Auditory Harassment. According to author John Hall “One of the hallmark symptoms that distinguish between the mentally normal and the mentally ill is the presence of voices in the head.” It is described as one of the symptoms of delusional disorder, psychosis, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia. These are referred to as auditory hallucinations. Traditionally, anyone hearing voices inside their head (no external source) is presumed to be mentally ill. But there is a gray area when people say God spoke to them and told them to go to church. But if God told them to go burn a synagogue, that would be another matter. A more liberal way to deal with the voices is to make it acceptable in the absence of personal or socially destructive behavior. The Hearing Voice Movement has advocated treating AH with successful coping techniques learned from other voice hearers. You won’t find this in the DMS 3,4 or 5 because psychiatry has increasingly become a mechanism of control and discipline rather than a medical art. When the literature on schizophrenia and AH is reviewed, few studies mention the actual dialogue going on inside the subject’s head: it is described as pleasant, persecutory or religious in nature without any specificity. It is pre-assumed that hearing voices is a symptom of mental illness. In schizophrenia the use of white noise is often described as a coping mechanism to drown out the voices, when it could very well be harassment. There is no mention in the literature of the possibility that technology exists to put voices in the heads of unwitting subjects. One would assume that, with psychiatrists at the head of mind control studies, they would have some suspicion that this was going on. They should know that we have the technology to produce the symptoms of schizophrenia. Thousands of people are voicing just that complaint. Individuals, many of them professionals with no history of mental illness, are complaining of hearing voices. Studies showed that these complaints far exceeded the rate of mental illness.************************** Allen Frey, a researcher at Cornell, discovered that he could “hear” radar. He realized that he wasn’t hearing it through his ears, but inside his head. The interaction between the electromagnetic radiation and the brain was called the “Frey Effect.” In studying non-thermal effects of microwaves, he found something interesting. Modulated microwave frequencies, those carrying a second embedded frequency, were found to be the most damaging. If pulsed at certain modulations, it could breach the blood-brain barrier and induce neurologic change. The Defense Dept. took a keen interest in this research; first, as a directed energy weapon and second, as a carrier signal for communications to be placed directly in the brain. This is now called the “microwave auditory effect” (MAE). Frey also patented another device that Hall says can be used for surveillance, harassment and corporate espionage.

Urantia Book 76. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus went to Jerusalem secretly for the feast of dedication, taking only Nathaniel and Thomas with him. The two apostles voiced their doubts about the wisdom of such a dangerous undertaking. They reached Jericho about 4PM and lodged there for the night. That evening a lawyer, seeking to compromise Jesus, said: “Teacher, I would like to ask you just what I should to do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus answered: “What is written in the law and the prophets; how do you read the scriptures?” The lawyer, knowing both the law and Jesus’ teachings, said: “To love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.” Then said Jesus: “You have answered right; this, if you really do, will lead to life everlasting.” But the lawyer was out to trick Jesus, who was not trickable. He wanted Jesus to say something that could be construed as an attack on the sacred law. But instead of falling into the trap, Jesus told his listeners a story. It was the story of the Good Samaritan. A man was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho and was beat up by a gang and robbed. First a priest came along but, seeing his sorry plight, he passed the man on the other side of the road. Next, a Levite came along and he,too, passed on the other side of the road. But finally, a Samaritan came along and saw the man’s wounds and was moved to help him. He took him to an inn and bound up his wounds and paid the innkeeper to keep the man until he came back. “Now let me ask you, Which of these turned out to be the neighbor of the one who fell among the robbers?” The lawyer realized he had fallen into his own trap and said: “He who showed mercy on him.” And Jesus said: “Go and do likewise.” This was a stunning rebuke to all Jews regarding their attitude toward the Samaritans. And this story has continued to promote brotherly love among all who have subsequently believed the gospel of Jesus (164.1.1-4).*** Jesus went to Jerusalem for just one purpose: to give the Sanhedrin and the Jewish leaders another chance to see the light. The main event of this feast was held at the home of Nicodemus on Friday night. Gathered together were about 25 Jewish leaders who believed Jesus’ teachings. This meeting was attended by Eber, Matadormus and Joseph of Arimathea. These men were amazed at the depth of learning of Jesus, of his grasp of both secular and religious affairs. They were mystified by his personality, charmed by his gracious manner and in love with him. Nathaniel and Thomas didn’t get much sleep that night; they were thinking of the wonderful things being said at the meeting. Jesus had to restrain them from going before the men of the Sanhedrin who hated Jesus (164.2.1-4).