Help from friendly ETs. Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardachev in 1964 developed a typology for extraterrestrial civilizations. A Type I civilization works only with planetary level energies. A Type II civilization works with energies at a stellar level. Type III civilizations work with energies at a galactic level. According to CG, the Sphere Being Alliance might be an example of a Type IV civilization. Goode says: “The Sphere Alliance has been mostly focused on the energetic changes occurring in our local star cluster because of the area of the Galaxy they are entering. They have been using many thousands of cloaked spheres that are equidistantly spread out across our Solar System and neighboring Solar Systems to buffer and diffuse incoming tsunami waves of highly charged energy that change the vibratory state of space/time, energy and matter to a higher state in the “Density Spectrum.” The Sphere Being Alliance decided to work with the SSP Alliance because “they had made a conscious decision to bring to an end the control and slavery of Earth Humans by “Trickster Gods;” who were custodial aliens and their worshipers/followers, whom we have lumped under the umbrella name of “The Cabal/Illuminati.” The SSP Alliance had decided that it was time to give every Human on the planet access to their full and true history, suppressed technology that would lengthen and enhance their lives, and collapse the world Financial Debt Slave System (aka Babylonian Money Magic Slave System). This put the SSP Alliance into a higher percentage of Service to Others category than any other group in our SS made up of Earth Humans fighting for the freedom of Earth Humans.” ******************************* I often wonder how the UB jives with the material on ETs. For example, is the Milky Way Galaxy confined to the universe of Nebadon, or does it cross borders? When a new universe is created, a nebula is spun into existence and then allowed a few million years to spread into a galaxy (the UB). Jesus didn’t do that; powerful beings do that sort of thing. The UB says nothing about a Big Bang. But everything had to start at Paradise; even gravity comes from the nether side of Paradise. Einstein would be very surprised. ******************************* The cloaked spheres they put in our SS have buffered cosmic energy, but they also act as a frequency wall, quarantining both the SS and Earth. The “Outer Barrier” completely closes off the entire SS from travel in or out of the system. The “Barrier” surrounds Earth, making travel beyond a certain point above the Earth impossible. The UB says Earth (Urantia) has been quarantined since the Lucifer rebellion. Interesting coincidence. “Service to Self” and “Service to Others” are standards seen in all of space, the seven superuniverses plus outer space. Goode said the Sphere Beings are Service to Others and would not meet directly with ETs that are Service to Self, so they drafted Goode to negotiate for them.********************** The Law of One seems to be a universal idea. Humans learned about it when a physics professor became interested in reincarnation and UFOs. He had 12 of his students meditate once a week. A few adults, including Carla Rueckert joined the group. They began meeting in 1962. The group start channeling material. Carla, during a training session, began channeling some entities calling themselves the Ra group. They described themselves “as humble messengers of The Law of One.” I happen to have the book by Carla Rueckert, so I began reading it. The Ra group is part of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. They decided to help Planet Earth because Earth is almost at the end of the 76,000 year cycle of incarnations at which time we will be “harvested” and either stay at density 4 or graduate to density 5–it all depends on whether we have learned Service to Others (love). The problem is in 72,000 years we have not learned how to love each other–Service to Others. We only have 4,000 years left to learn the lesson.** The Law of One means that everything is one–entanglement if you are a physicist. In the body, for example, every organ has its own frequency, but they are nested together in the body’s over-all frequency. Nothing is solid; all is an illusion; everything is vibrating. Within an atom there is mostly empty space. The Ra group is resonant with John 1:1–In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Logos is the creative principle. The I AM is the frequency of love. The book can be read for free at

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