The Urantia Book

There are 4 remaining groups in the family of the Infinite Spirit: the Personal Aids, which number in the trillions and are like androids; the Associate Inspectors, which are the personal embodiment of the Supreme Executives to the local universes. They are the joint offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. Next, are the Assigned Sentinels, which act under the authority of the Supreme Executives. And last, there are the Graduate Guides, which sponsor and conduct the high university of technical instruction and spiritual training which is so essential to mortal attainment of the goal of the ages: God, rest and an eternity of perfected service.

Universe Power Directors are living beings concerned with the physical aspects of the grand universe, energy regulation and balance of forces. There are 4 groups: the Seven Supreme Power Directors, the Supreme Power Centers, the Master Physical Controllers, the Morontia Power Supervisors. Each Power Director is in immediate contact with its Master Spirit, so there is a unique bond between a fully spirit entity and a partially physical entity. The Supreme Power Centers are produced by the Directors in association with the Master Spirits, and there are Centers all over the grand universe. They regulate the master energy circuits of the grand universe. There are 1,000 power centers on the capital of each superuniverse. Three currents of primary energy come into these centers and seven well-directed and specialized circuits of power go out.

The Master Physical Controllers are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of basic energies undiscovered on Urantia. At least one Controller is on the capital of each system, ensuring that the whole vast living energy aggregation remains in harmonious synchrony. The Mechanical Controllers are by far the most powerful of all the Controllers. They are the versatile and mobile assistants of the associate power directors. The Energy Transformers can insulate the planets against the powerful energy streams passing between gigantic planetary and starry neighbors. They maintain universal energy balance or power equilibrium.

Time Line cont.

9380 BCE :: Marduk divided Egypt between Seth and Osiris. Seth and Igigi Commander Shamgaz killed Osiris, and ruled the Nile. Isis impregnated herself with the seed of Osiris and bore Horus. Gibil trained Horus to fight. In Pyramid War I Horus beat Seth, who fled to Sinai. 8670 BCE: Marduk’s forces advanced on Sinai, but Inanna, Ninurta and Utu defeated them. The Enkiites retreated to the Great Pyramid, but Ninurta broke in and captured them. He took their weapons, energy generation machines and communication devices. I found out somewhere that the Great Pyramid generated electricity. Ninmah convened a peace conference. Enki accepted Enlil’s conditions of peace. The Council banished Marduk to North America and gave Ningishzidda-Thoth rule of Egypt.

7500 BCE :: The Anunnaki taught Earthlings advanced kiln technology for pottery and metallurgy. They minted coins to create a web of trade, debt and control. 3150 BCE : Ningishzidda-Thoth-Quezilcoatl gave the calendar to the Maya. 2900 BCE : Inanna ruled the Indus Valley; the Igigi astronauts followed her there. King Gilgamesh of Uruk wanted Anunnaki longevity. He went to Lebanon and grasped the herb he needed, but a snake snatched it out of his hand. The Anunnaki were guided by the stars. When the constellation Virgo came up, the ruling seat on the Council went to Inanna. The Council also named the star group ‘the twins’ after Inanna and Utu, and together they reigned supreme when Gemini rose before the Sphinx in the June Equinox.

2800 BCE :: Enki ordered Thoth to let Marduk rule Egypt and find something else to do. So Thoth went to Britain with his Olmec and Sumerian assistants and started building Stonehenge. They also went to South America and designed smelting facilities at Tiahuanaco and Machu Picchu. He ruled Central America, Central Mexico and influenced civilization south into South America. Thoth and his assistants built several stoneworks.

I never fail to be captivated by my supposed ancestors. They fought all the time, but there was always a solution. I have many books about the Anunnaki; they are such fascinating characters. When I learned that they were also the Greek and Roman gods, I was very doubtful. But I realized quite early that Enlil must be Yahweh. The Universal Father would never act like the god in the Bible.

