Reptilians and Humans. After the consolidation achieved under the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages in Europe, it was necessary to divide the power base among the hybrid Reptilians. This was important to successfully control the earth’s resources without creating conflict among the ruling classes. Territories were carefully created, each one with a ‘royal family’ at its helm to which the masses were expected to pay homage….Hybrids maintain a 50/50 DNA split between Reptilian and human energies. This enables them to shapeshift between human and Reptilian form. This manifestation is controlled by the mind-pattern. A Reptilian mind-pattern manifests the Reptilian features. For this reason the hybrids inter-married among the 50/50 elite group, thus ensuring the perpetual control of the Reptilian shapeshifters over the others on the planet….Whenever these genetics deviate from the required 50/50 split, it is hard for the hybrids to maintain the human form. When this happens, it becomes necessary to marry with a subgroup of elites containing a higher human mixture, for example, a 40/60 split, to thereby balance the next generation. This was one of Princess Diana’s purposes. David Icke, a well-known writer and critic of royalty, said 25 years ago that the royal family of the UK were shapeshifters and all he got was ridicule. Now, look who’s laughing last? It’s become common knowledge along with disclosure about secrets kept for 70 years….Genetic breeding problems created some elites with an excess of Reptilian DNA, making it difficult to hold human form. To counteract the problem, the hybrids used a preponderance of blood rituals. Because of this, legends of vampires flourished. Stories of vampires turning into bats was a misrepresentation of the elites who shapeshifted into winged Reptilians during ceremonies….The loupe-garou or werewolf may have been more than a myth. The Atlanteans were famous for their genetic experimentation. To them, wolf energy symbolized the epitome of male mammalian virility and power. They created half-man, half-wolf creatures as guardians of the scientific temples, and used them in sexual magical rituals………After the destruction of Atlantis, these creatures became known as the Anubis in Egyptian deism. As a result of the sexual rites, many females were impregnated by the Anubis. Their progeny who maintained a high percentage of wolf genetics had the unfortunate ability to shapeshift into werewolves. Mary Magdalene brought some of these people with her to the South of France….There are also hybrids with bear genetics. These hybrids are known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America….There are also lion people. There are people walking the earth now with the genetics of animals…..The leader of the Illuminati is called the Pindar and is one of the 13 ruling families. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviation for “Pinnacle of the Draco,” also known as “Penis of the Dragon.” Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion and fear. The holder of this position reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. The head of the Rothschild family has been the Pindar for several hundred years. The Illuminate here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original cap was solid gold. This information comes from “Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation,” by Stewart Swerdlow.

Reptilians and Humans. Around the year 800 Charlemagne I became the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Thus the Reptilian controllers of the church of Rome and the pope took a giant step toward rulership over the entire civilized world. Using religion, through the rites of the church, which required submission to the Catholic doctrines in order to achieve salvation through Christ, the Brotherhood was now positioned to impose mind control over all their subjects in Europe. The ultimate intent was to suppress higher consciousness, and thus to keep the populace docile and controllable. It is what we today refer to as the ‘dumbing down’ process. The Reptilians knew that the globalization of religion was the key to global control by their Illuminati puppets and thus the means by which they might retake the surface world. Between the ninth and sixteenth centuries, thirty Holy Roman Emperors were crowned by the pope. Thus the Roman Church came to dominate all of Europe. Heretical movements were harshly dealt with, and by the fifteenth century were largely stamped out. The bloodlines in Europe were mainly human and not so easily controlled by the global religion. Starting in the early seventeenth century, dedicated and highly trained agents of the Federation infiltrated European society. First came the scientific revolution, propagated by such intellectual giants as Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Isaac Newton, John Looke, Baron Spinoza and Pierre Bayle. The elevation of science above church mythology set the stage of the philosophic revolution because it eliminated mystical beliefs (then why are there still so many people into religion today?). The ideas of the Enlightenment spread to America, and are embodied in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence…..The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (separating church and state) was in direct opposition to the precepts of the Catholic Church. As American values of freedom and liberty started to circulate around the globe, the Brotherhood realized that its plans for religious globalization had been dealt a death blow. The Reptilian planners realized that they would need to take immediate and radical action to counteract the ‘virus’ of liberty that was sweeping the planet. By 1900 the bluebloods had been removed from positions of power all over the globe. Monarchies had crumbled and church authority was rapidly shrinking. It was time for a bold move if the Brotherhood ever hoped to retake the surface of the planet. It was time for a world war.

