The Urantia Book

All the personalities and entities of the Conjoint Actor (Infinite Spirit) are divided into three grand divisions: The Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, the Messenger Hosts of Space and the Ministering Spirits of Time. These spirit beings are concerned with teaching and ministering to the will creatures of the ascendent scheme of mortal progression. There are 7 such within the 3 divisions: Solitary Messengers, Universe Circuit Supervisors, Census Directors (they know the second you are born), Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit, Associate Inspectors, Assigned Sentinels, and Graduate Guides. The Solitary Messengers was described in the previous Paper because they are unique. At last report there were 7,690 trillion operating in Orvonton alone. They are nearly eternal except for Paradise and the Havona circuits. They are, however, conscious of time and their beginning. Solitary Messengers are a dependable, self-reliant, versatile, thoroughly spiritual, and broadly sympathetic group of created beings. They function in the local universes under the immediate influence of the universe Mother Spirits. Messengers are assigned to the Paradise Trinity, the Havona Circuits (this is 7 concentric circles of 1 billion planets, which orbits around Paradise; each planet is more beautiful than the last). There are Messengers of the Superuniverse; since Messengers are the only entities that can go from the HQ of one superuniverse to another, the Ancients of Days only have the Messengers to communicate with their order on another superuniverse. There is no limit to the service they can perform. They can function as executioners of the high tribunals or as intelligence gatherers for the good of the realm. Messengers are also Explorers of Undirected Assignment. When they are free, they heed the call of the Seven Supreme Power Directors for exploration volunteers and experience the thrill of finding the organizing nuclei of new worlds and universes. Messengers are needed when a message needs to be rapid and it needs to be delivered by a real person. Messengers travel 841,621,642,000 miles per second.

I’m going to briefly mention the 6 other High Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. Number 2 Universe Circuit Supervisors control stupendous systems of energy. They direct and manipulate all spiritual energy circuits outside the Isle of Paradise. They direct all concerned as to the proper circuits to employ for the transmission of all spirit messages and for the transit of all personalities. It is they who would isolate an evolutionary world if its Planetary Prince should rebel against the Universal Father and his vicegerent Son. They are able to throw any world out of universe circuits of the higher universe order, but they cannot annul the material currents of the power directors.

The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit. These directors, by a unknown technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe. Thus, they are always able to give the number, nature and whereabouts of any will creature in the central universe and 7 superuniverses. Not Paradise, the Gods are omniscient. Says the Unantia Book: “The Census Director of Nebadon, number 81,412, of Orvonton, now stationed on Salvington, is at this very moment personally conscious, aware of your living presence here on Urantia, and he will afford the records confirmation of your death the moment you cease to function as a will creature.” (229)

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