The gods-Who’s Who

ABAEL:: Two hundred thousand years ago Enki’s hybrids Adapa and Titi bore the twins Ka-in and Abael. Enlil’s enforcer Ninurta taught Ka-in farming; Enki’s son Marduk taught Abael animal husbandry.

ABRAHAM (Ibruum):: He was born in 2123 BCE; his father Terah was Ur’s high priest. In 2041 BCE he led Enlil’s forces and defended the Sinai Spaceport. He also reported to Enlil that Sodom and Gomorrha had switched their allegiance and were following Marduk. In 2024 BCE Enlil sent Abraham to the Negev Desert while Ninurta and Nergal bombed the two cities. Enlil made Abraham and his men sacrifice their foreskins to him. It became a mark of allegiance to Enlil. Enlil then gave Abraham Canaan.

ADAD (AKA Ishkar, Baal, Mercury, Viracocha, Indra):: In 3800 BCE Enlil, his father, put him in charge of gold and tin works at Tiahuanaco. He inscibed his symbol, the forked lightning for all to see from the air and ocean on a mountainside on the Bay of Paracas, Peru.

ADAMU :: The first successfully test-tube conceived surrogate carried Nibiran/erectus Earthing. He gestated in Chief Medical Officer Ninmah’s womb. He learned to speak, his skin was smooth dark red and his hair was black. He had a foreskin, unlike the Anunnaki, who have not.

ADAPA (AKA Enoch) :: Adapa was born 200,000 BCE to Enki with an Earthling woman descended from Adamu. Nibirans believed that Adapa and his line were better servants than the hybrid Earthling miners descended from Adapa’s ancestor, Adamu.

ALALU :: (AKA Chronos, Saturn) On Nibiru there was conflict about who should be king. Anu and Alalu wrestled for the throne and Anu won; they wrestled again and Anu won again and exiled Alalu to Mars, where he died. Chief Medical Officer Ninmah, en route to Earth, stopped at Mars and buried Alalu. She made a huge face as a memorial, which humans have wondered about; now we know.

ANU:: He deposed Alalu as king of Nibiru and then ran Nibiru as a military dictatorship. He married ANTU but had 6 other concubines. Anu begat Enki with a concubine, Nammu. He begat Enlil with his paternal half-sister, Antu. His daughter, Ninmah, he begat with a concubine. When Anu visited Earth in 3,840 BCE. he took Inanna, his granddaughter, as a concubine. Anu believed that the Creator of All, through Galzu, got the Anunnaki to create and save the adapted Earthling race.

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