Be Not Afraid. The Illuminati created the Cold War as a threat to the US (New Babylon) so it would build up its military. Communism was the next boogy-man. Hays says that there was NEVER a chance that we would have a nuclear war with the Soviet Union because it would devastate the earth for years to come. I am old enough to remember ducking under desks, and being in a constant state of fear. But I drew a blank when it came to what they would do to me when they got me. I was naive. But as Hays says, after a while, the drills were dropped. The first conflict sponsored by the Illuminati between Democracy and Communism was the Korean War. After the war, North Korea and South Korea were divided at the 38th parallel. The Soviet Union occupied North Korea and the US occupied South Korea. The Cold War was an excuse for building our military into a global police force, using fiat money printed by the Federal Reserve, which put the taxpayers in debt. It was also an excuse to create the CIA which, according to Hays, is “the secret police of the Illuminati, carrying out their clandestine orders all over the globe.” The US has 662 military bases in 38 foreign countries and a military presence in another 100+ countries. Thus the military is in almost 140 out of 196 countries on earth, and if there’s aggression in or toward any of those countries, our military goes into action, again at taxpayer expense. Why are we supposed to be the world’s police? These countries don’t even like our presence. And why should we be applying sanctions to any country? Who gave us that right? We can’t be spreading democracy because we aren’t a democracy–we are a Constitutional Republic. Says Hays: “We footed the bill for the military takeover of nearly the rest of the world…and our own financial enslavement.” Now we come to the infamous false flag event known as the Gulf of Tonkin Attack. It was alleged that North Vietnamese gun boats had fired on the USS Maddox. Congress overwhelmingly passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. They had not fired on the Maddox; it was just an excuse to send troops into Vietnam. By 1969 half a million troops were in Vietnam. The US wanted all-out war in Vietnam; it was an excuse to test new weapons, distract and divide the American people, etc. We know factually that this incident was a false flag because declassified tapes prove that LBJ knew the Tonkin incident never happened (Hays). Declassified papers show that several Senators knew the Tonkin incident was a false flag, but were afraid to speak out due to fear of retaliation from the proponents of the NWO, “who were assassinating political figures left and right in the 1960s”(Hays). *********** The Cold War ended around 1989-90. Saddam Hussein is tricked by US Ambassador Glaspie into thinking he had the green light from the US to invade Kuwait. Hays calls her a false flag. She was certainly false, because the US needed a pretext for invading the Middle East. When Kuwait was invaded, its neighbors were alarmed and called on the US to do something. Well, of course we’ll do something! This was called the Persian Gulf War aka Operation Desert Storm. After 42 days of bombing precious historical sites and stealing artifacts, GHW Bush declared a cease-fire. The excuse for the next war was the non-existent weapons of mass destruction. But 9/11 was the false flag that was the excuse for invading Afghanistan and later Iraq again. Hays says that the “War on Terror” is the new war created by the Illuminati to keep us in line, to keep us in fear, to keep us distracted.” He’s right. I’m careful what I say on the phone, on this blog, to a person I know who works for Goldman-Sachs. I don’t open emails unless I know who they’er from. But they don’t control me: I listen to whistleblower testimony on Project Camelot, I buy books for my kindle about classified subjects and I browse on the Internet where ever I want to go. I’m 72 and I love secrets, and I’ll go where ever to find them. Hays says that the Homeland Security Police State is virtually identical to Nazi Germany under the Gestapo. Yes, they monitor our phone calls, our browsing activity, what we write on the computer, what we watch on the TV, what we read on electronic devices. They say they have algorithms that only picks out certain words such as terrorism. Do you believe them?

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