Urantia Book 93. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Back at the camp the apostles were interested in the destruction of Jerusalem, the Master’s departure and the end of the world. They had no interest in going to sleep. As they gathered around the campfire, Thomas asked: “Since you are to return to finish the work of the kingdom, what should be our attitude while you are away on the Father’s business?” Jesus answered: “And even you, Thomas, fail to comprehend what I have been saying. Have I not all this time taught you that your connection with the kingdom is spiritual and individual, wholly a matter of personal experience in the spirit by the faith realization that you are a son of God? Since your lives have been lived in the spirit and for the Father, nothing can be of serious concern to you. Kingdom builders, the accredited citizens of the heavenly worlds, are not to be disturbed by temporal upheavals or perturbed by terrestrial cataclysms. What does it matter to you who believe this gospel of the kingdom if nations overturn, the age ends, or all things visible crash, since you know that your life is the gift of the Son, and that it is eternally secure in the Father? Each generation of believers should carry on their work, in view of the possible return of the Son of Man, exactly as each individual believer carries forward his lifework in view of inevitable and ever-impending natural death. When you have by faith once established yourself as a son of God, nothing else matters as regards the surety of survival.” Jesus then told a parable. A great man was going on a journey and he put all his possessions into the hands of his servants. One servant got 5 talents; another servant got 2 talents and a third servant got 1 talent. When he came home, the servant with 5 talents had earned 5 more; the servant with 2 talents had earned 2 more. The man was very pleased with them. But he was angry with the third servant because he had put the talent in the ground and hadn’t made any money with it. The man said the servant could have put it in a bank and received some interest. The man took the talent away from the lazy servant and gave it to the one with 10 talents. Jesus explained the meaning of the parable: “To everyone who has, more shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but from him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away. You cannot stand still in the affairs of the eternal kingdom. My Father requires all his children to grow in grace and in a knowledge of the truth. You who know these truths must yield the increase of the fruits of the spirit and manifest a growing devotion to unselfish service to your fellow servants. And remember that, inasmuch as you minister to one of the least of my brethren, you have done this service to me. And so should you go about the work of the Father’s business, now and henceforth, even forevermore. Carry on until I come. (why is he misleading them? we know from our 21C vantage point that he never came) The UB admits it has no idea when or under what circumstances that Michael will return to earth. There may be several such events. There might be events where only the eyes of faith can see him. He is Planetary Prince of Urantia, so that title would suggest that he would visit Urantia at least occasionally. A Planet Prince is invisible and he-Caligastia- worked on race relations in ancient times. Jesus had a Melchizedek standing in for him, so that may be the case now.

FOIA. In theory the Freedom of Information Act is designed to allow American citizens access to government, military and intelligence files, but that doesn’t always prove to be the case. The US government said of FOIA: “Since 1967, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has provided the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. Federal agencies are required to disclose any information requested under the FOIA unless it falls under one of nine exemptions that protect interests such as personal privacy, national security and law enforcement…The FOIA is a vital part of our democracy.” Nine exemptions exist that allow for the denial of files under the terms of the FOIA: *classified information for national defense of foreign policy * internal personnel rules and practices * information that is exempt under other laws * trade secrets and confidential business information * inter-agency or intra-agency memoranda or letters that are protected by legal privileges * personnel and medical files * law-enforcement records and information * information concerning bank supervision * geological and geophysical information. Redfern says that the flow of information is curbed or reined in, but quite a few exemptions are actually just housekeeping records. FOIAs exist in 70 countries. There are also SAPs with deep dark information. These are Special Access Programs and the only people who can see into these programs are people with a “need to know.” And it doesn’t matter if a person has a Top Secret clearance. And that is the key to secrecy. SAPs are so highly classified that only people with a need to know work on them. Usually the congress doesn’t know. They are buried deeply in black projects. The purpose of this