The Timeline cont.

1373-1000 BCE :: Akhenaten succeeded to the Egyptian throne. He preached that Nibiru’s next nearing would “usher in a time of peace and benevolence to all.” In a temple he built at Amara he displayed the ben ben, an object made from an Anunnaki rocket, perhaps a space capsule. Akhenaten had his people follow his Star Religion and worship Nibiru. Ra-Marduk’s priests in Thebes drove him from office and resumed Egypt’s loyalty to Ra. King Kadashman-Enlil of Babylon expected Nibiru’s return soon. He changed Babylon’s Marduk worship to Enlil and Adad-worship. 1200:: Philistines, repulsed in Egypt, invaded Canaan. Enlil chose Saul, then David, to rule Israel. Agamemnon, Menelaus and Odysseus led Greeks against Hittite allies of Adad and Inanna at Troy. Diomedes, a part-Anunnaki Greek Earthling, injured Inanna, but she recovered. Her son, Aeneas, fought on the Trojan side, and fled to Carthage, according to the author Virgil. Adad and Nergal again sent an Assyrian king (Shalmaneser II) with technologically advanced artillery against Marduk’s Babylonians. Shalmaneser won. Ningishzidda and his followers ran high-civilization Yucatan temple centers.

963-331 BCE:: Solomon succeeded his father David. Solomon started to build Enlil’s temple in Jerusalem. Sargon’s son, Sennacherib, shelled, then sacked Babylon on the pretext that Babylonians disappointed Marduk. Then, without Adad’s OK, he attacked Jerusalem. Enlil, who controlled Mission Control Jerusalem, hit his erstwhile Assyrian allies with a techno-weapon that killed 185,000 of them. Sennacherib fled back to Nineveh in Sumer. 650 BCE :: Most Anunnaki left Earth from Nazca. Enlil sent Inanna to Assyria where she disarmed the Ninevan army, burned their weapons and made Esarhaddon king. She and her king attacked Marduk’s Egyptian forces, and she blinded them with a techno-weapon. Enlil let Babylonians conquer Assyria and sent Babylon’s king Nebuchadnezzar II to take Lebanon. Marduk’s king Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the first temple built there. He installed a puppet king, ordered worship of Marduk and took leading citizens as hostages back to Harran. In Harran Israeli scholars wrote the Hebrew Bible and created monotheism, for Yahweh/Enlil now lacked a land and could be a divinity free of a specific territory. Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and many other places were subsumed under the Persian Empire, ruled by Darius. 482 BCE:: Marduk died in Babylon and his son, Nabu, disappeared. Alexander the Great thought that Marduk was his father and rushed to Babylon to see him, but was very disappointed to learn that he had died.

311BCE-30CE:: Ka-in, who killed his brother Abael, received a genetic modification. His facial hair was removed. He went to the New World and that’s supposed to be the reason why Native American men have no facial hair. Anyway in 311, ka-in’s descendents killed the remaining Olmecs and Sumerians in Central America. In 187 Antiochus III introduced Marduk/Zeus and the Greek pantheon into the (rebuilt) Jewish temple and precipitated a short-lived rebellion. He pushed the Greeks gods again and the Jews revolted again. And then he forbade circumcision, which marked Jews as followers of Enlil. Antiochus IV banned the Jewish sabbath, put a statue of Zeus in their temple and had Greek priest sacrifice pigs there. Under the Romans Jews controlled the temple. 30 CE This information comes from Anunnaki: False Gods, by Sasha Lessin PhD and Janet Lessin. Christ died about 30 CE. They say he escaped to France. There is overwhelming evidence that he was crucified and was resurrected. But this isn’t the place for a debate. I enjoyed the book about the Anunnaki; I always love reading about our real ancestors.

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