According to Plan

This is a book by Kevin Freeman and its subtitle is “The Elites’ Secret Plan to Sabotage America.” There is a cabal which includes the left-wing caucus in Congress, and the rich who are their fellow travelers: George Soros, antifa, black lives matter, the international elite, bankers, all of whom want to see America go down. And President Biden is playing right into the hands of the left-wing caucus. He has weakened America immeasurably by his actions and policies. The first day he went to work, he did the following: 1. Ordered a moratorium on the long-standing policy of leasing federal lands for domestic oil and gas production; 2. He put back in place an Obama era rule that raises costs on the US energy industry; 3. He proposed new taxes, fees and regulations on American producers (energy); 4. He threatened an end to US oil exports; 5. He joined his fellow lefties in Congress to support banning banks from financing energy production; 6. He closed nearly half of the National Petroleum Reserve to drilling; 7. He canceled a massive oil and gas lease that would have made more than one million acres available for energy development; 8. He killed the Keystone XL Pipeline to “save the planet”—even as he lifted US sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline to Europe.

“So what happened?” Freeman wants to know. People in the energy sector lost jobs and the price of gas shot up to almost $5:00. This shift away from reliable energy sources, says Freeman, is dangerous, and I say, its a terrifying trend if it continues. Inflation broke out. I shop in Walmart, and this week food had doubled in price and I paid $103 for items that didn’t even cover the bottom of my cart. I was devastated! Good thing I know how to live poor! America’s GDP, an indicator of the health of the economy, fell in the first two quarters of 2022, and overall growth stalled to ZERO percent, according to the Federal Reserve.

An official at the White House, challenged about the high gas prices on CNN said, “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.” Can you imagine? President Trump had ended investment in China’s Military Industrial Complex. Biden reversed this policy and is investing in our scariest enemy, as you’ll soon see. The CMIC has been using our money to build weapons which theby intend to use against us—that is, when we self-destruct and can no longer defend ourselves. Freeman says this is “economic warfare, plain and simple.” He says, while we are strapped for gas and food money, Biden is doing just fine. He gets to sleep in his basement, costing the taxpayers millions. I’ve heard that nobody stays in the White House at night, so it’s perfectly possible that Biden comutes home every night. Meanwhile, we are buying oil from Russia, which has reaped over 100 billion from fuel exports since Putin invaded Ukraine. Xi Jinping is doing just fine, too, because Biden shipped nearly 6,000,000 barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China! The OUTRAGE.

You probably think I am a right wing nut or religious fundamentalist. No, I am a Democrat. I voted straight Democrat on the Mid-terms. I agree generally with the Party Platform, but the Left wing Caucus has hijacked the party and Biden is not leading; he’s following.

The Urantia Book

The Lucifer Rebellion: The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia terminated the Lucifer rebellion in all Satania aside from the planets of the apostate Planetary Princes. Michael offered mercy to Caligastia and Daligastia, which they both spurned. They do not, however, have any power to enter the minds of men, unless a human really wants to be corrupted in a terrible way by an unholy creature given up to death. The faith sons of God had no worries that it would happen to them because their faith was an effective armor against sin and iniquity. As it says in the book, “the devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong to him.”

Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion: Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed with the ability to choose between good and evil. The very conflicting presence of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood, constitutes the poteniality of error. The deliberate choice of evil constitutes sin; the willful rejection of truth is error; the persistent pursuit of sin and error is iniquity. A problem growing out of the Lucifer rebellion is the failure of immature mortals to distinguish between true and false liberty. True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration. True liberty is the fruit of self-control; false liberty, the assumption of self-assertion. Self-control leads to altruistic service; self-admiration leads to the exploitation of others. Lucifer’s folly was the attempt to do the undoable, to short-circuit time in an experiential universe.