secrecy is to make sure our enemies and frenemies don’t find out about our high tech weapons and other military technologies. ************* The Controllers. According to Redfern, the elite secret society world controllers want us to be dumb. He says: “If there is one thing the controllers want, its a population that doesn’t ask questions–chiefly because it has no idea what the hell is going on.” They want to keep us in the dark, with frivolous news and lousy entertainment. Redfern says that “if there is one surefire way of guaranteeing that the people of earth will be turned into unintelligent, uniformed and ignorant masses, it is by ensuring that a long term program of “dumbing down” the population goes ahead.” And its already happening according to Joachim Hagopian at Global Research. 20% of high school graduates can’t read. 21% of American adults can barely read at a fifth grade level. 20 years ago it was 10%. Something is going very wrong very fast. We do have more kids being identified with learning disabilities. As a substitute teacher, I see the many students with learning disabilities. They could be responsible for that 20% of the population. And they need another form of education other than compensation, which isn’t working very well. According to “Psychology Today,” “There is a growing trend of anti-intellectual elitism in American culture today. It’s the dismissal of science, the arts and humanities, and their replacement by entertainment, self-righteousness, ignorance and deliberate gullibility.” In the “Age of American Unreason” Susan Jacoby says that the convergence of social forces has created a perfect storm of anti-rationalism. This includes the upsurge of religious fundamentalism, with more political power now than ever before; the failure of public education to create an informed citizenry; and the triumph of video over print culture…Americans today have embraced a universe of ‘junk thought’ that makes almost no effort to separate fact from fiction.”************** Another way the controllers are keeping the masses under control is by keeping them obese. A person who is obese isn’t going to have the energy to confront the controllers in a head-to-head confrontation. Shortness of breath and diabetes goes with obesity, so that also adds to the 2 in 3 adults considered to be overweight or obese. These people are at risk for coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea, and cancer. Obesity is predicted to go to 40% for both sexes in the next few years.

Urantia Book 92. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus and his apostles walked up the hill to their camp in Gethsemane Park. They paused at the top and looked at the temple bathed by the sunset. It was beautiful. Jesus had told them that the temple would be destroyed, and they were very curious. Nathaniel said: “Tell us, Master, how shall we know when these events are about to come to pass.” Jesus said: “Yes, the iniquity of the Jews has invited justice to swiftly descend upon this city. Make sure you don’t fall for False Messiahs. Don’t be troubled by wars and rumors of wars. You should not be perturbed by famines or earthquakes; Neither should you be concerned when you are arrested and brought before the magistrates and are persecuted for the sake of the gospel. You will be thrown out of the synagogue and put in prison for my sake, and some of you will be killed. When you are brought before governors and rulers, it shall be for a testimony of your faith and to show your steadfastness in the gospel of the kingdom. And when you stand before judges, don’t be anxious about what you are going to say, for the spirit will teach you in that very hour what you should answer your adversaries. In these persecutions I will not forsake you; my spirit will not desert you. Be patient! Doubt not that this gospel of the kingdom will triumph over all enemies and, eventually, be proclaimed to all nations.” When the people of Jesus rejected his spiritual bestowal and refused to receive the light of heaven as it so mercifully shone upon them, they thereby sealed their doom as an independent people with a special spiritual mission on earth. Even the Jewish leaders subsequently realized that is was this secular idea of the Messiah which directly led to the turbulence which eventually brought about their destruction. Jesus was concerned that his apostles would get caught up in the turmoil of the war. Andrew asked him when they should leave Jerusalem. Jesus advised them to remain in Jerusalem, even though there may be persecutions. And leave Jerusalem when they see the Roman warriors coming. And don’t go back to their rooms for anything. Run away from Jerusalem up into the mountains. They actually found a safe shelter in Pella (176.1.1-5).