The Urantia Book

The Creator Sons cont.

The Creator Sons are the designers, creators, builders and administrators of their local universes of time and space. A Creator Son is permitted to choose the space site of his future cosmic activity, but before he may begin even the physical organization of his universe, he must spend a long period of observation devoted to the studyof the building of other universes. When the Creator Son leaves Paradise to start the work of building his universe, he discovers that he is dependent on the Infinite Spirit, the Third Source and Center, who is destined to function as the actual and effective helper of each Creative Son. Each Creator Son is given a Creative Daughter from the Infinite Spirit, and she is the Divine Minister or the Mother Spirit of the universe. She rules equally with Michael.

Michael is utterly free to create what he wants, but he has some limitations. The energies in the universe must be balanced and he needs huge machines–living machines–for that. Energy-matter is dominated by the Infinite Spirit. Before any new things can be created or any transformation of energy-matter can take place, Michael must get the cooperation of the Infinite Spirit. Creature designs and types are controlled by the Eternal Son, so before Michael can create any beings, human or animal, he must get the permission of the Eternal and Original Mother Son. And personality is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father. The Infinite Spirit is the God of the mind and intellect; he is the universal source of mind ministry to all beings below Paradise Creators. The Trinity is the source of spirit.

When the initial problems of universe materialization and of gross equalibrium have been resolved; when he has formed an effective and co-operative working union with the complemental Daughter of the Infinite Spirit–the Universe Son and this Universe Spirit initiate that liaison which is designed to give origin to the innumerable hosts of their universe children. The Infinite Spirit also bestows personality on his Daughter at this time. Michael must bestow himself on 7 planets; he must experience life as it is lived by his children. Until he does these 7 bestowals, he rules as vicegerent of the Universal Father. Now he is God. The reason he can be in so many places at once is that the Mother Spirit fills the universe and he can use her spirit to travel.

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