Lucifer’s crime was the attempted creative disenfranchisement of every personality in Satania, the unrecognised abridgement of the creature’s participation—freewill participation—in the long evolutionary struggle to attain the status of light and life both individually and collectively. In doing this he set the temporal purpose of his own will directly counter to the eternal purpose of God’s Will as it is revealed in the bestowal of free will upon all personal creatures. Thus does the Lucifer manifesto, masquerading as the outward form of liberty, stand forth in the clear light of reason, as a monumental threat to consummate the theft of personal liberty and to do it on a scale that has been approached only twice in all the history of Nebadon.

Lucifer was imprisoned on the Father’s prison planet in Satania. The Ancients of Days are in charge of the court case of Gabriel v Lucifer (Gabriel went down to Satania and argued with Lucifer and that’s why it turned into a court case). Gabriel wanted the death penalty. not sure what they are waiting for. I know that they extended the time so that every rebel could work out his or her final decision-to respond to Michael’s mercy and forgiveness or to stay with Lucifer and his manifesto. I saw a channel tell an audience that he had channeled a Being who told him that the trial was over and Lucifer and Satan chose self-termination. But, if that were so, we would have our broadcasts back (news that is beamed out to the universes by something called reflectivity.

The Urantia Book


Lucifer was a brilliant primary Lanonandek son of Nebadon. He had experienced service in many systems, had been a high counselor of his group and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity and efficiency. Out of seven hundred thousand of his order he was judged to be one of the few most able and brilliant personalities. He was System Sovereign of Satania, our system of 609 inhabited planets. Yes, we are the unfortunate people who are still being punished for Lucifer’s crimes. Satan was Lucifer’s lieutenant, who Lucifer assigned to argue his cause on Urantia. The “devil” was Caligastia, the Planet Prince and a Son of the Secondary Order of Lanonandeks. Abaddon was Caligastia’s chief of staff and went with his boss into rebellion. Beelzebub was the leader of the disloyal midway creatures. Isn’t it odd to find out that these Beings aren’t mythological, but real? The dragon became the symbolic representation of all thses evil creatures. The book says: “Upon the triumph of Michael, Gabriel came down from Salvington and bound the dragon (all the rebel leaders) for an age.”

THE CAUSES OF REBELLION Lucifer had to convince Satan to follow him into sin, and the main cause, which Satan liked, was the idea of “self-assertion and liberty.” The idea of opposition to Michael took root in Lucifer’s own mind. Lucifer gave no indication that he was dissatisfied with universe rule, but Gabriel “knew” something was wrong in Lucifer’s mind. Manovander Melchizedek is the author of this paper (chapter), and he says that there must have been a pride of self that nourished itself to the point of self-deception; he actually thought the rebellion was good for the system. If and when he reach the point of disillusionment, he had gone too far for his pride to let him stop.

Lucifer’s Declaration of Liberty: 1. He questioned the reality of the Universal Father. He also denied that personality was a gift given by the Universal Father. 2. Lucifer contended that the local systems should be autonomous. He protested the right of Michael, the Creator Son, to rule in the name of a hypothetical Paradice Father and require all personalities to acknowledge allegiance to this unseen Father. 3. He contended that the executioners of the Ancients of Days could be debarred from functioning in the local systems if the native beings would only assert their independence. 4. He attacked the universal plan of ascendent mortal training. A person can’t be in heaven the second he dies; he must undergo a long series of lessons in spirituality, governance, and other subjects he may need in his new life. It takes a very long time. But it’s fun. If you were a physics teacher, you can join physicists and do experiments that had no solution on Urantia. But Lucifer maintained that finaliters (ascenders who had reached Paradise), having reached the top, then have nothing to do. They go back to Jerusem (our HQ) and kick their heels.

