Be Afraid. I’m going back to the reptilians because the Illuminati are only their frontmen and the reptilians have been players for a very long time. They came out of their lairs to give Thutmose III an airshow. Their flying discs delighted and astounded the pharaoh, and he was given a ride. From that time on the pharaoh would do anything for the reptilians, and the reptilians helped him build an empire, adding to his kingdom most of the known world. According to Len Kasten, “The Brotherhood of the Snake (reptilians), operating through the Amun priesthood, instituted a currency using silver and gold to replace the barter system. This permitted the use of a central banking system to control the expanding economy…the reptilians always seek to control the masses through currency and a central bank, right up to the present” (Alien World Order: the Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race). By doing this they can reward their friends by financing big projects and eliminate their enemies by tightening funds. Reptilians finance both sides of a war; no matter who wins, they profit. It reduces the human population and makes survivors need assistance, which reptilians give–at interest. Steep interest. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson held off the jackals for 100 years, but finally the US gave up and in 1913 there was a takeover by reptilian frontmen, and the Federal Reserve was created. This opened the floodgates that financed WWI and all the wars that followed. Back to Egypt, the reptilians exercised their power through the priests, behind the throne, promoting the pharaoh and others through their knowledge of mind control, drugs and bloodlines (Kasten). The power of the Brotherhood was unchallenged in Egypt. The reptilians are also known as the Nagas, the Dow and the Greys. They have an underground empire with large cities and a complex tunnel system through which maglev trains travel at 300 mph. They have a type of hierarchical brotherhood based on group consciousness and are fundamentally democratic. Their capital city is the 7-level Bhogovita deep down under the Indian subcontinent. They have sophisticated technology, including anti-gravity craft, which can be sent out of any number of portals. Many of the UFOs we see belong to these reptilians, and they are the ones abducting millions of people. They have drugs that extend their lives. They feed in drugs to Big Pharma to make their ‘human puppets,’ the Illuminati, wealthy. They can wipe clean human memories, and they can transfer human consciousness from one body to another. They have the ability to mentally increase their vibratory rate, putting themselves into the lower 4th dimension, where they are invisible to humans. This ability allows them to contact humans in the dream state and go through walls during abductions. The lower 4th dimension is occupied by spiritually retarded souls, demonic entities and is often referred to as ‘hell.’ All black magic originates in this realm (Kasten). They try to keep us in a state of low consciousness and reliant on superstition in order to maintain their control over us. They do this mainly through religion. It keeps humans in a subdued and guilt-prone state and unlikely to challenge the puppets they have placed in political power. But religion is only intended for the masses. They have other methods of control. Reptilians begin by seeking subjects who have a high level of reptilian DNA, known as bluebloods. These people are the products of thousands of years of genetic manipulation and are now usually in positions of authority. All the European royalty are bluebloods, as are wealthy and powerful individuals in all segments of society, especially in industry, academics, and health related fields. Those who have been genetically nurtured to possess almost 50% reptilian DNA are considered to be members of the Illuminati. All the top world bankers, clergy and CEOs are in this category. All these people are most vulnerable to Brotherhood mind control and demonic influence from the astral realm. Military historian James Bartley says, “The reptilians and their minions are masters of creating illusions, assuming disguises and dimming the awareness of human beings in or out of the astral dreamscape. In the dreamscape the reptilians can heighten the anxiety level of the abductee or promote mental sluggishness just as easily as if they were spinning the dial on a FM radio” (quoted in Kasten). They have “abducted many millions of people all over the world for special mental programming” (Kasten). That sound downright ominous.

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