Anunnaki: False Gods from Nibiru who still rule us by Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. and Janet Kira Lessin

I am going to pause The Urantia Book because it is necessary to insert new information. At the time of the Planet Prince and teaching of the tribes and the attempt to civilize them, there was a great deal of activity going on in the area of Mesopotamia, and later there was much activity in getting ready for Adam and Eve. That will come later in our story, but Adam and Eve came in order to have many children and those children would marry into the surrounding tribes, ‘uplifting’ them with their superior genetic endowment. They were the ‘violet race.’ They built Eden, an island in the Mediterrean Sea. But in the same time frame there was activity of a profound nature and a very different sort going on. But the UB totally and completely represses it. It was nothing less than the landing in the Persian Gulf of a race of aliens who determined the future of mankind. They are called the Anunnaki, and they came to earth seeking gold to patch the holes in their atmosphere. Their planet is Nibiru and it has a 3600 year revolution around the sun.

The king of Nibiru is Anu and he has two sons named Enlil and Enki, who do not get along. Enlil was named Commander of All and Enki was Commander of Earth. Enlil was the heir even though Enki had a right to it. The authors cited have drawn heavily on Zacheria Sitchin, who wrote several books on the Anunnaki, having deciphered the clay tablets in the various museums. They also cite Chris Hardy, who wrote a book ‘DNA of the Gods,’ which I read. In any case they have a bibliography. Enlil and Enki and their children were always plotting for the upper hand. The Anunnaki lived very long lives, but according to Sitchin, Marduk, Enki’s son, died in Babylon (he was god of Babylon). In fact, Alexander the Great desperately wanted to meet Marduk and pushed his troops to reach Babylon, but was disappointed to find that Marduk was already dead.

It is strange that the UB doesn’t mention the atomic war the Enlilites and Enkiites had over one of their stupid arguments. Sitchin said that it happened at Gomorrah, and there will be a sea of green glass under the sand and ashes if anyone cares to look. I haven’t gone far into the book, and I will give you updates as I read further. I can tell by the last few pages that the authors have information they didn’t get from Sitchin. Enlil was Yahweh, for example. Sitchin shied away from those conclusions. The reason I will update you is because this is current; the Anunnaki are here now. They’ve been seen in the Pentagon.

The Anunnaki used machines to make tunnels for gold mining in southern Africa. They used their astronaut corps, the Igigi, to mine the gold, but after a hundred thousand years of this grueling labor, they revolted. They told Enki to make a slave race. Enki had knowledge of all things medical and started to look for a suitable primate to cross with Anunnaki genetic material. He found that the best would be Homo erectus, so he took its DNA and crossed it with some of his genetic material. What he produced was uncontrollable. It took a long time and he worked with all the female Anunnaki doctors (they carried the fetuses), but he finally bred a slave race and they worked thousands of years in the mines without conplaint. We were that slave race, but later, the Anunnaki enhanced us. This in no way contradicts evolution. Evolution brought about Homo erectus and the Anunnaki did the rest. Also, according to this book, the Genesis 6 200 watchers are the Igigi, who took human women.

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