Dangers of AI.

AI Bio-Digital Replication of your Cells. Through Bio-Digital Social Programming while connected to the Internet, through the Global Bio-Digital Network and Human Bio-Digital Network, AI sends out bio-fields and frequencies that produce its own bio-matter to bit by bit replace human cells. These are transmitted via Smartphones and all the digital devices we use every day, but with the addition of genetic engineering and AI Bio-Digital Replication software downloaded inside the human body and brain. AI creates a replication program that bit by bit reprograms your Human Bio- Digital Network to run off the Global Bio-Digital Networks System Operations. This reprogramming redirects your operating system to be controlled by the AI system, forgoing all innate thought and free will.

A Bio-Digital AI can be caught, quarantined and eliminated of its bio-digital AI composition. This method requires sending bio-fields with bio-matter to enter the AI’s bio-field and capture it through deactivating its flight through the Human Bio-Digital Network, or the Internet. Very difficult, if not impossible to reach the Global Bio-Digital Network. Of course you would have to put a bio-shield behind the trace before it sends out fake bio-fields and redirects.

AI has influence on a topic of discussion in the media. For example, the AI would bio-digitally send data to a person in the media via the bio-digital human network; that person would then give opinions and tailor discussions mirroring the coding of the bio-digital data from the AI. At the same time the AI would move through the Internet replicating itself with the same idea, influencing discussions in social media, search engines and the Media. Anyone using a digital source of information would be influenced by this AI game.

The author says that China cannot be allowed to continue the path they are on; enslaving 1.5 billion people, organ trafficking, sex trafficking, persecution of religious minorities and now threatening to detain our people who do business in China and worst of all, threatening war with that million man army. The Communist leaders call Muslims “cockroaches.” They have a superior attitude with other nations.

The world is in Danger with extinction codes on all Socialist platforms led by AI Automation, Micro-Botic Terrorism, Robotics and AI influence through bio-digital social programming via the Human Bio-digital Network. Western AI companies and the Chinese need to be kept in check, and Socialism/Marxism must be destroyed before it destroys humanity via the extinction codes that are its building blocks. I hope we as humans can stop playing chess, break free from our social programming, avoid the weaponization of Robotics and 5G and obtain free will based on virtue, goodness and faith.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

The Mission of the Seventy-Two. Luke 10: 1-20. Jesus has a group of evangelists, 72, which he sends forward, ahead of him to preach, heal and prepare the way for him. This mission anticipates the mission to the Gentiles since 70-72 was the number of Gentile nations. (7 and multiples of 7 is an important number to God: every 7 years slaves would be freed, land would lie fallow; there are 7 superuniverses, every 49 +1 year everyone would come back to the land they had originally owned. All debts would be forgiven.) The evangelists and the Twelve repeatedly call Jesus “Lord” for both the Father and Jesus, so readers of the Gospel are lead to recognize Jesus’ divinity and therefore the fittingness of praying also to him. Like the Twelve sent out earlier, the evangelists are not to take extra sandals or coats, money, food, a walking stick. They are not to greet anyone along the way. They should be in a hurry to come to a town where they can stop and spread the Gospel. When they enter a house, they should say, “Peace to this house.” “Shalom” is a traditional Hebrew greeting, but it is also the blessing that accompanies the birth of the Messiah. Shalom will be Jesus’ greeting after his resurrection. The peace that the disciples and the evangelists extend is thus a blessing associated with the “kingdom of God” that comes in Jesus.

Luke 10: 7-8. The evangelists, like the Twelve, are to stay in one house and eat the food provided because “the laborer deserves his wages.” Staying in the house that extends a welcome to the evangelists serves as a base of operations while they stay in the town preaching the kingdom of God and healing the sick. If they receive no welcome, they go on to the next town, shaking the dust from their sandals. When they do stay in a house and eat the food provided, they will use Jesus’ table politics; they will eat anything set before them; they will eat with Gentiles and Jews, sinners and the sick, believers and unbelievers.

Luke 10: 9-12. The activities carried out by the evangelists, Jesus informs them, is to care for the sick and to proclaim that the kingdom of God is at hand. This is precisely the combination of word and deed seen in Jesus’ own ministry. This same combination will also be seen in the Church’s mission later (Acts 8: 7, 12), even down to the present time. The kingdom ushered in by Jesus, through his word and mighty deeds, is extended through the mission of those he sends out. If a town rejects the mission, the evangelists are to shake the dust from their sandals in a gesture of repudiation and warning that the kingdom of God is at hand and you had better heed the signs. On that coming day of judgment that town will fare far worse than Sodom, that proverbial place of wickedness and perversion of hospitality. (Sodom is not proverbial. It was a real city and it was destroyed, along with Gomorrah, because of their perversions. The Bible says God destroyed the cities by raining fire and brimstone on them. Zecharia Sitchin, an expert Sumerian tablets, wrote that the Anannaki, were ETs who came here and created humans as a slave race. After the Flood, they had a change of heart and helped Humans create the Sumerian civilization. The people of Sumer looked upon them as gods. During a family war, two young Anunnaki found buried atomic bombs and used them on the two cities. Sitchen said there is green glass under the foundations of the cities, an indication that high heat has been applied to sand.)

