Time Line cont.

9380 BCE :: Marduk divided Egypt between Seth and Osiris. Seth and Igigi Commander Shamgaz killed Osiris, and ruled the Nile. Isis impregnated herself with the seed of Osiris and bore Horus. Gibil trained Horus to fight. In Pyramid War I Horus beat Seth, who fled to Sinai. 8670 BCE: Marduk’s forces advanced on Sinai, but Inanna, Ninurta and Utu defeated them. The Enkiites retreated to the Great Pyramid, but Ninurta broke in and captured them. He took their weapons, energy generation machines and communication devices. I found out somewhere that the Great Pyramid generated electricity. Ninmah convened a peace conference. Enki accepted Enlil’s conditions of peace. The Council banished Marduk to North America and gave Ningishzidda-Thoth rule of Egypt.

7500 BCE :: The Anunnaki taught Earthlings advanced kiln technology for pottery and metallurgy. They minted coins to create a web of trade, debt and control. 3150 BCE : Ningishzidda-Thoth-Quezilcoatl gave the calendar to the Maya. 2900 BCE : Inanna ruled the Indus Valley; the Igigi astronauts followed her there. King Gilgamesh of Uruk wanted Anunnaki longevity. He went to Lebanon and grasped the herb he needed, but a snake snatched it out of his hand. The Anunnaki were guided by the stars. When the constellation Virgo came up, the ruling seat on the Council went to Inanna. The Council also named the star group ‘the twins’ after Inanna and Utu, and together they reigned supreme when Gemini rose before the Sphinx in the June Equinox.

2800 BCE :: Enki ordered Thoth to let Marduk rule Egypt and find something else to do. So Thoth went to Britain with his Olmec and Sumerian assistants and started building Stonehenge. They also went to South America and designed smelting facilities at Tiahuanaco and Machu Picchu. He ruled Central America, Central Mexico and influenced civilization south into South America. Thoth and his assistants built several stoneworks.

I never fail to be captivated by my supposed ancestors. They fought all the time, but there was always a solution. I have many books about the Anunnaki; they are such fascinating characters. When I learned that they were also the Greek and Roman gods, I was very doubtful. But I realized quite early that Enlil must be Yahweh. The Universal Father would never act like the god in the Bible.

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