Be Very Afraid Most people expected Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential election. If she had won, the Deep State would have been assured of the following: -continuation of the international drug trade -continuation of a policy of perpetual war -confront Russia and China as enemies -US military adventures around the world would continue to be funded -2009-like bailouts would be readily available -central bankers would continue to print as much fiat currency as needed to fund military conflicts abroad -trade deals would remain in place despite their unfairness -globalists would be assured of open borders and an influx of illegal immigrants and refugees, which would weaken US sovereignty (see Killing the Deep State: the Fight to Save President Trump, by Jerome Corsi). Illuminati bankers financed intellectuals 50 years ago to come up with ways to weaken society. Timothy Mathews listed their suggestions: 1. continual change to create confusion 2. racial offences 3. teaching sex and homosexuality in schools 4. undermining the authority of teachers and schools 5. promotion of drinking 6. huge immigration to destroy identity 7. emptying of churches 8. unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime 9. dependency on state benefits 10. control and dumbing down of media 11. encouraging the breakdown of the family As you can see, these problems are rife in our society. There has also been some backlash. For example, people have turned to alternative media, the churches are not empty, teachers are treating students more respectfully (there really is a better classroom climate), and Americans are adjusting to their hectic lifestyles. There’s pushback. Freemasonry is another secret society, and it is very powerful. It goes back centuries. America’s founders were Freemasons. Masonic symbolism is all over Washington, DC and the dollar bill. Between 1941 and 1971 Masons controlled the Supreme Court. During that time, they removed God, prayer and the Bible from the public schools. They are dedicated to a new world religion-the religion of the ‘Great Light.’ The Nordics are to usher in the New World Order with its new Luciferian religion. Nordics can be northern Europeans or a race of aliens-with Satanists, it’s a toss-up which they mean. With other secret societies there is a deeply hidden cabal which worships Satan but which is also tied in into military and CIA black budget programs running the gamut from time travel and teleportation to secret space programs. In addition they are in touch with ETs. They are allowing ETs to cross breed with humans and send their dangerous hybrids into our midst. See Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, by David Jacobs. Jacobs says that “abduction evidence points to a single goal: global integration resulting in takeover.” And the takeover is in process currently. According to Lt. Col. Robert MCGinnis “some globalists like Bill Gates want to reduce the world’s population through force, such as forced vaccinations and eugenics.” A large intelligent middle class is a threat to the globalists, and they plan to destroy the middle class first. Ted Turner of CNN opines that the population should be lowered to 500 million. When David Rockefeller spoke at the Annual Ambassadors’ Dinner in 1994, he indicated his support for the UN’s covert population stabilization effort, including vaccinations, sterilizations, abortions, use of food as weapons and disease. Control by secret societies was addressed by President Kennedy on April 27, 1961, when he said, “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.” James Forrestal, the first Secretary of Defense, noted that government leaders were not acting in the best interests of the country. He may have paid with his life for speaking out because in 1949 he either fell, jumped or was pushed from a 16th floor window at Bethesda Naval Hospital. In 1973 Col. Fletcher Prouty, a Focal Point liaison officer, wrote about a ‘secret team’ that controls the US “as an inner sanctum of a new religious order answerable only to themselves.” James Paul Warburg told a Senate Committee in 1950 “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” All of this information comes from The Illuminati: The Secret Society that Hijacked the World, by Jim Marrs. Henry Kissinger is a member of the Bilderberger group, CFR, Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission, and is an alleged 33rd degree Mason. He has been Secretary of State and adviser to the last 8 or 9 presidents, but he is a troublemaking man. He said, “We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.” Jacques Cousteau, in an interview with the UNESCO Courier in 1991 opined that “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” The above information comes from Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man, by J. Micha-el Thomas Hays. Hays goes on to say, noting how immoral society has become and subject to multinational corporations, “Welcome to the New World Order. You are currently living in its transitional phase from a planet of sovereign nations to a borderless one world government controlled by the wealthiest, most diabolically evil people in the world.” Hays refers to the New World Order as the Great Plan. David Rockefeller thanked the media for its 40 years of discretion in not reporting on the Great Plan. That is OVER! The Internet has spilled the beans. Everywhere you hear NWO jargon bandied about. The internet may have saved us or put our fate off a little further. New we know what they are up to, and the conspiracy buffs can hold their heads up in pride. But we are not done here-there are other heads on this monster. In fact here are some things the bankers were ready to force on us: 1. the abolishing of nations and borders 2. the abolishing of all private property 3. the abolishing of all inheritance 4. the abolishing of all patriotism 5. no religion except the cabal’s Satanism 6. no family or marriage 7. the culling of humanity to 500 million In the 70s the Carter administration appointed a task force to study the effects of mankind on the world. He intended to legislate the Great Plan into law. This resulted in the Global 2000 Report. This report concluded that “the resources of the planet were not sufficient enough to support the expected dramatic increase in the world’s population” (see Hays). Hays goes on to say “This report called for the population of the US to be culled to less than 100 million by the year 2050, THIS IN A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSIONED REPORT”(emphasis mine). He says FEMA concentration camps all over the US are ready for the time when the economy crashes and marshal law is declared. And I’ve heard that Congress has bought guillotines-ponder and be afraid.

