The Urantia Book Fox News had a notice made up of the dates of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s birth and death and mistakingly put it on the air. EraOfLight says she is not coming back to her job, and a doctor opined that she probably didn’t have lung cancer; I assume because he meant the pancreatic cancer had come back.****************** I am changing the topic of my blog. I’ve gone to the end of the topic I was writing on, and there is not much more to say. I was writing on a cabal that’s either on trial, dead or running scared. Nothing to see here, folks. But there is a topic I always wanted to inform the public about, and that is the real story about Jesus (the Bible is not accurate) and the universes. There is a multi-universe, but it isn’t like the physicists envision it. To start, our planet is called Urantia, and it’s in the universe of Nebadon (in English). Nebadon has many small systems, and Urantia is in the system of Satania. Jerusem, an artificial planet, is the headquarters of this system. Nebadon is one of 100,000 universes in the superuniverse of Orvonton. There are 7 superuniverses revolving around Havona, which consists of 7 circuits surrounding Paradise Isle. In Paradise we find the Trinity: the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Now, let’s go back to our local universe, Nebadon. Jesus, also called Christ Michael, is the God and Sovereign of Nebadon. His headquarters is an artificial planet called Salvington in English. The universe has its own language. This planet has 7 satellites, each having 7 satellites. You can see that the number 7 is very important to the Father. Training and education take place on these satellites, as well as the creation of life forms. We will get to the structure and population of the grand universe later, but now I am going to focus on the life of Jesus, real name Michael.********* The Bible is inaccurate in many places, but don’t substitute the Urantia Book for the Bible. They both have their place. The Urantia Book is correct because angels followed Christ Michael around recording his every word and deed, and they could do this when no human was around. Midwayers under the supervision of a Melchizedek and the Apostle Andrew dictated the book to humans. Midwayers are almost human, but we can’t see them. A Melchizedek came to earth in Abraham’s time because the knowledge of the One God was fading. He established a school and sent missionaries out to preach the One God. This Melchizedek opens by telling us that Michael, the God of Nebadon, had to bestow himself on 7 planets in order to achieve full sovereignty of his universe, and he had to do it in the similitude of the people on those planets. Urantia was to be his last bestowal. Why? He wanted to embody the universe wisdom and divine experience of the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is our only experiential God. The Gods of the Trinity are existential–they don’t experience anything. The Supreme Being isn’t complete yet, but it’s growing. And it is the God for humans because it is experiential. As Michael was preparing for his bestowal, he gave Gabriel, his chief executive, his usual orders. He gave his brother, Immanuel, those that Gabriel wasn’t assigned. After that, Immanuel presented Michael with The Seventh Bestowal Commission. Here are some excerpts: “Now you are about to appear on Urantia, the disordered and disturbed planet of your choice, not as a fully developed mortal-as before-but as a helpless babe…Throughout your Urantia bestowal, you need be concerned with but one thing, the unbroken communion between you and your Paradise Father… In this interim of your incarnation, the Ancients of Days ( rulers of Orvonton) mandate the instantaneous and automatic extinction of any being guilty of rebellion or presuming to instigate insurrection in the universe of Nebadon while you are absent on this bestowal. Michael was charged with ending the Lucifer rebellion, and as a mortal, as the Son of Man. Michael must also take on the position of Planetary Prince.This position was held by Caligastia, but he followed Lucifer into rebellion. Satan, Lucifer’s lieutenant, also followed Lucifer. Most people think they are the same entity. They are wrong. They were eventually brought to trial on Uversa, the capital of Orvonton. They were found guilty of their crimes and were given a choice: self-termination or termination by the court. They chose the first, so they no longer exist. I don’t know who Satanists are worshiping. Every planet has a Planet Prince, a being who is helping the planet in some way. Our planet prince is Christ Michael, but a Melchizedek is supposed to be acting on his behalf. The last I heard the acting PP hadn’t arrived yet. Immanuel further charged Michael to go to Urantia in the role of a teacher, to illuminate the darkened intellect, heal souls, liberate minds from fears and minister to the physical well-being and material comfort of Urantians. Probably the most important charge Immanual gave Michael was to make immediately and fully accessible to humanity the segregated presence of the Universal Father, the Thought Adjusters. TAs are a fragment of the Father dwelling in each of us starting around age 5, when we start to become conscious of ourselves. TAs act as a conscience or guide. You can follow their advice or you can actually have a conversation with them and ask them about the best thing to do in a particular situation. Or you can ignore them, and when you go against your conscience, you will have a nagging feeling or even a disaster. But I digress. Immanuel said to Michael, “You are about to experience the final enlightenment of a time-space Creator, the dual experience of working within the nature of man with the will of your Paradise Father.” Michael was also to reveal and interpret his Father to the mortals on Urantia–that was his main goal. Michael was then told not to leave anything behind in writing or let anyone make any images of himself. Another incarnation mandate was that he was not to leave offspring behind after a bestowal. Jesus never married. And after 6 other bestowals, I’m sure he knew all this. Immanuel stayed at Salvington to take care of the universe while Gabriel went with Michael to Urantia.

