Timeline 4.5 BCE TO 1 CE

4.5 B ::A nebula formed Solaris and a brown dwarf, Nemisis, and both developed planets that circled them. The planet Tiamat orbited the Sun between Jupiter and Mars. The planet Nibiru with its moons orbited Nemisis. 200 B :: Nibiru’s moon, Evil Wind, and Nibiru hit Tiamat and left no crust at all in the gaping Pacific Gap. 60 M :: Homo sapiens, Lyrans and Pleiadians came to earth to escape wars, but created wars on Earth. Some went to Nibiru, which developed technologically advanced warring nation-states.

654,000BCE :: A male run military rule is imposed on Nibiru. The Law of Succession was: when the king dies, his son with his father’s half-sister succeds. 500,000 BCE :: Nibiru’s volcanoes stopped erupting; ash no longer shielded and its atmosphere thinned. Advisors told the king to mine the asteroids for gold, refine the gold into white powder and patch the holes in the atmosphere with it. 470,000 BCE :: Alalu, now king, married his daughter Damkina, to Anu’s son, Enki. Damkina and Enki produced Marduk, who they prepped to rule Nibiru.

466,500 BCE :: 50 scientists were killed trying to get gold from asteroids. Anu wrestled Alalu for rule. Anu won. Alalu went to earth with missiles for nuking volcanoes. He landed on marshy land near Basara, Iraq. Confirmed gold. Enki sent to earth to confirm gold and pacify Alalu. Alalu’s grandson, Anzu and 50 men were also sent. They all set up base camp called Edin (Sumer)–isn’t that a spooky coinsidence? Enki and Abgal hid the nuclear bombs in a cave in Africa.

442,000 BCE :: Anu, Enlil and Enki drew lots for their positions in the Expedition. Enlil drew Command of the Earth Expedition. Enki got Seas, Science and Mining. Again Alalu wrestled Anu. Again Anu won. Alalu bit off Anu’s penis. Anu condemned Alalu to die in exile on Mars. Enlil planned centers in Sumer. Sippar, the Spaceport; Nipper, Mission Control; Badtibira, Metallugical Center;Shuruppak, Medical Center. Enki and Abgal traced the Gulf’s gold to southeast Africa. Anu sent daughter Ninmah with 50 female medical officers to Earth. They detoured to Mars and discovered Alalu had died and Anzu was in a coma. They revived Anzu and he and Ninmah carved a 1500 foot high statue of Alalu’s head (Cyndonia)-“the face on Mars” Enlil and Enki both awaited Ninmah ; “each sought her womb for a male child.” Being their half-sister, she was vital to their royal line. They already had a son named Ninurta.

440,000 BCE :: Ninmah arrived at Enlil’s headquarters. He, obsessed with besting Enki, promised to build a medical center for her. He bragged about his building plans. They went to Lebanon and had sex, but she didn’t conceive and joined Enki at his place in Zimbabwe. Enlil mooned for months and then raped Sud, Ninmah’s assistant. The Seven Who Judge exiled Enlil to Africa. Abgal, who had helped Enki hide the missiles, told Enlil where they were and said, “At the right time seize the missiles and your freedom obtain.” Enlil married Sud, but she wanted to be Royal Wife (the Ninlil).

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