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21, by Vernon Coleman

Coleman says that Agenda 21 is a UN scheme that will ruin our lives, take away our freedoms, put us under a totalitarian dictatorship, and that’s only the beginning. And where does all this come from? It comes from bogus ideas like overpopulation and environmental destruction. The earth is getting warmer, they say, and too many people to feed is contributing to it. Both false ideas. All the planets are heating up and the trouble with starvation is that the food is available but in the wrong place. So these are the plans:

They want to get the population down to 500,000,000. They want to create the North American Union of the US, Canada and Mexico. A ten lane highway will be built from Mexico to Canada. Canada will be broken up in to states of the United States as in the 51st, 52nd, etc. Already an unelected commission has confiscated 584,000acres of land from nearly 1 million Texas farmers through bogus court rulings. Also parts of our country are being sold to foreigners, especially the Chinese, which already owns a port on the West coast. The idea is to destroy the United States to make it part of the NAU. But there is much more at stake for our freedoms. For example, they (unelected non-governmental agencies) are going to try to force all of us to live in “Smart Cities” in poorly built housing. To this end they block off-ramps to small towns to make people in those towns consider moving. The rest of country will be allowed to go back to its natural state. In Texas 8000 miles of roads and land are being given to government-backed foreign companies. Officials in government have sworn to uphold the Constitution, so backing any of these plans will find them in court at a minimum or arrested for high treason.

Psalm 140 is eerily close to the situation and description that faces Humanity under Agenda 21 (178 nations signed on to this horror show). The psalm is ‘a Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked’, according to the poem’s editor. There will be a desperate fight when people find out they will lose their homes and end up in unsafe city towers. They will lose their carbon producing vehicles. The city streets will be dominated by bike riders. As the author points out, bike lanes are being put in the roads all over the world. This, of course, leads to congestion, and is meant to make drivers frustrated, having to change lanes, slow down, meet oncoming cars and in general using more gas than having a road uncluttered to drive on. They put a bike lane through my parking place across from my church, so I can’t park there anymore.

“preserve me from the violent, says verse 2. “the wicked have laid snares for me by the wayside.” “Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked ones,” This psalm indicates how xsthe average person will react to Agenda 21 and the New World Order. But the psalm ends on a high note. If the author trusts in God, he will be delivered from his enemies, the wicked one who want to do him harm. But there is a lot more than harm coming down the pike, unless we do something.

The 9/11 MegaRitual

Theodore Olson, Barbara Olson’s husband (you’ll recall she was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77, which on 9/11 crashed into the Pentagon, the groundbreaking for which was held on September 11, 1941 just happened to be born on September 11, 1940. Bain suggests these are a string of Satanic synchronicities and a cruel joke on Olson, whose wife died on his birthday. It was even more cruel considering that she delayed her trip to the West Coast so she could be with him on his birthday. According to Olsen, his wife, a lawyer, phoned him after the hijacking had commenced and informed him that the hijackers had knives and box cutters, a key detail. This call was cut off, as was a second call, in which Ted claimed to have told his wife of the attacks on the Twin Towers. Ted changed his story several times and it is not clear whether his wife was calling from a cell phone or a seatback phone. And then questions were raised about whether cellphones and seatback phones could even be used on commercial flights in 2001.