*************** When Jesus discussed the destruction of Jerusalem, Peter mentioned his ‘second coming,’ which the apostles liked to think was very soon. Jesus couldn’t persuade them that it might be longer…maybe a lot longer. Jesus said he would wait until the “kingdom shall have come to its full fruition.” (I have a theory that Jesus isn’t coming again until the entire world is Christian. But that is a tall order. I read a book that said Christianity is growing in China. I read a book that said Muslims are converting in large numbers but they are terrified of being murdered, so they stay in the closet. Africa and South America are Christian, but Africa is also Muslim. Vladimir Putin is Christian and he encourages his people to take up religion. I even heard that he is in Syria to keep Asad from killing the Christians. I like Putin. He is my all time favorite dictator. But I would like him even if he weren’t a dictator. Anyway, Jesus told the apostles what they could expect when they left this life and went to the next. They would face a judge and then they would go into some kind of service. According to the UB, when you die, you go to the first mansion world, which is a satellite of Jerusem, the huge headquarters planet of the system of Satania. In a building specially made for the purpose, you get a morantia body, get your personality back, your soul and spirit back. You are given leisure time, but your education consists of games that advance you socially. As you advance, you will always be teaching someone less advanced than you. When you are finished with the 7 mansion worlds, you go to the constellation Norlatiadek for more advanced education. You can learn anything you want. After a long education on the constellation, you go to the universe capital, Salvington. You’ll meet Christ the God of the Universe. This is where you become a spirit or semi-spirit. I will explain how to get to God the Father in a later blog.

On Being Controlled. Nick Redfern, in his book Controlled, gives the reader a comprehensive look at the many ways that we are controlled without even knowing it. He draws a scenario of two couples starting a conversation about global politics and the surveillance state. Suddenly, silence descends. There is a Smart TV in the house-a Samsung-which they are afraid will record their conversation, and that the NSA will access their set. As a result, they will be labeled as “a person of interest” by Homeland Security. So they shift to a topic that’s off the radar, giving up their freedom to talk. I was reading my kindle one night and I noticed that there was a red light coming from the tiny hole on the top frame of the kindle. I was being watched by someone. I put my thumb on the light and the light never came back. But its not only how our devices are controlling us. Our TVs are brainwashing us, and that brings us to mind control. The majority of the content on our TVs are run and programmed by an elite group of huge, influential and powerful corporations, which means the news is slanted if not worthless. We tend to hear one story on all the channels;we hear no international news. One needs to access alternative news to find out what is going on in the world. A study showed that people who watch TV are not only brainwashed, they are addicted. Their attention shifts from the left side of the brain-the logical side to the right side-the emotional side. This causes a flow of endorphins, “which trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to morphine” (WebMD).******************************* As we know or suspect, China and North Korea limit the Internet and the number of people who can use the Internet. But in the US we have the freedom to use the Internet, or do we? According to Redfern, censoring the Internet, here in the US, and to a significant degree, is something that can be achieved with chilling ease. Nature News, in May 2015, stated: “In November 2013, a federal court ruled that the Department of Homeland Security must disclose previously secret plans the massive agency developed for an Internet kill switch—Standard Operating Procedure 303, also known as the Internet kill switch from Homeland Security.” This was an easy step for the government because companies that define the Internet had been rolling over and kissing government ass when it came to giving up information (Redfern).********* I think of drones as toys kids play with or as small remotely guided reconnaissance planes or planes equipped with guided missiles which have incredibly good aim. And all that takes place in the Middle East. The RAND corporation says that drones are used in monitoring cell phone towers and skyscrapers, primarily to ensure there are no structural issues. There is a desire to use them in movies and television. The FAA predicts there will be 3 million drones in the skies by this year. But there’s a dark side. They are also used to spy on us. They can stay aloft for days, endlessly spying, probing, and they can be equipped with bullets and Taser technology, turning them into weapons. Drone technology is advancing faster than laws protecting the privacy rights of citizens. Drones can monitor phone calls, access your messages on social media, read your texts and check out your photos online. They are so advanced that they can read handwritten words from a height of around 20,000 feet. Infrared is coming in to use for night surveillance of towns and cities. And police departments in large cities can use them for night patrol;a drone was used in Compton, a section of Los Angeles to monitor the activity, freeing the police from going into the dangerous area. But if I lived in Compton, how would I feel?