The Urantia Book

All the personalities and entities of the Conjoint Actor (Infinite Spirit) are divided into three grand divisions: The Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, the Messenger Hosts of Space and the Ministering Spirits of Time. These spirit beings are concerned with teaching and ministering to the will creatures of the ascendent scheme of mortal progression. There are 7 such within the 3 divisions: Solitary Messengers, Universe Circuit Supervisors, Census Directors (they know the second you are born), Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit, Associate Inspectors, Assigned Sentinels, and Graduate Guides. The Solitary Messengers was described in the previous Paper because they are unique. At last report there were 7,690 trillion operating in Orvonton alone. They are nearly eternal except for Paradise and the Havona circuits. They are, however, conscious of time and their beginning. Solitary Messengers are a dependable, self-reliant, versatile, thoroughly spiritual, and broadly sympathetic group of created beings. They function in the local universes under the immediate influence of the universe Mother Spirits. Messengers are assigned to the Paradise Trinity, the Havona Circuits (this is 7 concentric circles of 1 billion planets, which orbits around Paradise; each planet is more beautiful than the last). There are Messengers of the Superuniverse; since Messengers are the only entities that can go from the HQ of one superuniverse to another, the Ancients of Days only have the Messengers to communicate with their order on another superuniverse. There is no limit to the service they can perform. They can function as executioners of the high tribunals or as intelligence gatherers for the good of the realm. Messengers are also Explorers of Undirected Assignment. When they are free, they heed the call of the Seven Supreme Power Directors for exploration volunteers and experience the thrill of finding the organizing nuclei of new worlds and universes. Messengers are needed when a message needs to be rapid and it needs to be delivered by a real person. Messengers travel 841,621,642,000 miles per second.

I’m going to briefly mention the 6 other High Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. Number 2 Universe Circuit Supervisors control stupendous systems of energy. They direct and manipulate all spiritual energy circuits outside the Isle of Paradise. They direct all concerned as to the proper circuits to employ for the transmission of all spirit messages and for the transit of all personalities. It is they who would isolate an evolutionary world if its Planetary Prince should rebel against the Universal Father and his vicegerent Son. They are able to throw any world out of universe circuits of the higher universe order, but they cannot annul the material currents of the power directors.

The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit. These directors, by a unknown technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe. Thus, they are always able to give the number, nature and whereabouts of any will creature in the central universe and 7 superuniverses. Not Paradise, the Gods are omniscient. Says the Unantia Book: “The Census Director of Nebadon, number 81,412, of Orvonton, now stationed on Salvington, is at this very moment personally conscious, aware of your living presence here on Urantia, and he will afford the records confirmation of your death the moment you cease to function as a will creature.” (229)

Timeline cont.

100,000 BCE :: Enlil and Anu let Marduk marry Sarpanit, an Earthling, to stop him from ever ruling Nibiru. Marduk coordinated the rite so his allies the astronauts (Igigi) revolted and abducted 200 Adapite Earthling women (see Genesis 6). They occupied the Baalbek Landing Platform in Lebanon and forced Enlil to recognize the women they kidnapped as legal wives and give them estates on Earth.

85,000 BCE :: Innana of the Enlilites paired with Dumuzi of the Enkiites. Marduk had their sister accuse Dumuzi of rape and then chased Dumuzi until he fell to his death. Inanna was killed by her sister Ereshkigal. Enki with androids revived Inanna. 49,000 BCE :: Enlil, enraged that Enki and Ninmah allowed Earthlings rule Shuruppak, vowed Earthings’ genocide. 10,800 BCE :: Earth’s climate deteriorated. A large object from space came near Earth and heated the oceans. Ice sheets melted. Our living standard worsened. We left huts and lived in caves and bush. 14,699 BCE :: Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Niburu toward Earth sooner than the 3600 year sar (normal orbit around the Sun). As Niburu flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Niburu, Now Miranda circled Uranus instead of Niburu.

9703 BCE :: Niburu’s perigee tore Niburu’s gold shield, slid Antarctica’s icecap into the sea and caused the Flood. Enki had begat Ziusudra (Noah) with his Earthling overseer’s wife. Enki secretly told Ziusudra how to build a submarine and gathered the genetic material to repopulate the animal kingdom. Nergal, Enki’s son, piloted the sub to Mt, Ararat. Enlil ruled through Ziusudra, Shem, Japhet and Ham and their descendents. (Noah’s sons) Swidarians were tall Earthing hybrids created when Cro=Magnon=Neanderthal Europeans interbred with coneheaded Homo capensis ETs. They built huge megalithic structures ( Goblekli Tepe and other spiritual centers). Ninurta built dams and drained flood waters into rivers in Sumer. The Anunnaki renewed crops and beasts and built a worldwide civilization with a base on Mars. In Iraq they gave Earthlings city societies, kings, temples, priests, festivals, beer, food recipes, art, music, musical instruments, music notes, dance, writing, record keeping, medicines, textiles, multicolored apparel. They gave us plants, animals, guidance and knowledge, and let us increase our population. Enlil, his sons and grandchildren ruled Sumer. He had Earthlings build schools of science and writing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. Each Anunnaki god walled their sacred precincts and put in a tall ziggurat (stepped pyramid).