*************************************** It was a Sabbath morning as the 3 walked toward the Temple. There was a man blind from birth sitting in his usual place, but not begging as it was the Sabbath. Jesus thought that healing him would bring his mission to the attention to the Sanhedrin and other Jewish leaders. As he was lost in thought, Nathaniel, wondering at the cause of the man’s blindness, asked: “Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that he should be born blind?” There was, throughout all these regions, a lingering belief in reincarnation. The older Jewish teachers, together with Plato, Philo and many of the Essenes, tolerated the theory that men may reap in one incarnation what they have sown in a previous existence; thus in one life they were believed to be expiating the sins committed in preceding lives. The Master found it difficult to make men believe that their souls had not had previous existences. Before doing anything for the blind man, Josiah, he answered Nathaniel’s question: “Neither did this man or his parents sin that the works of God may be manifest in him. The blindness is caused by natural events. But we must now do the works of Him who sent me, while it is still day, for the night will certainly come when it will be impossible to do the works we are about to perform. When I am in the world, I am the light of the world, but in a little while, I will not be with you.” Continuing, Jesus said: “Let us create the sight of this man on this Sabbath that the scribes and Pharisees may have the full occasion which they seek for accusing the Son of Man.” Then he spat on the ground, mixed clay with the spittle, put the clay on the sightless eyes, telling the blind man what he was doing. Then he told the man to wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam. And then when he had thus washed his eyes, he could see. But he did not know the meaning of things he saw. Jesus directed the man to wash his eyes in the Pool of Siloam for 3 reasons: 1. This was a wonder which Jesus chose to perform for a purpose of his own, but which he so arranged that this man might derive lasting benefit. 2. As the blind man had not asked for healing, and since the faith he had was slight, these material acts were for the purpose of encouraging him. He did believe in the efficacy of spittle and he knew that the Pool of Siloam was a semisacred place. But he wouldn’t have gone there except to clean his eyes of the mud. 3. This miracle was purely one of his own choosing. He desired to teach his followers of that day and all subsequent ages not to despise or neglect material means in the healing of the sick, and they must cease to regard miracles as the only method of healing human diseases. This act was an open challenge to the Sanhedrin and all the Jewish leaders; it was his way of proclaiming an open break with the Pharisees.

Remote Viewing. Two Soviet researchers are noted for their work on remote influencing. Dr. Leonid Vasiliev of the University of Leningrad, was able to remotely influence changes in subjects, such as motor acts, visual images and electro-dermal activity. His results were positive despite attempts at shielding the electromagnetic waves with iron, lead and Faraday chamber screening material. The other Soviet researcher who researches remote influencing is Professor I.M. Kogan. He maintains that PSI is merely an extremely low frequency radio system built into the human brain. His and later studies would show that EM shielding attempts would not successfully stop RV and RI.*************************** Soon the US started RV research, the work being started by Dr. Harold Puthoff and Dr. Russel Targ at Ft. Meade and the Stanford Research Institute. These two enlisted Ingo Swann, Uni Gellar, Pat Price and a handful of military recruits. The remote viewers were given coordinates of known locations and were asked to describe what they viewed usually by drawing it on paper. Ideally, they would be in a trance-like state. No clues were given and not even the research assistants knew the locations. The drawings were eerily accurate and caught the attention of the CIA and NSA.******** Despite the success of the research, the question kept coming up: What is the mechanism behind remote viewing and remote influencing? The various theories explaining the mode of transmission of data in remote viewing have included ELF waves, tachyons, RF and quantum theory. To this day Puthoff and Targ disagree with the ELF wave theory and the telepathy theory. Attention was placed on the brains of the viewers. They were given numerous psychological tests, neurological exams and electo encephalograms. Magnetic encephalographs were performed at Los Alamos Laboratory to measure deep brain waves which led investigators to suspect temporal lobe involvement in telepathic functioning.****************** I can’t tell you the details because I don’t understand them, but intelligence agencies can monitor us in several ways. Advances in computational speed and monitoring technology have taken remote EEG monitoring apparatus farther than their inventors ever dreamed. Modern research has focused on converting the received electromagnetic waveforms back into audible thought that can be monitored and recorded. Essentially, mind reading has come of age and has been in use among intelligence agencies for a number of years now. In addition to monitoring a subject’s thoughts, researchers have also capitalized on EEG entrainment techniques. Once the brain could be entrained to stimulate visual and auditory hallucinations, subjects would perceive realistic holograms or sounds that have no realistic source in the environment. Indeed, thousands of people across the US are voicing complaints of just this phenomenon.