Be Very Afraid Most people expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election. If she had won, the Deep State would have been assured of the following: -continuation of the international drug trade -continuation of a policy of perpetual war -confront Russia and China as enemies -US military adventures around the world would continue to be funded -2009-like bailouts would be readily available -central bankers would continue to print as much fiat currency as needed to fund military conflicts abroad -trade deals would remain in place despite their unfairness -globalists would be assured of open borders and an influx of illegal immigrants and refugees, which would weaken US sovereignty (see Killing the Deep State: the Fight to Save President Trump, by Jerome Corsi). Illuminati bankers financed intellectuals 50 years ago to come up with ways to weaken society. Timothy Mathews listed their suggestions: 1. continual change to create confusion 2. racial offences 3. teaching sex and homosexuality in schools 4. undermining the authority of teachers and schools 5. promotion of drinking 6. huge immigration to destroy identity 7. emptying of churches 8. unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime 9. dependency on state benefits 10. control and dumbing down of media 11. encouraging the breakdown of the family As you can see, these problems are rife in our society. There has also been some backlash. For example, people have turned to alternative media, the churches are not empty, teachers are treating students more respectfully (there really is a better classroom climate), and Americans are adjusting to their hectic lifestyles. There’s pushback. Freemasonry is another secret society, and it is very powerful. It goes back centuries. America’s founders were Freemasons. Masonic symbolism is all over Washington, DC and the dollar bill. Between 1941 and 1971 Masons controlled the Supreme Court. During that time, they removed God, prayer and the Bible from the public schools. They are dedicated to a new world religion-the religion of the ‘Great Light.’ The Nordics are to usher in the New World Order with its new Luciferian religion. Nordics can be northern Europeans or a race of aliens-with Satanists, it’s a toss-up which they mean. With other secret societies there is a deeply hidden cabal which worships Satan but which is also tied in into military and CIA black budget programs running the gamut from time travel and teleportation to secret space programs. In addition they are in touch with ETs. They are allowing ETs to cross breed with humans and send their dangerous hybrids into our midst. See Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, by David Jacobs. Jacobs says that “abduction evidence points to a single goal: global integration resulting in takeover.” And the takeover is in process currently. According to Lt. Col. Robert MCGinnis “some globalists like Bill Gates want to reduce the world’s population through force, such as forced vaccinations and eugenics.” A large intelligent middle class is a threat to the globalists, and they plan to destroy the middle class first. Ted Turner of CNN opines that the population should be lowered to 500 million. When David Rockefeller spoke at the Annual Ambassadors’ Dinner in 1994, he indicated his support for the UN’s covert population stabilization effort, including vaccinations, sterilizations, abortions, use of food as weapons and disease. Control by secret societies was addressed by President Kennedy on April 27, 1961, when he said, “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” James Forrestal, the first Secretary of Defense, noted that government leaders were not acting in the best interests of the country. He may have paid with his life for speaking out because in 1949 he either fell, jumped or was pushed from a 16th floor window at Bethesda Naval Hospital. In 1973 Col. Fletcher Prouty, a Focal Point liaison officer, wrote about a ‘secret team’ that controls the US “as an inner sanctum of a new religious order answerable only to themselves.” James Paul Warburg told a Senate Committee in 1950 “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” All of this information comes from The Illuminati: The Secret Society that Hijacked the World, by Jim Marrs. Henry Kissinger is a member of the Bilderberger group, CFR, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, and is an alleged 33rd degree Mason. He has been Secretary of State and adviser to the last 8 or 9 presidents, but he is a troublemaking man. He said, “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.” Jacques Cousteau, in an interview with the UNESCO Courier in 1991 opined that “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” The above information comes from Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man, by J. Micha-el Thomas Hays. Hays goes on to say, noting how immoral society has become and subject to multinational corporations, “Welcome to the New World Order. You are currently living in its transitional phase from a planet of sovereign nations to a borderless one world government controlled by the wealthiest, most diabolically evil people in the world.” Hays refers to the New World Order as the Great Plan. David Rockefeller thanked the media for its 40 years of discretion in not reporting on the Great Plan. That is OVER! The Internet has spilled the beans. Everywhere you hear NWO jargon bandied about. The internet may have saved us or put our fate off a little further. New we know what they are up to, and the conspiracy buffs can hold their heads up in pride. But we are not done here-there are other heads on this monster. In fact here are some things the bankers were ready to force on us: 1. the abolishing of nations and borders 2. the abolishing of all private property 3. the abolishing of all inheritance 4. the abolishing of all patriotism 5. no religion except the cabal’s Satanism 6. no family or marriage 7. the culling of humanity to 500 million In the 70s the Carter administration appointed a task force to study the effects of mankind on the world. He intended to legislate the Great Plan into law. This resulted in the Global 2000 Report. This report concluded that “the resources of the planet were not sufficient enough to support the expected dramatic increase in the world’s population” (see Hays). Hays goes on to say “This report called for the population of the US to be culled to less than 100 million by the year 2050, THIS IN A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSIONED REPORT”(emphasis mine). He says FEMA concentration camps all over the US are ready for the time when the economy crashes and marshal law is declared. And I’ve heard that Congress has bought guillotines-ponder and be afraid.