I haven’t heard anything about tribunals, but I haven’t seen certain well-known people out and about, either. I watch 2 news companies: digital New York Times and Fox News on TV. Neither has said anything about disappearing dignitaries. But I did read that Barack Obama was appointed to be the World Bank CEO. Also Generals Mattis and Kelly are joined by ex-DIA boss Mike Flynn and ex-NSA boss Mike Rogers at GITMO. On to the blog. Out of Normal anger or Militant Normals came the Tea Party. The Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner, could do nothing with them. They were at the extreme right of the conservative wing. Boehner was a moderate, and didn’t appreciate these rebels stirring things up. Conservative, Inc. loved Boehner; he was the adult in the room, and he knew how the game was played. The Tea Party didn’t even know there was a game; it wouldn’t compromise on anything. I remember Eric Cantor giving Boehner a hard time, and I wanted to reach through the TV and slap him–and I’m a Democrat! But that wasn’t the Normals’ priority. Jobs were disappearing, welfare rolls were growing, illegal aliens were a problem and the system seemed rigged against them. “Do you hear us now?” the Normals asked when they sent Eric Cantor packing (Schlichter). Then came 2016 and Donald Trump, who had no awe for his presumed betters. In fact, he had nothing but contempt for them. New Yorkers like Hillary, Kirsten and Chuck had come to Trump Tower begging for money. They weren’t his superiors; they were his supplicants (Schlichter). So Trump fought the Elite and the Normals loved it. By 2016 the Normals had put up with disrespect and neglect by people who did nothing but complain about them. And worse, they did not live up to the contract of taking care of the institutions, which were in a state of neglect. Trump turned the tables on the Elite; now he was complaining, crudely and loudly. Trump had come into a situation in which illegal aliens were now undocumented immigrants, a whole state could announce itself to be a place of refuge. Illegals were arrested and deported multiple times, the federal government was soft on the criminal behavior of illegal aliens, DACA was in effect, families were on welfare, using emergency rooms for routine care, illegal children were attending school and the districts were prevented from sending them home. Americans were vulnerable to rape, murder and gang violence like M13. So the President’s reaction came from the gut, not the head. He said he would build a wall–a 14th C solution. He could have worked with Congress to put in a variety of strategies, including a complete overhaul of the immigration system. He could start with legalizing all immigrants who are here and WORKING. For those on welfare, if there are two adults in the family, one must be WORKING. DACA people should receive citizenship upon completion of a task or test. A single adult can’t be on welfare; if that person is handicapped, it would be medicaid. But I digress. Based on 2012 data, 61.9% of illegal alien families received some sort of welfare; for actual Americans the number was 28.1% (Schlichter). The primary season came down to Trump and Ted Cruz. Ted was no match for Trump, “who had the unshakable confidence one needed to truly, deeply, not give a flying fig. Not caring was his Kevlar. Trump didn’t need the Elite. Why should he respect people who sniffed around him like stray mongrels hoping for scraps from his table?”