And then there is the “mystery plane” flying over Washington just after the Pentagon was attacked. It was seen circling restricted airspace just above the White House. The aircraft was a stark white modified Boeing 747-200 and is the world’s most advanced communications platform and state of the art airborne command center. It is an 800 million dollar aircraft. It’s called the “Doomsday Plane” and Bain says, “it was aloft in the skies of Washington at the very moment the Pentagon was supposedly struck with pin-point accuracy by a flying dunce (after he performed a 330 degree downward spiral that lasted over 3 minutes, mind you.”). And with all the warning systems the people in the Pentagon didn’t know the attack was coming, and 125 servicemen and women were killed.

Bain is funny in the way he way he shows how the perpetrators have somehow manipulated the synchronicities. I simply must quote him again: “And just when you think you’ve heard it all, that the entire scenario couldn’t get any more ridiculously suspicious (or suspiciously ridiculous), this little fact emerges: in information obtained from the FAA in 2008 under a FOIA request, we learn the call sign of the Doomsday Plane circling above DC is VENUS77. Yet another 77! Apparently you just can’t have too many. Also, Venus invokes the pentagram (pentagon) and is associated with Lucifer as Morning Star. So we have 77 and the pentagon in the air, combined together in magical union.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

I know there has been a long delay in getting this blog out, but I fell down and hurt my back and its been slow to heal. Meanwhile Kerry Cassidy of “Project Camelot” has come up with some very interesting information. To say I believe it would be going too far, but it has entertainment value. Well, here it is: South American governments have been allowing Aliens like Grays to make Alien-Human hybrids, and these are the creatures marching through Mexico to our border. This is the real reason Trump was building the Wall. Also, Trump won the election with 82% of the vote (no wonder he was so angry); Trump controls part of the military and there is a civil war going on (check out the razor wire around the Capitol). The senators and congresspeople can’t get an answer when they ask about this situation. Trump and his team are freeing kids from underground bases (these are all the kidnapped kids you hear about in the news). Also, Kerry said that Biden is a clone, but that’s going a little too far for me, although I noticed that he’s not “the old Joe we know and love.” The last thing (which hasn’t been confirmed) is that there are 250,000 Chinese troops at our borders. The person who came up with this showed on a map that helicopters were at all the borders of the US apparently doing some kind of surveillance. Now, lets go to Jesus, a steady figure in a chaotic world. I don’t think we realize how fortunate we are to have Jesus. Another thing Kerry said was that both the covid 19 and the vaccines are meant to mutate our genes so that we are placed in a “cage” and our spirits are unable to escape when the time comes. I’ve been dodging my daughter who wants me to get a shot. But I digress.

Luke 13:31-33. Jesus is advised to move out of Herod’s jurisdiction; Herod wants to kill him as he killed John the Baptist. So he moved toward Bethsaida, out of Herod’s area of power. But it is God’s plan that decides whether Jesus goes to Jerusalem, not Herod’s moves or moods. “That is the city where a prophet like him should die,” according to the commentator. “It is impossible that a prophet should die outside of Jerusalem,” Jesus himself says.

Luke 13:35. Jesus’ mission is to gather Jerusalem’s children and bring about Israel’s restoration, like a hen gathering her brood under her wings. Jesus is portrayed in the same role as God toward the wilderness generation: “Like an eagle to protect her brood/ he too yearned for his young/ spreading her wings, he received them aloft on his back.” (Deut 32:11) Jesus wished so much to do this, but they were unwilling. Jesus warns that the consequences for Jerusalem if the leaders continue to shed innocent blood will be judgment on the city. He foretells the destruction of their “house,” which the Romans destroy in AD 70 and by which he means either the Temple or the city.

Luke 14:1-6. Jesus said:” Do not invite the rich or upper class to lunch or dinner; instead invite the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame; blessed will you be because of their inability to pay. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.” Jesus is sitting at a meal with Pharisees and a man with dropsy sits in front of him. Jesus asks if it is lawful to heal on the sabbath. They give silent assent and the man is healed and dismissed. Jesus is continuing the jubilee program he announced on a sabbath of “bringing liberty to captives.” Jesus gets their agreement that they would pull their ox out of a cistern on the sabbath, so he says of much more importance is a captive man-be it disease or something else. They aren’t really following; they are eating in God’s company, but find themselves excluded from God’s kingdom.