AI and bio-digital social programming

I would like to comment on a blog I wrote on September 2020. I was raving about the wonders of 5G and how smart it made my phone. Well, 5G hadn’t been introduced yet. I think it’s being introduced now because supposedly it’s affecting airplanes and their delicate electronics. The introduction is apparently stalled.

Men face two alternate futures, neither of which they will like. One future is control by Greys, aliens. The Illuminati is said to be making a deal with them in which the Greys would take control of 3/4 of the world if the Illuminati could have 1/4 and access to alien mind control technology. The other future is Agenda 21, the United Nations’ plan to have a one world government and make people crowd into huge Smart Cities. Most of the globe will be wilderness, but nobody will be able to go there and hike or vacation. Agenda 21 struck Saratoga Springs and I lost my parking place at church. They put in a bike lane and made it a no parking zone. This is made to encourage bike riding, but what it really does is irritate drivers. Like me.

Now, I talk to Jesus and I like to think he talks back, I described these two scenarios to him and asked him if either one would ever take place. His answer was in the negative. I can understand why I would like him to give me that answer because it’s the answer I would give. I doubt that we will see either scenario come to fruition, although both are in the beginning stages. The reason I doubt is because people are waking up very, very fast. The government has acknowledged UFOs just in time, and Trump’s nationalism has not gone away. And they will NEVER tame Putin.

The Urantia Book

After the creation of the versatile Melchizedek Sons, the Creator Son and Mother Spirit brought into being the second diverse order of universe sonship, the Vorondadek Sons. They are more generally known as Constellation Fathers because a Son of this order is the head of each constellation government of each local universe. These Sons number around 1 million and they do not reproduce. They are self-governing, but less versatile than the Melchizedeks. But they excel in stability of purpose and divinity of judgment. These Sons’ service is extensive and varied. They serve as ambassadors to other universes, and they are entrusted with sovereign powers in critical universe situations. In certain emergencies this Most High observer could exercise absolute authority over every celestial being assigned to that planet.

At least three Vorondadeks are assigned to the rulership of each of the 100 constellations of a local universe. These Sons are selected by the Creator Son and are commissioned by Gabriel as the Most Highs of the constellation for service during one dekamillinnium-10,000 standard years, about 50,000 years of Urantia time. The reigning Most High, the Constellation Father, has two associates, a senior and a junior. At each change of administration the senior associate becomes the head of the government, the junior assumes the duties of the senior, while the unassigned Vorondadeks nominate one of their number to assume the duties of the vacant junior position. The 100 Most Highs of the Constellations constitute the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator Son. Sometimes life is stressful and help is called in. Norlatiadek, our Constellation, presently is being administered by twelve Vorondadek Sons. Seventy primary spheres surround Salvington. The Vorondadek planets are the second group of seven worlds. Each of these has six satellites. Here the ascending mortal will get an education in universe legislation. They will participate in the actual enactment of legislation; they will be tutored by older Vorondadeks. The teaching is progressive, going from sphere to sphere.

