Timeline cont.

440,000 BCE :: Sud is now the Ninlil, the Lady of Command. Her firstborn was Nannar, who became Moon God. Enki and Ninmah connected in Zimbabwe and had 7 daughters. Enki coupled with his daughter Ninsun, who produced another girl. Enki seduced Ereshkigal, Nannar’s daughter as he flew her to the Weather Station on the tip of South Africa. Ereshkigal produced Ningishzidda, later Thoth, one of the most brilliant and compassionate gods in the pantheon. He was Hermes and Quetzlcoatl-Kukuklan. There was an energy grid all over southeast Africa managed by Nergal, who also managed the mines.

390,000 BCE :: Enlil built the Dur. An. Ki (Navel Heaven and Earth). Topped with telescopes, the Duranki linked to a tower that let Enlil communicate with Nibiru, its rockets and towers in each Niburan center. 300,000 BCE :: The Igigi who worked in the mines were tired of the labor and told Enki to make slaves to work in the mines. Enki started experimenting with his own DNA. They, Ningishizidda and Ninmah with Enki, added Homo erectus genes and mitochondrial DNA. The used Anunnaki mothers for surrogate wombs. 289,000 BCE :: Enki coupled with two slave girls. One bore a male, Adapa; the other bore a female, Titi. Adapa and Titi bore Ka-in and Abael. ( This is where the Hebrew history enters the picture.) Enki started the Brotherhood of the Snake, a secret society for Adapa’s smartest descendents to learn advanced science. The Brotherhood would, Enki hoped, keep our true history. We’re adapted Anunnaki and someday we may surpass Nibiru’s dictatorships and violence.

286,000 BCE :: Nibiru’s perigee dislodged and hurled meteors at Earth, created intense warming, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods on Earth. On Mars the atmosphere was ruined and dust storms were caused. Marduk’s command on Mars was ended 485,980 BCE :: Adapa’s son Ka-in killed Abael. The Anunnaki Council had Ningishzidda remove the genes for facial hair to mark Ka-in’s descendents and Ninurta banished him east of Edin. Titi bore 30 sons and daughters to her brother Adapa. The Anannaki taught them to write, do math and astronomy, cultivate crops, husband animals, and other practical skills. Nannar made Adapa’s descendents priests. The priests led rituals for the Earthlings and taught them to support, obey and worship Nannar and the other Anunnaki as gods. (The gods themselves knew there was a Real God, and that they were serving him. In reading the Old Testament, There are 2 psalms in the Hebrew Scriptures in which the gods are mentioned. In Psalm 82 God takes a stand in the divine council and judges the subordinate gods for favoring the wicked. They are told instead to take up the cause of the poor and afflicted. God predicts the fall of these gods. The Study Bible I have says that God assigned the pagan gods to rule under him, and Psalm 52 is much like 82 because God is criticizing the gods for improper treatment of the people. The Anunnaki gods played the parts of gods all over the world. Enlil was Yahweh; Enki was Ptah, the first ruler of Egypt; Marduk was Ra.)

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