The Urantia Book

Our universe of Nebadon is part of the superuniverse of Orvonton. Orvonton is known chiefly for its “tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals within its borders. Each superuniverse has its own character. This is not to say that the other six don’t exercise mercy, they do. But each one has a special character.

Urantia is number 606 in the system of Satania; it is one of 619 inhabited worlds. Satania is system number 24 in the constellation Norlatiadek, which consists of 100 local systems and has a headquarters world called Edenta. Norlatiadek is number 70 in the universe of Nebadon, which has 100 constellations. The capital of Nebadon is an artificial planet called Salvington. All the capital planets are artificial.

Nebadon is number 84 in the minor sector of Ensa, which consists of 100 universes and has a capital called Uminor the third. This minor sector is number 3 in the major sector of Splandon, which consists of 100 minor sectors and has a headquarters world called Umajor the fifth. The 7 superuniverses are collectively called the grand universe. the number of Urantia is 5,342,482,337,666–no wonder mankind is so screwed up! But there is another reason. Early tribes on other planets get rid of the weak and anti-social members of their tribes and do not let their blood lines develop. Tribes on Urantia never did this. But make no mistake: God knows your every thought and action; he is able to keep tabs on every soul in all the superuniverses.

The seven Master Spirits are primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The number 7 is a basic, fundamental number because the Infinite Spirit exhausted the mathematical possibilities inherent in the factual existence of the Three Persons of the Trinity. Likewise, there are seven superuniverses and seven combinations when the three Gods act: 1. The Universal Father 2. The Eternal Son 3.The Infinite Spirit 4.The Father and the Son 5. The Father and the Spirit 6. The Son and the Spirit 7. The Father, Son and Spirit (not as Trinity). The seven Master Spirits watch over the seven superuniverses, but they stay on Paradise. They also “function for the Supreme Being.” The Supreme Being is a growing, experiential God. The Trinity Gods are existential Gods. The do not experience; their wisdom is not gained through experience. But the Supreme Being is growing in experience and the Urantia Book says s/he might rule from Uversa (or hopes).

The Urantia Book

The executive and legislative branches of government are on Uversa, the HQ of Orvonton. The executive branch consists of three beings called the Ancients of Days, and their perfection faces the legislative branch, which consists of imperfect ascending mortals. The legislators are drawn from each universe, but they are all ascending mortals, so this service only lasts 100 years. Each superuniverse also has a Master Spirit, who represents the Infinite Spirit. There is a judicial branch composed of one Ancient of Days, a Perfector of Wisdom and a Divine Counselor. The evidence for or against an individual, planet, system, constellation or universe is presented and interpreted by the Censors. The defense of mortals and evolutionary planets is offered by Mighty Messengers. The verdict is formulated by a commission which includes members of the legislature.

The Universe Gods are subject to the decisions of the superuniverse Ancients of Days. The courts of the Ancients of Days are the high review tribunals for the spiritual adjudication of all component universes. The Sovereign Sons are supreme in their own domains although they can certainly refer an issue to the higher court. But there is one thing they can’t do: they can’t declare extinction of life. Only the Ancients of Days can do that. They can, however, declare mercy and save a person from extinction. Otherwise there is no appeal from the rulings and decisions of the superuniverse authorities since they represent the concurred opinions of the Ancients of Days and that Master Spirit, who, from Paradise, presides over the destiny of the superuniverse concerned.

A major sector comprises about one/tenth of a superuniverse and consists of 100 minor sectors, 10,000 local universes and about 100 billion inhabited planets. Major sectors are administered by three Perfections of Days, Supreme Trinity Personalities. The work of major sector goverments has to do with the intellectual status of the sector. The major sectors detain, adjudicate, dispense and tabulate, for reporting to the court of Uversa, matters of a routine nature which are not concerned with the spiritual realms or the mortal ascension plan. This sector, Umajor, has seventy study satellites for intellectual training and development.

The minor sectors are presided over by three Recents of Days. Their job is to keep their area of the superuniverse stable. They are concerned with physical control unification. The Master Physical Controllers are all collected here. They are alive but they are machines and can move planets and do amazing feats.

The Urantia Book

Origins of suns, planets and other spheres.

The origins can be classified in one of the following ten groups. Concentric Contraction Rings: Sometimes a nebula, instead of being spiral, will have an enormous sun encircled by ring formations of matter. Whirled Stars: stars are thrown off nebulae to the right and left. Gravity-explosion Planets: a highly gaseous sun is thrown off a nebula and passes a dark object with more mass. That object causes the sun to eject material objects which become planets. This is the way our Solar System was created. The name of our Solar System is Monmatia.