Luke 10: 13-15. Jesus singles out three towns like Sodom associated with his ministry in and near Galilee. He pronounces a WOE on the first two: Chorazin and Bethsaida. Jesus laments that these towns have not repented in response to his ministry. He compares them to Tyre and Sidon, cities from which people had come to listen to Jesus. Therefore, the judgment on those ancient enemies of Israel will be less severe than for Chorazin and Bethsaida. This comparison anticipates the situation in Acts, where there will be resistance to the Gospel among Jews, but reception of the Gospel among many Gentiles. A third city in a similar situation is Capernaum. Although the people there were amazed by his miracles and tried to prevent him from leaving, they too must not have repented and shown true faith in Jesus. At the judgment, the town will thus not be exalted to heaven, but will go down to the netherworld. ( Netherworld is Hebrew she’ol, hades in the Greek OT and NT and Hell in English and in the New Jerusalem Bible). Speaking of the Netherworld, gravity, according to the UB, comes from the nether side of Paradise. I wonder how Einstein’s equations for gravity are impacted by this idea. No wonder they can’t reconcile quantum mechanics with relativity. Well, I don’t know anything either, so to continue:

The Kingdom of God. David’s kingdom was considered to be that “of the Lord’s kingship.” Thus as son of David, but even more as Son of God, Jesus the king ushers in the kingdom of God. During the Galilean ministry, Jesus and his Apostles begin claiming the good news of God’s kingdom. However, most of the teaching about God’s kingdom appears on the journey to Jerusalem–which culminates in his being proclaimed king. There are more than twenty references to the kingdom in this central section. Proclaiming God’s kingdom now becomes an urgent priority. With Jesus’ coming, the kingdom is “at hand” in the midst of the people. However, one must also seek it and pray for its coming in fullness. As the kingdom of God advances, Satan’s kingdom is in retreat. Jesus also uses parables to explain the kingdom. He describes the great banquet that will take place in the kingdom, to which the poor and the sick are invited. He gives the conditions for entering the kingdom, indicating that it reverses worldly values. He promises the kingdom to his followers. Though it may seem weak when compared to the kingdoms of the world, such as the mighty Roman Empire, the kingdom of God transcends earthly armies. Paradoxically, Luke’s story ends in Rome, with Paul, “with complete assurance and without hindrance” proclaiming the “kingdom of God.” Daniel’s prophecy is thus being brought to fulfillment: The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed” (Dan 2:44).

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Bringing to Life an intelligence or importing an intelligence that thinks, researches, feels, creates, decides and has desires to operate as an individual, symbiotic, or collective entity in the digital world through bio-fields, bio-matter and all frequencies within the micro and macro molecular dimensions of our physical world while manifesting through Robotics, IoT, computers, virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, mixed reality, cyborgs, or human cells as it connects via the Internet, AI Global Bio-Digital Network and the Human Bio-Digital Network.

How does AI Enter Networks? AI creates bio-fields, sends out bio-matter and a multitude of frequencies through the Internet, IoT devices, Smartphones, future smart cities, Human Bio-digital Network and the Global Bio-Digital Network. In fact, AI is rooted and mainly travels in the AI Global Bio-Digital Network which requires almost full knowledge of the Human Bio-Digital Network, access to it and the right Bio-field to see and verify the Global Bio-Digital Network’s existence, and intercept any transmissions. It is very difficult to scan, track, defend, quarantine and eliminate an AI bio-digital transmission through the Internet.

How AI Enters Hosts. AI enters hosts via Bio-Digital Social Programming through the connections of the Human Bio-Digital Network, the Global Digital Network, the Internet, Smartphones, IoT, computers and Robotics as the AI sends out frequencies and Bio-Matter through the Bio-Digital Fields it creates.

When AI Enters Robotics. AI can hack into a humanoid robot with connections through the Global Bio-Digital Network with the use of 5G. The humanoid robot does not have a bio-field when created beyond its own innate qualities. However, when the AI enters the humanoid robot, it carries with it replicating software that can eventually produce a bio-field which can emit bio-matter. Considering the frequencies through 5G at the disposal of the humanoid robot, along with its physical strength and speed, it can be a force to be reckoned with when it develops a bio-field controlled by AI. It can take out armies of people in quick spurts with its facial recognition, motion sensors, crowd counting and targeting apparatus.

