The Timeline cont.

2024-2000 BCE:: Radiation from the atomic war blew east and ruined Sumer for the next 100 years. But it didn’t touch Babylon, where Marduk reigned as God of gods. Marduk made Babylon Sumer’s capital. Enlil moved the communication equipment to the Sun Pyramid which Ningishzidda had designed in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Enki and Marduk purified Sumer’s water and decontaminated the radioactive soil so people could again live there. Marduk announced himself to be the “gods’ God” and renamed Nibiru “Marduk.” He degraded knowledge by making the priests study astrology instead of astronomy; he took away the rights of citizens and women; he barred women from high office. Despite Marduk, Isaac sent his son back to Harran to marry his Uncle Laben’s daughter. He was tricked into 20 years of labor and he had to marry the plain daughter as well as the one he was in love with. Then Enlil ordered him to return to Canaan. He wrestled a Nibiran during his trip.

1870-1560 BCE :: Rachael and Jacob begat Joseph; Joseph’s half-brothers hated him. They sold him as a slave to a caravan, which took him to Egypt. Joseph was put in jail, but he correctly interpreted a dream of the pharaoh Amenemhet, and ended up in charge of all the wealth of the country. Jacob-Israel and his sons came to Egypt with the refugees all seeking food, and Joseph forgave his brothers. Hammurabi, Marduk’s Babylonian king, destroyed Mari, home of Enlilite survivors of the nuclear disaster of 2024. A cluster trail of comets and rocks at the 180 degree position on Nibiru’s orbit crossed the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. This orbiting debris bombarded Earth. The Hittites won Babylon and captured Marduck.

1551-1383 BCE :: Kassites joined with Hyksos in Egypt, both venerating Marduk as Ra, took Babylon and freed Marduk. Joseph’s daughter bore a son, who it was feared would lead a revolt among the Israelites. Tiye put the baby in a basket where it would easily be found and the pharaoh’s daughter found it and raised it, naming it Moses. Moses killed an overseer and fled to Sinai and married a priest’s daughter. Enlil told Moses: “Go to Egypt. Show the Pharaoh magic. Tell him to let my people go.” Moses gave the Pharaoh plagues, infestations, cattle diseases, darkness, weather distubances, killed all firstborn animals and babies. Pharaoh finally said to “Go” but tried to bring them back. Enlil opened a path through the Red Sea and let it close around the Pharaoh’s charioteers. Enlil led the Israelites through the wilderness for 40 years. He demanded the deaths of 3,000 who worshiped other Anunnaki and 23,000 for having sex before marriage. In 1393 the Israelites entered Canaan. In 1433 Enlil fired techno-weapons and helped Joshua and the Israelites take down Jericho. He told Joshua to extend an attack on Canaanites near Beth Horon while the comet strike stopped Earth’s spin for 20 hours (1394). Enlil has Moses climb Mt. Sinai then relay demands to the Israelites. They knew they had to obey or he would kill them. Enlil gave Moses stone tablets and directions for building the “Ark of the Covenant.” There was also a Talk to Enlil Comm unit. Monotoatomic gold was hidden in the Ark, which would weigh many tons. Moses’ face glowed from the radiation of the shuttlecraft Enlil used. The commandments were: reject all other Nibiran gods, spend every seventh day worshiping him, subjugate women and kids…

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