The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book talks about survival rather than salvation. Jesus did not save us from our sins, he showed us how to survive, by loving God and neighbor. Although, it turns out that surviving is, according to the UB, simpler than that. It’s simply wanting to survive, craving God, doing God’s will. The UB frequently gives the reader a passage on how to survive. The following is one such: “Mind universally dominates matter, even as it is in turn responsive to the ultimate overcontrol of spirit. And with (humans) only that mind which freely submits itself to the spirit direction can hope to survive the mortal time-space existence as an immortal child of the eternal spirit world of the Supreme, the Ultimate and the Absolute: the Infinite.” I’ll note these passages when they appear. There were people back then named Adam and Eve. They were sent from Jerusem to uplift the tribes. The tribes built them a beautiful place called Eden as a home. Adam taught the tribes agriculture and Eve taught them the domestic arts. The both taught reading and those literacy skills. But they really came to Urantia to uplift the tribes by mating their progeny with the sons and daughters of the tribes. But eventually the tribes turned on them and the Material Sons defaulted and quit their jobs. They had to accept morality and ascend like any mortal. To confuse things further Enki of the Anunnaki created a new human male and female in collaboration with his half-sister Ninharsag. He put them in Enlil’s park called Eden, but Enlil kicked them out.

Urantia is referred to as 606 of Satania in Norlatiadek of Nebadon. one of 100 constellations in Nebadon. Their rulers link the local systems of inhabited worlds by reflectivity with the superadministration of the Ancients of Days on Uversa. I’ll get to reflectivity later. The government of the constellation is situated in a cluster of 771 architectural spheres, the centermost and largest of which is Edentia, the seat of the administration of the Constellation Fathers, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. In Norlatiadek the seventy major spheres, together with the 700 minor satellites, are inhabited by the univitatia, the permanent citizens of the constellation.

The water of Edentia is no different from the water of evolutionary planets. The water is both surface and subterranean, and it is in constant circulation. Edentia and its associated worlds have a true atmosphere, a 3 gas mixture, which embodies the two elements of Urantian atmosphere plus that morantia gas suitable for the respiration of morantia creatures. The sea of glass, the receiving area of Edentia, is near the administrative center and in encircled by the headquarters amphitheater. Surrounding this area are the governing centers of the seventy divisions of constellation affairs. One half of Edentia is divided into seventy triangular sections, whose boundaries converge at the headquarters buildings of their respective sectors. The remainder of this sphere is one vast natural park, the garden of God. The Edentia sea of glass is one enormous circular crystal about 100 miles in circumference and about 30 miles in depth. This magnificent crystal serves as the receiving field for all transport seraphim and other beings arriving from points outside the sphere; such a sea of glass greatly facilitates the landing of transport seraphim. A crystal field is also utilized for reflectivity. Almost all architectural spheres have a glass lake and they are used, as I understand it, for communication. It does what it says: reflect. It’s a technique for circulating news. People on a planet huddle around a glass lake and wait for news to appear on their glass. I could be sadly mistaken and there are other ways of communicating.

The constellations are the autonomous units of a local universe, each constellation being administered by its own legislative enactments. They thus function as the law making units, while the local systems serve as the executive or enforcement units. The Salvington government is the supreme judicial and co-ordinating authority. The rulers of the constellations are of the Vorondadek order of local universe sonship (They are the offspring of the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit. None of these Sons have ever rebelled; Michael suffered two other rebellions in addition to Lucifer. These Sons are known as the “Most Highs” since they embody the highest administrative wisdom coupled with the most farseeing are intelligent loyalty of all the orders of the local universe Sons of God. At least three Vorondadek Sons are commissioned by Gabriel as the Most Highs of each of the Nebadon constellations. The presiding member of this trio is known as the Constellation Father and his two associates are the senior Most High and junior Most High

The UB adds a note about Urantia: At the time of the Lucifer Rebellion, the Most Highs seized authority in certain sectors on Urantia. They have continued to exercise this power, and the Ancients of Days long since confirmed this assumption of control over a wayward planet. They will probably maintain this control as long as Lucifer lives. But there is still another way in which Urantia became, to its misfortune, linked with the Most Highs. When Michael was on Urantia doing his bestowal mission, the successor to Lucifer was not in full authority of the local system, so all Urantia affairs which concerned the Michael bestowal were immediately supervised by the Most Highs of Norlatiadek. This could mean they sabotaged his mission. I don’t know. Anythings possible.

The Urantia Book

As noted before Ultamatons are unknown to Urantia’a physicists. Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular Paradise gravity pull. They slow down through many phases of physical activity before they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimations have 3 varieties of motion, but we will only be concerned with the last: the intraelectronic positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons. Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electron identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.