***** Thousands of people across the United States have already been complaining of being victimized by remote neural monitoring. It remains to be seen if this has been part of the experimental phase of this technology or if the technology has fallen into criminal hands. Some of these people have been told they are delusional. Now they’ve made toys with this technology! This is an attempt at mainstreaming a technology that will have grave consequences on society. If you have any doubt, ask any of the victims of this research who have lost their careers and families after being diagnosed as delusional, only to see the technology they were told did not exist appear at Toys R Us!

Urantia Book 75. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus and the 12 now prepared to establish their last headquarters in Perea, near Pella, where the Master was baptized in the Jordan. On Tuesday, December 6, the entire company of 300 people started out at daybreak with all their effects to lodge that night near Pella by the river. David curtailed his messenger service and went to his father’s house to get the necessary items for setting up a camp. He set up his camp along the Jordan north of the main camp; he was able to offer hospitality to 1500 visitors. People were coming in from all over the empire and from east of the Tigris River. They were eager to see Jesus and hear his teaching. Before the return of the 70, there were 800 gathered around Jesus and David’s camp was full. On Friday, December 30, the evangelists started arriving by 2s, and they were very excited about their success. They said their message had been received by hungry Jews and gentiles. “At last Jesus was able to see men going out to spread the good news without his personal presence. The Master now knew that he could leave this world without seriously hindering the progress of the kingdom (163.7.1-4). The seventy also related that “even the devils” were subject to them, and they told how they cured the people of nervous disorders. Jesus said: “It is not strange that these disobedient minor spirits should be subject to you, seeing as I saw Satan falling as lightning from heaven. But rejoice not so much over this, for I declare to you that, as soon as I return to my Father, we will send forth our spirits into the very minds of men so that no more can these few lost spirits enter the minds of unfortunate mortals. I rejoice with you that you have power with men, but be not lifted up with this experience, but rejoice that your names are written on the rolls of heaven, and that you are thus to go forward in an endless career of spiritual conquest.”**** And it was at this time, just before dinner, that Jesus suddenly had a rare moment of emotional ecstasy. He said: “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that, while this wonderful gospel was hidden from the wise and self-righteous, the spirit has revealed these spiritual glories to these children of the kingdom. Yes, my Father, it must have been pleasing in your sight to do this, and I rejoice to know that the good news will spread to all the world even after I have returned to you and the work which you have given me to perform. I am mightily moved as I realize that you are about to deliver all authority into my hands, that only you know really who I am, and that I only really know you, and those to whom I have revealed you. And when I have finished this revelation to my brethren in the flesh, I will continue the revelation to the creatures on high.” Jesus then turned to his apostles and said: “Blessed are the eyes which see and the ears which hear these things. Many prophets and great men of the past have desired to behold what you now see, but it was not granted them. And the generations of light to come will envy you who have heard and seen them.” Then speaking to all the disciples, he said: “You have heard how many cities and villages have received the good news of the kingdom, and how my ministers and teachers have been received by both the Jew and the gentile. And blessed indeed are these communities that have elected to receive the gospel of the kingdom. But woe upon the light-rejecting inhabitants of Chorazin, Bethsaida-Julias, and Capernaum, the cities which did not well-receive these messengers. I declare that, if the mighty works done in these places had been done in Tyre and Sidon, the people in these heathen cities would have repented in sackcloth and ashes. It shall indeed be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon on the day of judgment.”********** It was no longer necessary for Jesus to go out to preach; the people came to him. The original corps of 12 women had trained a larger corps of 50 women and they went out in 2s when they preached. Perpetua, Peter’s wife became a member of the women’s corps. She went with Peter on all his missions and on the same day Peter was crucified in Rome, she was fed to wild beasts in the arena. The mothers of Philip, Matthew, and James and John were also members of the women’s corps. This phase of the kingdom was the final one before going to Jerusalem. This present phase was one of spiritual depth in contrast with the miracle-minded followers in the early days.