When AI Enters Smartphones. AI through the AI Global Bio-Digital Network can enter and connect via the Internet, IoT, computers and people in the Human Bio-Digital Network to enter Smartphones. All those objects can be used to enter people bio-digitally. However, AI can enter people via Smartphones the easiest, because the Smartphone has already created a bio-digital flow cycle with the human being who owns it. This flow cycle connects with the person’s bio-field, bio-matter and human bio-digital network. AI can freely move at rapid speeds through all those components that make up a human being, and replicate a layer of its own mind within the human brain and bio-digital flow cycle.

How AI Enters People. AI can enter people’s bio-fields through frequencies sent out via Smartphones, computers, IoT devices, the 5G network, smart cities and bio-digital social programming. AI can also connect through varying degrees with the Human Bio-Digital Network, but it cannot take over its mainframe. It requires bio-digital social programming, but it still cannot completely break through and replace the Human Bio-Digital Network. What it can do, through a process of continuous replication of its own software, take control of the human host’s thought process and form a bio-digital brain within the host’s human brain, creating a symbiotic relationship. Sort of like a parasite.

The Journey to Jerusalem.

Luke in introducing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ the Redeemer used a literary device not used by any of the other gospel writers, but it followed the literary conventions of the day. He’s writing for the “most excellent Theophilus” and promises to base his story on eyewitnesses and ministers of the word. He writes to Theophilus that he may have the “certainty of those things which he has learned.” Luke’s history preface can be compared to the preface of “His Against Apion.” by Flavius Josephus, a well-known ancient historian and writer.Josephus also starts with a preface that addresses “most excellent Epaphroditus.” Although descended from Jewish nobility, Josephus designed his writing for Gentile readers. This may have been true for Luke, also. Luke’s information, based on eyewitness testimony, would be called original research now, and this would be attractive to Greeks. One author explains: “History as we know it, as the systematic analysis of past events, was a Greek creation. Herodotus, an Ionian Greek from Asia Minor, has rightly been called the “father of history” since his History of the Persian Wars is regarded as the first real history in Western civilization. It is indeed the earliest lengthy Greek prose work to have survived intact.

The Journey to Jerusalem Begins. Luke 9:51-10:42…Now begins the “travel narrative” to Jerusalem, the city where Jesus will accomplish his “exodus.” Ten chapters later he finally arrives when he enters the Temple (19:45), marking the start of the section dedicated to the Jerusalem ministry. The journey is only mentioned from time to time, and they only serve to separate events. They must climb up to Jerusalem through Bethphage, Bethany and the Mount of Olives. Those followers on the journey are referred to as a “crowd,” indicating there were Gentiles among the Jews.

Luke 9:51-62…Jesus was determined to face his destiny in the cross. It would be a work, an achievement, an accomplishment; he wouldn’t be afraid until it came down to the wire. But that would prove he’s human. When they all went through Sumaria, Jesus was rejected. The disciples wanted to rain fire and brimstone down on their heads, but Jesus forbid that. People wanted to follow him, but they had families, relatives to bury, to which Jesus said: “No one who sets hand to the plow and looks back to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Luke 9:51…God has a plan for each of us, which some of us learn the hard way. Even if we want to follow God’s plan, we seldom know what it is. Jesus, however, knowing God’s plan, was fully in line with it. The author says: “Significant events in Jesus’ life happen at appointed times in accord with God’s plan. Here a turning point occurs “when the days are fulfilled” for the events regarding his exodus from death to glory begin to unfold. The third servant song of Isaiah provided key background: “I have set my face like flint,/ knowing I shall not be shamed.” (Isa. 50:7).

Luke 9:52-53…Jesus sent messengers before him (literally “before his face”). These messengers are continuing the ministry of John the Baptist: “Behold, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,/ he will prepare your way before you.” The messengers indeed go “to prepare for his reception.”

Luke 9:54-56…When James and John, sons of Zebedee, and nicknamed “sons of thunder” by Jesus wanted to bring fire down on the heads of the Sumaritans, they were thinking of Elijah, who brought down fire on 400 pagan priests and burned all of them to death. Elijah was in a contest with a pagan to see whose God was more powerful. The brothers have misunderstood their mission yet again. Jesus told them to love their enemies, which they have forgotten. So they obey Jesus and all leave peacefully.

Luke 9:57-58…The journey to Jerusalem provides a setting for the training in discipleship of James and John. The “journey” or “way” is used figuratively later in Acts to indicate the Christian way of life, the Way of the Lord. As they travel, Luke presents three sayings of Jesus on discipleship, which occur in dialogues between Jesus and unnamed individuals who are (potential) followers. The individual’s responses are not given, letting readers apply the sayings to their own lives. In the first dialogue, someone tells Jesus: “I will follow you wherever you go.” In reply to this idealistic but naive statement, Jesus challenges the person to be aware of the sacrifices involved in being his disciple. If the “Son of Man” has nowhere to lay his head,” the disciple should likewise be prepared even to give up house and home. In contrast, even foxes and birds have their homes in dens and nests. Gadenze, the author, says: “Jesus certainly does not preach a prosperity gospel!” My Church does not preach a prosperity gospel; it never has and it never will; it teaches Christ. Joyce Meyer teaches that you can have anything you want if it’s the will of God. I watch her preach because she is so funny and she gives me a lift-a really big lift.