The Significance of Pentecost. The Spirit of Truth was or is the spirit bestowed by Jesus. The Urantia Book says that the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of both the Universal Father and the Creator Son (Michael/Jesus). It’s important to note that the Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, the Second Person of the Trinity. As Catholics we say the Nicene Creed and it has a few discrepancies. But we are not meant to become conscious intellectually of the Holy Spirit, or the Eternal Son, but rather conscious of Jesus Christ, the Sovereign God of our universe. And it isn’t difficult to achieve Christ Consciousness. It just requires time and patience. But we are talking about the Spirit of Truth, which comes to lead all believers into all truth, into the expanding knowledge of the experience of the living and growing spiritual consciousness of the reality of eternal and ascending sonship with God. Even though the gospel became greatly distorted, it remains a fact that this new message about Jesus carried along with it many of the fundamental truths and teachings of his earlier gospel of the kingdom. And, sooner or later, these concealed truths of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mortals will emerge to effectually transform the civilization of all humanity. The term “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgement of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls. Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, mortals are subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. (Personal note: I participated in the ‘charismatic renewal’ back in the 1970s, both Catholics and Protestants were into it, I had just converted, so I was gung ho). The UB says that the Holy Spirit is one of our spiritual resources. The Holy Spirit is the co-ruler of the universe, equal in every way to Michael. We can call on her if we need help. She is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity……………………………….. What Happened at Pentecost. The chief mission of this outpoured spirit of the Father and the Son is to teach mortals about the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy. The Creator Son, in the flesh, revealed God to mortals; the Spirit of Truth, in the heart, reveals the Creator Son to mortals. This new religion is founded on faith, hope and love. The religion of Jesus fosters the highest type of human civilization in that it creates the highest type of spiritual personality and proclaims the sacredness of that person. The spirit guides into all truth; he is the teacher of an expanding and ever-growing religion of endless progress and divine unfolding. The gospel of the kingdom was to be identified with no particular race, culture or language. This day of Pentecost witnessed the great effort of the Spirit to liberate the religion of Jesus from its inherited Jewish fetters. The bestowal of the Spirit of Truth was independent of all forms, ceremonies, sacred places, and special behavior by those who received the fullness of its manifestation. No favorable environment is needed. Teachers of this new religion are now equipped with spiritual weapons. They are to conquer the world with unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love. They are equipped to overcome evil with good, to vanquish hate by love, to destroy fear with a courageous and living faith in truth. Pentecost endowed mortals with the power to forgive personal injuries, to keep sweet in the face of gravest injustice, to remain unmoved in the face of appalling danger, and to challenge the evils of hate and anger by the fearless acts of love and forbearance. After Pentecost, women stood before God on an equality with men. Women were active in the early church, but it didn’t take long for bishops to be appointed, who put them in their place.