The third order of universe sonship is the Lanonandek Sons. They were brought into existence by the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit. They are known as the System Sovereign and Planet Princes. The System Sovereign rules a system, the smallest governmental unit in the local universe. The capital or headquarters of our system is Jerusem. It is very beautiful. I have an idea that people who report oobs go there. I don’t know who is the SS. The Planet Prince is the ruler of Earth, but I don’t know who he is, unless the 12 Melchizedeks are still doing it. All I can figure is that something hasn’t been resolved, because Urantia is still in quarantine.

The Urantia Book

Experts on biotechnology, cybernetics, nanotechnology and transbiology are trading information with the goal of merging man and machines, now called “the singularity.” This is now referred to as the transhumanist agenda. They want a race of humans plugged into a global AI and functioning “as a workforce of the Global Elite.” The aliens collaborating with the Illuminati plan to implement absolute electronic control over the inhabitants of planet Earth. The source of this information is Michael Younger, a member of a secret Navel Intelligence group called COM-12. He says the Illuminati have agreed to turn over three-quarters of the planet to the Greys if they can have one-quarter and have access to alien mind control technology. Hybrid humans are being mass produced and they are expected to be released into the general public by 2014. A goal is to eliminate as many humans as possible who are motivated from spiritual sources. This will be done through another war and subsequent massive depopulation. When the human population that remains is vastly outnumbered by the hybrids and the dehumanized robots and slaves, we will become annexed to the alien empire. (from Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race by Len Kasten). But there is the Galactic Federation of Light, a human group of ETs that would not like to see us go down. They watch things happening on Earth. But I doubt very much that any of this will happen. God also watches what’s happening on Earth. I’ve read most of Sitchen’s books and I never read that the Anunnaki were Reptilian. But I read that from many sources. I got the impression they were human.

THE LOCAL UNIVERSE SONS OF GOD Michael and the Mother Spirit created four groups of Sons: Melchizedek, Vorondadek, Lanonandek, and Life Carrier Sons. In the universe of Nebadon the Father Melchizedek (father because he was first born and helped in creating the remainder of the group) acts as the first executive associate to Gabriel. Gabriel is occupied more with universe policies, Melchizedek is concerned with practical procedures. Gabriel presides over the regularly constituted tribunals and councils of Nebadon, Melchizedek over the special, extraordinary and emergency commissions and advisory bodies. Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek are never away from Salvington at the same time. In Gabriel’s absence the Father Melchizedek functions as the chief executive of Nebadon. The Melchizedek group is self-governing because one of their number helped create the in producing the rest of the group. These Sons are at the mid-point of the intelligence scale that goes from the highest Divinity to the lowest will creature. They do everything from teach in universities to patrol the universe. When an Avonal Son enters on a bestowal, 12 Melchizedek Sons go with him for support. They have their own sphere-one of the satellites of Salvington, which bears their name. Salvington has 70 primary spheres (all artificial). Each of these are encircled by 6 tributary spheres, all devoted to special activities. All of these spheres are sometimes referred to as Melchizedek University. There are 10,000,000 Melchizedek Sons recorded on their sphere. The six tributary worlds have special activities for the ascending mortals: 1. a review of the mortal’s initial planetary life, people from Urantia are grouped together for this experience. 2. a similar review of the experience on the morontia worlds. 3. a review of the experience on the capital of the local system headquarters, At this point they would be raving about the beauty of everything. 4. a review of the experience of the huge satellite system and its system of tributary spheres on the constellation. 5. then the constellation capital is reviewed 6. an attempt is made to correlate these 5 epochs and achieve co-ordination of experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary schools of universe training.