Luke 14:7-17. Since the guests won’t respond, Jesus decides to teach in parables. As before, he teaches about what happens at the Pharisee’s dinner. He says Don’t be embarrassed by going to the head of the table and then asked to go the foot of the table because somebody richer is taking your place. Jesus said: “Anyone who exalts himself will be humbled (by God), but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Jesus preached this message because he lived it. Jesus had referred to himself as the bridegroom and his disciples as wedding guests. Therefore, the parable here, which superficially appears to be about social etiquette, is ultimately about how to enter and recline at table at the messianic wedding banquet in the kingdom.

9/11 and the MegaRitual.

7 x 11 = 77 is a magical power in perfection for occultists. These numbers have meaning for God, too, as I previously noted. Next there is Act One, another occult number of large significance ceremonially coupled with a super-sized occult symbol, the Pentagon. Bain cuts in here and summarizes a 5 point thesis by Aleister Crowley. It is taken from Crowley’s “Book of the Law,” which was dictated to him by an entity while Crowley was in Egypt. The prologue consists of 3 thesis points: Symbols don’t kill people; people with symbols kill people….Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay….Every man and woman is a star,

Man has the right to live by his own Law. 2. Man has the right to eat what he will. 3. Man has the right to think as he will. 4. Man has the right to love as he will. 5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart those rights. “the slaves shall serve” “Love is the Law, love under will.” The occult symbols pentagon and pentagram were not universally considered dark symbols. In some areas of the world they were seen as protective and benign. When reaching the afterlife, serpent worshipers produced the token of the holy pentagon as a sign that they had been clean on earth.

According to the Donning International Psychic Dictionary, the pentagram is the “most powerful symbol of all occult ceremonial rites,” and among the powers ascribed to it is the notification of “etheric world intelligences.” The pentagram contains a pentagon at its heart and inverted, is a universal Satanic symbol to summon demons and, even better, Satan himself. The pentagon and 77 go together like a lock and key; Bain says this is more than a symbol. A number of power (like 11) combined with a symbol of power (the towers) …. “a ceremonial vessel numerically consecrated and filled with living sacrifices violently penetrated into the inner sanctum of a 5 ring jumbo-sized heart of a pentagram in a spewing eruption of flame, glass, steel, flesh and blood. This diabolical ceremonial act was designed as a key to unlock the powers of Hell, unleashing them on the denizens of earth.

A FOIA request in 2008 yielded the information that the Call Sign on the plane that hit the Pentagon was VENUS77. Yet another 77! And the conjunctions of Venus against the Zodiac form a Pentagram. Last, the Romans designated the morning aspect of Venus the Light-Bringer, or Lucifer.

Modern occultists say that 5 is the number of Death; Bain says it is sacred to the Illuminati, an ancient secret society. The rule the earth and they take their orders from the Draco and reptilian. But I’ve already covered all that. 555 is the intensification of Death. The Washington Monument, designed by Freemasons, is 555 feet high. The Pentagon has 5 sides, 5 concentric rings, 5 above ground floors and a 5 acre central plaza. The highest rank in the US military of their senior operational commanders is that of “5 star”, five 5 pointed stars . Bain calls the Pentagon “The House of Death.” I’m sure he’s not the first person to make that observation!

Jesus and the Kingdom of God

The unit from Luke 12:1 to 13:21 is framed by contrasting references to the “leaven” of the Pharisees and the “leaven” of the kingdom. The Pharisees’ leaven represented their hidden hypocrisy, soon to be exposed. Also, the kingdom of God is hidden at first, like leaven mixed in flour. The three measures of flour leavened can feed more than 100 people. Likewise from inconspicuous origins, the kingdom of God grows to embrace the whole world. (13:20-21)

