The Urantia Book

The Local Universe. A local universe is the handiwork of a Creator Son of the Paradise order of Michael. It comprises 100 constellations, each embracing 100 systems of inhabited worlds. Each system will eventually contain about one thousand inhabited spheres. These universes of time and space are evolutionary; growth is gradual and there is progressive development of the physical, intellectual and spiritual capacities of the creatures who inhabit the spheres. Michael’s plans for Nebadon were approved before he ever started work on it. But these universes are originally projected and planned by the Paradise Architects of the Master Universe. The preuniverse manipulations of space force and the primordial energies are the work of the Paradise Master Force Organizers; but in the superuniverse domains when emergent energy becomes responsive to local gravity, the power directors of the superuniverse take over. The Creator Son cannot begin universe organization until the power directors have provided a material foundation–suns and material spheres–for the material universe.

The energy charge of a local universe is approximately one one-hundred-thousandth of the force endowment of its superuniverse. When energy-matter has attained a certain stage in mass materialization, the Creator Son and the Creator Daughter of the Infinite Spirit arrives and starts the work of building the artificial sphere that will be the headquarters (Salvington) of the universe. The other artificial spheres for the Constellations, the Systems, the Major and Minor Sectors and all their satellites are built. This job takes long years. Meanwhile, the stars and planets are still finding their proper place in the universe. The Solar System may still be a dream.

From pre-existent energy these divine Sons materialize visible matter, project living creatures and create a diverse retinue of spirit personalities. From the first completed act of physical creation to the staff arriving on Salvington and its satellites a billion years had intervened. Salvington sits at the exact energy-mass center of the universe. Michael and his Creative Spirit now create a being, this being the first of the Creative Spirit’s acts, and they create the Bright and Morning Star, the chief executive of the universe, the personal associate of Michael, like him in many ways, but not divine. His name is Gabriel. He is born with the skills and knowledge he will need to do his job. That’s kind of mysterious but cool.

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