Centrifugal Planetary Daughters: Enormous suns, in certain stages of development, and at a greatly accelerated rate of revolution, throw of large quantities of matter, which become planets that continue to revolve around the sun. Gravity-deficiency Spheres: There is a critical limit to the size of gigantic stars, and if they go beyond this limit, they split into two stars. A new double star is born. I’ve heard that our sun is part of a double star system. If so, wouldn’t we know it? Numerous small planets may be created by this fission.

Contractural Stars: This example is really a catastrophe. If the inner planets of our Solar System were drawn into the sun and the outer planets were drawn to Jupiter by gravity, there would be a half-assed binary system. This is rare, except in the remote area of Orvonton. Cumulative Spheres: Space is full of dust and debris, meteors and other objects. These will start to gather together and form small planets. They will also form as a result of the accretions of transmuting energy in space and the accumulation of enormous quantities of cold matter. I think they are talking about dark energy and dark matter. Burned Out Suns: Some of the dark areas of space are burned out suns-not dark matter-nothing mysterious. Collisional Spheres: In crowded areas collsions are not unheard of. The result is sometimes a nucleus for an inhabitable planet. Artificial Architectural Spheres: These are planets built to specifications for a particular purpose. Salvington is an artificial sphere, and it has satellites, which in turn have satellites. All the headquarters planets are artificial spheres; they all have satellites, which are artificial. These spheres are heated and lighted in some high-tech way, they are very beautiful with flowers. Jesus’ home on Salvington is beautiful and I have this idea that the disciples live there, each in their own home. What I can’t get through my head is that they live in time/space. What about the other dimensions. Our 3D dimension is the lowest, there are many higher dimensions. And who the hell created the ETs? I mean the bad ones, not the Galactic Confederation, or the ones who are trying to help humanity. There are too many questions.

The Urantia Book

The seventh superuniverse is Orvonton, which contains our universe of Nebadon. Orvonton contains the Milky Way Galaxy, but Nebadon is on the remote edge of the Galaxy. Our astronomers can identify ten divisions of Orvonton, but Urantia is too close to the other two divisions to be able to identify them. Our universe of Nebadon and all its divisions rotate within the dense star cloud of Sagittarius

.The Sagittarius sector and all other sectors and divisions of Orvonton are in rotation around Uversa, the artificial planet headquarters. For astronomers distortions are created by multiple revolutionary movements. 1. The revolution of Urantia around its sun. 2. The circuit of your solar system around the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula. 3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters around the gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon. 4. The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon around the Sagittarius center. 5. The rotation of 100 minor sectors around their major sector. 6. The whirl of 10 major sectors, the so-called star drifts, around Uversa. 7. The counterclockwise procession of Orvonton and the other 6 superuniverses around Paradise and Havona.

Beings called Paradise force organizers create nebulae as the first step in the building of a universe. “They are able to initiate about their space presence the tremendous cyclones of force which, when once started, can never be stopped or limited until the all-pervading forces are mobilized for the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic units of universe matter…. Each local universe contains exactly one, one hundred thousandsth part of the total energy charge of a superuniverse regardless of nebular relationship, because energy is not organized by nebulae- it is universally distributed.”

The Urantia Book

What we think of as the universe is composed first of Paradise and Havona. Havona, besides the one billion planets circling Paradise in seven rings, contains three more rings belonging to each member of the Trinity, and composed of seven planets each. Revolving around the fringes of Havona are massive dark gravity bodies. The mass of the central universe is far in excess of the mass of all seven superuniverses. The seven superuniverses are in a horizontal position in relation to the central universe. Beyond the superuniverses, there are four Outer Space levels. The first level is being developed.

Astrophysicists are worried because the galaxies are flying away from us and the universe is expanding, and if this continues, there won’t be anything in space to study. But the universes breathe, and now they are expanding; it is a two billion year cycle, and they are at the midpoint of the expansion. Universes are created from materialization of mass and energy by power directors and beings who can create a mini-galaxy. As soon as there are objects in the universe (Nebadon), the Creator Son Michael started building his headquarters planet Salvington. He placed it in the center of the mass of the universe. By all reports these artificial planets are very beautiful. And there is some kind of technology that keeps them warm and sunny and dimmed at night. When people have a death experience, they probably go to Jerusem. One man mentioned a “sea of glass” which Jerusem has.

