The Urantia Book

The Uversa Personality Register. The divine family of living beings is registered on Uversa in seven grand divisions: 1. The Paradise Deities 2. The Supreme Spirits 3. The Trinity-origin Beings 4. The Sons of God 5. Personalities of the Infinite Spirit 6. The Universe Power Directors 7. The Corps of Permanent Citizenship.

Courtesy Colonies on Uversa make it possible for ascenders or astronomers to study the stars. The sphere has no space bodies near it that would occlude the sight of other stars. The next higher residential world of the ascendant career always maintains a strong corps of teachers on the world just below, a sort of prep school for the progressing residents of that sphere. The entire ascendant plan of mortal progression is characterized by the practice of giving out to other beings new truth and experience just as soon as aquired. You work your way through the long school of Paradise attainment by serving as teachers to those pupils just behind you in the scale of progression.

There are seven stages in the ascending universe career: 1. Planetary Mortals 2. Sleeping Survivors 3. Mansion World Students 4. Morontia Progressors 5. Superuniverse Wards 6. Havona Pilgrims 7. Paradise Arrivals. 1. Humans are about the same on all the planets so people will mix and mingle on the mansion worlds. 2. “All mortals of survival status, in the custody of personal guardians of destiny, pass through the portals of natural death and, on the third period, personalize on the mansion worlds” (289). There has been a change since Jesus came. The dead waited years to be raised; now there is no wait-we go directly to the resurrection chambers. 3. A seraphim sponsors the new morontia body. The Thought Adjuster is the custodian of the spirit transcript of the mind of the sleeping survivor. The assigned seraphim is the keeper of the surviving identity–the immortal soul–as far as it has evolved. The reassociation of the soul and the Adjuster is a resurrection, but the reappearance of the personality is a bit of a mystery. The Thought Adjuster is not your conscience or your sixth sense. It is spirit–a fragment of the Universal Father-God. This fragment of God comes into us when we reach the age of knowing right and wrong, maybe 5 years old. If we let it, it will give us direction, advice, caution and answer questions. Sometime during the passage through the mansion worlds, people generally fuse with their Adjusters.

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