Luke 13:22-14-35. Jesus continues his journey to Jerusalem, followed by crowds to whom he teaches about discipleship and the banquet in the kingdom of God. He continues teaching in towns and villages. Many in the crowd ask him about ‘the world to come’ or ‘eternal life.’ Luke calls it “life in the age to come.” Jesus indirectly contrasts the “few” who will make it with the “many” who are unsuccessful in their attempt to be “saved.” Jesus gives the image of being saved as squeezing through a “narrow door,” which is then locked from the inside by the Lord of the house, meaning Jesus. Despite Jesus’ inclusiveness, “salvation should not be taken for granted” (1 Timothy 2:4). (Luke 13:23-24)

Jesus extends the image of the locked door. It is locked on the inside by the Lord of the house. Those outside are knocking to get inside. Lord, open the door for us, they said and begged. Twice they are rebuffed with the phrase: I do not know where you are from. ..Although they “know” Jesus, they haven’t “acknowledged” him, but rather denied him; now it is their turned to be denied. The words of the Master of the house–“Depart from me, all you who do evil” echo those of the psalmist: “Away from me, all who do evil” (Ps.6:9). The evildoers have missed their chance to repent. (13:25-27)

The excluded will spend their time wailing and grinding their teeth, which is associated with the outer darkness and the fiery furnace of hell. But the saved will enter the kingdom of God, meeting Abraham, the rest of the patriarchs, the prophets, although I think most of us would settle for a relative. (I didn’t put that in the plural because some of us aren’t on speaking terms with our relatives.) I felt my beloved grandmother around me a lot and I thought she might want me to visit her. I was sure she was in heaven or on one of the teaching planets leading to Paradise. So I remote viewed her–that means I went into a deep trance and closed my mind to all distractions. I met her in an orchard with a road that led to a city with pristine white buildings. We sat down by a fountain and talked. She had a dress on similar to those she wore when living. She didn’t say much. I told her I couldn’t see the details of the buildings and she agreed with me–I wasn’t meant to. She didn’t know where my grandfather was, which is no surprise–he was always running around helping other people. Now back to Jesus. He said, “At the banquet some are last who will be first and some are first who will be last.” For example, some who are Gentiles will enter into eternal life in the kingdom, whereas some in Israel may be judged unworthy to enter (13:30).

The 9/11 MegaRitual.

In 1919 the Ringling Brothers Circus made Sarasota their winter home, and their staff and performers settled there. All 7 brothers were Masons. In 1968 their Clown College located there as well. Rumor has it that CIA recruits were sent there to learn sleight-of- hand. Clowns are modern incarnations of the trickster deity, of which Hermes, Pan and Satan are all prime examples. The trickster clown is an Jungian archetype and the most ancient clowns have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt.

The playful image of the clown has given way to a dark contemporary image (King’s Pennywise, for example). Horror has supplanted humor, which perhaps is a reflection on the times in which we live. Mark Dery, author of “Cotton Candy Autopsy: Deconstructing Psycho-Killer Clowns,” asserts that the evil clown is an icon of our times. Clowns are depicted as murderous psychopaths, an apt description of the occult perpetrators of the 9/11 MegaRitual, who used pseudo-Islamic extremist patsies to pilot planes full of terrified passengers into buildings (and into the ground, where Flight 93 disappeared completely in an astonishing vanishing act).

Act Three: American Airlines Flight 77 and the Pentagon. The skills need to hit the West wing of the Pentagon from the angle the plane would have to approach it would be beyond Hani Hanjour, who, according to the manager of a flying school, “could not fly at all.” There are all sorts of other mysteries connected to this hi-jacking. The was no contour of a plane in the wall of the building. There was no debris on the ground that would lead someone to conclude that a plane had crashed into the building. The “plane” left a path through to the inner courtyard, where, of course, nobody could see it, only wonder what it was. Most speculated that it was a missile. But, if so, where were the passengers? Another mystery is that Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, on September 10, said he couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion in transactions. Strangely, the DOD’s accounting division was in the west wing where the relevant investigation was taking place. Not only that, but the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon itself was on September 11, 1941, 60 years to the day before 9/11.

77 is a popular occult number, but 7, 77 and multiples of 7 are also popular with God. How do I know this? The Urantia Book details the structure of the grand universe and 7 is a featured number. There is the Central Universe, with Paradise in the middle; there are seven circles of a billion planets circling Paradise called Havona. There are seven superuniverses revolving around the Central universe. Each one has 700,000 local universes and 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets. Each universe has 10,000,000 worlds. Our universe Nebadon is not chaotic, although it may seem so. The grand universe is organized down to the last detail, although cosmic events of course seem very disorderly. Outer space included is called the Master Universe, and its being developed with new universes.

