Be Very Afraid. The creation of continental unions, such as the European Union, is only a step in the “breaking down of the sovereign nations’ borders on the road to full-blown, nation-absorbing, borderless one world government”(Hays). The idea of the EU had been discussed by the Bilderberg Group back in 1955. The European Economic Community morphed several times until 1993, when it became the European Union, with the Euro as its currency. The North American Union is being built incrementally, starting with NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. It was supposed to help the American people, but has done nothing but caused misery. The US trade deficit jumped from under 100 billion to over 700 billion, not a good thing at all. Mexican President Vincente Fox said: “Why can’t we be not only partners in the long term, but a North American Union?” Why? Because Mexico is a third world country, and that says it all. But that’s exactly what Fox wanted: “erase that border, open up that border for the free flow of products, merchandise and capital as well as people.” Hasn’t he noticed we are having enough trouble already with people crossing the border? In 2003 taking advantage of terrorized people everywhere after 9/11 the CFR, with its counterparts in Canada and Mexico, created the Independent Task Force on North America (ITFNA). In 2004 this group published “Building a North American Community,” which outlined further integration among the 3 NAU countries (Hays). This report advised eliminating the borders between the three countries and have the secure borders around North America itself. ITFNA released a statement in 2005 expediting the implementation of their agenda to create a “North American Economic and Security Community” by the year 2010. Coinciding with this release, the three leaders signed onto something called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. This was just a more advanced version of NAFTA meant to break the back of the US economy. There were also plans to build a Superhighway, consisting of a 1200 foot highway that would also carry utilities such as electricity, petroleum and water, as well as railway tracks and fiber optic cables. Problem: it would flood the US with low-quality, dangerous Chinese products via importation to Mexico, by-passing US trade tariffs (Hays). Luckily, Congress managed to secure oversight of this Superhighway. Other continental unions beside the EU are: the African Union-AU-was created on July 9, 2002 and consists of 54 African countries. It was the culmination of years of progressive treaties and agreements. The Asia Cooperation Dialogue–ACD–was formed in 2002 to promote interest in continental unionizing. The Union of South American Nations was created by the UNASUR Constitutive Treaty, which was signed on May 23, 2008. Hays says that the word ‘union’ usually brings to mind thoughts of safety and security, but the opposite is true of these politics. This picture is very frightening.**************************** In the name of global warming, the scientists are lying and the elites are planning life-threatening changes for us. The following is a quote from the UN’s Agenda 21: “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced; a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals, and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision making at every level.” Hays: “It is a FACT that mankind only generates 5% or less of all greenhouse gasses and particulates per year.” He says further that “what is being pushed on us is the greatest deception in the history of science.” The Club of Rome suggested one world government by having an enemy that all nations could unite against–it didn’t matter whether the enemy was real or invented. Actually, we do have an enemy but most people don’t believe in them–extraterrestrials. “Al Gore, alleged expert on climate change, says this: “The climate bill will help bring about global governance…but it is the awareness itself that will drive the change and one of the ways it will drive the change is through a global governance and global agreement.” Hays says Gore was living in a 30,000 sq. ft. mansion and had a huge carbon footprint when he was flying around on expensive jet fuel giving his speeches. Gore received an Oscar for “An Inconvenient Truth,” which Hays calls a ‘fictitious fairy-tale.’ Hays questions:Why would Gore spread so many lies? Money. The Guardian, a British newspaper, said in November of 2009 that “Al Gore could become (the) world’s first carbon billionaire.” The Guardian said that Gore was heavily investing in green energy companies, and is poised to profit from government policies that would direct billions of dollars to the business ventures he has invested in. Gore is also positioning himself to profit in ‘carbon credits,’ which companies will have to purchase in order to do business. Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace, made this horrifying statement: “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”(!) And Barack Obama’s comment is just as scary: “Climate Change is real. Not only is it real, it is here, and it’s effects are giving rise to a frightening new phenomenon: the man-made natural disaster.” He is pretending ignorance of the fact that man already controls the weather and has produced some disasters himself. Hays says the real reason behind the scam of global warming is global enslavement. Again: global warming is caused by increased activity by the sun, not humans, and the reason behind the global warming scam is global enslavement.

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