The Ultimaton determine the dimensions of electrons by the axial whirling, and they also determine the negative or positive reaction of the several types of electronic units. Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron weighs a little less that 1/2,000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of an electron equaled 1/10 of an ounce, then if size were proportiately magnified. the volume of the electron would become as large as the Earth. If the volume of a proton-1800 times as heavy as an electron- were magnified to the size of a head of a pin, then by comparison, the head of the pin would have the diameter of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

The local universes are of decimal construction. There are just one hundred distinguishable atomic materializations of space energy in a dual universe; that is the maximum possible organization of matter in Nebadon. These one hundred forms of matter consist of a regular series in which from one to one hundred electrons revolve around a central and relatively compact nucleus. It is this orderly and dependable association of various energies that constitutes matter. Electrons orbit the nucleus, which has protons, positively charge particles and neutrons, which have no charge. There are four levels of electrons, and the UB says they have more individuality the farther out they are, but the current knowledge is that the electrons form a cloud around the nucleus and the positions of the orbits are hidden.

There is a powerful energy source is the spaces in the atom, which is unknown on Urantia, which is unpredictable, and seems to be a space-force reaction of the Unqualified Absolute, a God which will rule in new universes (I think). The mesotron is a particle which holds the proton and the neutron together in the nucleus of the atom. Physicists have long looked for the key factor they could add to the atom that would make it stay together–they’ve tried gravity, but in the end they rejected it. They have the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and electromagnetism and they need a fourth. It seems mesotrons are their answer.


The Urantia Book

The foundation of the universe is material in the sense that energy is the basis of all existence, and pure energy is controlled by the Universal Father. This vast stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never failed; there has never been a break in the infinite upholding. This divine energy pervades all creation. The force organizers initiate those changes and those modifications of space-force which eventuate in energy; the power directors transmute energy into matter; thus the material worlds are born. The Life Carriers initiate those processes in dead matter which we call life, material life. The Morantia Power Supervisors likewise perform throughout the transition realms between the material and spiritual worlds. The higher spirit Creators inaugurate similar processes in divine forms of energy, and there ensue the higher spirit forms of intelligent life (angels, etc.).

Ultimatonic matter is something our physicists haven’t discovered yet. It’s discovered inside an electron, and it really must be small and hard to find because they are saying that electrons are really clouds around the nucleus of an atom. But the UB calls ultimatons “the prime physical units of material existence and the explosive and repellent stage of the solar supergases.” An area of empty space in Nebadon would yield about 100 ultimatons, the equivalent of one electron, in each cubic inch. Throughout space, cold and other influences are organizing ultimatons into electrons. But, because of gravity, interstellar space does not reach absolute zero. The UB also served up Einstein’s equation for Mass and Energy.

The UB also discusses the fact that particles are interchangeable with waves, which it says is the state of knowledge of Urantia’s physicists. The first is the short space rays, which emanate from the densest area of the Milky Way. The electronic stage is the basis of all materialization in the seven superuniverses. The electron gives off light and has wavelike tendencies. Gamma rays, caused by radium disintegration, are waves. The next step in the slowing down of the electron yields the various forms of solar X-rays as well as artificial X-rays. The ultraviolet or chemical rays of sunlight make-up the various mechanical productions. White light: the whole spectrum of sunlight. Infrared rays–the further slowing down of the electron near the stage of appreciable heat. Hertzian waves–those energies utilized on Urantia for broadcasting. These are 10 varieties of waves and the human eye/brain can only percieve one of them-white light. We see and hear in a tunnel; there is a whole world out there that we are not aware of; psychics can see more of the world. I was psychic years ago when I was psycically raped. I became psychic to survive, but I’ve lost my remote viewing ability.

The Urantia Book

What are universe boundaries and how are they maintained? The characteristic space phenomenon which sets each local universe from others is the presence of the Creative Spirit, the Divine Minister, co-ruler with the Creator Son. She apparently is able to expand. Her boundaries and the boundaries of the local universe. Outside her boundaries is another universe. The space bodies of Nebadon were created when nebulae such as the Andronover nebula threw off material that became stars and planets. Such is the constitution of the local star cloud of Nebadon, which today swings in an increasingly settled orbit around the Sagittarius center and also in the center of a minor sector of Orvonton.

Even as the space bodies cool, there is work to do balancing the mass and energies of the universes.The circuiting and channeling of energy is supervised by the five hundred thousand living and intelligent energy manipulators scattered throughout Satania (system containing Urantia). Through the action of such physical controllers the supervising power centers are in complete and perfect control of a majority of the basic energies of space. This group of living entities can mobilize, transform, transmute, manipulate, and transmit nearly all of the physical energies of organized space.

