The Urantia Book

The Seven Master Spirits have many associates and offspring. They are children of the Paradise Trinity along with the Seven Supreme Executives and the Reflective Spirits. Another four groups are created by the Infinite Spirit and they are the Reflective Image Aids, the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, the Local Universe Creative Spirits and the Adjutant Mind-Spirits. They are known as the Seven Supreme Spirit groups, and their domain extends from the Master Spirits on the periphery of Paradise to the planets. In all matters of an executive nature–rulings, regulations, adjustments and administrative decisions–The Master Spirits act in the persons of the Seven Supreme Executives. However, in the local universes, it is the Creative Mother Spirit who carries out the decisions.

The executive headquarters of the Master Spirits occupy the seven Paradise satellites of the Infinite Spirit. These Supreme Executives largely determine the basic constitutive trends of the seven superuniverses. They are uniformly and divinely perfect, but they also possess diversity of personality. The Seven Supreme Executives function as the administrative coodinators of the grand universe; they function like a board of directors. There are few limits to the scope of their supervision; they engage in the direction of things physical, intellectual and spiritual; they see all, feel all, hear all, even know all that transpires in the seven superuniverses and Havona. The do not originate or modify policies; they only execute the plans of the Seven Master Spirits.

Now I am going to discuss a topic called “reflectivity,” which I do not understand very well, but I think that it is an amazing phenomenon. There are 50 Reflective Spirits, which were created by a liaison between the Paradise Trinity and one of the Seven Master Spirits. This liaison is the source of the actuality of the Supreme Being, the God who grows with experience. Also, after 49 Reflective Spirits had personalized, a complicated process culminated in the personalization of number 50, Majeston, signaling the first creative act of the Supreme Being. Majeston is a true person, the infallible center of reflectivity phenomena in all seven superuniverses of time and space. He is concerned solely with the co-ordination and maintenance of the reflectivity service in the grand universe.

The reflectivity service is a information transmission system. It is the news-gathering and decree-disseminating mechanism of all creation. The function of this service seems to be independent of time and space. When a message comes from Paradise to Jerusem, all gather together on a feature made of glass. They will hear the broadcast despite being millions of lightyears from Paradise. That’s what reflectivity means. But Earth is still under quarantine, so we don’t get these messages. Frankly, I think we’ve been punished long enough.

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