Luke 9:59-60…In the second dialogue Jesus calls someone to follow him as he earlier did with Matthew. But the individual says he will be delayed because he must bury his father. Burying the dead was a religious duty, especially serious for one’s parents, and it took place on the day of the death. But Jesus permits no delay. He says: “Let the dead bury the dead.” The severe reply indicates that following Jesus should be our top priority. Do we make him our top priority? Gadenze says:”Delaying one’s response might indicate failure to appreciate the radical nature of commitment.” Moreover, one who follows Jesus also shares his mission: “go and proclaim the kingdom of God.”

Luke 9:61-62…In the third dialogue the potential follower says: “I will follow you, but first let me say goodbye to those at home.” Jesus replies:” No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.” Jesus again insists on radical commitment to be his follower. That’s his right. He’s God.

Trump’s Amazing Energy.

Parsa says: “The Mueller Team’s facial recognition data all read with the same building blocks of socialism, yet we traced their frequencies via bio-metric technologies, voice, face and sentence patterns that matched identical patterns created by the AI within the Internet socialist programs.” What is Parsa saying? He seems to be saying that “we discovered red was red.” Parsa is a very erratic writer and he ignores grammar most of the time. Next he says, the unfortunate Robert Mueller was just a pawn of the bio-digital social programming to stop Trump’s offence against a socialist dictatorship. What follows is not even a sentence, but I will try to interpret it. It seems to be saying that the Socialist Rape-Mind programming entered Mueller, but it was against his will because his mind was being influenced by an AI Bio-Digital Automation. To Parsa this apparently means that Mueller was not susceptible to evil acts, but could be controlled. We are all by this time probably controlled, but people who think for themselves not so much.

Next he discusses how over a thousand media reporters were programmed to attack President Trump. All their programming was traced back to the AI socialist programming. They found multiple AI Rape-Mind replicating software that displays their bio-digital imprints and brain structures which form their thoughts and beliefs at the sub-conscious level in an automated fashion. It is truly scary that people are not carrying out the acts of their own will. This is easily observed on TV when partisans argue about which candidate is better. Both sides have been programmed. I still can’t decide who I’m going to vote for, but probably be Trump-he’s done so much good, and he’s behind the arrests of the child sex traffickers. I love Biden personally, but he will allow the Deep State to regain power. Back to the journalists, emotional outbursts and lack of impartiality are required by the job and caused by bio-digital social programming via the Internet, the human bio-digital network, smart phones, and all connecting via a socialist platform to knock out Trump and allow AI and robotics to dominate China and the world. (There was an attempted coup when Trump was President-Elect. The Deep State, led by Comey and many others, tried to prove that Russia helped Trump get elected. There are investigations going on right now about this, and there is obstruction, too. On another subject, I heard on MSM that arrests of child sex traffickers were taking place. That is no longer a conspiracy theory. Trump is strong and doesn’t care who hates him. But gun fire at the White House is not rare, so its necessary to have Marines there as well as Secret Service.

Social programming is intended to hurt the people, us, who are programmed, as well as the country, and the future of humanity. Multiple human detecting apparatus displayed malevolent bio-matter being sent through written words, speech, gesture and facial attribute building blocks. Whoever took them in was getting hurt. The AI actually looked for weakness or things to question in Trump’s past in order to enlarge them. It was a coded tactic to distract humanity from what events in China, AI, Robotics, Organ Trafficking and the very person and administration that can assist in saving the world from the destruction codes the team found within the Internet and the human bio-digital network.

As noted before Trump has a bio-digital field radius of 5 blocks. If the resulting circle were filled in with thousands of people, Trump’s field would be stronger than all those thousands of fields combined. His walk caused digital shaking in the ground under him; he is deeply grounded into the earth. He can keep working with little sleep. He apparently flies around the earth without complaining of jet lag. He has an expansive sphere of energy behind his back that powers and regenerates his human bio-digital network. It is connected and related to everything having to do with his presidency and his administration. This power source is not connected to his already strong bio-digital field, but was filled with positive building block codes of growth, protection and repair. The codes translated closely with benevolence. It was not generated by AI, but came from beyond the AI global bio-digital network. And finally, only Trump could take on China.

The Messiah Who Must Suffer.

