Timeline cont.

2371 BCE :: Inanna and King Sargon, with an army and mass-killing weapons, united Sumer. Inanna declared herself “Supreme Queen to defy the authority of Anu and Enlil.” Inanna, about to be arrested by Enlil, flew to Nergal in South Africa and plotted to overthrow Enlil and the Council (2250). Marduk was waiting for the astrological age of the Ram so he could be the leader of the gods, but he was tricked into thinking that he had to wait another 200 years.

2220 BCE :: Ningishizidda’s crew adjusted the Stonehenge calender, in what is called Stonehenge 11. They adjusted Stonehenge again, to create Stonehenge 111 (2160). Nannar ruled Sumer from Ur, his commerce, manufacturing and cult center; he introduced money and credit as an alternative to war to control us. Enlil sent High Priest Terah (Abraham’s father) from Nippur to Ur. Terah made sure Nannar knew what Enlil wanted of him (2113). Inanna married one Shulgi, who was supposed to be protecting Enlil’s facilities in Sumer; he was instead having orgies with Inanna in Anu’s temple. Enlil replaced him with Amar-Sin and told him to fight an alliance of 5 kings along the Mediterranean. He also sent Abraham, his general, trained in Hittite military tactics, to Canaan (2048). Ninurta sent Abraham to spy on Sodom. Nabu brought Sodom, Gomorra and cities west of the Salt Sea against the Enlilites. Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert on the border of Sinai. He equipped Abraham with chariots, horses, 380 well-trained soldiers and weapons of mass destruction.

2025 BCE :: Abraham and Lot told Ninurta that the cities south of the Salt Sea had defected to Nabu. Enlil sommoned his lineage, Ninmah, Enki and Nergal to a war council. The Enlilites wanted to keep the spaceport from Nabu and nuke it. Enki stomped out when his plea for a negotiated settlement was shot down. He thought only he knew where the atom bombs were located, but he was wrong. Ninurta and Nergal both knew where they were. To make sure Abraham and his men were loyal, Enlil made them circumcise themselves. Enlil also ordered Abraham to leave his second wife, Hagar and his Heir Apparent, Ismael, so that Isaac would rule Enlil’s troops in Canaan. 2024 BCE :: Atomic War

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