The Reptilians are not your Friends. I’m going to back up and write a brief history of the Reptilians. The Reptilians existed very early in the galaxy’s history in the Draco star system. The other main type of being was the Lyraens, who are the origin of all humanity in this galaxy. This information comes from Stewart Swerdlow in his book “True World History: Humanity’s Saga.” The Reptilians are not from this physical universe; strange creatures brought them here from the future to test humanity. The Reptilians are androgynous and think they are superior to other species because they reflect the God-Mind, which is neither male nor female. They also feel superior because their DNA doesn’t change over time; it remains stable (Swerdlow). The Reptilian agenda is to collect and assimilate all beings into their Empire. The Draco Empire is part of the Orion Confederation. When the Draco became aware of the Lyra star system and humanity, they felt an obligation to assimilate it or change it. The Draco attacked the Lyraens. Many planets in the Lyraen star system were destroyed. This war took place between 10 and 12 million years ago. The Lyraens spread out to many star systems, ours being among them. They settled on the only two planets which could sustain life, Mars and Maldek. The colonization lasted many thousands of years. The Reptilians became aware of the Lyraen refugees on Mars and Maldek, and planned an attack. They hollowed out an ice comet to use as a weapon. The ice comet entering our solar system knocked Uranus into a north-south rotation; all other planets have a west to east rotation. The ice comet next approached Jupiter, Mars and Maldek. This pull and drag caused Maldek to explode, producing an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The ice comet diminished the magnetic field of Mars, vaporized its oceans and pulled most of the atmosphere off the planet. The survivors and refugees went underground and into the inner parts of Mars. The ice comet started an orbit around Earth, causing the Earth’s rotation to increase. The ice comet then pulled a portion of the oceans off the Earth and vaporized them, giving Earth an atmosphere. Ice caps and land masses appeared, Lemuria and Atlantis being the main continents that appeared above the oceans. The ice comet took up an orbit and became Venus. The Soviets sent a sophisticated camera to Venus, and it sent back images of 7 domes areas. The Draco Empire has 7 species of Reptilians in its hierarchy. Each species has a specific function, is highly programmed and narrowly focused. They do not mix together (Swerdlow). Now the Earth is habitable, so the Draco drove in another vehicle and parked it near the Earth. It was the Moon. They colonized the Earth–Lemuria–from the Moon. This took place about one million years ago. They were the first intelligent beings to colonize this planet so they consider it to be their planet. They were here alone for several thousand years before the Lyraens showed up from their refuge under the planet Mars. When the Lyraens did show up, they colonized Atlantis; they called themselves Atlans. Atl means water; oddly, it means water in many languages around the Atlantic rim. But there was a problem: Mammalians and Reptilians are not designed to live in the same environment; they require different living conditions. The Reptilians kept huge herds of dinosaurs and let them wander all over the Earth. They trampled on and destroyed the crops of the Lyraens on Atlantis. The Atlans killed these dinosaurs using electromagnetic pulse weapons. And that’s the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct. And all the other large dangerous animals. The underlying factor in all the disagreements between the Reptilians and the Atlans was that the Draco had attacked the Lyra star system so long ago and forced the Lyraens to flee and become refugees. And with no provocation. There was a final attempt at a peace that would last. They created a third species, part Reptilian and part Mammalian. This is how humanity in its current form came into existence. We are a hybrid of two not very nice species. After the Atlanteans realized the experiment was not going to work, they used a geomagnetic weapon to break up the continental plate of Lemuria and it sank into the Pacific Ocean. The survivors went mainly underground, where they are to this day, directing events on Earth. The Reptilians are responsible for just about every conflict in human history through their puppets, the Illuminati. From 4D they manipulate humans like pieces on a chessboard. They do it with subconscious suggestions; the human has no idea that the thoughts are not his own. The Reptilians and the Atlanteans fiddled with genes and DNA before they achieved the perfect Homo sapiens sapiens. In the process they created such things as werewolves, bigfoot and mermaids. Yes, these things do exist, and werewolves attacked a rural home one night. I read the description and now I realize what they were: they were wolves that could stand on their back legs. Also there’s a creature called a dog-man. He hangs with bigfoot but he’s far more vicious than bigfoot. He also walks on his back legs. There are so many UNKNOWNS out there, and that’s the most frightening thing of all.

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