The gods: who’s who

Geshtinanna:: born on Earth to Enki and his sister Ninmah; she became Ningishzidda’s consort. Egyptians considered her a divine dream reader and poet. She reigned over wine and winter.

Gilgamesh:: Gilgamesh was proud to be three-fourths god; his relationship with Inanna excited him but left him dissatisfied. To tame Gilgamesh Enki created Enkidu, a powerful man (maybe a cyborg) with mechanical parts as well as Neanderthal genes to divert Gilgamesh from the brides. Enki sent tantric priestess Shambat to tame Enkidu in the woods, where he learned the joy of tantric lovemaking. He decided to join civilization in Uruk, where he challenged Gilgamesh. They fought and then became friends. Gilgamesh went to Baalbek to plead to the gods for a rocket to go to Nibiru; he thought that’s where immortality came from. Enkidu smashed Enlil’s security robot and Inanna (Ishtar) watched with lust as Gilgamesh washed himself. She asked Gilgamesh to come with her, but he declined and insulted her. She was furious so she told Enlil to release the guard bull at the launchpad, which he did. But Gilgamesh killed the bull while Enkidu held him. Enlil was enraged that they had killed his bull and he was set on killing both of them, but the sisters pleaded that he only kill Enkidu and let Gilgamesh go back to Uruk’s throne. Then Gilgamesh went in search of a plant that would let him live forever. When Gilgamesh died, all his servants were buried with him. The were given a sleeping potion and while they were sleeping, they were killed.

Hagar::she was Sarah and Abraham’s slave, then Abraham’s secondary wife. She was fertile so she had a son named Ishmael, who was the ancestor of the Arabic peoples.

Horus:: (AKA Horon, Hor, Falcon god) In 8970 BCE Horus won Egypt when he defeated Seth in an air battle above the Sinai.

Inanna:: (AKA Irnini, Ishtar, Astoreth, Astarte, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Anat, Venus and Kali) She was engaged to Dumuzi, but Marduk had him killed. In 8670 BCE she defeated Marduk and the Enkiites with “an explosive beam” and demanded of Enlil that she be Egypt’s ruler. Enlil gave Egypt to Ningishzidda instead. Inanna saw Dumuzi in Earthling men she mated, but killed them after sex. In 3800 BCE Anu and Queen Antu came to Earth and Antu gave Inanna to Anu. All Nibiran shared their ecstasy, epiphany and satori. Anu gave Inanna the Temple where they made love and his survey plane as well. She would run Uruk’s temple through a priest/king. Inanna seduced Enki and got him drunk so she could steal the programs for building and expanding Uruk into a city. In 3760 BCE Inanna chose the first king of Sumer, the Lugal. He represented the gods to the Earthings. In 3450 BCE Inanna and the Enlilites bombed Marduk’s Launch Tower at Babylon. Choosing Sargon as her king, he and Inanna subdued all of Sumer. They spread spoken and written Akkadian and spawned the Semitic languages (including Hebrew and Arabic).

The Urantia Book

There are three spirit circuits of the local universe-Nebadon; they are 1. The bestowal spirit of the Creator Son, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. 2. The spirit circuit of the Divine Minister, the Holy Spirit. 3. The intelligence-ministry circuit, including the more or less unified activities, but diverse functioning of the seven adjutant mind-spirits. The Creator Son may come and go, but the Spirit of Truth is functionally centered in the person of the Divine Minister and stays with her; she fills the universe but she does not go beyond the universe and physically does not go beyond Salvington, the headquarters world of the universe. She is the universe focus of the Spirit of Truth as well as being having her own personal influence as the Holy Spirit.