(Schlichter). And knowing this, the Elite hated him. Schlichter raises the question of whether Trump is a Normal. He has a superficial reverence for the values of Normals. He admires hard-hats who work in mining or construction, and he definitely admires the military, especially the special forces. He was saved from the military by bone spurs. Was that a relief to him? Who knows? Trump wasn’t really a Republican. He hi-jacked the GOP and many Republicans were angry about it. And when he became president, his behavior was quite shameful to the stuffed-shirt sector of the party. He was really a third-party candidate infiltrating a major party; and he was not welcome. The way Mitch McConnell defends him sickens me because Mitch does not have to do that. He could pull together a group of senators to push back on Trump. He doesn’t have to win every battle. Join the conservative wing of Never Trump. The Elites are snobs who never travel too far from the coasts. I think Mitch is an Elite who won’t get his hands dirty fighting with Trump. The Elites gather in think tanks in DC or Manhattan writing unread white papers. They were the guys who got the proverbial Georgetown cocktail party invitations (Schlichter). “They lived around, attended their kids’ soccer games and partied with other Elites. And Trump laughed at them all” (Schlichter). But Trump went off the reservation when he discovered that widjets were now made in “Peking” and brought back to the US to be sold. And, to his credit, he didn’t see why we were bombing every foreigner who got uppity. And NATO. “Was that even still a thing?” Postwar consensus, you know. WWII was 70 years ago. The Cold War was 25 years ago. But the Elite, including the Conservative Elite, had not bothered to update its consensus. Trump decided not to recognize the EU as a diplomatic entity. And he told the nations of NATO to pay up if they wanted to continue to be a member of NATO. The Normals nodded their heads to all this. They got it. And why was it OK for American kids to die in meaningless wars but not OK for French kids or German kids? When jobs were lost due to free trade, the Normals started complaining. But no one listened, least of all Conservative, Inc. “As Normal Americans, the base of the Republican Party, were watching their wages stagnate, their jobs depart, their small businesses crushed by big corporations, and their kids slaughtered in wars the leaders refused to win, the Elite and the conservatives did nothing. Nothing.” (Schlichter).********** Hillary Clinton lost the election because she had no humility, and the Normals saw it (Schlichter). Hillary’s behavior with classified documents was illegal and outrageous and Comey’s announcement in late October exonerating her just reminded people of her baggage. Although I voted for her, I can see why some might be put off by her history. My daughter and her husband didn’t vote at all because neither candidate was a good choice, and I’m sure others felt the same way. Another reason we got Trump is because illegal aliens were allowed to enter the country en mass and were taking Americans’ jobs. We also got Trump because jobs had moved to Mexico and Asia. The Elite forgot they were supposed to be taking care of America’s institutions, instead ruling without a mandate, just because they could. This gradually pissed off the Normals and they were aching for a change. Schlichter says that “Trump was a giant walking, talking middle finger to the Elite.” And Hillary Clinton made it necessary for the Normals to vote for Trump. “Sure, the Normals can vote, says Schlichter, Policy debates, such as they are, are properly conducted between factions of the Elite community. Normals? Butt out, hayseeds. But the Normals did not get the message. The Normals are Militant…due to a track record of Elite failure, and an Elite that has grown progressively worse at hiding its members’ manifest active hatred for Normal Americans.” And the Normals hate the Elite. It is dangerous for a nation when its two main sectors hate each other. It is a hatred that can cause real trouble. I am very concerned about the hatred that Pelosi and Schumer have for President Trump. I don’t think his feelings for them are quite as personal. But their feelings for him are scary. I hope Pelosi doesn’t waste time trying to impeach Trump and further divide the country. I hope she gets the House back to the business of passing legislation.