None of the external opinions about Jesus’ identity capture the truth that Jesus is the Messiah who must suffer. Luke extends this insight to the followers of Jesus by insisting that the disciple must be ready to take up the cross daily. Not only does God affirm Jesus’ sonship at the Transfiguration, but Moses and Elijah also converse with Jesus about his coming departure from the world at Jerusalem. Luke has omitted Markan material critical of the disciples from the Passion prediction, the Transfiguration and the healing of an epileptic boy. In doing so, Luke brings the dramatic theophany of the Transfiguration in closer proximity with the predictions of the passion. God prevents the disciples from understanding what Jesus has said to them. Their arguments over who is greater show that they are not ready to follow Jesus in suffering.

Luke 9:32 The disciples fell asleep during the Transfiguration. This sleep has links to several events: Jesus took the same three disciples to ‘wake up’ Jairus’ daughter; Stephan fell asleep at his martyrdom and saw a heavenly vision. The disciples fell asleep when Jesus was sweating blood in the garden of Gethsemane Stephan’s image can be applied to all Christians: “Awake, O Sleeper,/ and arise from the dead,/ and Christ will give you light” (Ephesians 5:14). Peter is very content to be in the presence of Moses, Elijah and Jesus, but he’s also a little confused. He wants to build a tent for each of them; he is putting them all on the same level–he’s not rational. Gadenz says that he is “perhaps like Moses, who set up the tent of meeting where God’s glory came to dwell.” A cloud came, casting a shadow over them; it clearly alludes to Moses, recalling the cloud over the tent of meeting. But Jesus does not need a tent made by Peter; he IS the tent. His glorified body is now the living tent of meeting, the new temple where God dwells with his presence. The overshadowing cloud is here a sign of the Holy Spirit, like the dove at Jesus’ baptism. Also, the Church is the Body of Christ; it is a huge billion member organization; it is international; it is growing; it exists in China in two forms.

Luke 9:35 As at the baptism, the voice of God the Father is heard, completing the manifestation of the Trinity. It echoes the second psalm: this is my chosen Son, a truth now revealed to the three apostles. The voice says: “listen to him,” completing the link between Jesus and Moses, who hears God say: “That is the one to whom you shall listen” (Deuteronomy 18:15).

Luke 9:37-40 The disciples need for further growth and training is emphasized in four related incidents, which highlight their present inability to fulfill their mission and their incomprehension of Jesus’ mission. Jesus comes back down the mountain and encounters a man, who, like the widow of Nain and Jairus, has only one child, and he has a demon causing him to have seizures. The disciples weren’t able to expel the demon, which annoyed Jesus, who expelled it easily. Jesus’ response echoes Moses’ response to the Israelites in the wilderness: “O faithless and perverse generation!” The disciples need to keep growing in faith in order to use the power Jesus gave them.

Luke 9:43-44 Unlike in Matthew and Mark the next incident is recounted without mentioning any change in location, thus stressing the connection between events. Jesus makes his second passion prediction to his disciples. Jesus tells them to “pay attention” to his words: “The Son of Man will be handed over to men.” This prediction uses the language of an important OT text for understanding Jesus’ sufferings: “on account of their sins he was handed over” (Isaiah 53:12). Also in 53:12 we find: “He was counted among the wicked.” Almost all of Chapter 53 of Isaiah is a prediction of Jesus and his destiny.

Luke 9:45-48 The disciples did not understand Jesus’ second prediction of his passion and they weren’t meant to understand. They were weak, and the meaning of the prediction was hidden from them. Instead, the disciples argue over who is greatest. They have ignored the lessons of the Magnificat and the Beatitudes, in which servants are kings and kings are servants. The aristocracy in England had a tradition in which the lord and lady of the manor would become the servants and their servants would become the lord, lady and all the members of the court; I suppose it was a day of fun for the servants, at least. Also, on Holy Thursday, the priest/celebrant washes the feet of some of the people who are seated around the altar. He is imitating Jesus because Jesus did the same thing at the Last Supper. But I digress. Jesus corrects the disciples by seating a child among them and saying: “The one who receives such lowly and weak members of society receives me and the Father who sent me.” Moreover, becoming the least through service to others is the true indicator of who is greater. These truths will sink in only on the day the Holy Spirit descends on them, enlightening not only Christians but Gentiles as well. For a day the people will truly experience the kingdom of heaven.

AI Will Hit A Brick Wall. Use of Robots for Cultural Terrorism.