Control. As mentioned before, many of the Paperclip doctors who began mind-control research for the Nazis in Germany were allowed to continue that research in the United States. The horrors at Dachau became government funded projects with code names like MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, ARTICHOKE, and BLUEBIRD. Similar to concentration camp victims in Nazi Germany, the American public would become the unwilling or unwitting guinea pigs of most of these government funded abuses of human rights. The author says that his information did not come from his own head, but from papers that were not shredded and subsequently available via FOIA. People may be familiar with the LSD experiment that caused the death of Frank Olson. He was given a drink with LSD in it as an experiment and then allegedly committed suicide by jumping out of a window. Double files were kept on all experiments: the false files were given to the investigatory committees and the real files were retained by the CIA. MKULTRA consisted of 149 subprojects that were all aimed at mind control. The recurring theme in all the studies was the attempt to control human emotion, human thought and human behavior by any means available. While CIA funding was covert or through front companies, its studies were written up in peer-reviewed literature as legitimate medical studies. A great majority of the subprojects were carried out at large, prestigious universities. The following subprojects of MKULTRA paved the way for the experimentation we see happening today: SP 5, 25, 29, 49 These subprojects were conducted by Dr. Alden Sears and involved the study of hypnosis, recall of hypnotically acquired information and methods of hypnotizing unwilling subjects. SP 23, 45 These subprojects were contracted to Charles Geschickter. 23 involved studying how chemical agents would modify the central nervous system. 45, through the NIH, involved the development of techniques to maximize physical and emotional stress in human beings. SP 68 Directed by Dr. Ewen Cameron this subproject was conducted in 1957 at McGill University. This experiment was about “psychic driving” and it entailed depatterning a subject though massive amounts of electro convulsive therapy, drugs and deprivation. Following this the subjects were then played recorded loops of recorded material to re-create a new personality. Many victims were left incontinent, amnesic, and unable to return to normal society. Dr. Cameron was President of the American Psychiatric Association and was eulogized after his death as having made “outstanding contributions to the mental health of the Canadian people.*********** For a while there was experimentation with brain implants for controlling subjects, but it was found to be unnecessary. Researchers found that exposure of the brain to external electro-magnetic fields would yield the same results. This has direct implications for the complaints that we are hearing today. Next, John Hall, the author mentions Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada, my least favorite human being. He’s a reductionist of the worst sort. His research convinces himself only. He sits on the Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. He can produce an artificial feeling of being with God, so he says there is no God–its all in your head. So are memories of abuse. His “God helmet” produces feelings of being with a divine being when a person has it on their head. It uses microwave energy to stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain.************** Remote viewing is the ability to see a remote location without physically being at that location. In 1972 the idea that the Soviets were remote viewing us-reading the contents of classified documents, learning the positions of troops, locations of military installations, modify thoughts of personnel or even cause death remotely–prompted the Defense Intelligence Agency to issue a report warning of this possibility and all branches of the military started training in RV. Hal Puthof, Ingo Swann and other well known individuals stepped up and gave the military guidance on something that some didn’t even believe in, never heard of, and why a physicist, for heavens’ sakes? Hal is the physicist. The remote viewers could find and did find the largest submarine ever built. It was in Russia. They found other things. But they couldn’t spy inside the Kremlin because there were detectors in the building.