The Urantia Book

The Trinitized Sons of Gods. If two mortal finaliters, on going before the Architects of the Master Universe, demonstrate that they have independently chosen an identical concept for trinitization, the Architects are empowered, on their own discretion, to promulgate mandates permitting these glorified mortal ascenders to remove themselves for a time to the trinitizing sector of the Paradise Citizens. At the end of this assigned retreat, if they report that they have singly and jointly elected to make the paradisiacal effort to spiritualize, idealize and actualize a selected and original concept which has not before been trinitized, then the Master Spirit of the superuniverse orders the trinitization. The process in so many words: two mortals come up with a new idea which is approved; they are embraced by the Trinity; a new creature is produced, a creature-trinitized son. The mortals can only do this process once, whereas the Trinity can do this any number of times.

The trinitized order of sonship is divided into three major divisions: 1. Deity-trinitized sons (which the book won’t reveal). 2. Trinity-embraced sons. 3. Creature-trinitized sons. The first order of Trinity-embraced sons are called the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. Of note are the Mighty Messengers, a class of perfected mortals who have been rebellion tested or otherwise proved as to their personal loyalty; all have passed through some definite test of universe allegiance. Also of note is Those Without Name or Number, whose spirituality and ability to worship is beyond that of the evolutionary races of time and space. After their training they are assigned to the services of the Ancients of Days, the rulers of the seven superuniverses. The second order of Trinity-embraced sons, the Trinitized Sons of Selection, are assigned to the courts of the Ancients of Days.

There are about 100,000,000 of Those Without Name or Number on Uversa, the capital of Orvonton, our superuniverse. “Since those Without Name or Number are the superior spiritual minds of the survival races, they are especially qualified to sit in judgment and to render opinions when a spiritual viewpoint is desirable, and when experience in the ascendent career is essential to an adequate comprehension of the questions involved in the problem to be adjudicated…Adjudication is the highest function of any government, and those intrusted with verdict rendering should be chosen from the highest and most noble types of the most experienced and understanding individuals.”

Timeline cont.

440,000 BCE :: Sud is now the Ninlil, the Lady of Command. Her firstborn was Nannar, who became Moon God. Enki and Ninmah connected in Zimbabwe and had 7 daughters. Enki coupled with his daughter Ninsun, who produced another girl. Enki seduced Ereshkigal, Nannar’s daughter as he flew her to the Weather Station on the tip of South Africa. Ereshkigal produced Ningishzidda, later Thoth, one of the most brilliant and compassionate gods in the pantheon. He was Hermes and Quetzlcoatl-Kukuklan. There was an energy grid all over southeast Africa managed by Nergal, who also managed the mines.

390,000 BCE :: Enlil built the Dur. An. Ki (Navel Heaven and Earth). Topped with telescopes, the Duranki linked to a tower that let Enlil communicate with Nibiru, its rockets and towers in each Niburan center. 300,000 BCE :: The Igigi who worked in the mines were tired of the labor and told Enki to make slaves to work in the mines. Enki started experimenting with his own DNA. They, Ningishizidda and Ninmah with Enki, added Homo erectus genes and mitochondrial DNA. The used Anunnaki mothers for surrogate wombs. 289,000 BCE :: Enki coupled with two slave girls. One bore a male, Adapa; the other bore a female, Titi. Adapa and Titi bore Ka-in and Abael. ( This is where the Hebrew history enters the picture.) Enki started the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society for Adapa’s smartest descendents to learn advanced science. The Brotherhood would, Enki hoped, keep our true history. We’re adapted Anunnaki and someday we may surpass Nibiru’s dictatorships and violence.

