scared and asked for a lawyer. I could not control my speech. I was misdiagnosed and incarcerated.***** After 3 days inside jail, the voices stopped but the pain remained. When I integrated back into society, the same things started to happen again. This time I felt extreme pain in all my limbs that mimicked nerve damage. I became bed ridden and lost my job and car. I was shaking so bad that the whole house was vibrating. My limbs were jerking and I was getting zapped. In 2007 I had to have surgery on my neck or I would have died. After surgery the voices came back, but now I was familiar with them. I started doing research and networking with other targets. I was soon able to recognize their tactics and adjust to them. I can identify the perps and for a more detailed description of their mental torture program I can provide upon request.********************************* Sincerely, Jeremiah Ivie

Urantia Book 83. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Monday evening, March 6, Jesus and 10 apostles arrived at the Pella camp. Jesus was very active in teaching the multitude and instructing the apostles. The whole camp was agog with the news about Lazarus, which had arrived two days before Jesus and his followers. Meanwhile, the Pharisees and chief priests had begun to formulate the charges against Jesus and make specific their accusations. They objected to the Master’s teachings on these grounds: 1. He is a friend of publicans and sinners; he receives the ungodly and even eats with them. 2. He is a blasphemer; he talks about God as being his Father and thinks he is equal with God. 3. He is a lawbreaker. He heals disease on the Sabbath and in many other ways flouts the sacred laws of Israel. 4. He is in league with devils. He works wonders and does seeming miracles by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils.******** On Thursday afternoon Jesus told the crowd his three favorite parables: the lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal son. He said: “You have been admonished by the prophets from Samuel to John that you should seek for God—search for truth. Always have they said, ‘seek the Lord while he may be found.’ But I have come to show you that, while you are seeking to find God, God is likewise seeking to find you. The fact that souls are lost only increases the interest of the heavenly Father. I have come to this world to do my Father’s bidding, and it has truly been said of the Son of Man that he is a friend of publicans and sinners. You have been taught that divine acceptance comes after your repentance and as a result of your works of sacrifice and penitence, but I assure you that the Father accepts you even before you have repented and sends the Son and his associates to find you and bring you, with rejoicing, back to the fold, the kingdom of sonship and spiritual progress. You are all like sheep which have gone astray, and I have come to seek and to save those who are lost. And Jesus told them the story of the prodigal son. The younger of two sons was cheerful and carefree but indolent and unreliable while the elder son was steady and industrious but self-centered, surly and conceited. The conflict between them became so acrimonious that the younger son went to their father and asked for his share of the assets so he could go out to seek his fortune. The only job he could get, there being a famine, was feeding pigs, so he decided to come home. His father was overjoyed when he saw his son approach and prepared a sumptuous feast for him. Of course the other son was jealous, not to say furious at this treatment of his lazy brother, and complained that his father never killed a calf for him and his friends. But the Father replied: ‘But son, you didn’t ask.'” The point is that if we want something, we must ask–God doesn’t read minds(169.1.1-13).*********************** Jesus always had trouble explaining to his apostles that, while they proclaimed the kingdom of heaven, the Father in heaven was not a king. The people of Urantia mostly knew of kings and emperors in the governments of the nations and the Jews looked forward to the kingdom of God. Jesus never referred to his Father as a king, and he referred to himself as the Son of Man. He depicted all his followers as servants of mankind and messengers of the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus never gave his apostles a systematic lesson concerning the personality and attributes of the father in heaven. He never asked men to believe in his Father; he took it for granted they did. Jesus never belittled himself by offering proofs of the reality of the Father. His teaching regarding the Father all centered in the declaration that he and the Father are one; that he who has seen the Son has seen the Father; that the Father, like the Son; knows all things; that only the Son really knows the Father, and he to him the Son will reveal him; that he who knows the Son knows also the Father; and that the Father sent him into the world to reveal their combined natures and to show forth their conjoint work. He never made other pronouncements about his Father except to the woman at Jacob’s well, when he declared: “God is spirit.” You learn about God from Jesus, by observing the divinity of his life, not by depending on his teachings. From the life of the Master you may each assimilate that concept of God which represents the measure of your capacity to perceive realities spiritual and divine, truths real and eternal. God can be known only by the realities of experience; never can he be understood by the mere teaching of the mind. You can know God, not by understanding what Jesus said, but by knowing what Jesus was. Jesus was a revelation of God. Except when quoting the Hebrew scriptures, Jesus referred to Deity by only two names: God and Father. And when Jesus made reference to his Father as God, he usually employed the Hebrew word signifying the plural God (Trinity) and not the word Yahweh, which stood for the progressive conception of the tribal God of the Jews (169.4.1-10). Very interesting. Something even more interesting has developed. The UB is discussing the Elohim God. Elohim is plural for gods. These gods were the Anunnaki and they appear in Genesis as creators of man. They came down from their planet Niburu looking for gold to save their atmosphere. They created man to work in the gold mines in Africa. We were created as a slave race. Tera, Abraham’s father was a priest of these gods and there were statues of these gods in Abraham’s home. We have the genes of about 11 species of aliens in us and most of the aliens who visit the earth are like us–human. My one disappointment with the UB is that it has very little coverage of the Anunnaki.

