According to Plan

This is a book by Kevin Freeman and its subtitle is “The Elites’ Secret Plan to Sabotage America.” There is a cabal which includes the left-wing caucus in Congress, and the rich who are their fellow travelers: George Soros, antifa, black lives matter, the international elite, bankers, all of whom want to see America go down. And President Biden is playing right into the hands of the left-wing caucus. He has weakened America immeasurably by his actions and policies. The first day he went to work, he did the following: 1. Ordered a moratorium on the long-standing policy of leasing federal lands for domestic oil and gas production; 2. He put back in place an Obama era rule that raises costs on the US energy industry; 3. He proposed new taxes, fees and regulations on American producers (energy); 4. He threatened an end to US oil exports; 5. He joined his fellow lefties in Congress to support banning banks from financing energy production; 6. He closed nearly half of the National Petroleum Reserve to drilling; 7. He canceled a massive oil and gas lease that would have made more than one million acres available for energy development; 8. He killed the Keystone XL Pipeline to “save the planet”—even as he lifted US sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline to Europe.

“So what happened?” Freeman wants to know. People in the energy sector lost jobs and the price of gas shot up to almost $5:00. This shift away from reliable energy sources, says Freeman, is dangerous, and I say, its a terrifying trend if it continues. Inflation broke out. I shop in Walmart, and this week food had doubled in price and I paid $103 for items that didn’t even cover the bottom of my cart. I was devastated! Good thing I know how to live poor! America’s GDP, an indicator of the health of the economy, fell in the first two quarters of 2022, and overall growth stalled to ZERO percent, according to the Federal Reserve.

An official at the White House, challenged about the high gas prices on CNN said, “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.” Can you imagine? President Trump had ended investment in China’s Military Industrial Complex. Biden reversed this policy and is investing in our scariest enemy, as you’ll soon see. The CMIC has been using our money to build weapons which theby intend to use against us—that is, when we self-destruct and can no longer defend ourselves. Freeman says this is “economic warfare, plain and simple.” He says, while we are strapped for gas and food money, Biden is doing just fine. He gets to sleep in his basement, costing the taxpayers millions. I’ve heard that nobody stays in the White House at night, so it’s perfectly possible that Biden comutes home every night. Meanwhile, we are buying oil from Russia, which has reaped over 100 billion from fuel exports since Putin invaded Ukraine. Xi Jinping is doing just fine, too, because Biden shipped nearly 6,000,000 barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to China! The OUTRAGE.

You probably think I am a right wing nut or religious fundamentalist. No, I am a Democrat. I voted straight Democrat on the Mid-terms. I agree generally with the Party Platform, but the Left wing Caucus has hijacked the party and Biden is not leading; he’s following.

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