286,000 BCE :: Nibiru’s perigee dislodged and hurled meteors at Earth, created intense warming, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods on Earth. On Mars the atmosphere was ruined and dust storms were caused. Marduk’s command on Mars was ended 485,980 BCE :: Adapa’s son Ka-in killed Abael. The Anunnaki Council had Ningishzidda remove the genes for facial hair to mark Ka-in’s descendents and Ninurta banished him east of Edin. Titi bore 30 sons and daughters to her brother Adapa. The Anannaki taught them to write, do math and astronomy, cultivate crops, husband animals, and other practical skills. Nannar made Adapa’s descendents priests. The priests led rituals for the Earthlings and taught them to support, obey and worship Nannar and the other Anunnaki as gods. (The gods themselves knew there was a Real God, and that they were serving him. In reading the Old Testament, There are 2 psalms in the Hebrew Scriptures in which the gods are mentioned. In Psalm 82 God takes a stand in the divine council and judges the subordinate gods for favoring the wicked. They are told instead to take up the cause of the poor and afflicted. God predicts the fall of these gods. The Study Bible I have says that God assigned the pagan gods to rule under him, and Psalm 52 is much like 82 because God is criticizing the gods for improper treatment of the people. The Anunnaki gods played the parts of gods all over the world. Enlil was Yahweh; Enki was Ptah, the first ruler of Egypt; Marduk was Ra.)

Timeline 4.5 BCE TO 1 CE

4.5 B ::A nebula formed Solaris and a brown dwarf, Nemisis, and both developed planets that circled them. The planet Tiamat orbited the Sun between Jupiter and Mars. The planet Nibiru with its moons orbited Nemisis. 200 B :: Nibiru’s moon, Evil Wind, and Nibiru hit Tiamat and left no crust at all in the gaping Pacific Gap. 60 M :: Homo sapiens, Lyrans and Pleiadians came to earth to escape wars, but created wars on Earth. Some went to Nibiru, which developed technologically advanced warring nation-states.

654,000BCE :: A male run military rule is imposed on Nibiru. The Law of Succession was: when the king dies, his son with his father’s half-sister succeds. 500,000 BCE :: Nibiru’s volcanoes stopped erupting; ash no longer shielded and its atmosphere thinned. Advisors told the king to mine the asteroids for gold, refine the gold into white powder and patch the holes in the atmosphere with it. 470,000 BCE :: Alalu, now king, married his daughter Damkina, to Anu’s son, Enki. Damkina and Enki produced Marduk, who they prepped to rule Nibiru.

466,500 BCE :: 50 scientists were killed trying to get gold from asteroids. Anu wrestled Alalu for rule. Anu won. Alalu went to earth with missiles for nuking volcanoes. He landed on marshy land near Basara, Iraq. Confirmed gold. Enki sent to earth to confirm gold and pacify Alalu. Alalu’s grandson, Anzu and 50 men were also sent. They all set up base camp called Edin (Sumer)–isn’t that a spooky coinsidence? Enki and Abgal hid the nuclear bombs in a cave in Africa.

442,000 BCE :: Anu, Enlil and Enki drew lots for their positions in the Expedition. Enlil drew Command of the Earth Expedition. Enki got Seas, Science and Mining. Again Alalu wrestled Anu. Again Anu won. Alalu bit off Anu’s penis. Anu condemned Alalu to die in exile on Mars. Enlil planned centers in Sumer. Sippar, the Spaceport; Nipper, Mission Control; Badtibira, Metallugical Center;Shuruppak, Medical Center. Enki and Abgal traced the Gulf’s gold to southeast Africa. Anu sent daughter Ninmah with 50 female medical officers to Earth. They detoured to Mars and discovered Alalu had died and Anzu was in a coma. They revived Anzu and he and Ninmah carved a 1500 foot high statue of Alalu’s head (Cyndonia)-“the face on Mars” Enlil and Enki both awaited Ninmah ; “each sought her womb for a male child.” Being their half-sister, she was vital to their royal line. They already had a son named Ninurta.