These intelligent creatures of power control and energy direction must adjust their technique on each sphere in accordance with the physical constitution and architecture of that planet. They unfailingly utilize the calculations and deductions of their respective staffs of physicists and other technical advisers. (Did you notice that? A physicist works for 40 years, retires and dies an atheist. Little does he know he will be a physicist in the afterlife and nobody cares whether he’s an atheist) Anyway, they advise on the influence of highly heated suns and other types of supercharged stars on the local universe. The Master Physical Controllers are not responsible for the the energy misbehavior on Urantia. I assume the Presenters (an Angel and the Chief of Nebadon Power Centers) don’t appove of our fossil fuel consumption. There’s plenty of free energy but its not available–anyone who make a device that runs on free (scalar) energy get murdered or isn’t able to get a patent or has their lab trashed and their device confiscated. Someone must build a free energy device with an audience and cameras watching. S/he must be very visible, like Steven Greer.

The Urantia Book

I guess it’s a big deal to be an ascending son of God, because a paper (chapter) is devoted to the subject. It “presents a glorious recital of the unstinted bestowal of divine love and gracious condescension thoughout all time and all universes of the far-flung creation of the Paradise Deities” (444). Besides mortals who ascend, the non-mortals such as seraphim (angels) and the Material Sons (Adam and Eve) and also the midwayer and the Truth Adjuster ascend. Midwayers have a highly peculiar origin, but they have served man in many capacities and sometimes they can be seen by the human eye. The are permitted to ascend when the planet they’ve serve reaches the stage of light and life. To be allowed to ascend to the Father is the most wonderful destiny these beings could possibly want. The Adjuster is a fragment of God the Father inside each human which is there to guide us. He comes in at about 5 years old or when the child starts demonstrating will and the ability to make decisions. The UB says that one can survive by following the Adjuster’s suggestion, or at least not oppose them. Adding the three mortal ascenders (Father-fused, son-fused, spirit-fused). there are seven groups, which is a number repeated very frequently in heaven.

jSpirit identification constitutes the key to personal survival and determines the destiny of spiritual ascension. This is the scary part. First of all, only Adjuster (Father) fused mortals are allowed into Paradise. They are confined to Nebadon or Orvonton. Son-fused mortals will see paradise if the Creator Son Michael has meetings in Paradise, but he won’t be trained to worship the Father. But he will be relieved of the scary test which the Father-fused must take. The way I understand it, the Gods are sitting in a deep fog, so they can’t be seen. The mortal must figure out which God is sitting in the fog by the mortal’s experiences with that God during his time in the flesh. He must intuit the God’s personality. They do this with all three God’s. But failure won’t get you the ax. In another paragraph they say: “As to the chances of mortal survival, let it be made forever clear. All souls of every possible phase of mortal existence will survive provided they manifest willingness to co-operate with their indwelling Adjusters and exhibit a desire to find God and to attain Divine perfection, even though these desires be the first faint flickers of the primitive comprehension of that “true light which lights every man who comes into the world.”

And what about the mortals who have worked so hard, but something is making it impossible to fuse with their Adjusters? And what does fuse mean, anyway? They, in fact, will see Paradise, but only if they are there on business. But the Spirit-fused mortals see the universe and the Son-fused mortal only see the superuniverse. But service is the name of the game in this amazing place. Did it occur to you ever that Jesus came from a PLANET? He built that planet with the help of huge machines and he created animals in LABS–actually he employed Life Carriers on one of Salvington’s satellites for that. The world of space/time applies to everything-all the universes and superuniverses, but not to Paradise and Havona. Together they are called the Central universe. Enormous black rocks orbit around Paradise; one presenter said they were there for balance.

The Urantia Book

Seraphim are created by the Universe Mother Spirit, and are projected in units of 41,472 at a time. The Mother Spirit also creates other spirits while the Creator Son, Michael, creates the Material sons,Adam and Eve. All of these beings are created already knowing what they must do. They will all be ministering to ascending mortal in one way or another. Seraphim are still being periodically created; the universe is young.

Angels do not have material bodies, but they are definite and discrete beings; they are of spirit nature and origin. Although invisible to mortals, they can see you ; they intellectually understand the mode of mortal life and they share humanity’s emotions and sentiments. And they love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them. But as Jesus said, they “will neither marry nor be given in marriage but they will be as the angels in heaven.” They don’t procreate. That’s why ministers and professors should know better when they say that in Genesis 6 the 200 rogues who took whoever woman they wanted were angels.