77 is especially important in the occult world, Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon, which sits on the 77th Meridian West, and is 77 feet tall. You can’t make this up! Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, lists the 77 names of the gods and goddesses invoked and which occupy the Palace of Hell. The number 77 is also a Masonic signal, the number of the Revenge of Lamech, ancestor of Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason.

Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Jesus keeps insisting on the need to repent, otherwise they will literally perish as those in the random accidents did. “They know not when their lives will be demanded of them.” Jesus uses the parable of the fig tree to illustrate the urgency of his message of repentance. The tree produces no fruit. The ethical application is clear to modern readers: God patiently waits to see if a person will repent and bear fruit in the future. If not, however, the owner will cut the tree down–one’s individual “life will be demanded” of a person, or the Day of Judgment will arrive with Christ’s Second Coming. (Luke 13: 4-5)

But the parable first of all refers to Israel. The tree is planted in an orchard, a common image for Israel in the OT. The owner may represent God or Jesus because the gardener addresses him as “sir” (kyrios), which could be God or Lord. The gardener asks the owner to let him fertilize it, which offers hope that there is one last chance for repentance. (Luke 13: 6-9) “Suffering must serve for conversion,” John Paul II.

Jesus is teaching in a synagogue on the Sabbath and heals a woman who has been crippled by a spirit for eighteen years. He is met by the usual hypocritical harassment from the Jewish officials of the synagogue. When Jesus healed her, he used the passive voice ( “you are set free”) indicating that God is the one who acted. The woman recognized this and glorified God. The leader of the synagogue ironically thinks God is on his side. Jesus explains the logic of healing the woman on the Sabbath. He says that the Jews would untie their oxen on the Sabbath to take them to water. Jesus is merely doing the same: he is freeing the woman from bondage so her spirit can “drink” of God’s mercy. As a parting shot, Jesus calls the Jews hypocrites because they focus on the external observance of the Sabbath, ignoring its inner meaning.

The Sabbath was important for many reasons, but two are described. First, the Sabbath was a reminder about creation: “For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth…but on the seventh day he rested. That is why the Lord has blessed the Sabbath and made it holy.” Second, the Sabbath recalled Israel’s Exodus: “Remember that you too were once slaves in the land of Egypt, and the Lord, your God, brought you out from there…That is why the Lord, your God, has commanded you to observe the Sabbath Day.” The Sabbath healing of the woman who was bound signals that Jesus’ mission is to lead Israel in a new Exodus from the bondage, not of Pharaoh, but of Satan. (Luke 13: 15-16)

Then Jesus said: ” What is the kingdom of God like? To what can I compare it? Answering his own question, he said: “It is like a seed, that when planted, became a huge bush and even the birds could make nests in it.” He asked the question again: “To what shall I compare the kingdom of God?” Again he answered: “It is like yeast, when its put with three measures of wheat flour until the whole batch of dough was leavened.” When the kingdom of heaven becomes fully grown, people like birds nesting in the mustard bush, will find a comfortable place in the kingdom.

The 9/11 MegaRitual.

The number of power (11) was combined with the potent symbol of the World Trade Center in order to invoke the most powerful entity in existence: Satan. But does Satan really exist? Lucifer and Satan were brought to trial for their crimes against humanity and declared guilty. They were given their choice of how they wanted to die. They could either be terminated by the court or they could self-terminate. They chose the latter, so they are both gone. This doesn’t mean that demons don’t try to pretend they are Satan, although its not certain that demons exist, since Jesus may have cleared most of them off the planet. When people have outrageous sex orgies and bloody sacrifices of animals or even humans they are trying to invoke what they think are evil entities because it makes the sex better, but they are probably dredging up the filth from their own id. After all, humans have a reptilian brain and God knows what lurks down there. But I digress.

