The Urantia Book

The Creative Spirit is the spouse of Michael, the Creator Son, who was born from a liaison between the Father and the Mother aspect of the Eternal Son. The Creative Spirit is also called the holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit and the Divine Minister; she is the offspring of the Infinite Spirit, who creates her as soon as Michael is born. Each personality is born for a specific role. While Michael was in training for universe leadership, the Mother Spirit was trained for life in a time-space universe. “And then occurs one of the most profoundly touching episodes which ever take place on Paradise. The Universal Father speaks in acknowledgement of the eternal union of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit and in confirmation of the bestowal of certain joint powers of administration by the Master Spirit of Superuniverse juristiction. They then go forth to the arduous work of creating their universe (175).”

The seven groups of Supreme Spirits are the nucleus of the functional family of the Third Source and Center, also called the Infinite Spirit and the Conjoint Actor. The domain of the Supreme Spirits extend from Paradise to the evolutionary-mortal order on the planets of space. A Creative Spirit is the mother of the angels in a local universe; such seraphic ministers are original in each local universe. The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the co-ordinators of the inhabited creation. The association of their directing heads, the Seven Master Spirits, appears to co-ordinate the far-flung activities of God the Sevenfold. 1. Collectively the Master Spirits near equivalate to the divinity level of the Trinity. 2. Individually they exhaust the primary associable possibilities of triune Diety. 3. As diversified representatives of the Conjoint Actor, they are the repositories of that spirit-mind-power sovereignty of the Supreme Being which he does not yet personally exercise. 4. Through the Reflective Spirits they synchronize the superuniverse governments of the Ancients of Days with Majeston, the Paradise center of universal reflectivity. 5. In their participation in the individualization of the local universe Divine Ministers, the Master Spirits contribute to the last level of God the Sevenfold, the Creator Son-Creative Spirit union of the local universes.

Supreme Trinity Personalities are all created for specific service. The are designed by the divine Trinity for the fullfilment of specific duties and they are qualified to serve with perfection of technique and finality of devotion. There are seven orders of the Supreme Trinity Personalities: 1. Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy 2. Eternals of Days 3. Ancients of Days 4. Perfections of Days 5. Recents of Days 6. Unions of Days 7. Faithfuls of Days These Supreme Trinity Personalities represent the administrative policies of the Paradise Trinity; the represent the justice and are the executive judgment of the Paradise Trinity.

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