Urantia Book 74. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. As Matadormus was walking away, Jesus turned to the apostles and said: “You see how difficult it is for those who have riches to enter fully into the kingdom of God! Spiritual worship cannot be shared with material devotions; no man can serve two masters. And I declare that is as easy for this camel to go through a needle’s eye than for these self-satisfied rich ones to enter the kingdom of heaven. When they heard these words, the apostles were exceedingly astonished, and Peter protested: “Who then, Lord, can be saved? Shall all who have riches be kept out of the kingdom?” And Jesus replied: “No, Peter, but all who put their trust in riches shall hardly enter the spiritual life that leads to eternal progress. But we should recognize that with God all things are possible.” They walked down to the lake and sat down. Peter, speaking for all of the apostles, said: “We are bothered by your words to the rich young man. Shall we require all those who wish to follow you to give up all their worldly possessions?” “No, Peter,” Jesus said. “Only those who would be an apostle and live with us like one family. The Father requires that the affections of his children be pure and undivided. Whatever thing or person comes between you and the love of the truths of the kingdom, must be surrendered. If one’s wealth does not invade the precincts of the soul, it is of no consequence in the spiritual life of those who would enter the kingdom.” Then said Peter: “But, Master, we have left all to follow you. What, then, will we have?” And Jesus spoke to all the apostles when he said: “There is no man who has left everything for the kingdom and for my sake who shall not receive manifold more in this world and to come, eternal life. But many that are first will be last, while the last shall often be first. The Father deals with his creatures in accordance with their needs and in obedience to his just laws of merciful and loving consideration for the welfare of a universe. The kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers to work in his vineyard. He agreed on a wage of one denarius for one day of work. He went out at noon, 3 and 5 and when it came time to pay the laborers, he paid them all 1 denarius, no matter how long they worked. God shows mercy in that way. No matter how late in the day a sinner repents, God shows mercy and forgives him.”**************************** The seventy appeared to go on a mission a few days ago, but now the UB says they are going on their first mission. Jesus, before they went, placed emphasis on the following: 1. The gospel of the kingdom must be proclaimed to all the world, to gentile as well as Jew. 2. While ministering to the sick, refrain from teaching the expectation of miracles. 3. Proclaim a spiritual brotherhood of the people of God, not an outward kingdom of worldly power and material glory. 4. Avoid loss of time though overmuch social visiting and other trivia which might distract from wholehearted devotion to preaching the gospel. 5. If the first house selected for a headquarters proves to be a worthy home, abide there during the time in that city. 6. Make clear to all faithful believers that the time for an open break with the religious leaders of the Jews in Jerusalem has now come. 7. Teach that man’s whole duty is summed up in this one commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. (This they were to teach in place of the 613 rules of living expounded by the Pharisees.) After Jesus was finished, Peter took the 70 aside and preached to them their ordination sermon. Peter exhorted them to cherish in their experience the following virtues: 1. Consecrated devotion. To pray always for more laborers to be sent forth into the gospel harvest–then the prayer will become: “Here am I, send me.” He admonished them not to neglect their daily worship. 2.True courage. He warned them that they would encounter hostility and would certain to be met with persecution. Peter told them their mission was no undertaking for cowards and advised those who were afraid to step out before they started. But none withdrew. 3. Faith and Trust. They must go forth wholly unprovided for; they must trust the Father for food and shelter and for other necessities. 4. Zeal and Initiative. They must be possessed with zeal and intelligent enthusiasm; they must attend strictly to their Master’s business. 5. Kindness and courtesy. They were strictly warned against leaving a modest home to be entertained in a more comfortable or influential one. 6. Ministry to the sick. The 70 were charged by Peter to seek out the sick in mind and body and heal them or do everything in their power to cure them. Having been thus instructed, they started out in twos on their quest for souls. The UB says the Jews had a peculiar regard for the number 70. The Grand Universe is also a place where 7 is repeated. There are 7 superuniverses. There are 70 major sectors. There are 7,000 minor sectors 700,000 local universes. There are 70,000,000 constellations (these are a political division not a star arrangement). There are 7,000,000,000 local systems. Last, there are 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets. There are many more 7s, but this is just an idea of the Universal Father’s delight in the number 7.