440,000 BCE :: Ninmah arrived at Enlil’s headquarters. He, obsessed with besting Enki, promised to build a medical center for her. He bragged about his building plans. They went to Lebanon and had sex, but she didn’t conceive and joined Enki at his place in Zimbabwe. Enlil mooned for months and then raped Sud, Ninmah’s assistant. The Seven Who Judge exiled Enlil to Africa. Abgal, who had helped Enki hide the missiles, told Enlil where they were and said, “At the right time seize the missiles and your freedom obtain.” Enlil married Sud, but she wanted to be Royal Wife (the Ninlil).

Anunnaki: False Gods from Nibiru who still rule us by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin

I am going to pause The Urantia Book because it is necessary to insert new information. At the time of the Planet Prince and teaching of the tribes and the attempt to civilize them, there was a great deal of activity going on in the area of Mesopotamia, and later there was much activity in getting ready for Adam and Eve. That will come later in our story, but Adam and Eve came in order to have many children and those children would marry into the surrounding tribes, ‘uplifting’ them with their superior genetic endowment. They were the ‘violet race.’ They built Eden, an island in the Mediterrean Sea. But in the same time frame there was activity of a profound nature and a very different sort going on. But the UB totally and completely represses it. It was nothing less than the landing in the Persian Gulf of a race of aliens who determined the future of mankind. They are called the Anunnaki, and they came to earth seeking gold to patch the holes in their atmosphere. Their planet is Nibiru and it has a 3600 year revolution around the sun.

The king of Nibiru is Anu and he has two sons named Enlil and Enki, who do not get along. Enlil was named Commander of All and Enki was Commander of Earth. Enlil was the heir even though Enki had a right to it. The authors cited have drawn heavily on Zacheria Sitchin, who wrote several books on the Anunnaki, having deciphered the clay tablets in the various museums. They also cite Chris Hardy, who wrote a book ‘DNA of the Gods,’ which I read. In any case they have a bibliography. Enlil and Enki and their children were always plotting for the upper hand. The Anunnaki lived very long lives, but according to Sitchin, Marduk, Enki’s son, died in Babylon (he was god of Babylon). In fact, Alexander the Great desperately wanted to meet Marduk and pushed his troops to reach Babylon, but was disappointed to find that Marduk was already dead.

It is strange that the UB doesn’t mention the atomic war the Enlilites and Enkiites had over one of their stupid arguments. Sitchin said that it happened at Gomorrah, and there will be a sea of green glass under the sand and ashes if anyone cares to look. I haven’t gone far into the book, and I will give you updates as I read further. I can tell by the last few pages that the authors have information they didn’t get from Sitchin. Enlil was Yahweh, for example. Sitchin shied away from those conclusions. The reason I will update you is because this is current; the Anunnaki are here now. They’ve been seen in the Pentagon.

The Anunnaki used machines to make tunnels for gold mining in southern Africa. They used their astronaut corps, the Igigi, to mine the gold, but after a hundred thousand years of this grueling labor, they revolted. They told Enki to make a slave race. Enki had knowledge of all things medical and started to look for a suitable primate to cross with Anunnaki genetic material. He found that the best would be Homo erectus, so he took its DNA and crossed it with some of his genetic material. What he produced was uncontrollable. It took a long time and he worked with all the female Anunnaki doctors (they carried the fetuses), but he finally bred a slave race and they worked thousands of years in the mines without conplaint. We were that slave race, but later, the Anunnaki enhanced us. This in no way contradicts evolution. Evolution brought about Homo erectus and the Anunnaki did the rest. Also, according to this book, the Genesis 6 200 watchers are the Igigi, who took human women.

The Urantia Book

The Creator Sons cont.

When a Creator Son is absent from his universe, his government is directed by its firstborn native being, the Bright and Morning Star, the local universe chief executive, Gabriel. The advice and counsel of the Union of Days is invaluable at such times. Jesus met with Gabriel several time during his time on Urantia, when the disciples thought he was with the devil or when they thought he was in solitary prayer. The sovereignty of a Creator Son in a local universe passes through six or seven stages of experiential manifestation, which appear in the following order: 1. Initial vicegerent sovereignty–this is before the Creative Spirit (Mother Spirit) aquires her personality. 2. Conjoint vicegerent sovereignty–the joint rule of the two rulers after the Creative Spirit gains her personality. 3. Augmenting vicegerent sovereignty–this is the advancing authority of the Creator Son during his seven bestowals. 4. Supreme sovereignty–In Nebadon this dates from Michael’s final bestowal on Urantia, about 2,000 years. 5. Augmenting supreme sovereignty–this means that the majority of the planets are in the settled condition of light and life. This means the people of the planet are as holy as they can be and do not need to die to go to Paradise. They are ‘translated.’ This stage hasn’t yet been reached. 6. Trinitarian sovereignty–has not been reached nor has 7, the unknown relationships of a future universe age.