OUTBREAK OF THE REBELLION The Lucifer manifesto was issued on the last day of the year at the annual conclave of Satania about 200,000 years ago our time. Satan announced that worship would be dircted to the actual and present ruler, Lucifer, “the friend of man and angels” and the “God of Liberty.” One of Lucifer’s arguments was that if self-government was good and right for the Melchizedeks, and other groups, it was equally good for all orders of intelligence. He was bold and persistent in the advocay of the “equality of mind” and the “brotherhood of intelligence.” He promised the Planetary Princes that they would rule the worlds as supreme executives (he would need to be visible for that!!) He set up his own legislative assembly and put Satan in charge of setting up the tribunals. And what was the rest of the loyal beings doing while Lucifer was blithely ignoring his eventual demise? Michael let him do everything without interfering. He offered salvation, kindness, forgiveness; he offered them over and over, repeatedly. The ascenders on the morontia worlds were very confused. The Constellation Fathers immediately confined these disloyal personalities to the system of Satania. There’s a point I want to make. None of the beings born for work in Nebadon except possibly Gabriel have ever seen Paradise, therefore they must take the existence of the Father on faith just like we do. Lucifer’s first mistake was lack of faith.

Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman says that telling the truth has always been a crime in fascist and totalitarian regimes. I think it is hard to tell the truth in this country. It seems that Coleman does know something about this country after-all. He launches into a tirade about all the crazy things that happened in 2020. He says, “in America you can be sent to prison for a year if you fail to cover your nose and mouth…in another part of America there is a 2,000 dollar fine but no prison sentence…in Texas people are told to wear masks in their own homes…in a shop a cop drew a gun on a man who was not wearing a mask…in California people have been phoning the police if they hear someone coughing or sneezing.” All this tells is that paranoia was running very high in the early months of 2020. His conclusion is that we have a mass surveillance system, but he means the people are spying on each other, and I doubt that.

The futurists of Agenda 21 think we will be using “green” energy like wind, solar, biofuel, electric cars. They are discouraging any more digging or drilling. Now here’s the problem: huge amounts fossil fuel is needed to build solar farms, wind farms, electric car batteries. And Building and running a wind farm will take more energy than it will produce. In physics there is a law called over unity. A machine must give out more energy than it takes to run it, and so far only free energy does that. But free energy is kept from the public, although I’ve heard that an electricity company uses it. And solar is useless when the sun isn’t out, which is the case in much of the North. Biofuel, according to Coleman, is not a solution because it takes food from starving people. There is biomass, which is the fashionable and acceptable name for wood. The wood is burned to produce electricity. Biomass is counted as a renewable energy even though it takes vast amounts of diesel fuel to get from the US over the ocean in diesel-run ships and again in trucks to the electricity power station. The carbon footprint produced from burning biofuel is massive.

Animals will be eradicated in the Global Reset. No family will have pets. There will be no cows to butcher and eat because we will be eating mystery meat. The only animals will be in the wilderness where we can’t go. The UN has some bug up its *** about human diseases coming from animals, so there’s the rationale behind that rule. There will be no private property (except for King Charles III of course). And, according to Coleman, they’ve already started their 5 point plan to bankrupt us all. And then he starts going on about a stock market crash in 2020, which i fortunately don’t remember. They’ve lowered the interest rates-yes. now they might lower them so far into negative territory that you’ll owe on your savings! Coleman says. “The people controlling the system are not inept or incompetent. They are deceitful, devious and far more wicked than any of us have ever come across.” When he was practicing medicine, he examined and interviewed murderers, and none of them were as evil as the politicians, scientists and doctors that are bent on destroying everything we value.

Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman describes a disaster in Africa of “unimaginable proportions.” And it was a man-made disaster which could have been prevented. The UN was advised by “experts” who only got their expertise from “mathematical modeling with computers that there would be 1.2 cases and 3.3 million deaths from a new virus. African leaders told their people to stay indoors and follow directions. Cases of malaria and tuberculosis went undiagnosed and untreated, and now both are spreading and killing millions. Maternal and infant mortality are soaring. 10% of Africa’s population will descend into extreme poverty (Coleman). One might wonder, as Coleman does, if this is really an accident or a depopulation attempt.

