The Urantia Book

The Lucifer Rebellion: The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia terminated the Lucifer rebellion in all Satania aside from the planets of the apostate Planetary Princes. Michael offered mercy to Caligastia and Daligastia, which they both spurned. They do not, however, have any power to enter the minds of men, unless a human really wants to be corrupted in a terrible way by an unholy creature given up to death. The faith sons of God had no worries that it would happen to them because their faith was an effective armor against sin and iniquity. As it says in the book, “the devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong to him.”

Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion: Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect beings are endowed with the ability to choose between good and evil. The very conflicting presence of truth and untruth, fact and falsehood, constitutes the poteniality of error. The deliberate choice of evil constitutes sin; the willful rejection of truth is error; the persistent pursuit of sin and error is iniquity. A problem growing out of the Lucifer rebellion is the failure of immature mortals to distinguish between true and false liberty. True liberty is the associate of genuine self-respect; false liberty is the consort of self-admiration. True liberty is the fruit of self-control; false liberty, the assumption of self-assertion. Self-control leads to altruistic service; self-admiration leads to the exploitation of others. Lucifer’s folly was the attempt to do the undoable, to short-circuit time in an experiential universe.

Lucifer’s crime was the attempted creative disenfranchisement of every personality in Satania, the unrecognised abridgement of the creature’s participation—freewill participation—in the long evolutionary struggle to attain the status of light and life both individually and collectively. In doing this he set the temporal purpose of his own will directly counter to the eternal purpose of God’s Will as it is revealed in the bestowal of free will upon all personal creatures. Thus does the Lucifer manifesto, masquerading as the outward form of liberty, stand forth in the clear light of reason, as a monumental threat to consummate the theft of personal liberty and to do it on a scale that has been approached only twice in all the history of Nebadon.

Lucifer was imprisoned on the Father’s prison planet in Satania. The Ancients of Days are in charge of the court case of Gabriel v Lucifer (Gabriel went down to Satania and argued with Lucifer and that’s why it turned into a court case). Gabriel wanted the death penalty. not sure what they are waiting for. I know that they extended the time so that every rebel could work out his or her final decision-to respond to Michael’s mercy and forgiveness or to stay with Lucifer and his manifesto. I saw a channel tell an audience that he had channeled a Being who told him that the trial was over and Lucifer and Satan chose self-termination. But, if that were so, we would have our broadcasts back (news that is beamed out to the universes by something called reflectivity.

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