Timeline cont.

100,000 BCE :: Enlil and Anu let Marduk marry Sarpanit, an Earthling, to stop him from ever ruling Nibiru. Marduk coordinated the rite so his allies the astronauts (Igigi) revolted and abducted 200 Adapite Earthling women (see Genesis 6). They occupied the Baalbek Landing Platform in Lebanon and forced Enlil to recognize the women they kidnapped as legal wives and give them estates on Earth.

85,000 BCE :: Innana of the Enlilites paired with Dumuzi of the Enkiites. Marduk had their sister accuse Dumuzi of rape and then chased Dumuzi until he fell to his death. Inanna was killed by her sister Ereshkigal. Enki with androids revived Inanna. 49,000 BCE :: Enlil, enraged that Enki and Ninmah allowed Earthlings rule Shuruppak, vowed Earthings’ genocide. 10,800 BCE :: Earth’s climate deteriorated. A large object from space came near Earth and heated the oceans. Ice sheets melted. Our living standard worsened. We left huts and lived in caves and bush. 14,699 BCE :: Uranus drifted away from the Sun and sped Niburu toward Earth sooner than the 3600 year sar (normal orbit around the Sun). As Niburu flew by, Uranus caught Miranda, a moon of Niburu, Now Miranda circled Uranus instead of Niburu.

9703 BCE :: Niburu’s perigee tore Niburu’s gold shield, slid Antarctica’s icecap into the sea and caused the Flood. Enki had begat Ziusudra (Noah) with his Earthling overseer’s wife. Enki secretly told Ziusudra how to build a submarine and gathered the genetic material to repopulate the animal kingdom. Nergal, Enki’s son, piloted the sub to Mt, Ararat. Enlil ruled through Ziusudra, Shem, Japhet and Ham and their descendents. (Noah’s sons) Swidarians were tall Earthing hybrids created when Cro=Magnon=Neanderthal Europeans interbred with coneheaded Homo capensis ETs. They built huge megalithic structures ( Goblekli Tepe and other spiritual centers). Ninurta built dams and drained flood waters into rivers in Sumer. The Anunnaki renewed crops and beasts and built a worldwide civilization with a base on Mars. In Iraq they gave Earthlings city societies, kings, temples, priests, festivals, beer, food recipes, art, music, musical instruments, music notes, dance, writing, record keeping, medicines, textiles, multicolored apparel. They gave us plants, animals, guidance and knowledge, and let us increase our population. Enlil, his sons and grandchildren ruled Sumer. He had Earthlings build schools of science and writing as well as a library with 30,000 inscribed clay tablets. Each Anunnaki god walled their sacred precincts and put in a tall ziggurat (stepped pyramid).

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