Be Afraid. Perhaps the most pliable puppet the Brotherhood ever had was one Adolf Hitler. Early in his adulthood he was toying with power through magic, channeling and esp. He joined seances; he joined sexual black magic sessions from 1920 to 1923. He was introduced to powerful, malevolent entities. Hitler was frightened and intimidated by them. But he called them the “new Man.” In fact they were the Reptilians in drag. Hitler had a book by Dr. Ernst Schertel titled “Magic: History, Theory and Practice,” in which he had underlined the following words: “he who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to the new world.” Hitler took lessons in acting, autosuggestion and stage presence, and was taught how to pose before a camera. Special attention was given to gesture, inflection, gaze, timing and extrasensory attunement. Also sets were important; mass hypnosis combined with music, colorful banners, lighting etc. He learned to mesmerize and excite vast audiences. He would start calmly and go on to an excited, frenzied conclusion. The Reptilians engineered Hitler’s rise to power. Everyone suddenly endorsed him, and he rose to power like a meteor (Kasten). The Reptilians are experts on mind control, and mind control is best exercised from 4D. They can create timely synchronicities and other incidents. They use the Greys and the Illuminati in 3D to do their dirty work. But Hitler lost the War. But did he? When the Third Reich was vanquished, the Fourth Reich came into existence and is very much with us today. It even has a secret space program. And Hitler survived the War, as we shall see. Kasten refers to a book, “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler,” by Simon Dunstan, who showed that Hitler survived the War and escaped to Argentina. The following information comes from Dunstan via Kasten. The person who made the Fourth Reich possible was Martin Bormann. He increased all of Hitler’s bank accounts and funds. He taxed the payrolls of the companies benefiting from war rearmament, which went into Hitler’s accounts. Bormann collected the royalties for Mein Kampf and royalties on Hitler’s image everywhere. In 1943 Bormann realized that defeat was inevitable, and thus he made preparations. Since 1939 he had laid a solid transportation, business and financial foundation of German influence in countries all over the world. To gain cash for Hitler’s accounts, he auctioned off artwork stolen from museums all over Europe. The Wehrmacht stole over a million carets of diamonds which would serve to bribe officials in Argentina. To further prepare for the Fourth Reich, Bormann acquired a civilian Spanish shipping company and a civilian Italian airline, both with established routes to Argentina. “Project Eagle Flight” involved setting up bank accounts in foreign countries and investing funds in foreign companies that were controlled by hidden German interests. When Germany declared war on the US on December 11, 1941, I.G. Farben alone had a voting majority in 170 American corporations, and minority holdings in 108. By using a front man to hide his identity, Bormann created 980 front companies, with 770 in neutral countries, 98 in Argentina, 58 in Portugal, 112 in Spain, 233 in Sweden, 234 in Switzerland and 35 in Turkey. They were all conduits for the flight of capital from Germany. Hitler had told Bormann:” Bury your treasure deep, as you will need it to begin the Fourth Reich.” Kasten says:”(The quote) suggests that Hitler ultimately planned to fade into the background and that he expected the advent of a Fourth Reich, which would be led by Bormann….I think it would be fair to equate the Fourth Reich to the New World Order.” According to author Paul Manning, Bormann was still alive in Argentina in 1980. Bormann had a complicated plan to get Hitler to Argentina, but he did pull it off. After midnight on April 27, Hitler, Braun and the German shepherd, Blondi left the living bunker, went through the Old Chancellery Building to another bunker, where they met and consulted with Bormann. They next walked through a subway to a station where 3 tanks were waiting to take them to an improvised airstrip. There they boarded a plan at 3AM along with some others. They headed for Denmark, landing in Tonder on April 29. After a 15 minute speech by Hitler, they boarded a plane for Travemunde on the north German coast. Next, they had a six-hour flight to Spain at altitudes up to 22,500 feet. After stopping to refuel, they flew to a German submarine base on the island of Fuerteventura in the Spanish Canary Islands. The exiles boarded a U-518, the submarine that took them to Argentina. I know I’ve left out the split second timing built into this plan, but it was a work of genius. Bormann meanwhile had to obtain doubles for Hitler and Braun, kill them and set them on fire. “Hitler’s double was Gustav Weber, a nearly identical doppelganger, and Braun’s double was absolutely identical”(Kasten). Bormann and a confidente shot Weber in the head and poisoned the Braun double. And then they cremated their bodies out in the garden. “Thus began the myth that Hitler and Eva Braun had committed suicide”(Kasten).

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