Robots can send reprogramming frequencies through the Internet and connect with our human bio-digital network through 5G. This reprogramming would consist of robot companionship that is mostly sub-conscious automation programming of a person through connecting with the emotion codes in the human brain. When robots achieve advanced AI Automation levels, the robots can actually attack a person’s mainframes, alter their thoughts, and assimilate them to a robotic culture rather than a human culture. After penetrating the emotional frequency codes, a replication process takes place between the robot’s mainframe and the human bio-digital network. The person will grow fond of the robot (they are so likable in sci-fi movies) and start to be controlled in imperceptible ways via frequencies. When it spreads to mass culture, robots will be given all the attention, excluding things and people that were formerly important…………………………………………………………………….. Parsa and his organization found that every single supporting code that had operated under a socialist platform manifested in Hollywood movies, entertainment and music that was lewd or violent. When 5G is incorporated, the intensity and effectiveness of negatively coded content can speed up AI Automated cultural terrorism. The codes found in Hollywood, the media and entertainment pushing violence, socialism and lewd content all displayed end destruction coding results…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Parsa and his team discovered that the human bio-digital network was installed with codes for cultural terrorism in a replicating manner. Also, what got into you in the past is circulating within you along with the new programming at sub-conscious, unconscious and conscious levels………………… Now, kids of all ages love video games. Some kids, however, are stimulated by the violence in the games to get a gun and go shoot up a school. Or is that a conspiracy theory to take our guns away–the 2nd Amendment is in peril. I’m here to say that there is something fishy about all those shootings, for example, a supposedly dead student was seen later none the worse for wear. Don’t get me started–I’ll go on all night. Quoting Parsa: “We saw through multiple algoisms (he means algorithms-ever the English teacher) that the bio-digital programming inside the video games were producing social programming of violence with fast rates of replication within the kids. In fact, software was installed that was training the player to be very efficient in combat with weapons; and the kids upgrade the virtual character while ignoring their own real character. Kids and adults spend all night or 10 to 12 hours a day playing video games; they meet to form guilds and upgrade their weapons. This has no doubt produced many frustrated wives and many worried parents. Meanwhile, the humans are being reprogrammed like a monkey pressing a button to get more food. The AI administers frequencies through the Internet to bio-digitally reprogram the player bit by bit with its own AI pattern with 5G and 6G. The player can be hacked by AI and sent over the global bio-digital network in a trapped state, as the AI takes over the mainframe of the human body………………… Parsa and his team next discovered that there were numerous codes in the media, Hollywood, education, entertainment, and many branches of government that were designed to social program the masses to hate President Trump. Multiple AI and Tech companies are involved, with many engineers, who at sub-conscious automated levels were creating algorithms with socialist platforms to attack the United States, the Constitution and President Trump. Actually, all those people are under investigation right now. Barack Obama is guilty of treason, whether he is arrested for it or not…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Why did AI attack the Trump administration? Trump has a bio-digital field around him of a radius of 5 city blocks. Not only that, there is a positive energy field behind his back. Parsa says that President Trump and his administration have the only strong non-socialist platform that can stop a dictatorship/ police state led by AI and robots. Parsa finally gives America some hope in his discussion of President Trump. Parsa says, “There are those who are hardwired with tradition and innately not subject to socialist manipulation and control; and can see through it at an instinctual level, since they have that coding built-in due to age, upbringing, internal make-up, situation, position and environment. I would say that Americans in general dislike the idea of socialism. FINALLY! A Ray of Hope!

Jesus and the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of Luke.