The technique of obtaining supreme sovereignty over a local universe involves the following experiential steps: 1. penetrate seven creature levels of being through incarnated bestowal in the likeness of the most advanced people concerned. Michael chose the Jews because they had a sound tradition of monotheism. 2.To make an experiential consecration to each phase of the sevenfold will of Paradise Deity as it is personified in the Seven Master Spirits. 3. To perform each of the seven bestowal at the same time executing one of the seven consecrations to the will of Paradise Deity. 4. On each creature level, experientially to portray the acme of creature life to Paradise Deity and to all universe intelligences. 5. On each creature level, experientially to reveal one phase of the sevenfold will of Deity to the bestowal level and the whole universe. 6. Experientially to to unify the sevenfold creature experience with the sevenfold experience of consecration to the revelation of the nature and will of Deity. 7. To achieve new and higher relationship with the Supreme Being. God the Sevenfold refer to the following seven Gods: 1.The Creative Son and Creative Spirit, 2. The 3 Ancients of Days, 3. The Seven Master Spirits, 4. The Universal Father, 5. The Eternal Son, 6. The Infinite Spirit, and 7. The Supreme Being.

Creator Sons, subsequent to the completion of their bestowal careers, are reckoned as a separate order, sevenfold Master Sons. The Master Sons are identical with the Creator Sons, but they have undergone such a unique bestowal experience that they are commonly regarded as a different order. A real and permanent change takes place. He has added to his nature the experience of a creature, which forever removes him from the divine level of a Creator Son and elevates him to the experiential plane of a Master Son. The nature of the sovereignty of a sevenfold Creator Son is supreme because it: 1. Embraces the sevenfold viewpoint of Paradise Deity. 2. Embodies a sevenfold attitude of time-space creatures. 3. Perfectly synthesizes Paradise attitude and creature viewpoint.

The Urantia Book

The Creator Sons cont.

The Creator Sons are the designers, creators, builders and administrators of their local universes of time and space. A Creator Son is permitted to choose the space site of his future cosmic activity, but before he may begin even the physical organization of his universe, he must spend a long period of observation devoted to the studyof the building of other universes. When the Creator Son leaves Paradise to start the work of building his universe, he discovers that he is dependent on the Infinite Spirit, the Third Source and Center, who is destined to function as the actual and effective helper of each Creative Son. Each Creator Son is given a Creative Daughter from the Infinite Spirit, and she is the Divine Minister or the Mother Spirit of the universe. She rules equally with Michael.

Michael is utterly free to create what he wants, but he has some limitations. The energies in the universe must be balanced and he needs huge machines–living machines–for that. Energy-matter is dominated by the Infinite Spirit. Before any new things can be created or any transformation of energy-matter can take place, Michael must get the cooperation of the Infinite Spirit. Creature designs and types are controlled by the Eternal Son, so before Michael can create any beings, human or animal, he must get the permission of the Eternal and Original Mother Son. And personality is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father. The Infinite Spirit is the God of the mind and intellect; he is the universal source of mind ministry to all beings below Paradise Creators. The Trinity is the source of spirit.

When the initial problems of universe materialization and of gross equalibrium have been resolved; when he has formed an effective and co-operative working union with the complemental Daughter of the Infinite Spirit–the Universe Son and this Universe Spirit initiate that liaison which is designed to give origin to the innumerable hosts of their universe children. The Infinite Spirit also bestows personality on his Daughter at this time. Michael must bestow himself on 7 planets; he must experience life as it is lived by his children. Until he does these 7 bestowals, he rules as vicegerent of the Universal Father. Now he is God. The reason he can be in so many places at once is that the Mother Spirit fills the universe and he can use her spirit to travel.