We must remember that the officials running Agenda 21 were not elected-they are busy-bodies seeking to run other peoples’ lives. They are determined on creating a global technocracy and introducing what they call the Global Reset-a crude form of social engineering designed to manipulate and ‘own’ every citizen on earth. The world we know now is just a taste of what we can expect in the future (Coleman).

The aim of those following Agenda 21 is to create their own version of a Utopia, with a guaranteed income for every citizen and a system of reward, punishment and control modelled on China’s social credit system. Global warming is the excuse. Once the Global Reset has been completed, citizens will be monitored. Those who behave well will be rewarded. Those who fail to comply with the orders they have been given will be punished and excluded from much of society. Agenda 21 is organised, legalised corruption (Coleman).

The plan is to remove all signs of human dignity; with every piece of dignity disappearing too slowly for most people to notice. The people who have planned this coup rely on the mass of people being too busy, too distracted, too complacent, too lazy and too fearful to realise what is happening. And the planners know that anyone who speaks up will be demonised and dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Our behavior will be controlled in minute detail and we will be forced to be dependent on the State. 2020 was just a rehearsal: lockdowns, orders from everywhere, diseases decimating populations, neglect of the elderly, personal oppression. Coming will be tyranny on a scale never known before.

According to Coleman, the fact that “everything strange, bad, restricting and destructive that has happened in the last three decades is a result of Agenda 21.” All of those things which happened, but which seemed “wrong, inexplicable, damaging, unnatural and unreal were a result of Agenda 21.” Crucial decisions were made by unelected (who?) in the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum or by huge, powerful NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), and by regional parliaments, none of whom were elected. Coleman says our lives have steadily deteriorated for the last three decades (let’s see-three decades would span the time from 1992 to 2022, but Coleman didn’t write the book recently. Maybe the span would be 1970 to 2000. But the last two decades have seen our social contract fragment. You only have to think of January 6 to realise that. Our civil discourse is abominable: TV is a wasteland; I haven’t turned on mine for months. All my media is through books and my computer (OK, I do read my cell phone, but I don’t have time to access the educational how to’s on YouTube). Coleman says health care has deterorated. He means in England, where they discriminate against the elderly. Health care in the US is actually alright if you can afford it or get it from your employer. Don’t forget ObamaCare! The poor are served by Medicaid. But there is something very sinister corrupting our society, and that is the controversy over “Which gender am I going to be today?” The insisting on teaching lesbianism to children is a liberal cause and I’m a liberal, but at some things I draw a line; I draw a line when I see nonsense. But the campaigns demanding more rights for gays and transgenders is taking the air out of the culture we think of as America. The controversy of male turned female, then beating women in sports makes this an upside/down further threat to the fabric that hangs delicately over our country. Whether it can stretch anymore is questionable because the label homophobic or transphobic are so easily applied.

Kindness and dignity are the main currencies of value in private life, and honesty, trust and honor are the only currencies of value in public life. According to Coleman, these qualities have been steadily devalued and in the last few months they have been “shot, knifed, stamped on, kicked, spat on, shredded and attacked with brutal disregard for sensibility, He has stimulated a thought: I’m thinking of all the white cops who shoot black men. A shooting will take place in one part of the country, and you think: now maybe the cops will learn their lesson and think before they act. But NO, THE VERY NEXT NIGHT THERE IS ANOTHER WHITE COP SHOOTING OF A BLACK MAN. TWO NIGHTS LATER, ANOTHER! As far as I’m concerned this macho police attitude must go away. It is contributing to the fragmentation of our culture. One wonders how any African American is patient enough to overcome the annoyances to rise above the masses.

Simply speaking, we must put a stop Agenda 21.

Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman talks about proving that global warming isn’t a threat. It’s impossible. So those promoting Agenda 21 and global warming are holding all the cards. He says, “The UN’s Agenda 21 is a huge document, but the big giveaway is, perhaps, this statement: ‘The precautionary principle states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.'” The EU’s lawmaking works this way. This is how it defends its claim that global warming is dangerous. Nobody can prove it isn’t dangerous. Nobody can prove a negative.

