Be Very Afraid Most people expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election. If she had won, the Deep State would have been assured of the following: -continuation of the international drug trade -continuation of a policy of perpetual war -confront Russia and China as enemies -US military adventures around the world would continue to be funded -2009-like bailouts would be readily available -central bankers would continue to print as much fiat currency as needed to fund military conflicts abroad -trade deals would remain in place despite their unfairness -globalists would be assured of open borders and an influx of illegal immigrants and refugees, which would weaken US sovereignty (see Killing the Deep State: the Fight to Save President Trump, by Jerome Corsi). Illuminati bankers financed intellectuals 50 years ago to come up with ways to weaken society. Timothy Mathews listed their suggestions: 1. continual change to create confusion 2. racial offences 3. teaching sex and homosexuality in schools 4. undermining the authority of teachers and schools 5. promotion of drinking 6. huge immigration to destroy identity 7. emptying of churches 8. unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime 9. dependency on state benefits 10. control and dumbing down of media 11. encouraging the breakdown of the family As you can see, these problems are rife in our society. There has also been some backlash. For example, people have turned to alternative media, the churches are not empty, teachers are treating students more respectfully (there really is a better classroom climate), and Americans are adjusting to their hectic lifestyles. There’s pushback. Freemasonry is another secret society, and it is very powerful. It goes back centuries. America’s founders were Freemasons. Masonic symbolism is all over Washington, DC and the dollar bill. Between 1941 and 1971 Masons controlled the Supreme Court. During that time, they removed God, prayer and the Bible from the public schools. They are dedicated to a new world religion-the religion of the ‘Great Light.’ The Nordics are to usher in the New World Order with its new Luciferian religion. Nordics can be northern Europeans or a race of aliens-with Satanists, it’s a toss-up which they mean. With other secret societies there is a deeply hidden cabal which worships Satan but which is also tied in into military and CIA black budget programs running the gamut from time travel and teleportation to secret space programs. In addition they are in touch with ETs. They are allowing ETs to cross breed with humans and send their dangerous hybrids into our midst. See Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, by David Jacobs. Jacobs says that “abduction evidence points to a single goal: global integration resulting in takeover.” And the takeover is in process currently. According to Lt. Col. Robert MCGinnis “some globalists like Bill Gates want to reduce the world’s population through force, such as forced vaccinations and eugenics.” A large intelligent middle class is a threat to the globalists, and they plan to destroy the middle class first. Ted Turner of CNN opines that the population should be lowered to 500 million. When David Rockefeller spoke at the Annual Ambassadors’ Dinner in 1994, he indicated his support for the UN’s covert population stabilization effort, including vaccinations, sterilizations, abortions, use of food as weapons and disease. Control by secret societies was addressed by President Kennedy on April 27, 1961, when he said, “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” James Forrestal, the first Secretary of Defense, noted that government leaders were not acting in the best interests of the country. He may have paid with his life for speaking out because in 1949 he either fell, jumped or was pushed from a 16th floor window at Bethesda Naval Hospital. In 1973 Col. Fletcher Prouty, a Focal Point liaison officer, wrote about a ‘secret team’ that controls the US “as an inner sanctum of a new religious order answerable only to themselves.” James Paul Warburg told a Senate Committee in 1950 “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” All of this information comes from The Illuminati: The Secret Society that Hijacked the World, by Jim Marrs. Henry Kissinger is a member of the Bilderberger group, CFR, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, and is an alleged 33rd degree Mason. He has been Secretary of State and adviser to the last 8 or 9 presidents, but he is a troublemaking man. He said, “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.” Jacques Cousteau, in an interview with the UNESCO Courier in 1991 opined that “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” The above information comes from Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man, by J. Micha-el Thomas Hays. Hays goes on to say, noting how immoral society has become and subject to multinational corporations, “Welcome to the New World Order. You are currently living in its transitional phase from a planet of sovereign nations to a borderless one world government controlled by the wealthiest, most diabolically evil people in the world.” Hays refers to the New World Order as the Great Plan. David Rockefeller thanked the media for its 40 years of discretion in not reporting on the Great Plan. That is OVER! The Internet has spilled the beans. Everywhere you hear NWO jargon bandied about. The internet may have saved us or put our fate off a little further. New we know what they are up to, and the conspiracy buffs can hold their heads up in pride. But we are not done here-there are other heads on this monster. In fact here are some things the bankers were ready to force on us: 1. the abolishing of nations and borders 2. the abolishing of all private property 3. the abolishing of all inheritance 4. the abolishing of all patriotism 5. no religion except the cabal’s Satanism 6. no family or marriage 7. the culling of humanity to 500 million In the 70s the Carter administration appointed a task force to study the effects of mankind on the world. He intended to legislate the Great Plan into law. This resulted in the Global 2000 Report. This report concluded that “the resources of the planet were not sufficient enough to support the expected dramatic increase in the world’s population” (see Hays). Hays goes on to say “This report called for the population of the US to be culled to less than 100 million by the year 2050, THIS IN A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSIONED REPORT”(emphasis mine). He says FEMA concentration camps all over the US are ready for the time when the economy crashes and marshal law is declared. And I’ve heard that Congress has bought guillotines-ponder and be afraid.