I found out that Q ANON is the handle of a group of people in the military who supposedly asked Donald Trump to run in the 2016 election for a strange reason which doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, he won the election and is working with this group to bring indictments against the many child traffickers and Satanic sacrifice participants. They are being tried in military tribunals at GITMO because according to the Patriot Act, they must have military trials. I don’t know if any of this stuff is true, but it’s all over YouTube and certain blogs like EraOfLight, which I recommend reading for more information. Now, on to the blog. According to Schlichter, all of America’s institutions are ready for the garbage heap. The FBI is probably the worst. Lisa Page and Peter Stzrok played an irresponsible game on their work phones and were subsequently fired. James Comey and others went to the FISA courts for permission to tap Carter Page’s phones and withheld information about that infamous dossier. James Comey also let Hillary Clinton off the hook after she had played fast and loose with classified documents. Her other crimes were egregious, also. Schlichter says that the FBI’s loss of respect by the Normals is more dangerous for the health of the Republic than the health of the Bureau itself. Another institution is the judiciary. The Supreme Court and the circuit courts are playing to the Elites. The “notorious” 9th circuit court decided that an American flag can’t be displayed in a school. Never mind that flags are in every classroom. I guess they didn’t know that. SCOTUS found the right to have an abortion somewhere in the Constitution. It must be in the small print, or maybe the appendix. Schlichter calls it a “cafeteria jurisprudence imposed by a prix fixe judiciary.” They are the Elite. They now make the laws of the land. He also says the courts invent rights that aren’t in the Bill of Rights and negate rights that are “on the parchment in black and tan.” Another institution is the news media, which just parrots what it’s told by its 2 or 3 corporate owners. The New York Times bashes Trump, which Elites like to read. That’s how the Times survives. Newspapers have been dying for years and even TV news has its Internet versions. Even Hollywood’s most popular actors can’t “open” a movie, meaning that they must have supporting stars. But Normals have a wide range of places to see movies. They don’t have to spend $15 to go to a theater. An institution that Normals distrust is Big Business. In fact, it had a 21% approval rating in 2017. Big Business has shafted Normals and insulted them forever. The Elite didn’t care that Normals saw their jobs go to Mexico and Asia. And Walmart came into one community after another, followed by other “big box” stores, and forced small businesses to close. According to Schlichter, “Elites want the Normals gone, dead, whatever, so they can be free of the last vestiges of restraint, of fealty to the traditional mores of the bourgeois and create the Elite utopia. But what the Elite really want is for the Normals to be enslaved” (Schlichter). Until Trump was elected, the Elites were chipping away at the power of Normals, working toward their goal of taking away every right which the Normals held so proudly. The Elites would deprive them of any ability to govern themselves, starting with the vote. Being politically correct was one way the Elite already ruled the Normals. Normals rightfully think of those crossing the southern borders as illegal aliens, but no–the Elite insist they be called undocumented immigrants, as though being without documents were some mysterious act of Gaia (Schlichter). The pampered Elite, safe behind the liberties it seeks to undermine for others, does not merely reject the authority of President Donald J Trump, but also acts to reject the authority of those who elected him. Donald Trump is merely the avatar of a greater movement, of the Normals themselves. “The Normals reserve the right to reassert control if the Elite fails to perform. Look at the Elites’ track record—failed wars, economic stagnation, rampant self dealing among those with the keys to the culture. The Elite should not have been surprised that the Normals got tired of their crap and kicked them in the ass”(Schlichter). The Elites and the Normals started out with some things in common-family, children, faith; but then a rift opened and widened. Over the years the gap widened and then came the explosion: Donald Trump. And according to the Elite, the people who elected him had no moral right to power, or any moral right to participate in their own governance. The Elite said, “Don’t normalize Trump.” Don’t treat him like he has a right to be where he is (Schlichter). Just a thought-Today is the third annual Women’s March-this is definitely an Elite performance. But Trump is not the real threat. The real threat is Militant Normals. And the Elite hate the Normals for “who they are and for the values they hold: morally inferior, morally bankrupt, possessing parochial and provincial beliefs, contrary to the most deeply held modern Elite values” (Schlichter). And behind those white picket fences, real Christianity is sure to lurk. The Elite has an offshoot it would like to shoot sometimes. It’s called Conservatism, Inc. Schlichter follows with a famous example of a conservative Elite: William F. Buckley. No one would disagree that he was an elite and an Elite. Next he discusses Republican presidents, starting with Eisenhower. He also keeps talking about the “rules of engagement,” which tie the hands of soldiers so they can’t win a battle. For example, they couldn’t bomb certain cities in North Vietnam. There also were lines they couldn’t cross, even if a North Vietnam soldier were in plain sight making faces at them. The war in Iraq had a “counterinsurgency strategy” for winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. This is all according to the author–I didn’t know any of this. This undermines the US and its ability to do warfare. The war in Iraq was apparently never meant to be won. Just saying. Onward. The Elite ignore immigration laws, which are reasonable and fair, and allow people to stay here illegally and give them sanctuary. This is tyranny because the Normals in other states or cities have no say in the situation and get murdered by criminals receiving sanctuary. They feel angry and powerless. Thus, they became militant and exploded (Schlichter).