Next Coleman claims that people become vegan because “They don’t want us eating animals.” We will supposedly be eating imitation meat in the dystopian future planned for us. But people become vegan for all sorts of reasons, none of them having any connection to Agenda 21. It’s a private choice. But this might be taking place in England. He reports that there are towns in which beautiful old houses are torn down to make way for cheezy boxes and soon every town looks the same, “like hotel chains.” This must be happening in England, and it’s a shame, because I’ve read of cozy little cottages and stately manors. I hope this England isn’t being torn down. If it is, I hope ‘They’ all go to prison.

Coleman decries the loss of privacy. I believe that London is famous for its number of traffic cams. We have actually participated in our loss of privacy by using social media and knowing our phone conversations were being recorded. Coleman: “We are tracked, traced and tested. We zoom in and out of each other’s homes…the NSA can monitor tens of millions of phone calls every second. If they can do it, they will.” He maintains that if “they” know everything about you, your life isn’t your own anymore. I don’t agree with that statement. I don’t fret about this lack of privacy. I have NortonLifelock protecting my computer, but I don’t have anti-tracking, and there are several parties tracking me right now, according to Norton. It would cost me $50.00 to get anti-tracking and I’m not ready and I don’t fret about it.

But I had some odd experiences when I first started blogging. My subject matter then was very controversial. I was digging up secrets everywhere, about who really runs the world, child sacrificers, child traffickers, the illegal doings of celebs, the Reptilians who run the Illuminati, and I’ve forgotten most of it. Anyway, odd things were happening on my computer that made me feel that I might have interference. First, I would lose all my text for no reason at all (I didn’t delete it). This happened several times. Second, I would get a series of numbers in my text 5 or 6 times in a blog. Third, I would write a list, but the published version would have it all squashed together. Fourth, there were constant problems with the website itself. I still don’t have a spell check. The blog I did next was about the life of Jesus from the Urantia Book, and things changed. There was no interference. No interference at all. What a relief!

Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman declares there are things happening in the US that are not happening. He lives in England and they may be happening there. Politicians in the US don’t put Agenda 21 on their campaign platforms when they run for office. There was outrage when it was found that the NSA was recording our every keystroke and cell conversation, but the hackers took care of that crisis by exposing the truth. The truth turned out to be less dramatic than the wild speculations and there was a collective shrug of the shoulders. Coleman talks like the Smart roads and Smart cities have already been built in the US. He’s really talking about the UK. I haven’t heard of any controversies about Smart cities in this country, but we still have a lot to worry about, chemtrails that are falling onto our bodies and bringing in toxic substances. I read that a doctor detoxifies boys because boys play outside more than girls do. In England apparently rural people are being forced into the cities, and Coleman assumes it is happening here. But our country is wall to wall farms as I observed from a passenger jet flying over the country. Coleman says that wolves were introduced into the Yellowstone area by Agenda 21 in order to kill livestock and push ranchers into cities. This is not at all true. Wolves were introduced because of a conservation effort to save the species. They were not introduced in an area near livestock.

Coleman says we are discouraged from buying cars by bike lanes, higher taxes on car purchases and jacked up gasoline prices. This must be true in England. In this country we love our cars and the reverse is true: we are always buying cars, being sold cars and taking care of cars. Coleman says in England there are Smart roadways that cause accidents and traffic jams. Coleman says civil and legal rights will disappear. We already have a bad situation because of 9/11 and the Patriot Act. We can be arrested as a terrorist for a variety of small and large crimes, and if that happens, our legal rights are out the window.

