The Urantia Book


Lucifer was a brilliant primary Lanonandek son of Nebadon. He had experienced service in many systems, had been a high counselor of his group and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity and efficiency. Out of seven hundred thousand of his order he was judged to be one of the few most able and brilliant personalities. He was System Sovereign of Satania, our system of 609 inhabited planets. Yes, we are the unfortunate people who are still being punished for Lucifer’s crimes. Satan was Lucifer’s lieutenant, who Lucifer assigned to argue his cause on Urantia. The “devil” was Caligastia, the Planet Prince and a Son of the Secondary Order of Lanonandeks. Abaddon was Caligastia’s chief of staff and went with his boss into rebellion. Beelzebub was the leader of the disloyal midway creatures. Isn’t it odd to find out that these Beings aren’t mythological, but real? The dragon became the symbolic representation of all thses evil creatures. The book says: “Upon the triumph of Michael, Gabriel came down from Salvington and bound the dragon (all the rebel leaders) for an age.”

THE CAUSES OF REBELLION Lucifer had to convince Satan to follow him into sin, and the main cause, which Satan liked, was the idea of “self-assertion and liberty.” The idea of opposition to Michael took root in Lucifer’s own mind. Lucifer gave no indication that he was dissatisfied with universe rule, but Gabriel “knew” something was wrong in Lucifer’s mind. Manovander Melchizedek is the author of this paper (chapter), and he says that there must have been a pride of self that nourished itself to the point of self-deception; he actually thought the rebellion was good for the system. If and when he reach the point of disillusionment, he had gone too far for his pride to let him stop.

Lucifer’s Declaration of Liberty: 1. He questioned the reality of the Universal Father. He also denied that personality was a gift given by the Universal Father. 2. Lucifer contended that the local systems should be autonomous. He protested the right of Michael, the Creator Son, to rule in the name of a hypothetical Paradice Father and require all personalities to acknowledge allegiance to this unseen Father. 3. He contended that the executioners of the Ancients of Days could be debarred from functioning in the local systems if the native beings would only assert their independence. 4. He attacked the universal plan of ascendent mortal training. A person can’t be in heaven the second he dies; he must undergo a long series of lessons in spirituality, governance, and other subjects he may need in his new life. It takes a very long time. But it’s fun. If you were a physics teacher, you can join physicists and do experiments that had no solution on Urantia. But Lucifer maintained that finaliters (ascenders who had reached Paradise), having reached the top, then have nothing to do. They go back to Jerusem (our HQ) and kick their heels.

OUTBREAK OF THE REBELLION The Lucifer manifesto was issued on the last day of the year at the annual conclave of Satania about 200,000 years ago our time. Satan announced that worship would be dircted to the actual and present ruler, Lucifer, “the friend of man and angels” and the “God of Liberty.” One of Lucifer’s arguments was that if self-government was good and right for the Melchizedeks, and other groups, it was equally good for all orders of intelligence. He was bold and persistent in the advocay of the “equality of mind” and the “brotherhood of intelligence.” He promised the Planetary Princes that they would rule the worlds as supreme executives (he would need to be visible for that!!) He set up his own legislative assembly and put Satan in charge of setting up the tribunals. And what was the rest of the loyal beings doing while Lucifer was blithely ignoring his eventual demise? Michael let him do everything without interfering. He offered salvation, kindness, forgiveness; he offered them over and over, repeatedly. The ascenders on the morontia worlds were very confused. The Constellation Fathers immediately confined these disloyal personalities to the system of Satania. There’s a point I want to make. None of the beings born for work in Nebadon except possibly Gabriel have ever seen Paradise, therefore they must take the existence of the Father on faith just like we do. Lucifer’s first mistake was lack of faith.

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