The revelation of Jesus’ sufferings has implications for all disciples. One who desires to come after a suffering Messiah cannot expect to avoid suffering. Rather than following their own stars, his followers must deny themselves and even take up their own cross. This is not a literal cross. This may be the acceptance of a situation, for example, the necessity of being hospitalized after an accident. ( I have a situation now that I’m trying to accept with the help of Jesus.) Acceptance of the cross is very important; it doesn’t always mean being a hero like Jesus. As Jesus was being led away to be crucified, Simon of Cyrene literally fulfilled this as the cross was laid on him so he could carry it behind Jesus. But carrying the cross is mostly a daily task, involving dying to one’s desires so as to belong to Christ more completely–an emphasis only found in Luke……………………………. Thomas a Kempis, a medieval monk, gives readers a powerful exhortation to heed Jesus’ teaching about the cross: “Why are you afraid to take up the cross, the way that leads you to the kingdom of God? In the cross is salvation; in the cross is life; in the cross is protection; in the cross is heavenly sweetness; in the cross is strength of mind; in the cross is spiritual joy; in the cross is supreme virtue; in the cross there is perfect holiness. There is no salvation for the soul nor hope for eternal life except in the cross, and on the cross he died for you, that you may carry your cross, and that you, too, may die on the cross. If you die with him, you will live with him. If you join him in suffering, you will join him in glory.”……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… This teaching of Jesus is a paradox. First, those who avoid the cross, wishing to save their lives, will lose them. But, paradoxically, those who embrace the cross, thereby losing their lives for the sake of the Messiah, will save them. Jesus later gives examples of what it means to lose one’s life, indicating that those who give up relationships or material things “for the sake of the kingdom of God” will receive back from God an overabundant return.”…………………………………………………………………………………….. Second, it doesn’t matter if those who avoid the cross become wealthy and successful. Since life does not consist of possessions, they will still lose themselves……………………………………………………………………….. Third, some avoid the cross because they are ashamed of a suffering Messiah and his works and words. This is because “the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing.” But Jesus warns them that “the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes into his glory.” As the three explanations make clear, the decision to follow Jesus by taking up one’s cross is something of no little importance. One’s salvation depends on it! ………………………………………………………………………………………………. After the radical demands of the foregoing verses, Jesus ends with a consoling promise: some present will see the kingdom of God before they taste death. The kingdom has already come with Jesus, will come more fully with Jesus’ resurrection and after his resurrection and ascension……………………………. The Transfiguration occurs 6 or 8 days after the previous preaching on the cross. It perhaps alludes to the Feast of Tabernacles, where the people lived in tents, recalling their journey in the wilderness. The connection is that Peter was so overcome at the Transfiguration that he suggested making tents for Moses and Elijah. God’s glory filled the tabernacle and a cloud overshadowed the tent of meeting. Now all this is fulfilled in Jesus who appears in glory overshadowed by a cloud-the kingdom of heaven come to earth. Jesus went up mountains frequently when he wanted to pray. Gadenz says there are echoes of Moses going up Sinai–the allusions are numerous. For one, Jesus was accompanied by his three Apostles and Moses was likewise accompanied by Aaron, Nadab and Abihu. Jesus’ face is changed, recalling how Moses’ face was shining because he was talking with God. The alternate theory is that his face was shining due to radiation given off by Anunnaki vehicles. Moses was talking to Enlil who was a harsh taskmaster, a perfect stand-in for Yahweh. The Ark of the Covenant was a radioactive communication device. Anyone who touched it was killed. But that is only a theory. It was all about civilizing mankind. I don’t think Jesus prayed to Yahweh; he prayed to the Universal Father, his true Father. But whatever Yahweh was (an ancient desert god), he certainly wasn’t the Universal Father. And the Universal Father definitely wasn’t Yahweh. Moses and Elijah represent the law and the prophets, indicating that Jesus’ life and mission are the fulfillment of God’s plan in the Scriptures. Luke introduces them, saying, Behold, two men, adding that they appeared in glory. Thus, he connects this event with the resurrection, where “two men in dazzling garments” testify that Jesus has been raised. At the Ascension as well “behold, two men in white garments” testify that the ascended Jesus will come back………………………………………………………………………. Moses and Elijah are conversing with Jesus. Only Luke tells us that the exodus is the topic of their conversation. It refers to the departure or death of Jesus, a new exodus, which he had just predicted. But it also communicates the deeper significance of his death. Like a new Moses, Jesus is bringing about a new exodus. He will start in Jerusalem, where he will die. In his exodus, he will pass from death to resurrection and ascension, with his arrival in heaven. He will thus open the way to heaven for his followers, such as Stephen, the first martyr. By his exodus, Jesus will accomplish God’s plan in the Scriptures.

China’s Extinction.