I happened to spot an item about Q Anon on YouTube in connection with trials at GITMO, but I only understand that Q looks like a clock pointing toward a date that Trump was out of the country. Who makes up this stuff?! Who made the clock? Are these trials just another Hoax? And is Trump really behind all this? The whole thing feels impossible to me, even if all these constant tweeters haven’t tweeted since the middle of December. I really don’t like this if it’s all true; it makes me nervous. That must be why Generals Mattis and Kelly resigned when they did–I’ve heard they are involved somehow. Anyway, the blog awaits…. Kaden graduated and moved to where the action was–Washington, DC– and worked as a reporter for an online news outlet. He immersed himself in politics; Obama could do no wrong, but the Republicans were idiots. He became aware of the redneck monsters dwelling outside the beltway. After two great years with Obama (wonderful Obamacare!), the Republicans took the House and Senate. He blamed Fox News for lying to the idiots in the red states; and now Obama needed all the help he could get. “This was a life or death struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Darkness was, after all, where democracy died”(Schlichter). Although Kaden had never driven outside the Beltway to explore any of the people there, he just knew what they were like: stupid, ignorant, racist and sexist. And they had a ridiculous belief in their imaginary friend, Jesus. They were also in love with their phallic-symbol assault rifles. They were everything Kaden wanted NOT to be. They were the enemy (Schlichter). Hillary, The Smartest Woman in the World, savioress of Elite America, was going to bring down righteous thunder on them. It was a testimony to their stupidity that they had selected Donald Trump—–arrrgh–Donald Trump! as their nominee… Trump could not possibly win. He shared their crassness, their moral bankruptcy–their stupidity. But his defiance–their defiance–could just not be forgiven. They were going to pay (Schlichter).*************** Kaden truly hated the Normals. The Elites in his plans would take away their religion, their guns, make them cope with masses of immigrants, and—yeah, their little girls were going to share bathrooms with men who dress like women. The Elites would teach the Normals who’s boss. But a deathblow came on November 8, 2016. The Sainted Hillary lost. How could this happen? Trump was just another contractor–how did he deserve to be president? He knew nothing about politics! How could Nate Silver let this happen? He was not ashamed to weep in public, and he and his girlfriend settled in to RESIST.***************************** The Elite have dominated the Normals by the use of their expertise in various fields. A doctor tells us eggs are bad for us one day and a few months later, another expert tells us that eggs are not only harmless but very healthy for us. Normals are starting to distrust experts. An expert, according to the Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 702, “Testimony by Expert Witnesses,” defines an expert as: a witness is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education. The expert is supposed to have knowledge that others don’t have–scientific, technical or specialized. Expertise is a tool the Elite employs to exercise the power delegated to it by the Normals (Schlichter). It is a sword to enforce their will and a shield to protect themselves from accountability. But the Elite experts don’t admit their mistakes. The climate change controversy is an example of expertise abuse. The only place the Elite experts have sold climate change is in silly places like California after 2 decades of nonstop red-alerting. And we have had time to evaluate these warnings of impending doom. According to the experts we should be pushing up daisies into a searing oven of Earth’s atmosphere. We were told the ice-caps were melting. They are still there. We were told that blizzards were a thing of the past. That would be news to most of the US. If you listened to the experts back in the 70s, we should all be entombed in a mile deep glacier. Nor did the ozone hole fry us all. Neither did acid rain melt us all into puddles of pink goo (Schlichter). “Global warming” became “climate change” after Al Gore was seen walking into the umteenth snowed-out global warming conference decked out like an Eskimo on a whale hunt.

