The Urantia Book

There are 4 remaining groups in the family of the Infinite Spirit: the Personal Aids, which number in the trillions and are like androids; the Associate Inspectors, which are the personal embodiment of the Supreme Executives to the local universes. They are the joint offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. Next, are the Assigned Sentinels, which act under the authority of the Supreme Executives. And last, there are the Graduate Guides, which sponsor and conduct the high university of technical instruction and spiritual training which is so essential to mortal attainment of the goal of the ages: God, rest and an eternity of perfected service.

Universe Power Directors are living beings concerned with the physical aspects of the grand universe, energy regulation and balance of forces. There are 4 groups: the Seven Supreme Power Directors, the Supreme Power Centers, the Master Physical Controllers, the Morontia Power Supervisors. Each Power Director is in immediate contact with its Master Spirit, so there is a unique bond between a fully spirit entity and a partially physical entity. The Supreme Power Centers are produced by the Directors in association with the Master Spirits, and there are Centers all over the grand universe. They regulate the master energy circuits of the grand universe. There are 1,000 power centers on the capital of each superuniverse. Three currents of primary energy come into these centers and seven well-directed and specialized circuits of power go out.

The Master Physical Controllers are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of basic energies undiscovered on Urantia. At least one Controller is on the capital of each system, ensuring that the whole vast living energy aggregation remains in harmonious synchrony. The Mechanical Controllers are by far the most powerful of all the Controllers. They are the versatile and mobile assistants of the associate power directors. The Energy Transformers can insulate the planets against the powerful energy streams passing between gigantic planetary and starry neighbors. They maintain universal energy balance or power equilibrium.

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