Surveillance and Control. Ed Snowden, a contractor for the NSA, exposed its vast surveillance operation. He noticed that Obama was prosecuting whistle-blowers at an unprecedented rate, so he had to leave the US and is now in Russia. Verizon and AT+T both let the NSA collect information on its customers. Prism is the program that the NSA uses to gather data from Apple, Google and Facebook. And get THIS: “The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the public was fostering their dependence on Google and Facebook, two of the most powerful data mining tools ever conceived by the government and passed off as completely private sector entities”(Hall). The excuse for full spectrum surveillance on the public is national security and the war on terror. One joke is that surveillance has not protected the public from terrorists, and the other joke is that the surveillance is meant to watch us, not protect us or prevent any type of terrorist attack. Hall believes that the Prism and Boundless Informant programs are intimately linked to the electronic harassment and experimentation being perpetrated on the public. As more information is leaked, we will see that these programs are merely the surveillance tentacles of a larger hydra that is more akin to a weapon system rather than tools for merely observing our actions. Hall says that in the short time since he published his first book, A New Breed, there have been countless new developments aimed at perfecting the surveillance state: 1 The inclusion of facial-recognition software on Facebook 2. Border Patrol kiosks that use voice pattern software to monitor pitch and quality along with infrared cameras that monitor the eye movement and pupil dilatation to detect liars. 3. The current research on deep-sea drones used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in contested waters called the Upward Falling Payloads Program. 4. The fielding of the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS) that are binoculars that function off the soldiers brainwaves to assess threat detection 5. NSA ability to lock into surveillance cameras in stores, in computers and in phones using Remote Administration Tools (RATs) allowing your home electronic devices to be used as spy tools 6. The use of millimeter wave sensors in airports allowing TSA agents to see passengers’ naked bodies as they pass through security 7. The FBI uses drones. 8. The proliferation of GPS technology in our vehicles, laptops and cell phones. 9. The inclusion of RFID tags in all of our household goods and apparel. 10. Smart meters for home electrical wiring that can be used for surveillance. According to the ACLU, the 3 big energy companies in California are allowing government agencies to gather data from certain meters. 11. Smart Dust formulated to spread over large areas of the country that will allow tracking of population movement. 12. Recent unleashing of AI Sight technology by BRS Labs. AI Sight is a computer program that monitors thousands of security cameras simultaneously and identifies abnormal behavior. According to BRS president, John Frazzini, “it gives law enforcement the ability to identify unusual behavioral activity that could lead to pre-crime investigation.” 13. Intensive ongoing research on brain-computer interface 14. Non consensual taking of blood from newborns. 30 states consider the babies DNA to be property of the state. The FBI DNA data-base called CODIS was kept for the blood of sex-offenders only, but now they have expanded the data-base for all criminal offenders.

Urantia Book 82. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Although the testimony of Lazarus consolidated the faith of the mass of the believers in the gospel, it did nothing for the Jewish leaders but make them more set on destroying Jesus. The next day, Friday, the Sanhedrin met to discuss what to do with Jesus. After two hours of acrimonious debate, a Pharisee presented a resolution calling for Jesus’ immediate death, without trial and in defiance of all precedent. This resolution did not come to a vote because fourteen members of the Sanhedrin resigned in a body when such an unheard of action was proposed. Five other members were thrown out because they were thought to harbor friendly feelings toward Jesus. The following week Lazarus and his sisters were summoned to appear before the Sanhedrin, who were convinced by their testimony that Lazarus did rise from the dead. But they attributed Jesus’ abilities to the devil. But underneath this supposed hatred for Jesus, the Jews had a deeper worry. They were afraid all of this excitement and the large crowds going here, there and everywhere would attract the Romans. The Romans expected the Jewish leadership to keep the Jews under control, and they were definitely not under control. A God was among them and he was shaking things up. And although Jesus tried to squelch talk of a worldly kingdom, that didn’t stop the people without discretion chattering about it. In any case, Jesus wasn’t the least bit worried about any of it. Early Sunday morning Jesus and his apostles started their journey back to the Pella encampment (168.3.1-7).***************** As they walked along the trail to Pella, the apostles wanted Jesus to answer questions about prayer, so these are some of the things he said: 1. Prayer is an expression of the finite mind in an effort to approach the infinite. The making of a prayer is thus limited by the knowledge, wisdom and attributes of the finite; likewise must the answer be conditioned by the vision, aims, ideals and prerogatives of the Infinite. 2. If a prayer seems unanswered, a better answer may come at a later time. The Infinite has a viewpoint that has a different perspective—ours is very limited. 3. Some prayers are so vast and all-encompassing that they must be answered only in eternity. 4. The answers to some prayers are such that they can only be recognized when the person is in the immortal state. 5. A prayer may be so distorted by ignorance and so deformed by superstition that the answer would be highly undesirable. When the answer does arise, the petitioner does not recognize it as the answer. 6. All true prayers are addressed to spiritual beings, and all such petitions must be answered in spiritual terms, and all such answers must consist in spiritual realities. Spiritual beings can’t bestow material answers to the spirit petitions of even material beings. Material beings can only pray effectively when they pray “in the spirit.” 7. No pray-er can hope for an answer unless it is born of the spirit and nurtured by faith. 8. The child is always within his rights when he presumes to petition the parent; and the parent is always within his parental obligations to the immature child when his superior wisdom dictates that the answer to the child’s prayer be delayed, modified, segregated, transcended or postponed to another stage of spiritual ascension. 9. Do not hesitate to pray the prayers of spirit longings; doubt not that you shall receive the answer to your petitions. These answers will be on deposit, awaiting your achievement of those future spiritual levels of actual cosmic attainment, when it will become possible for you to recognize and appropriate the long-waiting answers to your earlier but ill-timed petitions. 10. All genuine spirit-born petitions are certain of an answer. Ask and you shall receive. But you must deal with the time-space factor when you wait for answers to prayer (168.4.1-13).** Lazarus had to flee Bethany because the Sanhedrin decreed his death. He went to Philadelphia, where Abner was working, and became active in the church there. He eventually died of the same disease that took him the first time (168.5.1-3).