I want to say something about the shutdown, but I’m too damned mad. And I’m mad at both sides. They don’t deserve to be leading the American people. I won’t vote for either of them next time. Yes, Chuck is from my state. On to the blog. Schlichter next describes the life of a boy who grows up to be an Elite. People who are not Elite can pretend to be or convince themselves they are Elite. They base their sense of being Elite “upon their certainty in their moral and intellectual superiority to the Normals” (Schlichter). Schlichter says that their liberalism is contagious, difficult to cure and gross all at once, like an intellectual bedbug infection. I see bias there. I happen to be liberal but not Elite. I’m wondering if I’ll get my Social Security next week. He says colleges are a good example of the Elite infection. Their grading method doesn’t adhere to the traditional bell-curve because all students seem to get As. All students are marked outstanding. This happened to me in a post-graduate seminar. The professor announced on the first day that we were all getting As. So of course no one did any work. Except me. I was honestly interested in deconstructionism and wanted to read about it no matter how bad the translations were. Since the Harvard students are all outstanding, Schlichter wonders who they are being compared to; it can’t be other Harvard students. He says,”You get into Harvard or another elite college and you’ve got your invitation to the Elite–as well as an opportunity for training in the correct attitudes and behaviors of an Elitist.” Those who pretend to be Elite are called affiliate elite and don’t get accepted to Harvard. They don’t have power later in life like the real Elite do. The Elite feel called to guide and control the poor begotten souls below them who can’t run their own lives (Schlichter). Lots of Elites grow up as Normals and when they look at their parents, they wince. But the cognitive dissonance is worth it. You know more. You feel more. You are more. And that’s why millions of people identify as Elites whether they are Elites in any meaningful sense or not (Schlichter). Elites can experience the joy of making people bend to their will. Just consider “political correctness.” The Elites have put the Normals in a straight–jacket. Almost every kind of speech that was permissible in the 60s is now verboten. People are honestly afraid of offending someone everytime they open their mouth. Take the phrase “chain migration,” which went from an adequate description of a troubling policy to racially insensitive. In putting certain language off-limits, you get obsure language like “family reunification migration” (Schlichter). If you want to keep being an Elite, like Tom Cruise being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, for example, he would never say,”You know, I really don’t buy this global warming stuff.” That would never happen (Schlichter). Next the author makes a rather cryptic statement by saying,”Being elite does not necessarily have anything to do with being Elite. You don’t have to show any merit to be an Elite, but the Elite is a meritocracy. Being Elite is about choosing to be an Elite. “West Los Angeles is a majority Elite enclave just east of Santa Monica and separated from America by several parallel ten lane freeways and a lot of attitude. It was also Obama’s abused lover…West Los Angeles is the land of “Trump is not my president,” though Trump totally is their president” (Schlichter). The author follows the life of a designer child named Kaden, whose father, a doctor, once treated Cesar Chavez, and his life was never the same. His mother is a producer of movies who went back to work 2 weeks after he was born, leaving him in the care of a nanny. Kaden continued the family tradition of only buying lattes made with coffee picked by certified farm workers. Kaden’s parents dutifully wrote checks to the Democratic Party and read liberal journals. They hated Ronald Reagan and his successor, GHW Bush, who got us into a war. Bill Clinton was a breath of fresh air. Clinton “solved all the problems in the Balkans forever. Also, he loved black people. You could tell because he said so” (Schlichter). Kaden is musing about the world and life in general: it was an outrage how Republicans tried to impeach Bill Clinton–he just lied about sex…what kind of idiot would panic over sex? But George Bush, otherwise known as Chimpy Bu Hitlerburton, was the worst. All those wars for alleged WMD. What a fool. But then Barack Obama showed up He was articulate, urbane and had graduated from Harvard. And there was the time his parents tried to tell him about sex. What a gass! In second grade he had actually aced the quiz on sodomy. First of all, they said, sex is a serious issue. He must always get the girl’s consent before he goes to the next level of intimacy. If he didn’t get consent, some lying bitch could screw up his whole future. Also, women should be valued and respected, but always wear a rubber so some tramp doesn’t infect you with a disease. Most of all, they would totally pay if his partner needed an abortion. They would even give her a ride to a clinic without telling her parents if that’s what it took to keep his future secure.**** Kaden went to Columbia University and was drawn to journalism. He had so many opinions to share. He also met a student who saw action in Afghanistan and seemed kind of square–well, he wore his hair short. His professor cautioned the students,”People are shallow and small-minded. It is your job to help them be better. And though they will not appreciate it, you have a responsibility to guide them to the truth. After all, democracy dies in darkness” (Schlichter). Kaden accepted this great responsibility. He liked feeling he was part of something bigger, part of a special group of people with the education–the expertise–to make a difference. He would be special. He would be an Elite.