The seven adjutant mind-spirits are the creation of the Divine Minister of a local universe. The seven adjutants have been given the following names: the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of worship, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of knowledge, the spirit of courage, the spirit of understanding and the spirit of intuition. On inhabited worlds the Spirit begins the work of evolutionary progression, starting with the lifeless material of the realm, first endowing vegetable life, then the animal organisms, then the first orders of human existence; and each succeeding impartation contributes to the further unfolding of the evolutionary potential of planetary life from the initial and primitive stages to the appearance of will creatures. This work of the Spirit is largely performed through the seven adjutants, the spirits of promise, the unifying and co-ordinating spirit-mind of the evolving planet. The animal mind of humans eventually develops reception for the adjutants of the spirits of wisdom and worship; when this takes place the Spirit puts that or those minds into her spiritual circuits.

When a mind is in contact with the Holy Spirit, it also chooses the Universal Father, whether knowingly or not. The Spirit of Truth works as one with the Holy Spirit. This dual spirit liaison hovers over the worlds, seeking to teach truth and to spiritually enlighten the minds of humans, to inspire the souls of the creatures of the ascending races. The Spirit of Truth is limited by the reception it gets from humans. Nevertheless the ministry of the Holy Spirit becomes increasingly effective in the sanctification and spiritualization of the inner life of those mortals who more fully obey the divine leadings. The presence of the Holy Spirit of the Universe Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, of the Spirit of Truth of the Universe Son of the Eternal Son and the Adjuster Spirit of the Paradise Father, in or with an evolutionary mortal, denotes symmestry of spiritual endowment and ministry and qualities such a mortal consciously to realize the faith-fact of sonship with God.

As mortals progress in mind control and spirit perception, these multiple spirit ministries become more and more co-ordinate in function; they become increasingly blended with the overministry of the Paradise Trinity. Although Divinity may be plural in manifestation, in human experience Deity is always singular, always one. Neither is spiritual ministry plural in human experience. Regardless of plurality of origin, all spirit influences are one in function. Indeed, they are ONE (The Lord is God; The Lord is One).

The gods: Who’s who

ENKI:: Each generation he mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to erectus genes in our stock. He gave his part-Earthling son Ziusudra a computer program that showed him how to build a submersible to save his people.

ENLIL:: (AKA Set, Jehovah, Jupiter, Ashur and Yahweh) According to “DNA of the Gods” he was unstable, neurotic, violent and prone to anger, indignant, jealous and highly self-centered, infantile, despotic, unable to grasp the spiritual. He ordered Earthlings drowned in the Deluge (here he is Yahweh). But then he let Enki’s survivors rule the earth for the Expedition.

ERESHKIGAL:: daughter of Nannar and younger sister of Utu and Inanna, born on earth. Enki impregnated her with Ningishzidda. She married Enki’s son Nergal and ran the climatological station with him at the Point in South Africa. She killed Inanna to keep Nergal from providing a levirate child for Inanna, but Enki revived Inanna.

GALZU:: According to Galzu’s plan, the Earthlings would undergo further training so that they could serve the gods and the gods now thought of themselves as Gods. They would clean up Mesopotamia, drain all the mud, irrigate, build better, more beautiful cities with ziggurats; they would have Earthlings as servants. Ziusudra three sons would be in charge and keep the Earthling in line. It seems this character Galzu told Enki and Enlil that they would die if they abandoned Earth and went back to Nibiru. Ninmah added that the Creator of All wanted the Anannaki to foster the hybrid species and preserve them. Anu said that the Anunnaki’s purpose was to preserve and advance homo sapiens, hybrids, Earthlings: ” To fashion Earthlings the Creator of All directed us.” Galzu sent Enlil a dream that Marduk would get Mesopotamia and also that Abraham would rule everywhere from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

The Urantia Book: The Mother Spirit

When the Father and the Eternal Son produce a Creator Son, the Infinite Spirit creates a daughter, a Creative Spirit or Mother Spirit to rule with the Creator Son. In physical creation the Universe Son provides the pattern while the Universe Spirit initiates the materialization of physical realities. The Son operates in the power designs, but the Spirit transforms these energy creations into physical substances. Suddenly, a change happens to the Mother Spirit, accompanied by a flash of light that can be seen all over the universe. The daughter achieves full personhood and is now called the Divine Minister. She was always a person to Michael, but now she has a personality gifted by the Universal Father. She is a manifestation of Deity, a spirit person, and she was regarded as so by the Creator Son; and he could say, “All power in heaven and earth has been intrusted to me.”