Coleman says that planning departments all over the world have been given identical blueprints for legislation so the requirements of Agenda 21 can be met. If money doesn’t come with it, I am not going to worry about it. In England new supermarkets and shops are built with residential flats built above. Many Agenda 21 apartments remain empty and the shops are not doing well. Street lights are turned off, sidewalks are scruffy, potholes have potholes; there are few bus services, services for the elderly or disabled are either non-existent or priced out of reach. Local hospitals are closing. This describes a community in which Agenda 21 has been implemented. Here is one definition of Agenda 21: An action plan concerning sustainable development, but it is non-binding. Agenda 21 has never been debated or adopted by the US Congress, but it is being vigorously implemented by the administrative agencies of the federal government, and by other nations around the world. There is a committee consisting of China, South Korea, Mali, Senegal and several other small countries.

There is an Agenda 2030, which is concerned with ending poverty and hunger, realizing the rights of all and achieving gender equality. Sustainable development is the core concept of Agenda 21. It means: the present meets its needs without jeopardizing the ability of the future to meet its needs. It is called Agenda 21 because the target date back in the 90s was the 21st Century. Agenda 21 highlights the need to eradicate poverty. One of the major problems facing poorer nations is their lack of resources and their inability to live sustainably. Developed nations have taken on the responsibility of assisting poor nations to reduce their environmental impacts and achieve sustainable development.

There are conspiracy theories around Agenda 21 (Wikipedia). Those on the right said it was a plot disguised as an environmental movement, to end individual freedom and establish a one world government.Activists believed it was the “linchpin” in a plot to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime. Some thought it was a plot to deny property rights, a conspiracy to cut the population by 85%. Some said it would lead to a “police state.”

Endgame: Agenda 21

There was no doubt at all that the promoters of Agenda 21 wanted our bodies, our minds and our souls. And they wanted a good many of us dead (Coleman). Here are the plans of Agenda 21: First of all, all that is happening today was planned decades ago. Conflicts involving transgender rights and black lives matter were designed to erase our culture, cause chaos and confusion, and to spread dissent and divide the population. The idea of bicycle lanes to frustrate drivers was created decades ago-they are also a sign of what is coming. Cars and trucks will be things of the past. Regionalisation will be a step toward globalisation. The European Union is an example of regionalisation, and became a cheerleader for Agenda 21 years ago. The phrase ‘new normal’ was invented to describe the EU’s complacency.

There will be no independent nations, no nationalities, no flags signifying national pride. We will be living in small, stuffy, badly built tower apartments. The EU pays landowners not to grow food crops on their land. This is part of the effort to force the people to eat factory made food. Bill Gates is invested in vaccines, he controls the World Health Organisation (WHO), and dictates global food policy, having invested in a company that makes fake meat. Our meals will be boring and disgusting. The internet is controlled by a few billionaires. 80% of searches use one search engine. Data mining will be the only profitable industry on earth. There will be no privacy. There is no privacy now. I am in a vast health provider group which is even larger since its tied to my insurance company. It seems that everyone now knows my health history. Closure of departments in hospitals in 2020 caused many deaths and was part of the Plan. Gov. Cuomo put infected patients into nursing homes. I wonder if this was part of the Plan. Also, closure of farms leads to consequences somewhere else in the world. This was planned decades in the past.

Billionaires need to get rid of billions of people. So far nothing they’ve tried has worked. They mostly try to starve them to death. It must frustrate them to see charitable organisations step up and fill the need. The media lies to citizens and will continue to lie, promoting the Agenda. ALL of this is built on the false threat of global warming. If you question the Agenda’s scientific basis for global warming, you will be brushed off as a conspiracy nut. The real conspiracy is that leading to a World Government and a World Church (Coleman). The World Church, I believe, will be demonic. According to Coleman, “This is the most evil, most carefully planned, most deadly conspiracy in human history. A senior official at the United Nations has talked of a Luciferian initiation. The plan is wicked beyond belief.”