The Department of Defense website has nothing about trials of “Deep State” operatives, but it does have an announcement about the trial of Kaleed Sheik Muhammad. Is this some kind of screen? On to the blog. Schlichter describes the life of a typical Normal. He grows up in a dusty Midwest town which has lost its manufacturing base. We’ll call him Bill. So when Bill graduates from high school, he joins the Marines. He’s angry about 9/11 and wants revenge on terrorists. But also the military runs in his family. His grandfather was in WWII (Guadalcanal), and his father fought in Vietnam (Khe Sanh). Bill was sent to Iraq and earned a Purple Heart he didn’t think he earned. When he came home, he tried to find work as a roofer, but they were only hiring “illegals.” They told Bill they couldn’t afford to hire Americans and pay minimum wage. So he found a job at Walmart. He was promoted to manager, but the pay still wasn’t good and there were no benefits. There were pieces of shrapnel still stuck in his chest and he had a cough which he attributed to the fighting, all the dust and fumes from burning diesel. He made an appointment at the VA four months in advance. The waiting room was very crowded and he waited 3 hours for his appointment. After waiting so long, he was told that “removing the shrapnel is a non-essential procedure” and the cough wasn’t service related. He was given codeine cough medicine, which he later threw away. Not a successful trip for Bill, who definitely has a case. ****************************** Even as a manager Bill didn’t make as much as his father did, enough to buy a house or take vacations. Their Obamacare bill was enough to snuff out any hope of a vacation. But he knew when the welfare checks came because the store was mobbed. Time passed, like it always does. There were more and more illegals in town. An illegal without car insurance hit his wife’s car, and the cop just shrugged his shoulders. Bill ended up paying the $900 he couldn’t afford. It turned out that the illegal had been deported twice and the police had just released him a month before for drunk driving. But that wasn’t in the news. **** Bill walked out on Thanksgiving dinner because a cousin home from Berkeley told him he was a sucker and complicit in war crimes for fighting in Bush’s wars. Everyone there knew the kid was lucky Bill left instead of introducing the kid’s face to the wall. Bill voted for Obama in 2008, but he wasn’t really into politics. The bailouts pissed him off, though, because the bankers got off scott free and even gave themselves fat bonuses. But what happened if he couldn’t pay a bill? You would think the sky was on fire. And they had wrecked the economy, and bankers were supposed to be the experts. It looked like to him that the system was rigged for the big guy and against the little guy. And Obama didn’t turn out to be about hope and change after all. He picked fights with cops. Bill liked cops. His cousin was a cop. It was hard being a cop these days. His cousin said it was getting so they were afraid to bust criminals. Bill’s thoughts ran along, “Whenever you encountered the government, it was like you were an afterthought. Your kids’ teachers seemed disinterested, and you spent a lot of time reading to your kids to keep them developing. The district seemed to have trouble finding funds for phys ed and art classes, but they always seemed to have funds for another program for the illegal alien kids, who spoke no English but were filling the rolls. It was clear who the priority was, and it wasn’t you” (Schlichter). Bill wasn’t into politics, but he was ready to do something about his situation and the country he loved. It seemed to him that the liberals were mostly at fault for the illegal problem in his town. Obama, for example, loved illegals. In 2012 he was torn between voting for Mitt Romney or Obama again. Bill thought Romney was a joke and he felt that Obama hated him. Actively hated him. In observing some of Obama’s oppressive liberal policies, like forcing nuns to buy insurance that covers abortions, Bill muses,”You know, threatening an American, telling an American that he’s going to do what you say, is a dangerous business.” Bill didn’t vote for either candidate. Things got more of the same only a little worse–why do people want to come here, anyway? Transexuals started using the same bathrooms as little girls, probably just because they can. And next primary season of the 2016 election is coming along, and Bill is looking for someone who is not a joke and who is a fighter. Bill doesn’t know what “out of the box” means, but that’s who he’s looking for. And then he notices Donald Trump.