The ninth group of seven primary spheres (satellites) in the Salvington circuit are the worlds of the Seraphim. Each of these worlds has six tributary satellites, whereon exist the special schools devoted to seraphic training. These headquarters worlds are among the most magnificent realms of Nebadon; the seraphic estates are characterized by both beauty and vastness. Here each seraphim has a real home, and “home” means the domicile of two seraphim; they live in pairs.

Seraphim spend their first millennium as noncommissioned observers on Salvington and its associated world schools. The second millennium is spent on the seraphic worlds of the Salvington circuit. Their central training school is now presided over by the first 100,000 Nebadon seraphim and at their head is the original or first born angel of the universe. The first created group of Nebadon seraphim were trained by a corps of 1,000 serphim from Avalon; subsequently, our angels have been taught by their own seniors.

The Urantia Book

The last two universe personalities are the Celestial Overseers and the Mansion World teachers. The Melchizedek teaching corps administers the Nebadon educational system, but the work designed to effect its maintenance and upbuilding is carried on by the Celestial Overseers. They are 3 million in number and they have volunteers who have qualified by experience to serve as educational advisors to the universe. The Mansion World Teachers are recruited and glorified cherubim. Like all educational workers, they are commissioned by the Melchizedeks.

Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The following have permanent assignment in Nebadon: The Solitary Messengers are always willing to run errands and they fly through space at many times the speed of light; Andovontia is the name of the Universe Circuit Supervisor. He deals with spirit and morontia circuits. It was he who isolated Urantia at the time of the Caligastia betrayal of the planet during the Lucifer rebellion. The Census Director, Salsatia, registers the exact number of will creatures (us) in the universe. He registers the birth and death of all will creatures. The Universal Conciliators are the traveling courts of time and space, functioning from the evolutionary world up to the universe level and beyond. The Technical Advisers are the living and experiential law libraries of all space.

Permanent citizens of the local universe. These created beings are 4 types in number: 1. Susatia 2. Univitatia 3. Material Sons (and Daughters) 4. Midway Creatures. The Susatia are closely associated with the ascendant citizens and Spirit-fused mortals of the Nebadon Corps of Perfection. The Univitatia live on the Constellations and minister to ascending mortals. Material Sons and Daughters go to evolving planets work among the tribes. Their offspring mate with the individuals of higher intelligence in an attempt to “uplift” our race. But they defaulted on Urantia. Urantia has had a very bad history with the default and the Lucifer rebellion, and yet our people are blamed and cut off from the circuits and broadcasts. The Midway Creatures are midway between humans and Material Sons. They have a really unique origin

The Urantia Book

PERSONALITIES OF THE LOCAL UNIVERSE. The Universe Aids include the following 7 orders: 1. Bright and Morning Stars 2. Brilliant Evening Stars 3. Archangels 4. Most High Assistants 5. High Commissioner 6. Celestial Overseers 7. Mansion World Teachers. There is only one Bright and Morning Star in each universe, and he is the first-born of all creatures native to a local universe. The Bright and Morning Star of our universe is Gabriel of Salvington. He is the chief executive of all Nebadon and spokeman for the Creative Spirit. As administrative affairs became busier, Gabriel was provided with a staff with the creation of the Evening Stars. The Evening Stars were planned by the Melchizedeks and brought into being by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. They serve as representatives of Gabriel at all the constellations and systems in Nebadon. They also stand in for Gabriel at conclaves that he is too busy to attend. There may be as many as 1,000 meeting at the same time.

The third group of universe aids is the Archangels, the highest type of high spirit produced by the Son and the Spirit. At last count there were 800,000 in Nebadon. They are dedicated to the work of creature survival and to the furtherance of the ascending career of the mortals of time and space. In recent times a divisional headquarters has been maintained by the Archangels on Urantia. These Archangels are very curious and interested in Urantia because Michael’s last bestowal took place here. I wonder if they are curious enough to read about the experiences he had while he was here. Or maybe the first 300 years of Church history–surely the most climactic in human history.

The fourth group of Universe Aids are the Most High Assistants. They come into the universe from Paradise, they number in the millions and their purpose is to help the personalities of Nebadon come in to fuller harmony with the ideas of Orvonton and Paradise. There are a variety of beings who come in: Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, Universal Censors, Inspired Trinity Spirits, Solitary Messengers, supernaphim, seconaphim and tertiaphim.