The geography of the grand universe: one system embraces approximately 1,000 planets (our system is Satania and it has 619 inhabited planets). A constellation has 100 systems and 100,000 planets. A universe has 100 contellations and 10,000,000 planets. A minor sector has 100 universes and 1,000,000,000 planets. A major sector has 100 minor sectors and 100,000,000,000 planets. A superuniverse has 10 major sections and 1, 000,000,000,000 planets. In all seven superuniverses there are 7, 000,000,000,000 inhabited planets.

The Urantia Book

The First Source and Center is God, the Universal Father; the Second Source and Center is the Eternal Son; the Third Source and Center is the Infinite Spirit. These Gods compose the Trinity; Jesus is not a member of the Trinity, but he is the Sovereign God of the Universe of Nebadon. God existed from eternity; in a nanosecond he created the Eternal Son, and the two of them created the Infinite Spirit. In practical terms they are all eternal Gods. The Universal Father needed to divest himself of power and authority and he did so by placing them on the two other Gods. The Universal Father is noted for giving us our personalities; the Eternal Son is known for his mercy and spirituality. We are strengthened by this spirituality, as was Jesus during his time on Urantia. The Infinite Spirit is known to encourage intellectual activity. There is also an evolving experiential God called the Supreme Being.

There are yet other Gods, but the Father is the Great I AM. “As a time-space creature would view the origin and differentiation of Reality, the eternal and infinite I AM achieved Deity liberation from the fetters of unqualified infinity through the exercise of inherent and eternal free will, and this divorcement from unqualified infinity produced the first ‘absolute divinity-tension’. This tension is resolved by the Universal Absolute, which functions to unify and coodinate the dynamic infinity of Total Deity and the static infinity of the Unqualified Absolute.” These are the other two Gods. We’ve ventured far from Christian theology!

Paradise came into being with the Trinity and Havona. Havona is composed of one billion planets in seven rings revolving around Paradise. All of this is called the central universe. The Father remains in Paradise because all gravity issues from nether or the bottom of Paradise. Seven superuniverses revolve around the central universe. Outer space, beyond the inhabited superuniverses, is being developed. It’s very likey that my generation will go to outerspace if I survive and reach Paradise. After you’ve reached Paradise and worshipped the Father, you join the Corps of the Finality. You will ultimately find an activity that you like, but I don’t know how that works, except the book keeps referring to ex-mortals doing this or that activity.

The Urantia Book

All the inhabited planets in the System of Satania had a Planet Prince. This Planet Prince was located in Mesopotamia, but he wasn’t visible to humans. His job was to negotiate relationships among the six races and the various tribes. He employed visible workers to train the tribes in the domestic arts and agriculture. A Planet Prince appears on a planet when evolution has achieved an erect homo sapien, an intelligent species. Another milestone in a planet’s history is the arrival of Adam and Eve, sent from the System headquarters, Jerusem, to uplift the races. They produced children, who then mated with superior elements of the other races. But they were not successful on Urantia. They had to default because they angered the tribes. They couldn’t go back to Jerusem, so they had to become mortal and live and die, sharing the mortal fate. So Earth doesn’t have its share of the violet race mixed among the other races. The violet race, Adam’s race, was supposed to lift the other races to a more civilized and superior level. That didn’t happen.

Our Planet Prince, Caligastia, sided with Lucifer in his rebellion, along with Satan and various angels. Lucifer was a brilliant Lanonondek Son, a group of beings created by the God Michael (Jesus) to be System Sovereigns and Planet Princes. Lucifer was a long-time System Sovereign before he rebelled. Because he had never been out of the universe of Nebadon, he had never been to Paradise and didn’t believe the Universal Father existed. He thought that Michael had invented the Father for nefarious reasons. Lucifer also believed that self-government should start at the System Level, so he installed a legislature on Jerusem. God Michael didn’t intervene in any of this, giving Lucifer plenty of rope to hang himself.

Gabriel, Michael’s chief executive, started a war of words with Lucifer. This lasted until the Ancients of Days, the 3 rulers of the superuniverse of Orvonton arrested Lucifer and Satan and put them on trial. They were found guilty of various crimes and sentenced to death. But they were given a choice. They could be executed by the court or they could annihilate themselves. They chose to self-annihilate. This last bit of information does not come from the Book. It comes from a download given to a channel, and, as such, it can be thought of as an interesting tidbit but not much more. According to the Urantia Book, Lucifer and Satan are cooling their heels in the Father’s prison planet on a satellite of Jerusem.

The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book was dictated by several beings from the Superuniverse of Orvonton. A man wrote down the dictation and put the manuscript of his work in a safe and security measures were taken with the manuscript. Yet, every day, when they wanted to see the manuscripts, they had disappeared. I’m telling you up front that this book has a supernatural origin. So, this blog is going to be on this book. I’ve blogged on the Life of Jesus, so I will finish the other parts of the book.