The Urantia Book

As they function in the superuniverse of Orvonton, the Sons of God are classified under three general heads: 1. The Descending Sons of God. 2. The Ascending Sons of God. 3. The Trinitized Sons of God. Descending orders of sonship include personalities of divine creation; ascending sons, such as mortal creatures, have this designation due to experiential evolution. Trinitized Sons are a group of composite origin, which includes all beings embraced by the Paradise Trinity, even though not of direct Trinity origin.

The Descending Sons of God have high and divine origins. They facilitate the progress of the climb to Paradise of the mortals making the long asent to God. The Paradise Sons of God are 1. The Creator Sons-Michaels. The Michaels are brought into being by the Father and the Eternal Son. 2. The Magisterial Sons-the Avonals. They are the children of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. 3.The Trinity Teacher Sons–the Daynals, They are the offspring of the Father, Son and Spirit.” From the standpoint of worship, service and supplication, the Paradise Sons are as one; their work is identical in quality and completeness.”(191)

The remaining four orders of descending sonship are known as the Local Universe Sons of God: 1. Melchizedek Sons. 2. Vorondadek Sons. 3. Lanonandek Sons. 4. The Life Carriers. Melchizedeks are the joint offspring of the local universe Creator Son, the Creator Spirit and Father Melchizedek. Both Vorondadeks and Lanonandeks and the offspring of the Creator Son and Creative Spirit. Vorondadeks are best known as the Most Highs, the Constellation Fathers. Lanonandeks are known as the System ‘sovereigns and Planetary Princes. The threefold order of Life Carriers is bought into being by a Creative Son and Creative Spirit in association with one of the Ancients of Days.

As the Paradise Orders of Days proved to be divine administrators, so they have revealed themselves to be divine ministers–creators, servers,bestowers, judges, teachers and truth revealers. The Creator Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment centering in their persons, which they control and which they can bestow, as did Jesus as he poured out his spirit on all mortal flesh when he left Urantia. Here is a divine reflection, a local universe duplication of that absolute spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son, which enables him to reach out to all his Sons, no matter where they are.

The Urantia Book

The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy preside over the innermost circuit of the Paradise satellites, which is the personal circuit of the Universal Father. These seven planets are presided over by ten Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, seven direct the divisions and three represent the Father, Son and Spirit. These Spirits resemble the Universal Father, and they are shrouded in mystery because they are so perfect in their administrative skills. Their skills are performed just as well on the Eternal Son’s spheres and the spheres of the Infinite Spirit.

Each of the billion worlds of Havona is directed by a Supreme Trinity Personality. These rulers are known as the Eternals of Days, and they number exactly one billion, one for each one of the Havona spheres. The Eternals of Days are visible to all will creatures, and they preside over the regular planetary conclaves. They are akin to and the divine equal of the Ancients of Days, rulers of the superuniverses.