It is as plain as daylight that there are attempts to destroy America. Take immigration, for example-Joe Biden has let all kinds of people cross the Southern border. This will dilute American culture, cause more crime, cause a burden on our social services like Medicaid, and the schools will be overwhelmed with students who need instruction in 2 or more languages. And we know the people are not all Hispanics. Some are coming from Asia, Cuba, South America, etc. I’ve heard that there are Chinese troops just below the border and at the border with Canada. What are they doing? Are they planning to invade? Do they want a land war? They should be watching Putin’s struggles. It’s not easy to take over a country, and most Americans are armed (or should be). There are other signs that there is an effort to destroy America. There are insurrectionists in the background encouraging everything from school shootings to cop brutality. Things are not as they seem. Think about that. No situation is what it appears to be. Don’t believe the media when they put out a story because they lie by trade.

Agenda 21

According to Coleman there was much talk of less spending and smaller houses. Remember those vast suburbs filled with small houses that all looked alike? My relatives lived in one such house and they eventually moved out and into an older house with character, a real house. Coleman says that biofuels were made out of food and millions starved to death. I’ve only heard of ethanol made out of corn and I’ve never heard of millions starving because of a lack of corn. I wish he would have explained further. Banks were deregulated in Reagan’s administration and it was very hard on people. The banks were hard on the economy, and, as usual, the rich got richer. Vaccination programs were forced on citizens, while the dangers were suppressed. A child cannot enter school without having been innoculated from a host of diseases, and they keep adding to those threatening illnesses. The dangers of such vaccinations are suppressed. Some parents refuse to let their kids be vaccinated, but in the long run it is a danger to other people-they are like a bomb ready to explode. And they are depending on the people who are vaccinated to keep them free of disease. The dangers of cell phones were suppressed, and genetically modified food was approved with no proper testing. I bought blueberries that looked big and luscious, but turned out to have thick skin and tasteless insides. They were obviously GMO, but there was no label informing the consumer of this fact.

As mentioned the UN unveiled Agenda 21 at that conference in Brazil in 1991, and two delegates didn’t like the plan. Pratap Chatterjee and Matthias Finger predicted that the plan would be “destructive to the environment, the planet and the people.” And said, ” the rich will get richer, the poor, poorer, while more and more of the planet is destroyed in the process.” And Coleman agrees, saying, “That is exactly what is happening.”

So, when we were trained to recycle, we weren’t told that our carefully washed and sorted plastic and metal cups and cans would be burnt, buried or dumped in the rivers and oceans. At last the UN could move toward a world government, get rid of democracy, because the would-be rulers just knew democracy gave the people too much power.

And thus began the nightmare (Coleman). He describes human, at least American, society before Agenda 21. He says we’ve always had chaos, especially chaos in political life. Many times we have voted for the wrong candidate. This happens in other countries, also. But this chaos was our chaos-it happened all the time and we could deal with it. There is existential chaos-this is a matter of growing up. But what happened as a result of Agenda 21 was quite different; it was an end to democracy, freedom and humanity. The UN wanted its evil clutches on every aspect of our lives.

Prominent environmentalists were given money and power, and if anyone questioned the science of global warming, they were demonized. King Charles III promoted the new world order, which is peculiar for a monarch ( will they let him keep his title, money and power?). The Agenda 21 plan included an end to national sovereignty, suppression of travel, increasing the role of the State in raising children, an end to private property and the breaking down of the family unit (Coleman).

Education would no longer be an intellectual pursuit; students would be taught just enough to qualify for a profession or trained for a job. Local governments were dragged into this charade. “Local Goverments for Sustainability” and “Common Purpose” were set up to ensure that protocols were followed as closely as possible. “And most terrifying of all,” says Coleman, “there was a plan to reduce the world’s population-not with a few million here and a few million there, but by billions. The plan was to reduce the population by 75% or more!!!” The creepy Georgia Guidestones appeared seemingly from nowhere in Elbert County, Georgia around 1980. They have 10 instructions on them in 8 languages. They call for the world’s population to be reduced to under 500 million. That means that 7 billion people would have to disappear from the face of the earth.