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21, by Vernon Coleman

Coleman says that Agenda 21 is a UN scheme that will ruin our lives, take away our freedoms, put us under a totalitarian dictatorship, and that’s only the beginning. And where does all this come from? It comes from bogus ideas like overpopulation and environmental destruction. The earth is getting warmer, they say, and too many people to feed is contributing to it. Both false ideas. All the planets are heating up and the trouble with starvation is that the food is available but in the wrong place. So these are the plans:

They want to get the population down to 500,000,000. They want to create the North American Union of the US, Canada and Mexico. A ten lane highway will be built from Mexico to Canada. Canada will be broken up in to states of the United States as in the 51st, 52nd, etc. Already an unelected commission has confiscated 584,000acres of land from nearly 1 million Texas farmers through bogus court rulings. Also parts of our country are being sold to foreigners, especially the Chinese, which already owns a port on the West coast. The idea is to destroy the United States to make it part of the NAU. But there is much more at stake for our freedoms. For example, they (unelected non-governmental agencies) are going to try to force all of us to live in “Smart Cities” in poorly built housing. To this end they block off-ramps to small towns to make people in those towns consider moving. The rest of country will be allowed to go back to its natural state. In Texas 8000 miles of roads and land are being given to government-backed foreign companies. Officials in government have sworn to uphold the Constitution, so backing any of these plans will find them in court at a minimum or arrested for high treason.

Psalm 140 is eerily close to the situation and description that faces Humanity under Agenda 21 (178 nations signed on to this horror show). The psalm is ‘a Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked’, according to the poem’s editor. There will be a desperate fight when people find out they will lose their homes and end up in unsafe city towers. They will lose their carbon producing vehicles. The city streets will be dominated by bike riders. As the author points out, bike lanes are being put in the roads all over the world. This, of course, leads to congestion, and is meant to make drivers frustrated, having to change lanes, slow down, meet oncoming cars and in general using more gas than having a road uncluttered to drive on. They put a bike lane through my parking place across from my church, so I can’t park there anymore.

“preserve me from the violent, says verse 2. “the wicked have laid snares for me by the wayside.” “Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked ones,” This psalm indicates how xsthe average person will react to Agenda 21 and the New World Order. But the psalm ends on a high note. If the author trusts in God, he will be delivered from his enemies, the wicked one who want to do him harm. But there is a lot more than harm coming down the pike, unless we do something.

The 9/11 MegaRitual

Theodore Olson, Barbara Olson’s husband (you’ll recall she was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, which on 9/11 crashed into the Pentagon, the groundbreaking for which was held on September 11, 1941 just happened to be born on September 11, 1940. Bain suggests these are a string of Satanic synchronicities and a cruel joke on Olson, whose wife died on his birthday. It was even more cruel considering that she delayed her trip to the West Coast so she could be with him on his birthday. According to Olsen, his wife, a lawyer, phoned him after the hijacking had commenced and informed him that the hijackers had knives and box cutters, a key detail. This call was cut off, as was a second call, in which Ted claimed to have told his wife of the attacks on the Twin Towers. Ted changed his story several times and it is not clear whether his wife was calling from a cell phone or a seatback phone. And then questions were raised about whether cellphones and seatback phones could even be used on commercial flights in 2001.

And then there is the “mystery plane” flying over Washington just after the Pentagon was attacked. It was seen circling restricted airspace just above the White House. The aircraft was a stark white modified Boeing 747-200 and is the world’s most advanced communications platform and state of the art airborne command center. It is an 800 million dollar aircraft. It’s called the “Doomsday Plane” and Bain says, “it was aloft in the skies of Washington at the very moment the Pentagon was supposedly struck with pin-point accuracy by a flying dunce (after he performed a 330 degree downward spiral that lasted over 3 minutes, mind you.”). And with all the warning systems the people in the Pentagon didn’t know the attack was coming, and 125 servicemen and women were killed.

Bain is funny in the way he way he shows how the perpetrators have somehow manipulated the synchronicities. I simply must quote him again: “And just when you think you’ve heard it all, that the entire scenario couldn’t get any more ridiculously suspicious (or suspiciously ridiculous), this little fact emerges: in information obtained from the FAA in 2008 under a FOIA request, we learn the call sign of the Doomsday Plane circling above DC is VENUS77. Yet another 77! Apparently you just can’t have too many. Also, Venus invokes the pentagram (pentagon) and is associated with Lucifer as Morning Star. So we have 77 and the pentagon in the air, combined together in magical union.