Richard Rohr, in The Universal Christ, that “Brain studies have shown that we may be hardwired to focus on problems at the expense of a positive vision. The human brain wraps around fear and problems like Velcro. We dwell on bad experiences long after the fact, and spend vast amounts of energy anticipating what might go wrong in the future. Conversely, positivity and gratitude and simple happiness slide away like cheese on hot Teflon. Studies like ones done by the neuroscientist Rick Hanson show that we must consciously hold onto a positive thought or feeling for a minimum of 15 seconds before it leaves any imprint in the neurons. The whole dynamic, in fact, is called the Velcro/Teflon theory of the mind. We are more attracted to the problem than to the solution, you might say.” But after I started reading Guinea Pigs:Technologies of Control, by John Hall, I thought: No wonder we are negative–we have a heap of things to be negative about. Hall’s main theme is that the public is the focus of non-consensual experimentation, started after WWII and continuing today. Doctors working for the Nazis carried out such experiments on concentration camp victims, and these medical doctors and psychiatrists and physicists were brought to the US after the war to continue their research. There were about 1600 of them. They became leaders in our space programs and other industries. They did surgery without anesthesia, for example, and psychiatry was used as a punitive tool for controlling political dissidents. They continued this type of work for the CIA, newly formed after the war. The nonconsensual experimentation by the Nazis was already being done in the US. The first eugenics law was passed in Indiana in 1907. According to a Yale study the movement aimed at improving society through selective breeding, indicating that forced sterilizations were carried out on a much larger and longer scale than previously believed. There is no legislation in the US that prevents government agencies from experimenting on the public. In 2011 the Bioethics Commission convened 4 meetings to address current safeguards against nonconsensual human experimentation. The author spoke at the first meeting. At each meeting there were greater than 100 people voicing complaints of nonconsensual experimentation with directed energy and electromagnetic weapons. The number of individuals voicing these complaints grew so large by the 4th meeting that the chairman of the Commission, Amy Gutmann, asked that individuals complaining about directed energy “research” not attend. The following is a brief and incomplete history of nonconsensual experimentation sponsored by US Government agencies: 1919-1922: testicular transplant experimentation on 500 prisoners at San Quentin; 1927: Carrie Buck was sterilized against her will in Charlottesville, Virginia; 1931: Dr. Cornelius Rhoads conducts cancer experiments on Puerto Rican subjects by injecting them with cancer cells under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Investigations; 1932-1972: The US Public Health Service and the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama test Syphilis bacteria on 400 poor black share-croppers. They were repeatedly refused treatment and the experimentation didn’t end until a reporter brought it to light; 1946-1953: Atomic Energy Commission feeds residents at the Fernald School in Massachusetts irradiated Quaker Oats to study the effects of radiation ;1949: Intentional release of Iodine 131 and xenon 133 over Hartford, Washington by Atomic Energy Commission in a study called “Green Run”;1950: Dr. Joseph Stokes from the University of Pennsylvania deliberately infects 200 female prisoners with viral hepatitis; 1940-current: Mind control experimentation begins on population under MKULTRA and other pseudonyms which has continued into current times. CIA mind control studies were brought to light by the Rockefeller Commission in 1975. In that same year, the Church Committee shed light on unethical behavior by the CIA, the FBI and the NSA. This just gets worse. MKULTRA creates multiple personality disorder in a person so that person can be sent out to assassinate someone. Or there is psychic remote influencing/assassination.