Reptilians and Humans. Kasten goes into the traditions that have Jesus and Mary Magdalene being married. They have three children. Mary goes with two of the children to the south of France, and Jesus takes the older boy, Joseph, and travels to India. This version of the story has Jesus surviving the crucifixion. I don’t believe any of this shit, so we are going to move on. The Reptilians were trying to gain a foothold in the Catholic Church around the time Constantine converted and made Christianity a state religion. Constantine, it seems, had leprosy, and the pagan priests recommended that he bathe in the blood of infants. Reptilians are hungry for the blood of infants, especially. This would require the blood of quite a few infants. He was eventually cured by a miracle. Since the Roman church became the center of the Catholic Church, it suggests that perhaps the Brotherhood was already, at that early date (312), making preparations for centralized control of Christianity. Constantine had a vision (“In this sign conquer.”) at Milvan Bridge near Rome, which was a cross, and it enabled him to take Rome. But he was also looking at the practical aspects of adopting Christianity. His empire was falling apart, and he needed something to unify it. Constantine made the church subordinate to the state; the heads of state held all the strings of mind control through religion. This was a bold move to globalize religion and, by adding all the trappings of affluence and power to the humble teachings of Jesus, to make religion subordinate to temporal and materialistic power. Thus, one can easily discern in this the fingerprints of Brotherhood influence. Constantine was of royal blood through his mother, Helena, and so he was probably a blueblood. Constantine, moreover, decided that Jesus wasn’t the true Savior. No, that was Constantine himself!…It was Constantine who freed the Christians from all those nasty persecutions, after all. To cement this notion, he convened the Council of Nicaea in 325 to create a new dogma. The emperor was always a god, so Constantine assumed godhood. The Nicene Creed merged “God the Father with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and bypassed Jesus entirely as the Son of God.” Say What!? Kasten is seriously deficient when it comes to the Trinity. I’ve noticed little things, but didn’t say anything, but this is a whopper! In any case, the Trinity was established as the theoretical foundation of the Holy Roman Empire….After the death of Constantine, barbarians attacked Rome, and the bishops and pope were weakened. The Roman bishops plotted to absorb the Western kingdoms and bring them under Catholicism. In 496 King Clovis, head of the vast Frankish realms, had a battlefield conversion, similar to Constantine. Pope Anastasius baptized him and promised that the Holy Roman Empire would now become Merovingian. These kind of promises by Reptilian proteges are always broken. For more than 200 years thereafter, the popes pretended cooperation while waiting for another opportunity. The Reptilians have infinite patience. Their chance came again in the eighth century.

Reptilians and Humans. The humans invented Christianity by abducting a woman with very pure humanoid genetics, implanting her with a fetus genetically designed for a specific purpose. This woman is now known as Mary and this is why she is claimed to be a virgin. Emmanuel was the mixture of Mary and a Lyraen descendant. When he was a young man, Emmanuel was taken to the Great Pyramid to study ancient Lyraen, Atlantean and Egyptian principles for many years. He was taught ways to steer the masses away from Reptilian influences. His orders were to inculcate the 3 strains of humanity that had the purest Ari-an genetics on earth. Those were the Hebrews, created by the Sirians; the Germanic tribes, created by the Aldebarans; and the Northern Indian Ari-ans now living in the foothills of the Himalayas. All these people used a lion as their symbol and descended from the original blond-haired, blue-eyed Lyraens. Emmanuel-Jesus did his job well. He was set down in a situation where Judaism had incorporated Reptilian elements that now had to be purged. The situation included an empire with a wide range of gods and goddesses. It was necessary to propitiate these gods to ameliorate their wrath. The Federation plan was to spread the Judeo-Christian religious ethic, based on love and service to others, as the spiritual core of the new humanity that would inherit the earth. This, they believed, would counter the hybrid Reptilian beliefs in blood rituals and human sacrifice and enslavement through mind control–the system that had worked so well on thousands of other worlds… The Talmud of Emmanuel was discovered south of Jerusalem in 1963. It contains information ruinous to both Judaism and Christianity. Some of it was destroyed in a bomb assassination. I tells about Jesus as an ET. Otherwise, it follows the New Testament. Billy Meier, famous for his pictures of UFOs, has the part of the Talmud that wasn’t destroyed. God with a capital G doesn’t even appear in the Talmud. The highest word is “the great ruler of the voyagers that traveled here through vast expanses of the universe.” With a small g.