A strange man commissioned the building of the Guidestones. They are 4 granite slabs set up like Stonehenge to mark celestial events. One of the instructions is to have a one world government, so some people think the monument is Satanic. It was bombed this year 2022, and the fragments were hidden because it had become controversial.

Agenda 21 How Did We Get Here?

According to Coleman a coup has taken place and the world is ruled by criminals-self-serving criminals who have secretly slipped into powerful positions without being elected. They now control governments, banks, global organizations and, of course, the United Nations. And, he says, everything that has happened since the end of WWII to the present has been deliberate. Even the chaotic response to Covid 19 was deliberate because nobody could be as incompetent as the ones who handled the pandemic. Remember how Andrew Cuomo was a hero until it was revealed that he had put Covid patients into nursing homes among the most vunerable populations. “And it is certainly inconceivable to think that politicians, administrators and advisors around the world could all be making the same mistakes. They put all of us under house arrest and discovered that it was worse than the pandemic itself.

One could say that these would-be rulers are sociopaths or egomaniacs. Their sanity is in doubt, but the primitive urge to control the world and rule the people is really about power and money. The would-be rulers who want to control every aspect of your life won’t admit to it, of course. Putin did admit he wanted control of Ukraine, but I’m sure he’s regretting it by now. In fact his experience is a good example of how difficult it will be to rule the world. Coleman says these madmen have wanted a world government for centuries; running it themselves, of course. They have been like a wolf in sheeps clothing, covering their wicked plans, pretending to make the world a better place, to lift those less fortunate than themselves. That describes Bill Gates with every (i) dotted.

There is a document called the Report from Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain is a huge underground bomb shelter located in Maryland. JFK sent a group of his officials there to work out a plan for the future. Actually, Coleman doesn’t say what subject they were to report on, I’m guessing. Their Report stated that war was necessary as an economic stabilizer and an organizing force. War must stay until there is something to put in its place. Without the possibility of war, a government cannot stay in power. The Kennedy administration think-tank concluded: “a possible surrogate for the control of potential enemies of societies is the reintroduction, in a form consistent with modern technology and political process, of slavery. The development of a sophisticated form of slavery may be an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world at peace. Coleman didn’t say this, but Kennedy was furious when he read the Report. It was hidden away and only came to light years later.

In 1976 the UN decided it was time to act on its new word communitarianism. With that decision it took control over all the lands of the earth. It also took on the job of managing all the populations on the earth. Communitarianism, says Coleman, is the idea that the community’s needs must be put first and individuals cannot have rights. We’ll see how that plays in the good old US of A when people finally wake up to what’s going on. Coleman cites Rosa Koire in her book “Behind the Green Mask.” She is critical of Agenda 21 because humans are seen as a danger to the earth and those who campaign for the rights of individuals are immoral. She thinks the UN plans are restricting and suffocating our civil liberties. To the followers the concept of Agenda 21 is shapeless and vague and they are only dimly aware of the evil that is taking place. They only have a dull comprehension of ‘community.’

What does community mean to Coleman. He says we will be forced to take vaccines, even if they’re dangerous. I saw red blood cell under a microscope. one sample had the vaccine, one sample did not. The red blood cells which had the vaccine were ruined, all messed up. The red blood cell in the other sample were healthy. To protect the so-called community the UN has criminalized almost every activity; it has demonized free speech ( you can get banned on Facebook or YouTube for alternative news). The UN has suppressed debate (be careful what topic you chose). Massive rights are given to specific, individual groups which claim they are in need of protection. The first time the phrase ‘sustainable development’ was used was in 1980 at the UN’s International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. They also came up with an enemy. Their enemy would be pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages and famine. There is water all over the world in a layer below the crust. Why isn’t anybody drilling? The Club of Rome went one step further: The enemy is humanity itself! Coleman: “Sustainable-never before had such an innocent, honest looking, well-meaning word be used to promote and sustain such a genuinely evil, Luciferian plan.”