According to EraOfLight, Elites are being arrested, put on barges and sent to GITMO for trials. I will not mention names, but one of them has already been executed. Nothing in the media, of course. No way of proving this, and when you go to the original website, the proof is nonexistent, unless it’s also in the MSM. Now, on to the blog. Kurt Schlichter, the author of “Militant Normals,” has a slightly different view of the Elite than Carlson. He divides the population of the US into the Elites and the Normals. The Elites are supposed to be running things, but they are doing a piss-poor job of it. This in turn angers the Normals. The Normals are a large class of people. They are everyone not the Elites. “Who are they anyway?” Schlichter tells us. “They are normal Americans, the Normals, the people who made America into what we think of when we think of America. They built this country, and they defended it. They grow our food and truck it to our Trader Joes. They don’t unfriend people on Facebook for having wrong thoughts, and they aren’t focused on perfecting their neighbors through the power of social justice. They just want to live their lives in a stable society, meaning they don’t want to be robbed walking down the sidewalk, and they want to be shown a little respect.” What they are not defined by are color, sex, religion or even sexual orientation. They don’t inform you of their preferred pronouns when they meet you and shake your hand. They don’t obsess on those things like their alleged betters do. They don’t live in big cities on the coasts, although some might. They don’t read policy papers. They drive Explorers, not Priuses, and they don’t eat kale. “But what they are done tolerating is an uppity Elite that has screwed up its macro-task of running society’s institutions yet has taken unto itself the job of micro-regulation of Normals’ lives. You see, the Elite finds the Normals morally deficient, and thinks it has to correct them”(Schlichter). The Elite is wrong. Normals want to live their lives without being disrespected or exploited by the ruling class. The politicians are carrying on wars that they don’t think are important enough to win. Trump saw that and did something about it. And meanwhile it’s the kids of Normals who die in these wars. According to the author, in 2016 Donald Trump was the only one talking to the Normals. In fact, he was the only one who acknowledged that Normals even existed. But in making contact with the Normals, Trump drew down the wrath of the Elite. Did that scare him? Not a bit. He reveled in it. When it came to the 2016 election,the author said,”Trump’s voters, the Normals,…for a long time has been dissed, taken for granted and bossed around by their purported betters. Now they were done with it. Openly or covertly, they were down for a fight.” The Elite did not just fail in running our institutions and providing a stable society and economy; not only did it fail in this; it has turned on the Normals and declared war on the people who make up the backbone of this country because the Elite just can’t live knowing the Normals are out there living free and uncontrolled. And in attacking the Normals, the Elite ignited the conflict we are living through today (Schlichter). The Elite decided they had to burn down the country to save it. The Elites love mass illegal immigration. It’s hardest on the Normals and this fact is well known. The Elites get their docile servants, the contractors get cheap labor, but the average citizen is exposed to crime, rape, injury by a car driven by an illegal who has no insurance, murder, assault, M13 gang attacks. When Hillary Clinton called half of America a “basket of deplorables,” it was the attitude the Elites have about the Normals. It probably lost her the election more than anything else because people are tired of being treated as stupid, morally illiterate and asleep at the wheel.******************************* There is now a permanent mobilization by the Normals. And they’ve grown vicious to match the Elite. They are in a fight with the bipartisan establishment, which wants to keep the status quo. Their alleged betters, that bipartisan meritocracy without merit that is America’s Elite, still hates them. Not merely has disdain for them. Not only disrespects them. Hates them. That is the crux of the problem, and the genesis of this chaotic moment in history (Schlichter). But the sliver of the Normals the Elite approve of is the underclass–reliable votes and obedient serfs.They are kept in line with bread an circuses. According to Schlichter, the modern Elite needs and wants an enemy, and the Normals make for a great villain. The Normals don’t fit into the grand scheme of things their betters envision. Normals just want to live their lives and raise their families in peace. Unforgivably, they seem to want hope and change without fundamentally transforming America. They are branded racist, sexist, homophobic, and all the other –ists and –phobics that their alleged betters have invented. They believe in God, which today is the greatest of heresies.” And the Normals won’t honor the Elites, which infuriates them. For a long time the Normals wouldn’t fight back, but they found Donald Trump, and now they aren’t backing down. And in finding the feisty Donald Trump the Normals became the Militant Normals.