The Urantia Book

The Divine Spirit, also called the holy Spirit, mother Spirit and Creative Spirit is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the spouse of the Creator Son Michael, God of the universe of Nebadon. She is also revealed through the channels of the Seven Master Spirits, who are also offspring of the Infinite Spirit. The Seven Master Spirits are collectively endowed with the supreme-ultimate attributes of the Infinite Spirit (Third Source and Center). Only collectively do they disclose the attibutes of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. But they are diverse in nature and this determines their differential of superuniverse conduct. Master Spirit Number One is a direct representation of the Universal Father. He is a manifestation of the power, love and wisdom of the Paradise Father. He speaks for the Father when the Group of Seven come together. Master Spirit Number Two portrays the charming character of the Eternal Son, the firstborn of all creation. He is also always in close contact with the all the orders of the Sons of God. Master Spirit Number Three especially resembles the Infinite Spirit. He directs the work of the high personalities of the offspring of the Third Source and Center and speaks for the Infinite Spirit when in council with the Seven. Master Spirit Number Four partakes of the combined natures of the Father and the Son. His is the determining influence regarding Father/Son policiies in conference of the Seven. Master Spirit Number Five blends the characters of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit and is the advisor to that enormous group of beings known as power directors, power centers and physical controllers. Five fosters all beings originating in the Father and the Spirit. Master Spirit Number Six combines the characters of the Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son. Whenever their mutual offspring convene, this Master Spirit acts as advisor and speaks for the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit. The presiding Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Master Spirit is advisor of all triune-origin beings and all ascending to Paradise from Havona.

The Master Spirits are the sevenfold source of the cosmic mind, the intellectual potential of the grand universe. The cosmic mind is a subabsolute manifestation of the mind of the Third Source and Center and, in certain ways, is fundamentally related to the mind of the evolving Supreme Being. The UB makes the comment that “Human minds are sometimes observed to be running in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement” (164). This may refer to inventions and ideas that popup around the world at the same time. The cosmic mind unfailingly recognizes response on three levels of reality; they are: 1. Causation- the reality domain of the physical senses, the scientific area of logic, difference between fact and nonfact, mathematical form of cosmic discrimination. 2. Duty-the reality domain of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of reason, the arena of right and wrong, the judicial form of cosmic discrimination. 3. Worship-the spiritual domain of the reality of religious experience, the personal realization of divine fellowship, the recognition of spirit values, the assurance of eternal survival, the ascent from status of servants of God to the joy and liberty of the Sons of God. This is the highest insight of the cosmic mind, the reverential and worshipful form of the cosmic discrimination. These scientific, moral and spiritual insights, these cosmic responses, are innate in the cosmic mind, which endows all will creatures.

Morality, virtue, is indigenous to human personality. Man is able to exercise scientific, moral and spiritual insight prior to all exploration or experimentation. Only a personality can know what it is doing before it does it; only personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A personality can look before it leaps and can therefore learn from looking as well as leaping. The Universal Father bestows personality upon numerous orders of beings, including humans. Personality is a unique endowment of physical, mental and spiritual energies, which is antecedent to the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster is a spiritual fragment of the Father which is placed in every person when the child shows decision-making abilities. It guides the person through life to make the right decisions. Our personality enables another person to recognize us even if we’ve changed over a long period of time. Personality is marked by two phenomena: self-consciousness and relative free will. Self-consciousness allows us to recognize the reality of other personalities. The relative free will which characterizes the self-consciousness of human personality is involved in: 1. Moral decision, highest wisdom. 2. Spiritual choice, truth discernment. 3. Unselfish love, brotherhood service. 4. Purposeful co-operation, group loyalty. 5. Cosmic insight, the grasp of universe meanings. 6. Personality dedication, wholehearted devotion to doing the Father’s will. 7. Worship, the sincere pursuit of divine values and the wholehearted love of the divine Value-Giver.

Who survives? Those survive who want to do the will of God, tries to be perfect like the Father, and serves others. Love of God is important. The really important element is wanting to do these things even if we don’t succeed. I want to do the will of God, but I don’t even know for sure what it is. I felt the Father’s Presence about 2 months ago. The thing is, we can’t do anything to earn God’s love. Jesus is a different story. He is very accessible. I am thinking about remote viewing the capital, maybe Jerusem first, then Salvington. It is so peculiar that these places are in space/time. I wonder about all the other dimensions. Who rules them? The Galactic Federation has its own moral compass: its Service to Others and Service to Self. If you are 51% Service to Others, then you can ascend; otherwise I guess you remain where you are in your present incarnation, repeating it. Sounds boring.

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