Mortals receive a great deal of training on the satellites of the capital of the local universe. Our capital is Salvington. Our next stop is the capital of the superuniverse, Orvonton, which is Uversa. Before we leave we are given spiritual or semi-spiritual bodies. At Uversa we meet the 3 Ancients of Days, who are almost as old as God. They disclose the combined character and the unified nature of the Trinity, while expressing diversity of personality. They are superperfect offspring of the Paradise Trinity. The personal abodes of each trio of the Ancients of Days are located at the point of spiritual polarity on their headquarters sphere, which is divided into 70 administrative sectors and has 70 divisional capitals. In the vast universe the Ancients of Days alone are invested with the high powers of final executive judgment concerning the eternal extinction of will creatures.

There are 210 Perfections of Days, and they preside over the governments of the ten major sectors of each superuniverse. They were trinitized for special work of assisting the superuniverse directors. Three Perfections of Days are assigned to each major sector capital; our sector is Splandon. As their name implies, they are pecularly perfect at administrative details. The work of ascending mortals on the satellites of the major sector headquarters is mostly of an intellectual nature. On the 490 satellites of Uversa, mortals attend universities and study spirituality. This is the last stop before going to Havona, which is a big leap toward Paradise.

In groups of three the Recents of Days preside over the minor sectors. In the administration of the minor sectors they utilize large numbers of the resident ascending mortals, the personnel of the various courtesy colonies and the various groups originating in the Infinite Spirit. The governments of the minor sectors are mostly concerned with the great physical problems of the superuniverse. Their headquarters house the Master Physical Controllers. Ascending mortals carry on experiments with the Supreme Power Centers and all seven orders of the Master Physical Controllers. The name of our minor sector is Ensa.

The Unions of Days are a group of liaison personalities accredited by the Paradise Trinity to the rulers of the local universes. In a special manner these Trinity observers co-ordinate the administrative activities of all branches of universal government, from those of the local universes up through the sector governments to those of the superuniverse–hence their name Union of Days.

The Faithful of Days are advisers to the Vorondadek Sons who rule the constellations. Three Vorondadek Sons rule and they are called the Most Highs. One of them is senior to the others, but they rorate the position. In ancient times they were confused with God the Most High.

The Urantia Book

The Creative Spirit is the spouse of Michael, the Creator Son, who was born from a liaison between the Father and the Mother aspect of the Eternal Son. The Creative Spirit is also called the holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit and the Divine Minister; she is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit, who creates her as soon as Michael is born. Each personality is born for a specific role. While Michael was in training for universe leadership, the Mother Spirit was trained for life in a time-space universe. “And then occurs one of the most profoundly touching episodes which ever take place on Paradise. The Universal Father speaks in acknowledgement of the eternal union of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit and in confirmation of the bestowal of certain joint powers of administration by the Master Spirit of Superuniverse juristiction. They then go forth to the arduous work of creating their universe (175).”

The seven groups of Supreme Spirits are the nucleus of the functional family of the Third Source and Center, also called the Infinite Spirit and the Conjoint Actor. The domain of the Supreme Spirits extend from Paradise to the evolutionary-mortal order on the planets of space. A Creative Spirit is the mother of the angels in a local universe; such seraphic ministers are original in each local universe. The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the co-ordinators of the inhabited creation. The association of their directing heads, the Seven Master Spirits, appears to co-ordinate the far-flung activities of God the Sevenfold. 1. Collectively the Master Spirits near equivalate to the divinity level of the Trinity. 2. Individually they exhaust the primary associable possibilities of triune Diety. 3. As diversified representatives of the Conjoint Actor, they are the repositories of that spirit-mind-power sovereignty of the Supreme Being which he does not yet personally exercise. 4. Through the Reflective Spirits they synchronize the superuniverse governments of the Ancients of Days with Majeston, the Paradise center of universal reflectivity. 5. In their participation in the individualization of the local universe Divine Ministers, the Master Spirits contribute to the last level of God the Sevenfold, the Creator Son-Creative Spirit union of the local universes.

Supreme Trinity Personalities are all created for specific service. The are designed by the divine Trinity for the fullfilment of specific duties and they are qualified to serve with perfection of technique and finality of devotion. There are seven orders of the Supreme Trinity Personalities: 1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy 2. Eternals of Days 3. Ancients of Days 4. Perfections of Days 5. Recents of Days 6. Unions of Days 7. Faithfuls of Days These Supreme Trinity Personalities represent the administrative policies of the Paradise Trinity; the represent the justice and are the executive judgment of the Paradise Trinity.

