Urantia Book 63. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua ben Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The Universe of Nebadon is sectioned into Constellations, which are further organized into Systems. Earth (Urantia) is in the System of Satania, being number 606. Because of the Lucifer rebellion, our planet has had a bad history; the rebellion explains the sorry state of our world. Lucifer was the System Sovereign, a really bright and promising being. The capital of the System is Jerusem, a huge artificial planet with gorgeous landscaping. Urantia was cut off from spiritual circuits and other things that would have enhanced our spiritual growth. Each planet has a Planet Prince, who is invisible but who works for the furtherance of spirituality of the inhabitants of the planet. Our PP rebelled with Lucifer, so that also explains our sorry state. Lucifer and Satan went on trial for their crimes, were found guilty and were given a choice: either termination by the court or self-termination. They chose self-termination, so they don’t exist anymore. People who worship Satan are just fooling themselves. Now, back to Jesus. As they were descending the mountain, Jesus told the 3 apostles not to tell anyone of what they had seen, at least until he had risen from the dead. They thought, What is this about–rising from the dead; they were shocked and bewildered. Peter shuddered at the thought of the Master’s dying–it was too disagreeable an idea. He didn’t want the others to say anything so he diverted attention by saying the first thing that came into his mind. As they continued to descend the mountain, Jesus said to them: “You would not receive me as the Son of Man; therefore I have consented to be received in accordance with your settled determination; but mistake not, the will of my Father must prevail. If you choose to follow the inclination of your own wills, you must prepare to suffer many disappointments, and experience many trials, but the training I have given you should suffice to bring you triumphantly through even these sorrows of your own choosing” (158.2.1-4). ******************************* Peter, James and John had witnessed the Transfiguration and this meant: 1. The acceptance of the fullness of the bestowal of the incarnated life of Michael on Urantia by the Eternal Mother-Son on Paradise. As far as concerned the requirements of the Eternal Son, Jesus had now received assurance of their fulfillment. And Gabriel brought Jesus that assurance. 2. The testimony of the satisfaction of the Infinite Spirit as to the fullness of the Urantia bestowal in the likeness of mortal flesh. The universe representative of the Infinite Spirit, the immediate associate of Michael on Salvington (Capital or Headquarters of Universe) and his ever-present co-worker, on this occasion spoke through the Father Melchizedek (this would be the Mother Spirit, the spouse of Michael and the Co-Creator). Jesus welcomed the testimony regarding the success of his earth mission presented by the messengers of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, but he noted that his Father did not indicate that the Urantia bestowal was finished; only did the Father bear witness through the Personalized Adjuster, saying: “This is my beloved Son; give heed to him.” And these words could be heard by the three apostles. Afterwards, Jesus sought the Father’s will and decided to carry out the mission to its natural conclusion (158.3.1-5).************************************** On Tuesday morning Jesus and his followers arrived back at camp only to find everybody arguing. A man had brought his son into camp. The boy had epilepsy and a demon. He had gathered a crowd and they had all been looking for Jesus for weeks. They found the apostles arguing over who was going to be most important in the kingdom Jesus was going to establish. When the apostles looked at the boy, they decided they could heal him and cast out the demon, and Simon Zelotes tried and failed. Andrew tried, too, and failed. This was a very humiliated group when Jesus walked into camp. As Jesus drew near, the father rushed up to him and told him about his son. He also said the apostles tried and failed to heal him. Jesus blew up!! He said: “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I bear with you? How long shall I be with you? How long before you learn that the works of faith can’t come from doubt and unbelief?” The boy had another convulsion and Jesus said: “Don’t question my Father’s love; question the sincerity of your faith. All things are possible to him who really believes.” And James of Safed uttered the long remembered words: “Lord, I believe. I pray you help my unbelief.” The boy was healed and the demon came out of him, and even Jesus’ enemies were amazed. For the three who had so joyously come down the mountain, it was a disillusionment to see their fellows so humiliated. But it was ever so with these ambassadors of the kingdom. They never failed to alternate between exaltation and humiliation in their life experiences. (158.5.1-4).******************************* Thomas asked Jesus that night: “Master, while we who stayed behind still remain ignorant of what happened up on the mountain, we would like you to talk with us about our defeat today with the boy.” Jesus answered Thomas, saying: “You will hear what happened on the mountain in due course. But now I will explain the cause of your defeat in your very unwise attempt. You were supposed to be praying that I would have a better sense of the Father’s will up on the mountain and greater wisdom in carrying out his will. But you, instead, were arguing over who would be first in the kingdom. I can’t seem to convince you that I am not going to set up a worldly kingdom. That kingdom does not exist and never shall exist. I have told you that if you want to be great in my Father’s kingdom, you must become small. Your ideal was not spiritual. Your ambition was not altruistic. Your procedure was not based on love, and your goal of attainment was not the will of the Father in heaven. How long will it take you to learn that you cannot time-shorten the course of established natural phenomena except when such things are in accordance with the Father’s will? nor can you do spiritual work in the absence of spiritual power. or without the existence of that third and essential human factor, the personal experience of the possession of living faith. When can you be depended upon to adhere to the higher and spiritual realities of the kingdom regardless of the outward appearance of all material manifestations?” And then he told them to go to bed because they would be going back to Magadan and making plans to go to the Decapolis.

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