The Universe Spirit possesses all the physical control attributes of the Infinite Spirit, including the full endowment of anti-gravity. She is co-responsible with the Son in creating the creatures of the worlds and never fails the Son in all efforts to uphold and maintain these creations. Life is ministered and maintained through the agency of the Creative Spirit. In the later evolution of mortal creatures the Life Carrier Sons provide the physical body, fabricated out of the existing organized material of the realm, While the Universe Spirit contributes “the breath of life.”

In personal prerogatives a Creative Spirit is wholly and entirely independent of space but not of time. She is equally and diffusely present throughout her entire local universe and is, therefore, just as literally present on one world as on another. A Creator Son acts instantaneously throughout his universe; but the Creative Spirit must reckon with time, except if she avails herself of the prerogatives of the Son. In pure spirit function she acts independently of time; and she can always make use of that mystery of reflectivity.

The gods-Who’s Who

BANDA: Banda succeeded his father, Enmerkar, as king of Uruk. He married Ninmah’s daughter, Ninsun, who bore Gilgamesh.

BATANASH: She was wife of Enki’s foreman before the Deluge, but made love with Enki and bore Ziusudra-Noah.

BAU: She was King Anu’s huge youngest daughter and married Enlil’s son Ninurta. She ran the Medical Center for Earthlings and chose to die with them when the fallout from the nuclear bombs killed everyone in Lagash.

DAMKINA: Damkina wed Enki and bore Marduk, Nergal, Gibil, Dumuzi and Ninagal. Ningishzidda planted a zygote made with Adamu’s blood in Damkina. Our ancestress, Ti-Amat, carried Damkina’s mitochondrial DNA. Damkina raised Adamu and Ti-Amat.

Dumuzi (AKA) Tammuz, Adonis): Enki’s youngest son, he tried to make peace between the Enlilites and Enkiites, but Marduk told his sister to seduce Dumuzi and then cry “RAPE!” Marduk’s men ran Dumuzi to his death. Inanna mummified his body and hoped he could be revived on Nibiru.

ENKI (AKA Ea, Adonai, Poseidon, Neptune, Aquarius, Ptah, Serpent, Vulcan, Merlin and Melchezidek). He is shown with entwined serpents (he did found the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society that thrived in different forms all up through history). Enki betrothed his sister Ninmah, but Anu forbade their marriage when Enlil impregnated her. Anu deposed Alalu as king and voided Marduk’s claim to the throne. Anu made Enlil his heir instead. For the Earth Expedition he put Enki over the sea and the gold mining, but he made Enlil Commander of All. Enki and Ninmah worked together inventing a slave race and producing daughters, which Enki kept impregnating. Ningishzidda worked with the others to create our Nibiran/erectus hybrid ancestors, to solve the labor shortage at the gold mine. They needed slaves who could handle the backbreaking work without complaining, but had enough intelligence to follow directions. This became a very interesting problem and it would not be resolved until after the Flood with the great Sumerian civilization.

The Urantia Book: Nebadon

Nebadon is characterized by dual supervision, the beginning of the father-mother concept. The universe father is the Creator Son; the mother is the Creative Spirit. Also, they are blessed with the presence of Immanuel, who comes from Paradise, and is the ambassador of the Paradise Trinity. Immanuel of Salvington, number 611, 121 of the sixth order of Supreme Trinity Personalities is the only personality in all Nebadon never to acknowledge subordination to his brother Michael. He doesn’t give advice unless asked for it.

Gabriel is the chief executive and actual administrator of Nebadon. The Father Melchizedek is Gabriel’s first assistant. Father Melchizedek was the first of that order of creatures to come into being from the partnership of Son and Spirit. The order of Melchizedek is very versatile; it is involved with all levels of education and can do the mundane act of patrolling the universe. Father Melchizdek takes on Gabriel’s responsibilities if Gabriel is otherwise busy.