The Urantia Book

The Seven Master Spirits have many associates and offspring. They are children of the Paradise Trinity along with the Seven Supreme Executives and the Reflective Spirits. Another four groups are created by the Infinite Spirit and they are the Reflective Image Aids, the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, the Local Universe Creative Spirits and the Adjutant Mind-Spirits. They are known as the Seven Supreme Spirit groups, and their domain extends from the Master Spirits on the periphery of Paradise to the planets. In all matters of an executive nature–rulings, regulations, adjustments and administrative decisions–The Master Spirits act in the persons of the Seven Supreme Executives. However, in the local universes, it is the Creative Mother Spirit who carries out the decisions.

The executive headquarters of the Master Spirits occupy the seven Paradise satellites of the Infinite Spirit. These Supreme Executives largely determine the basic constitutive trends of the seven superuniverses. They are uniformly and divinely perfect, but they also possess diversity of personality. The Seven Supreme Executives function as the administrative coodinators of the grand universe; they function like a board of directors. There are few limits to the scope of their supervision; they engage in the direction of things physical, intellectual and spiritual; they see all, feel all, hear all, even know all that transpires in the seven superuniverses and Havona. The do not originate or modify policies; they only execute the plans of the Seven Master Spirits.

Now I am going to discuss a topic called “reflectivity,” which I do not understand very well, but I think that it is an amazing phenomenon. There are 50 Reflective Spirits, which were created by a liaison between the Paradise Trinity and one of the Seven Master Spirits. This liaison is the source of the actuality of the Supreme Being, the God who grows with experience. Also, after 49 Reflective Spirits had personalized, a complicated process culminated in the personalization of number 50, Majeston, signaling the first creative act of the Supreme Being. Majeston is a true person, the infallible center of reflectivity phenomena in all seven superuniverses of time and space. He is concerned solely with the co-ordination and maintenance of the reflectivity service in the grand universe.

The reflectivity service is a information transmission system. It is the news-gathering and decree-disseminating mechanism of all creation. The function of this service seems to be independent of time and space. When a message comes from Paradise to Jerusem, all gather together on a feature made of glass. They will hear the broadcast despite being millions of lightyears from Paradise. That’s what reflectivity means. But Earth is still under quarantine, so we don’t get these messages. Frankly, I think we’ve been punished long enough.

The Urantia Book

The Divine Spirit, also called the holy Spirit, mother Spirit and Creative Spirit is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the spouse of the Creator Son Michael, God of the universe of Nebadon. She is also revealed through the channels of the Seven Master Spirits, who are also offspring of the Infinite Spirit. The Seven Master Spirits are collectively endowed with the supreme-ultimate attributes of the Infinite Spirit (Third Source and Center). Only collectively do they disclose the attibutes of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. But they are diverse in nature and this determines their differential of superuniverse conduct. Master Spirit Number One is a direct representation of the Universal Father. He is a manifestation of the power, love and wisdom of the Paradise Father. He speaks for the Father when the Group of Seven come together. Master Spirit Number Two portrays the charming character of the Eternal Son, the firstborn of all creation. He is also always in close contact with the all the orders of the Sons of God. Master Spirit Number Three especially resembles the Infinite Spirit. He directs the work of the high personalities of the offspring of the Third Source and Center and speaks for the Infinite Spirit when in council with the Seven. Master Spirit Number Four partakes of the combined natures of the Father and the Son. His is the determining influence regarding Father/Son policiies in conference of the Seven. Master Spirit Number Five blends the characters of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit and is the advisor to that enormous group of beings known as power directors, power centers and physical controllers. Five fosters all beings originating in the Father and the Spirit. Master Spirit Number Six combines the characters of the Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son. Whenever their mutual offspring convene, this Master Spirit acts as advisor and speaks for the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. The presiding Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Master Spirit is advisor of all triune-origin beings and all ascending to Paradise from Havona.