Urantia Book 122. The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The Ascension was rather anticlimactic. At 7:30 on May 18, Jesus and the eleven were half-way up Mt. Olivet on the western slope. The apostles were silent and bewildered. Jesus prepared to say his final words to them before leaving them. They sat in a circle around him. He said: “I am now about to take leave of you; I am about to ascend to my Father, and soon, very soon will we send into this world the Spirit of Truth; and when he has come, you will begin the new proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, first in Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts of the world. Love men as I have loved you and serve your fellow mortals as I have served you. By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to believe the truth that man is a son of God, and that all are brothers and sisters. My love overshadows you, my spirit will dwell with you, and my peace will abide upon you. Farewell….He vanished, and it was no different from the times he appeared and vanished during the 40 days during which he appeared 19 times….Jesus then went to Edentia, the HQ of the Constellation Norlatiadek, where the Most Highs released him from the morontia state and returned him to the status of Paradise Sonship and supreme sovereignty on Salvington, the universe HQ. Meanwhile, Peter gave the order to gather everyone at the Marks’ house. 120 of the important disciples gathered to hear about the Ascension. Among them was Mary, the mother of Jesus. James, the brother of Jesus, was also present at this meeting, which was the first meeting held after Jesus’ termination of his earthly career. Mathias was chosen by straw vote to replace Judas, but he never was very active in the apostolic community. Soon after Pentecost, the twins returned to their homes in Galilee. Simon Zelotes was in retirement for a long time before he went out to teach the gospel. Thomas worried for a shorter period and then went out to teach. Nathaniel differed with Peter about teaching the kingdom of heaven. He wanted to teach as Jesus taught: the kingdom of heaven, the love of God and the brotherhood of man. The disagreement became so acute that Nathaniel left for Philadelphia, staying there for a year and later going east to Mesopotamia. That left 6 apostles to carry out the plans of the Master: Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip and Matthew………….. As the believers were praying for spiritual strength to accept the Spirit, they began to feel a peculiar presence in the room. Then they became conscious of a feeling of spiritual joy, security and confidence. This new consciousness of spiritual strength was immediately followed by a strong urge to go out and publicly proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and the good news that Jesus was risen from the dead. Peter stood up and declared that this must be the Spirit of Truth which the Master had promised them and proposed that they go to the temple and begin the proclamation of the Good News committed to their hands. And that’s what they did. Now, these men had been trained to preach about the kingdom of God, kingdom of heaven, son of God, brotherhood of man, love of God for all people; the kingdom of heaven is within, that meme. But, the apostles and disciples, in a crazed condition, couldn’t think of anything but Jesus. “And so they went forth, endowed by power from on high, preaching glad tidings to the people–even salvation through Jesus–but they unintentionally stumbled into the error of substituting some of the facts associated with the gospel for the gospel message itself. Peter unwittingly led off in this mistake, and others after him on down to Paul, who created a whole new religion out of the new version of the good news” (194.0.3)

Reptilians and Humans. The Sirians from Sirius A had an agenda and, not wanting to anger the Reptilian Queens, developed a double standard. They helped the Reptilians here underground; their technology made shape-shifting possible. They also helped in the hybridization program. But they had other agendas, one of them being religion. Meanwhile, before Atlantis sunk, the Sirians followed the Atlantean migration to Egypt. They wanted to create hybrid Atlan-Sirians, which they believed would create a magnificent new race on earth. With Atlantis gone, they believed this Lyran race was the best alternative for creating civilization on earth. But they did not have Reptilian approval for this. This created race was the earliest subrace of the Hebrews. According to Kasten, the Hebrews weren’t really slaves in Egypt, but paid workers. The Egyptians also used them as foreign agents. And they were sent to Canaan to try to absorb the Canaanites into the Egyptian empire. Judaism was born from a mixture of Reptilian blood sacrifice and of Egyptian/Atlantean/Sirian beliefs. The story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his own son is an indication that the Hebrews were a step up from other tribes in the area. The dispersion of the Jews from Egypt throughout the Middle East was based on a deliberate fast-track plan to spread the new religion and its practices in those areas. It was intended that Judaism would become the universal religion of the new humanity. “The Middle East became a focal point for the Sirians and the Reptilians. Together, they generated a new version of religion and culture for ease of global control and domination. What better way to do that than by programming a race of nomadic people that would carry the religion and culture everywhere on Earth” (Swerdlow). Moses communicated with the Sirians from the top of Mt. Sinai; he received the Ten Commandments, which was engraved in crystals. The so-called manna was full of protein and nutritious. The Ark of the Covenant was a electro-magnetic receiver and highly charged, so the priests had to wear gloves when handling it. But people were killed because they didn’t know this. According to Swerdlow, Sodom and Gomorrah were bombed by atom bombs because the inhabitants’ homosexual practices had brought on the AIDS virus, which had to be contained. Sitchen also says that the two cities were destroyed by atom bombs, but in his version it was because of an Anunnaki family war.