Urantia Book 91. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The fact that the spiritual leaders and religious teachers of the Jewish nation rejected the teachings of Jesus and conspired to bring about his cruel death does not affect the standing of any individual Jew before God. The Jews, as a sociopolitical group paid in full the terrible price of rejecting the Prince of Peace. There is no valid reason why the descendants of these long-ago Jews should be made to suffer the persecutions which they have endured at the hands of ignorant, bigoted and unworthy professed followers of Jesus of Nazareth, who was, himself a Jew, by natural birth. Kingdom believers, those who follow the teachings of Jesus, must cease to mistreat the individual Jew as one who is guilty of the rejection and crucifixion of Jesus. The Father and his Creator Son have never ceased to love the Jews. God is no respecter of persons, and salvation is for the Jews as well as the gentile (175.2.1-3).************************ Just before midnight on Tuesday, April 4, AD 30 the Sanhedrin officially and unanimously voted to impose the death sentence on Jesus and Lazarus. The passing of death sentence (even before his trial) upon the Son of God was the Sanhedrin’s reply to the last offer of heavenly mercy ever to be extended to the Jewish nation. Israel had repudiated the Son of God, who had made a covenant with Abraham, and the plan to make the children of Abraham the light-bearers of truth to the world had been shattered. The divine covenant had been abrogated, and the end of the Hebrew nation drew on apace. The officers of the court were told to arrest Jesus in secret and at night, and bring him before midnight on Thursday (175.3.1-3).********************* While Jesus was out on Mount Olivet predicting the death of the Jewish nation, all the people were wondering what would happen to Jesus now. And Judas Iscariot was betraying Jesus, although he stayed with the apostolic group. At the home of Nicodemus 30 Jews who were secret believers decided to openly acknowledge their faith if Jesus was arrested. The Sadducees, who now dominated the Sanhedrin, wanted Jesus dead for 3 reasons: 1.The popularity of Jesus would come to the attention of the Roman authorities, and the Jews would be accused of not being in control of the people. They wanted to maintain the status-quo. 2. Jesus’ zeal for temple reform directly affected their income. 3. They felt themselves responsible for the preservation of social order, and they feared the consequences of the further spread of Jesus’ strange and new doctrine of the brotherhood of man. The Pharisees had their own reasons for wanting Jesus dead: 1. They were ultraconservative and they bitterly resented Jesus’ supposedly radical attacks on their prestige as religious teachers. 2. They held that Jesus was a lawbreaker; that he had shown utter disregard for the sabbath and numerous other legal requirements. 3. They charged him with blasphemy for alluding to God as his Father. 4. They were angry with his last discourse, at all “Woe to you” statements. A small group of Sadducees actually wanted to assassinate Jesus, but the Pharisees utterly refused to allow such an act (175.4.1-14).

Life in the 21st C. The Patriot Act gave the federal government new freedoms, but at the expense of the citizens. One thing the government can do is legally monitor the reading habits of every single American. National Security Letters (NSL) are subpoenas, and they use these NSLs to “protect against international terrorism.” The Controllers (Deep State) have used these and according to the author, the reasons are “far from positive.” The government can demand access to your bank accounts, email history and address books, telephone numbers both called and received and books bought, borrowed and read. All this falls under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. It’s hazy, though, and allows for a widespread interpretation, like “documents, records, papers and other items.” The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) demonstrated that the Patriot Act has made it easier for agencies of the government, the military and the intelligence community to seize and study our most private files, paperwork and data. The long list even includes “third-party” files–medical records, college records, online purchases of books. Surveillance orders, notes the ACLU, “can be based in part on a person’s First Amendment activities, such as the books they read, the Websites they visit or a letter to the editor they have written. Slate.com says “Post-Patriot Act third party holders of your financial, library, travel, video rental, phone, medical, church, synagogue, mosque records can be searched without your knowledge or consent, providing the government says its trying to protect against terrorism. A group of librarians based in Connecticut went to court after an NSL was issued by the government searching for “patron data.” According to Redfern, they quite rightly saw the request as outrageous. “Such was the outrage that the American Library Association went to the Supreme Court in 2005 in an effort to get rid of this outrageous piece of spying of the deeply personal variety”(Redfern). Next, there was a cybersecurity bill before Congress.It meant that computers used in libraries would be monitored to find out what each patron had stored as data.