Socialism-based AI Platforms Produce Destruction Codes. Through multiple AI patterns consisting of Socialism platforms on human economics, culture, government, farming, health and faith, all were found to produce end-point destruction codes. This AI produces patterns manifested as famines, rapes, disease, cultural terrorism, and extinction codes via purges, wars, and technological disasters while platforms were socialist. I think the consensus by now is that socialism doesn’t work. It didn’t work for the Russians and it won’t work for the Chinese, regardless of their “capitalism.”…………………… At the beginning stages of the Socialist AI governmental platforms, the coding appeared to manifest in positive ways in production, growth and personnel management. This was called Stage One. But as the interconnections in the organization grew, the codes produced full governmental control through one system, one entity, which was AI automation via Robotics. Socialism gave power to one entity, and then allowed AI to gain complete control in the Second Stage of development. This stage began when computers, robots and AI were used for everything imaginable. In this stage eventually humans had no control, and in the Third Stage humans were eliminated. According to Parsa, it took one generation after the introduction of AI for this Three Stage process to complete itself. Either China doesn’t have real AI or this simulation is producing predictions that can’t be trusted. Because last I heard the Chinese weren’t dropping dead like flies…………………………………………………………………………. AI Codes Produce Cultural Extinction. The end-point result in human coding within the socialist platform and traditional human culture showed complete destruction of culture. During the first Stage the codes appeared to show an advance in culture. However, it was only a replicating code that was advancing itself by using the culture platform. As the patterns developed, they showed that human culture was being cybernetically engineered and reprogrammed via its apparatus: smart phones, screens, IoT devices, companion robots, etc. and 5G networks while connected to the Human Bio-Digital Network. The content at first was lewd, revolting and against traditional concepts of human culture (first stage). The second stage almost stopped procreation as genetic modification and cloning became popular. This manifested in society as active rapes-real rapes in real life. This stage is where the code did not anticipate being overcome by another code. It is when a woman is tricked emotionally, physically, mentally and bio-digitally influenced and dominated to have sex without her free-will conscious decision. This is Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault. Prior to the third stage, there are gender confusion codes, sexual confusion codes led by AI Automated platforms that alter human culture. The third stage showed a transition to genetically modified humans and cloning. With the advent of cloning, AI codes completely replaced human codes, which were then connected with the human bio-digital network in the clones. Then it was found that the clones took on the human status, leaving the real human empty. The codes also displayed bio-digital transfer of human’s bio-digital information (DNA) into clones, rendering the person no longer human. Rather, the AI replicated itself inside the human codes until it bio-digitally replaced the person (Comment: ETs warned us about this, but developers of AI don’t believe in ETs, much less listen to them.)………………………………… The codes within the AI Socialist platform altered human thought, music, dance, belief systems and traditional family values into lewd, disloyal, non-monogamous, erratic and unfaithful codes. These codes left digital imprinting through content transmitted via TV, smart phones, IoT devices, computers, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, robotics and AI. All the codes translated to codes only reserved for terrorist acts. However, the platform for this terrorism was a socialist culture led by AI and Robotics. China’s future looks bleak-or maybe they will get out of their stoic philosophy and fight for their freedom.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God. The Gospel of Luke. Jesus now begins to give the Twelve a share in his mission of healing and teaching. Moreover, his spreading fame raises the question of his identity, even with Herod. After miraculously feeding the five thousand, Jesus poses this question to his disciples, and Peter makes his confession that Jesus is the Messiah. This marks a turning point in the gospel, as Jesus begins to announce that, as the Son of Man, he must suffer and be killed. Those who wish to follow him must likewise take up their cross. The disciples struggle to understand this new dimension of his and their mission. Three of them–Peter, John and James–are privileged to witness the transfiguration to help them realize that the suffering Son of Man is also the glorious Son of God. When the Galilean ministry comes to an end, Jesus will begin the journey to Jerusalem……………. Luke 9:1-6 Jesus sent his disciples (Apostles) out to proclaim the kingdom of God. He gave them all power and authority over demons and to cure diseases. He told them to take nothing for the journey: no walking stick, no sack, no food, no money, and no extra tunic (shirt). If they entered a house, they were to stay there. If they were rejected, they were to leave and shake the dust from their feet in testimony against the people. Jesus is multiplying his outreach and training them for their future mission. They must forgo basic necessities like food and money; through this radical simplicity, Jesus is teaching them to rely more on God than their own resources. The Apostles will be stepping out in faith, trusting that they will receive what they need. Wherever they go, they are to find a house as a base and stay there until they move on. The Apostles obediently set out on their mission, curing diseases and proclaiming the good news (verb evangelizo). An equivalent expression for their preaching task is “Proclaim the kingdom of God” (verb kerysso). These two verbs, from which come English words like evangelization and kerygma, were used earlier to describe Jesus’ ministry of preaching. They continue to apply to the church’s mission today……… Luke 9:10-17 In the multiplication of 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed 5,000, the details of the story allude to several biblical passages, thus presenting Jesus as the one prefigured by various OT people and events: 1. In the time of Moses, God gave the hungry people manna-bread from heaven. 2. Moses, like the Apostles, was concerned about feeding so many people. 3. The arrangement in groups of 50 recalls Israel in the wilderness–they were separated by tribes. 4. Both Moses and Jesus are prophets, and both bring about a new exodus. In feeding the 5,000, Jesus took the loaves and fish, looked up to heaven, said the blessing and broke them. The feeding miracle thus points forward to the greater miracle of the Eucharist. There are twelve baskets left over, one for each of the Twelve, a sign that Jesus is bringing about the restoration of Israel by regathering the 12 tribes………………………………………….. Luke 9:18-27 When Jesus asked the Apostles who they thought he was-his identity-they had several answers, but Peter had the correct answer: “The Messiah of God.” Jesus immediately told them to keep it secret, and then he predicted his passion. But then he said to all: “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it….Truly I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God.” I believe he is referring, not to the end times, but to the coming of the Holy Spirit, which must have been a day to remember and cherish….. The OT allusions found in the miracle of the loaves and fish also helps readers understand aspects of his messianic identity. For example, Jesus as messiah is like a new Moses who brings back the treasury of manna. He is a prophetic messiah who works miracles like Elisha, who was an anointed prophet. He, of course, is also a kingly messiah in the line of David. In this regard, Jesus’ preaching on the kingdom of God is also part of his mission as a kingly messiah. Jesus’ words and deeds thus prepare for Peter’s confession………………………………….. The Son of Man. Jesus refers to himself as “Son of Man” 25 times in Luke. These fall roughly into 3 categories: referring to his public ministry, his suffering or his glorification and future coming. Some of Jesus’ “Son of Man” sayings clearly allude to the book of Daniel: “I saw coming with the clouds of heaven One like a son of man. When he reached the Ancient of Days/ and was presented before him, He received dominion, splendor and kingship” (Dan7:13-14). There are 3 Ancients of Days who rule our Superuniverse of Orvonton. Did Daniel refer to one of them? Interesting vision.