SSP Alliances. Salla says that “it is vital to know whether the different extraterrestrial groups have organized themselves in any way to deal with the complex situation involving Earth and its multiple SSPs that date from this era as well as ancient civilizations. CG describes the situation in this way: ” There are many who are allied with the three SSPs which are independent of the Secret Earth Government (one of which is the ICC, which owns most of the Mars Bases). There are also 5-7 Ancient Earth Break Away Civilizations that have bases here on Earth. All of these groups are allied with various and different “UN Type Federations,” both with the “Human-like ETs and with the Non-Human ETs”–All with DIFFERENT AGENDAS. Corey Goode says there are four main groups of ETs and ITs (Intraterrestrials-those living under the Earth), including a group of sixth to ninth density beings that are all interacting in various ways with the SSPs and one another in new alliances. CG has information that is relevant to Earth and the SSPs. And this is where things get interesting. A Secret Space Program Alliance has been formed around Solar Warden, the SSP which is run by the Navy. The Navy, due to its US Constitutional mind-set and ethical approach to Earth’s future, attracted like-minded groups and programs: defectors from the other SSPs (ICC, Dark Fleet, rogue SAPs–bringing ships and resources with them). This SSP Alliance is headed by a Council made up of representatives from the different entities making up the Alliance. Its code of ethics and rules of engagement are established by a committee. The Alliance has a Goal, and this is a Goal that no one has ever achieved, although President Trump is working on it. The “goal of the Alliance is to defeat the Babylonian Money Magic System and end financial tyranny on Earth. The Alliance wants to restore order and justice and civility to our world–and release the planet-healing, life-extending, hyper-futuristic technology they possess to everyone.” Babylonian Money Magic System dates from ancient bloodline families (Cabal/Illuminati) that have used money and dark magic to manipulate the rest of humanity. They have been corrupted and are dominated by the Indigenous Reptilians–those from under the Earth. Through dark magic or black magic, they are able to steer humanity into manifesting oppressive conditions such as war, poverty and disease, which is also disempowering on an individual level.*** There is also an “Earth Alliance,” which consists of different factions and organizations involved in various supply, support and command roles regarding the SSPs. The Earth Alliance includes the “White Hats” among the military industrial elite of the US and many other major countries that are supportive of the goals of the SSP Alliance. The Earth Alliance includes the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) that are trying to break free from the Babylonian Money Magic System, and it has made major strides in developing an alternative financial system to that controlled by the Cabal/Illuminati.

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