Urantia Book 90. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus, accompanied by his apostles, the Greeks, Joseph of Arimathea and other disciples, went to the temple on Tuesday afternoon to give his last discourse. The temple was quiet. He said, I have been traveling around teaching and preaching, the Father has done many wonderful works, even raising the dead. But even this has not opened the eyes of those who are determined to refuse to see the light, those who are determined to reject the gospel of the kingdom. Although I and my apostles have done our utmost to live in peace and obey the laws, the leaders of Israel will not have it. By rejecting the truth of God and the light of heaven, they are aligning themselves with the side of error and darkness. But even now it is not too late for them to accept the kingdom of God. You have killed prophet after prophet because you did not like the message. You killed John the Baptist because he was trying to save you. Now you will destroy the Son of Man. This people was called to become the light of the world, to show forth a spiritual glory of a God-knowing race, but your leaders are about to perform the supreme folly of rejecting the gift of God to all persons and for all ages–the revelation of the love of the Father for all his creatures on earth. Then this gift will be given to other peoples, to those who will receive it with joy and gladness. I solemnly warn you that you are about to lose your position in the world as the standard-bearers of eternal truth and the custodians of divine law. I am offering you your last chance to accept the kingdom of heaven, accept the Father’s love…..But behold how the Father’s mercy is slighted and how the messengers of truth are rejected. Nevertheless, I admonish you, that these scribes and Pharisees still sit in Moses’s seat, and, therefore, until the Most Highs, who rule in the kingdoms of men, shall finally overthrow this nation and destroy the place of these rulers, I bid you cooperate with these elders in Israel (I have no idea who the “Most Highs” are; Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the temple and the Most Highs rule the Constellation Norlatiadek, which is the only one in this universe). Jesus criticized the leaders for oppressing the worshipers with ceremonies and enslaving them with traditions. And the priests made a show of sanctity while confiscating widows’ houses. And he told his listeners to call no one Father. Only God is Father. Now we come to the Woes: “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You would shut the doors of the kingdom of heaven against sincere men because they happen to be unlearned in the way of your teaching.” “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites that you are! You scour land and sea to find a proselyte, and when you’ve found him, you make him twice as bad as you are.” “Woe upon you, chief priest and rulers! You take the property of the poor and demand heavy dues of those who would serve God as Moses taught.” “Woe upon you, false teachers, blind guides! What can be expected of a nation where the blind lead the blind? They both fall into a pit of destruction!” “Woe upon you who dissimulate when you take an oath! You are tricksters since you teach that a man may swear by the temple and break his oath, but that whoever swears by the gold in the temple must remain bound. You are all fools and blind!” “Woe to you, scribes, Pharisees and other hypocrites! You tithe anise, mint and cumin and at the same time disregard the weightier matters of the law–faith, mercy and judgment. You are truly blind guides and dumb teachers; you strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.” “Woe upon you, scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites! You wicked reprobates, you make the outward performance of your religion conform with the letter of your interpretation of Moses’ law while your souls are steeped in iniquity and filled with murder.” “Woe on all of you who reject truth and spurn mercy! Many of you are like white sepulchers, which are beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are bones and all sorts of filth. You also appear holy and righteous on the outside but are full of filth and iniquity on the inside. Don’t you understand that the Judge will require an accounting of why this people murdered the messengers sent to them, and for what they are about to do to the Son of Man? Jesus mourned: “O,Jerusalem and the children of Abraham, you who have stoned the prophets and killed the teachers that were sent to you, even now I would gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you will not.”