The Master Spirits are the sevenfold source of the cosmic mind, the intellectual potential of the grand universe. The cosmic mind is a subabsolute manifestation of the mind of the Third Source and Center and, in certain ways, is fundamentally related to the mind of the evolving Supreme Being. The UB makes the comment that “Human minds are sometimes observed to be running in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement” (164). This may refer to inventions and ideas that popup around the world at the same time. The cosmic mind unfailingly recognizes response on three levels of reality; they are: 1. Causation- the reality domain of the physical senses, the scientific area of logic, difference between fact and nonfact, mathematical form of cosmic discrimination. 2. Duty-the reality domain of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of reason, the arena of right and wrong, the judicial form of cosmic discrimination. 3. Worship-the spiritual domain of the reality of religious experience, the personal realization of divine fellowship, the recognition of spirit values, the assurance of eternal survival, the ascent from status of servants of God to the joy and liberty of the Sons of God. This is the highest insight of the cosmic mind, the reverential and worshipful form of the cosmic discrimination. These scientific, moral and spiritual insights, these cosmic responses, are innate in the cosmic mind, which endows all will creatures.

Morality, virtue, is indigenous to human personality. Man is able to exercise scientific, moral and spiritual insight prior to all exploration or experimentation. Only a personality can know what it is doing before it does it; only personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A personality can look before it leaps and can therefore learn from looking as well as leaping. The Universal Father bestows personality upon numerous orders of beings, including humans. Personality is a unique endowment of physical, mental and spiritual energies, which is antecedent to the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster is a spiritual fragment of the Father which is placed in every person when the child shows decision-making abilities. It guides the person through life to make the right decisions. Our personality enables another person to recognize us even if we’ve changed over a long period of time. Personality is marked by two phenomena: self-consciousness and relative free will. Self-consciousness allows us to recognize the reality of other personalities. The relative free will which characterizes the self-consciousness of human personality is involved in: 1. Moral decision, highest wisdom. 2. Spiritual choice, truth discernment. 3. Unselfish love, brotherhood service. 4. Purposeful co-operation, group loyalty. 5. Cosmic insight, the grasp of universe meanings. 6. Personality dedication, wholehearted devotion to doing the Father’s will. 7. Worship, the sincere pursuit of divine values and the wholehearted love of the divine Value-Giver.

Who survives? Those survive who want to do the will of God, tries to be perfect like the Father, and serves others. Love of God is important. The really important element is wanting to do these things even if we don’t succeed. I want to do the will of God, but I don’t even know for sure what it is. I felt the Father’s Presence about 2 months ago. The thing is, we can’t do anything to earn God’s love. Jesus is a different story. He is very accessible. I am thinking about remote viewing the capital, maybe Jerusem first, then Salvington. It is so peculiar that these places are in space/time. I wonder about all the other dimensions. Who rules them? The Galactic Federation has its own moral compass: its Service to Others and Service to Self. If you are 51% Service to Others, then you can ascend; otherwise I guess you remain where you are in your present incarnation, repeating it. Sounds boring.

The Urantia Book

Our universe of Nebadon is part of the superuniverse of Orvonton. Orvonton is known chiefly for its “tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals within its borders. Each superuniverse has its own character. This is not to say that the other six don’t exercise mercy, they do. But each one has a special character.

Urantia is number 606 in the system of Satania; it is one of 619 inhabited worlds. Satania is system number 24 in the constellation Norlatiadek, which consists of 100 local systems and has a headquarters world called Edenta. Norlatiadek is number 70 in the universe of Nebadon, which has 100 constellations. The capital of Nebadon is an artificial planet called Salvington. All the capital planets are artificial.

Nebadon is number 84 in the minor sector of Ensa, which consists of 100 universes and has a capital called Uminor the third. This minor sector is number 3 in the major sector of Splandon, which consists of 100 minor sectors and has a headquarters world called Umajor the fifth. The 7 superuniverses are collectively called the grand universe. the number of Urantia is 5,342,482,337,666–no wonder mankind is so screwed up! But there is another reason. Early tribes on other planets get rid of the weak and anti-social members of their tribes and do not let their blood lines develop. Tribes on Urantia never did this. But make no mistake: God knows your every thought and action; he is able to keep tabs on every soul in all the superuniverses.