”In the end, what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black Mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased.” —–Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. There is some question of when President Bush knew when the first plane hit the North Tower. Versions differ. But the question is: Why did he sit there and listen to that damned story about the pet goat for 7 minutes after he knew the US was under attack? The author Bain sarcastically compares Bush to Crowley, who says in worship of the devil: “I read this book that I may study the nature of my Deity.” And Bush sat and listened as people fell from towers and burned alive, and again Crowley’s sarcasm applies: “Yet also may he deliberately practice cruelties…” conjuring the image of the The Tower tarot card, Inferno, the devil’s paradise, Sarasota’s unofficial name.

But the evildoers are after something far more serious than word games. It’s an amazing coincidence that Bush and the children were reading about a pet goat. But it is probably more like a synchronicity, a coincidence that has meaning. According to Mason Manly P. Hall, “the symbolism of the goat relates to the pre-Christian god Pan, Dionysius. Pan is represented as being half-human, half-goat, with horns, and would later in Medieval times represent the devil. But Bain says it was not a coincidence and gives us a surprising and humorous account of how The Pet Goat fits into the mythology of 9/11. On a deeper level this story is an allegory of the Luciferian Doctrine: The father is an overbearing hyper-authoritarian, and the goat, which at first seemed naughty, turned out to save the day. It is Lucifer, the light-bearer, who seeks to set humanity free. Masonry acts as the contemporary retainer for the ancient Mystery religion, and in Morals and Dogma, 33degree Freemason Albert Pike candidly exalts the fallen angel.(Bain) Bain says there is a YouTube video of the teacher reading The Pet Goat with her class, and describes it as similar to a ritualistic chanting of a religious ceremony. This is going on while the perpetrators, through their ritualistic, homicidal acts, seek to unite themselves with Satan. Fatefully, Mohamed Atta, a ringleader of the 9/11 tragedy, took pilot lessons briefly in…. Sarasota. He was the hi-jacker pilot of the first plane to hit its target, we are led to believe, and according to Bain, this is neither coincidence or synchronicity; rather, it is yet another example of the twisted humor and sophisticated logistics employed in the 9/11 MegaRitual.

Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven looms large when Jesus says: “I have come to set the world on fire.” Fire is associated with the baptism that Jesus has yet to receive. John the Baptist had prophesied regarding one who was coming who “would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.” This prediction looks forward to the tongues of fire sent by Jesus at Pentecost when the disciples were baptized with the Holy Spirit. This is the fire that Jesus longs to see blazing. But before the Spirit can be given in this way, Jesus must suffer the “baptism” of his passion and death. (Luke 12:49-50).

Luke combines two different visions or aspects, the giving of the spirit and judgment, which isn’t surprising, since Jesus has come as a sign of contradiction. He brings peace to those who accept it, but to those who reject it, he brings division. Division will affect household relationships: father v son, mother v daughter, etc. Micah the prophet foretold this, but he said Israel would be restored. And look at Israel now, a free state. (Luke 12:51-53).

Jesus notes that people are able to interpret weather related phenomena, like a heat wave from the desert in the south, but not the inner meaning of the Present Time. This is an opportune time for repenting and recognizing the Messiah. Because of this difference between the outside and the inside, Jesus calls them hypocrites. (Luke 12:54-56).

Jesus urges the crowd to repent and judge for themselves what is right. He uses a courtroom image to advise them to settle their differences before they get to court, otherwise they may end up in debtor’s prison. “Debts represent sins and Jesus’ mission is precisely to proclaim the jubilee year of remission of such debts. But these debts will not be forgiven without repentance–the sooner the better.” Inspired by Jesus’ words about his mission, St. Ignatius of Loyola told departing missionaries like St. Francis Xavier: “Go and set the world on fire!” Zeal for the mission of spreading the gospel is a hallmark of saints.” (Luke 12:57-59).

Pilate had killed a group of people who were sacrificing and otherwise were minding their own business. When Jesus heard this story he merely used it to further his own message. He said that people who suffer misfortunes are not greater sinners than others. In fact, he told me, the writer, that it’s all random, which I should have known anyway. Jesus told the crowd to fear God, not Pilate. (Luke 13:1-9).

Jesus doubles the message by telling them about 18 people who were killed when a tower fell on them near Siloam. Again they were no more sinful than others.