Broadcasts are sent out from Salvinton to the constellations, the systems and the planets, except if a planet is under quarantine. That is the fate of Urantia/Earth since the Lucifer Rebellion and it hasn’t been resolved yet. I heard a channel say on YouTube that he channeled the information that Lucifer and Satan had been tried in court on Uversa and found guilty. They were given the choice of death by the court or self-extinction; they chose that, so they are gone. But we are still waiting for a few beings-creatures-personalities to come back to the Lord of their own free will. Jesus won’t force them. So we suffer while a few reprobates make us wait.

Christ Michael is supremely concerned about three things: creation, sustenance, and ministry. The entire judicial mechanism of Nebadon is under the supervision of Gabiel. Michael has nothing to do with judging his creatures. There are seventy branches of universe courts and they function in seven divisions of 10 sections each. In all matters of adjudication there presides a dual magistracy consisting of one judge of perfection and one judge of ascendant experience. The local universe courts are restricted in three ways: 1. if the question of the right of continued existence comes up for adjudication, it must be referred to the superuniverse courts on Uversa. 2. The default or defection of any of the Sons of God of a local universe cannot be adjudicated in his own universe; it must go to the superuniverse level. 3. the readmission of a local system to the fellowship of full spiritual status in the local universe subsequent to spiritual isolation must be concurred in by the high assembly of the superuniverse.

The gods-Who’s Who

ABAEL:: Two hundred thousand years ago Enki’s hybrids Adapa and Titi bore the twins Ka-in and Abael. Enlil’s enforcer Ninurta taught Ka-in farming; Enki’s son Marduk taught Abael animal husbandry.

ABRAHAM (Ibruum):: He was born in 2123 BCE; his father Terah was Ur’s high priest. In 2041 BCE he led Enlil’s forces and defended the Sinai Spaceport. He also reported to Enlil that Sodom and Gomorrha had switched their allegiance and were following Marduk. In 2024 BCE Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert while Ninurta and Nergal bombed the two cities. Enlil made Abraham and his men sacrifice their foreskins to him. It became a mark of allegiance to Enlil. Enlil then gave Abraham Canaan.

ADAD (AKA Ishkar, Baal, Mercury, Viracocha, Indra):: In 3800 BCE Enlil, his father, put him in charge of gold and tin works at Tiahuanaco. He inscibed his symbol, the forked lightning for all to see from the air and ocean on a mountainside on the Bay of Paracas, Peru.

ADAMU :: The first successfully test-tube conceived surrogate carried Nibiran/erectus Earthing. He gestated in Chief Medical Officer Ninmah’s womb. He learned to speak, his skin was smooth dark red and his hair was black. He had a foreskin, unlike the Anunnaki, who have not.

ADAPA (AKA Enoch) :: Adapa was born 200,000 BCE to Enki with an Earthling woman descended from Adamu. Nibirans believed that Adapa and his line were better servants than the hybrid Earthling miners descended from Adapa’s ancestor, Adamu.

ALALU :: (AKA Chronos, Saturn) On Nibiru there was conflict about who should be king. Anu and Alalu wrestled for the throne and Anu won; they wrestled again and Anu won again and exiled Alalu to Mars, where he died. Chief Medical Officer Ninmah, en route to Earth, stopped at Mars and buried Alalu. She made a huge face as a memorial, which humans have wondered about; now we know.

ANU:: He deposed Alalu as king of Nibiru and then ran Nibiru as a military dictatorship. He married ANTU but had 6 other concubines. Anu begat Enki with a concubine, Nammu. He begat Enlil with his paternal half-sister, Antu. His daughter, Ninmah, he begat with a concubine. When Anu visited Earth in 3,840 BCE. he took Inanna, his granddaughter, as a concubine. Anu believed that the Creator of All, through Galzu, got the Anunnaki to create and save the adapted Earthling race.