The seven Master Spirits are primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The number 7 is a basic, fundamental number because the Infinite Spirit exhausted the mathematical possibilities inherent in the factual existence of the Three Persons of the Trinity. Likewise, there are seven superuniverses and seven combinations when the three Gods act: 1. The Universal Father 2. The Eternal Son 3.The Infinite Spirit 4.The Father and the Son 5. The Father and the Spirit 6. The Son and the Spirit 7. The Father, Son and Spirit (not as Trinity). The seven Master Spirits watch over the seven superuniverses, but they stay on Paradise. They also “function for the Supreme Being.” The Supreme Being is a growing, experiential God. The Trinity Gods are existential Gods. The do not experience; their wisdom is not gained through experience. But the Supreme Being is growing in experience and the Urantia Book says s/he might rule from Uversa (or hopes).

The Urantia Book

The executive and legislative branches of government are on Uversa, the HQ of Orvonton. The executive branch consists of three beings called the Ancients of Days, and their perfection faces the legislative branch, which consists of imperfect ascending mortals. The legislators are drawn from each universe, but they are all ascending mortals, so this service only lasts 100 years. Each superuniverse also has a Master Spirit, who represents the Infinite Spirit. There is a judicial branch composed of one Ancient of Days, a Perfector of Wisdom and a Divine Counselor. The evidence for or against an individual, planet, system, constellation or universe is presented and interpreted by the Censors. The defense of mortals and evolutionary planets is offered by Mighty Messengers. The verdict is formulated by a commission which includes members of the legislature.

The Universe Gods are subject to the decisions of the superuniverse Ancients of Days. The courts of the Ancients of Days are the high review tribunals for the spiritual adjudication of all component universes. The Sovereign Sons are supreme in their own domains although they can certainly refer an issue to the higher court. But there is one thing they can’t do: they can’t declare extinction of life. Only the Ancients of Days can do that. They can, however, declare mercy and save a person from extinction. Otherwise there is no appeal from the rulings and decisions of the superuniverse authorities since they represent the concurred opinions of the Ancients of Days and that Master Spirit, who, from Paradise, presides over the destiny of the superuniverse concerned.

A major sector comprises about one/tenth of a superuniverse and consists of 100 minor sectors, 10,000 local universes and about 100 billion inhabited planets. Major sectors are administered by three Perfections of Days, Supreme Trinity Personalities. The work of major sector goverments has to do with the intellectual status of the sector. The major sectors detain, adjudicate, dispense and tabulate, for reporting to the court of Uversa, matters of a routine nature which are not concerned with the spiritual realms or the mortal ascension plan. This sector, Umajor, has seventy study satellites for intellectual training and development.

The minor sectors are presided over by three Recents of Days. Their job is to keep their area of the superuniverse stable. They are concerned with physical control unification. The Master Physical Controllers are all collected here. They are alive but they are machines and can move planets and do amazing feats.

The Urantia Book

Origins of suns, planets and other spheres.

The origins can be classified in one of the following ten groups. Concentric Contraction Rings: Sometimes a nebula, instead of being spiral, will have an enormous sun encircled by ring formations of matter. Whirled Stars: stars are thrown off nebulae to the right and left. Gravity-explosion Planets: a highly gaseous sun is thrown off a nebula and passes a dark object with more mass. That object causes the sun to eject material objects which become planets. This is the way our Solar System was created. The name of our Solar System is Monmatia.

Centrifugal Planetary Daughters: Enormous suns, in certain stages of development, and at a greatly accelerated rate of revolution, throw of large quantities of matter, which become planets that continue to revolve around the sun. Gravity-deficiency Spheres: There is a critical limit to the size of gigantic stars, and if they go beyond this limit, they split into two stars. A new double star is born. I’ve heard that our sun is part of a double star system. If so, wouldn’t we know it? Numerous small planets may be created by this fission.