High Commissioners are Spirit-fused ascendant mortals. People have in them a fragment of the Universal Father called the Thought Adjuster. This entity tries to guide you to moral decisions, but in a general way; he doesn’t force you to do anything. But he does keep a record of your actions which will be seen later by others. I know my TA and I ask for guidance and I ask for his opinion on how I am doing spiritually. We on Urantia will fuse with our Adjusters either before or after we die. I read a book about a young woman who drove Michael crazy to let her fuse with her adjuster. I believe he finally did. He also took her to the morantia worlds, the first place you go after you die. She had the nerve to say it was boring and there were grocery stores there, but the food looked boring. The people on other planets don’t always fuse with a fragment of the Father. They might fuse with the Spirit of Michael or the Mother Spirit. If this happens, they won’t go all the way to Paradice–they will remain confined to Nebadon. But there are ways around this confinement, and service anywhere is still service.

The Urantia Book

This is how evolution starts: The vital spark–the mystery of life–is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such tranactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind. The Life Carriers are not allowed to interfere with the beings they have produced, especially will creatures. They stay a long time on a planet to make sure that life is progressing in the correct way, but they don’t interfere.

It is the presence of the seven adjutant mind-spirits on the primitive worlds that conditions the course of organic evolution; that explains why evolution is purposeful and not accidental. These adjutants represent that function of the mind ministry of the Infinite Spirit which is extended to the lower orders of intelligent life through the operations of a local universe Mother Spirit. The adjutants are the children of the Universe Mother Spirit and constitute her personal ministry to the material minds of the realms. Wherever and whenever such mind is manifest , these spirits are variously functioning.

The seven adjutant mind-spirits are as follows: 1. the spirit of intuition (quick reflexes, only one to make contact with lowest mind level) 2. the spirit of understanding (automatic association of ideas, rapid judgment, prompt decision) 3. The spirit of courage (moral stamina, spiritual bravery) 4. the spirit of knowledge 5. the spirit of counsel (species co-operation) 6. the spirit of worship (this is what separates humans from animals, or so we think) 7. the spirit of wisdom (the goal of mental and moral existence).

When the Life Carriers have designed the patterns of life, after they have organized the energy systems, there must occur an additional phenomenon; the”breath of life” must be imparted to these lifeless forms. The Sons of God can construct the forms of life, but it is the Spirit of God who really contributes the vital spark. But they said the Mother Spirit contributes the vital spark, and I like to think it’s her.

The Urantia Book

Life does not originate spontaneously. Life is constructed according to plans formulated by the Architects of Being and appears on planets either by direct seeding or as a result of the operations of the LIFE CARRIERS of the local universe. These Life Carriers are intrusted with designing and carrying creature life to the planets. And they stay on the planet for long periods to foster its development.

The Life Carriers have an unusual origin. They are the only universe Sons to be brought into existence by one of the Ancients of Days with the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit. How intriguing-the Ancients of Days are the only beings that can decree the extinction of intelligent life, and the Life Carriers give life in its most vulnerable form. In the universe of Nebadon there are 100,000,000 Life Carriers. They are not a self-governing group so they are directed by the life-determining trio of Gabriel, Father Melchizedek and Nambia, the original and first born Life Carrier of Nebadon. Their divisions are, however, self-governing.

Life Carriers are graded into three divisions: the first is the senior Life Carriers; the second is the assistants; the third, custodians. The primary division is subdivided into 12 groups of specialists in various forms of life manifestation. The segregation of these three groups was effected by the Melchizedeks who conducted tests for such purposes. The Melchizedeks have been close to the Life Carriers ever since, going with them on seeding expeditions.

The Life Carriers, supervised by the Melchizedeks. work on the fourth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit. These worlds are designated as follows: 1. Life Carrier Headquarters, 2. The life-planning sphere, 3. The life conservation sphere, 4. The sphere of life evolution, 5. Life associated with mind, 6. the sphere of mind and spirit in living being, 7. The sphere of unrevealed life. Each of these primary spheres is surrounded by 6 satellites, on which the special phases of the work of the Life Carriers takes place.

World number one is the headquarters sphere, and it’s devoted to the study of universal life, life in all its known phases of manifestation. Here is located the college of life planning, and here functions teachers and advisers from Uversa and Havona, even from Paradise. The domain of life is characterized by 3,7, and 12 or by multiples and combinations of these basic numbers. There are 3 primal and essentially different life plans, after the order of the Trinity, and in the universe of Nebadon these three basic forms of life are segrated on three different types of planets. There were originally 12 distinct and divine concepts of transmissible life. This number 12, with its subdivisions and multiples, runs through all basic life patterns in all 7 superuniverses. There are also 7 architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter. The Orvonton life patterns are configured as 12 inheritance carriers. The differing orders of will creatures are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, 768. On Urantia there are 48 units of pattern control in the sex cell of human reproduction.