The Urantia Book

The Creator Sons cont.

When a Creator Son is absent from his universe, his government is directed by its firstborn native being, the Bright and Morning Star, the local universe chief executive, Gabriel. The advice and counsel of the Union of Days is invaluable at such times. Jesus met with Gabriel several time during his time on Urantia, when the disciples thought he was with the devil or when they thought he was in solitary prayer. The sovereignty of a Creator Son in a local universe passes through six or seven stages of experiential manifestation, which appear in the following order: 1. Initial vicegerent sovereignty–this is before the Creative Spirit (Mother Spirit) aquires her personality. 2. Conjoint vicegerent sovereignty–the joint rule of the two rulers after the Creative Spirit gains her personality. 3. Augmenting vicegerent sovereignty–this is the advancing authority of the Creator Son during his seven bestowals. 4. Supreme sovereignty–In Nebadon this dates from Michael’s final bestowal on Urantia, about 2,000 years. 5. Augmenting supreme sovereignty–this means that the majority of the planets are in the settled condition of light and life. This means the people of the planet are as holy as they can be and do not need to die to go to Paradise. They are ‘translated.’ This stage hasn’t yet been reached. 6. Trinitarian sovereignty–has not been reached nor has 7, the unknown relationships of a future universe age.

The technique of obtaining supreme sovereignty over a local universe involves the following experiential steps: 1. penetrate seven creature levels of being through incarnated bestowal in the likeness of the most advanced people concerned. Michael chose the Jews because they had a sound tradition of monotheism. 2.To make an experiential consecration to each phase of the sevenfold will of Paradise Deity as it is personified in the Seven Master Spirits. 3. To perform each of the seven bestowal at the same time executing one of the seven consecrations to the will of Paradise Deity. 4. On each creature level, experientially to portray the acme of creature life to Paradise Deity and to all universe intelligences. 5. On each creature level, experientially to reveal one phase of the sevenfold will of Deity to the bestowal level and the whole universe. 6. Experientially to to unify the sevenfold creature experience with the sevenfold experience of consecration to the revelation of the nature and will of Deity. 7. To achieve new and higher relationship with the Supreme Being. God the Sevenfold refer to the following seven Gods: 1.The Creative Son and Creative Spirit, 2. The 3 Ancients of Days, 3. The Seven Master Spirits, 4. The Universal Father, 5. The Eternal Son, 6. The Infinite Spirit, and 7. The Supreme Being.

Creator Sons, subsequent to the completion of their bestowal careers, are reckoned as a separate order, sevenfold Master Sons. The Master Sons are identical with the Creator Sons, but they have undergone such a unique bestowal experience that they are commonly regarded as a different order. A real and permanent change takes place. He has added to his nature the experience of a creature, which forever removes him from the divine level of a Creator Son and elevates him to the experiential plane of a Master Son. The nature of the sovereignty of a sevenfold Creator Son is supreme because it: 1. Embraces the sevenfold viewpoint of Paradise Deity. 2. Embodies a sevenfold attitude of time-space creatures. 3. Perfectly synthesizes Paradise attitude and creature viewpoint.

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