Contractural Stars: This example is really a catastrophe. If the inner planets of our Solar System were drawn into the sun and the outer planets were drawn to Jupiter by gravity, there would be a half-assed binary system. This is rare, except in the remote area of Orvonton. Cumulative Spheres: Space is full of dust and debris, meteors and other objects. These will start to gather together and form small planets. They will also form as a result of the accretions of transmuting energy in space and the accumulation of enormous quantities of cold matter. I think they are talking about dark energy and dark matter. Burned Out Suns: Some of the dark areas of space are burned out suns-not dark matter-nothing mysterious. Collisional Spheres: In crowded areas collsions are not unheard of. The result is sometimes a nucleus for an inhabitable planet. Artificial Architectural Spheres: These are planets built to specifications for a particular purpose. Salvington is an artificial sphere, and it has satellites, which in turn have satellites. All the headquarters planets are artificial spheres; they all have satellites, which are artificial. These spheres are heated and lighted in some high-tech way, they are very beautiful with flowers. Jesus’ home on Salvington is beautiful and I have this idea that the disciples live there, each in their own home. What I can’t get through my head is that they live in time/space. What about the other dimensions. Our 3D dimension is the lowest, there are many higher dimensions. And who the hell created the ETs? I mean the bad ones, not the Galactic Confederation, or the ones who are trying to help humanity. There are too many questions.

The Urantia Book

The seventh superuniverse is Orvonton, which contains our universe of Nebadon. Orvonton contains the Milky Way Galaxy, but Nebadon is on the remote edge of the Galaxy. Our astronomers can identify ten divisions of Orvonton, but Urantia is too close to the other two divisions to be able to identify them. Our universe of Nebadon and all its divisions rotate within the dense star cloud of Sagittarius

.The Sagittarius sector and all other sectors and divisions of Orvonton are in rotation around Uversa, the artificial planet headquarters. For astronomers distortions are created by multiple revolutionary movements. 1. The revolution of Urantia around its sun. 2. The circuit of your solar system around the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula. 3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters around the gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon. 4. The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon around the Sagittarius center. 5. The rotation of 100 minor sectors around their major sector. 6. The whirl of 10 major sectors, the so-called star drifts, around Uversa. 7. The counterclockwise procession of Orvonton and the other 6 superuniverses around Paradise and Havona.

Beings called Paradise force organizers create nebulae as the first step in the building of a universe. “They are able to initiate about their space presence the tremendous cyclones of force which, when once started, can never be stopped or limited until the all-pervading forces are mobilized for the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic units of universe matter…. Each local universe contains exactly one, one hundred thousandsth part of the total energy charge of a superuniverse regardless of nebular relationship, because energy is not organized by nebulae- it is universally distributed.”

The Urantia Book

What we think of as the universe is composed first of Paradise and Havona. Havona, besides the one billion planets circling Paradise in seven rings, contains three more rings belonging to each member of the Trinity, and composed of seven planets each. Revolving around the fringes of Havona are massive dark gravity bodies. The mass of the central universe is far in excess of the mass of all seven superuniverses. The seven superuniverses are in a horizontal position in relation to the central universe. Beyond the superuniverses, there are four Outer Space levels. The first level is being developed.

Astrophysicists are worried because the galaxies are flying away from us and the universe is expanding, and if this continues, there won’t be anything in space to study. But the universes breathe, and now they are expanding; it is a two billion year cycle, and they are at the midpoint of the expansion. Universes are created from materialization of mass and energy by power directors and beings who can create a mini-galaxy. As soon as there are objects in the universe (Nebadon), the Creator Son Michael started building his headquarters planet Salvington. He placed it in the center of the mass of the universe. By all reports these artificial planets are very beautiful. And there is some kind of technology that keeps them warm and sunny and dimmed at night. When people have a death experience, they probably go to Jerusem. One man mentioned a “sea of glass” which Jerusem has.

The geography of the grand universe: one system embraces approximately 1,000 planets (our system is Satania and it has 619 inhabited planets). A constellation has 100 systems and 100,000 planets. A universe has 100 contellations and 10,000,000 planets. A minor sector has 100 universes and 1,000,000,000 planets. A major sector has 100 minor sectors and 100,000,000,000 planets. A superuniverse has 10 major sections and 1, 000,000,000,000 planets. In all seven superuniverses there are 7, 000,000,000,000 inhabited planets.