The Most Dangerous Book in the World: Section 1

Chapter 1: On September 11, 2001, at 8:43 am an American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, hit the North Tower, one of the archetypal pillars of Hermes. “The assault on America had just begun…and with this act of terror and destruction, the largest occult ritual in the history of the world commenced” (Bain). Next United Airlines 175 hit the South Tower of the Trade Center. Over time the numerical identifiers on the flights would come to represent the lost and become synonymous with 9/11. These numbers and their ancient symbols represented by the Twin Towers were important to those who were watching and applauding as the day’s events unfolded brilliantly and flawlessly. Who were the plotter? Whoever you think it is, go higher up the food chain, because they are so high that they can get away with anything. Forget the usual suspects. Surprisingly, I believe the Trump administration has made some attempts to arrest them. I don’t know the outcome. And who were in the cockpits? Dupes who were promised harems of girls to learn to fly a plane and couldn’t even do that right.

Chapter 2: “A grimoire is a book of black magic; it describes a set of magical symbols and how best to properly combine them in order to produce the desired effect.” Grimoires can contain elaborate rituals, as 9/11 most certainly was. William Wynn Westcott writes about the number 11and its reputation: “This seems to be the type of a number with an evil reputation among all peoples. The Kabalists contrasted it with the perfection of the Decad (10) and just as the Sephirotic number is the form of all good things, so eleven is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, imperfect, 11 was the number of choice with which to initiate the ritual and declare its true nature. The 11 could also be seen as a graphic symbol of the two towers standing straight into the sky (when my son-in-law worked at the North Tower, he took me up and I learned it had a 6 foot sway). The number of Flight 11 and the date September 11 are also a weird coincidence. The ancient Pillars of Hermes was described by the ancient historian Herodotus as : “one pillar was pure gold and the other as emerald, which glowed at night with great brilliancy.” Hermes was the god of trade and commerce. His overview included roads, boundaries and rectangular pillars used as markers of stone or bronze. The Twin Towers were not only modern concrete re-creations of the famed Pillars of Hermes, but also symbolically marked the boundary between this world and that of the next. Associated with the crossing of boundaries, Hermes, the god of doorways, was a fitting psychopomp, or conductor of the dead to the underworld, a role that was certainly invoked on 9/11. Multiple aspects of Hermes character were invoked on 9/11, including his aspect as a trickster god. The destruction of the modern symbols for the Pillars of Hermes, signified the opening of a metaphysical opening.

Chapter 3 The two pillars are also an emblem of the Freemasons. They represent the pillars Joachim and Boaz, set on either side of the door into the Temple of Solomon. They commemorate the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night which guided the Israelites in their forty years wandering in the wilderness. “Beyond what the Towers represented, however, is what the Towers became on 9/11–altars, massive, sacrificial altars, for sacrifice by fire” (Bain). Aleister Crowley in his book “The Book of the Law” states: “My number is 11, as all their number who are of us.” The repeated use of the number 11, not only characterized the nature of the act, but also signaled the commencement of a magical operation. Crowley claimed to have had sacrificial rituals in which human beings, including children were killed. They were Satanic. This is explained in Stewart Swerdlow’s book “Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation.” He was forced from a young age to take part in bizarre rituals in which Satan was invoked for sexual reasons. Demonic energy brings on sexual desire. Sex and Satan are all mixed together in these rituals. Author William Ramsey said about Crowley: “he wrote numerous books detailing his vision about the ideal society–the strong over the weak, the maintenance of a patriarchal aristocracy ruling over a slave state, and the Darwinian killing of the unfit” ( according to the Urantia Book, other worlds do this routinely). Seen by some as the “Godfather of Modern Satanism,” Crowley is the key to deciphering the script for the 9/11 global MegaRitual because on one level the entire day’s events are an ‘Ode to Aleister Crowley’ as will be demonstrated.

ACT ONE, SCENE TWO INTERPRETED: Two towers, two planes, the first aircraft bearing the number of Magick in itself, signaling the commencement of the ritual. And the second plane? There are three main main methods of invoking any Deity…the first method consist of devotion to that Deity…and Crowley has the book with the devotion in it…a perfect instruction exists in ‘Liber 175,’ writes Crowley in “Magick” from “Liber ABA.”