Be Afraid. Len Kasten, in his chapter “The Merovingians,” says that, according to the Talmud of Emmanuel, the Virgin Mary was impregnated by a celestial son named Gabriel. The Talmud is quite wrong. Gabriel announced to Mary that she would give birth to Emmanuel, but Joseph impregnated her (see the Urantia Book). Gabriel is an angel and chief administrator of Christ’s Universe, which is called Nebadon. Jesus’ father was a human, Joseph, not an ET. Kasten says that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. She was a beloved disciple, but they never married. Jesus had two stipulations when he incarnated: he was to leave nothing in writing and he was to leave no offspring (see Urantia Book). He was not given a drug to keep him alive on the cross. He was dead. Period. There was no back door to the tomb by which his friends could steal him out. Jesus was, however, very busy that Saturday. He left his body in the tomb and went out to carry on business with Gabriel, the incarnation commission and others. He also was given a new semi-physical body. The angels in charge of his incarnation disposed of his human body. You can read all this information in the Urantia Book, which is available on for $10. Neither was Jesus a Nazarene. Many groups tried to get Jesus to join them, but he turned them all down. Kasten says “Jesus was genetically created and trained by the Pleiadians…” No, he was the God of this Universe, Nebadon, and bestowed himself on 7 planets to live the life of the people on those planets. Doing that would enable the Father to give Jesus full sovereignty of his Universe. The authors of the books I’m reading seem to think that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and traveled to the south of France. This is hogwash. But there is such a strong tradition of the Holy Grail and the Merovingian bloodline that there must be some truth somewhere. Livingstone says Mary and Jesus of Gamala, not Jesus of Nazareth, came to the south of France and established a dynasty. Jesus of Nazareth’s relatives went with Mary and established famous bloodlines. Swerdlow says that their genetics were mixed with Atlantean genetics “to counteract the reptilian bloodlines that were starting to proliferate in the Middle East and were beginning to move westward”(quoted in Kasten). Mary’s descendants formed a new reigning dynasty, the Merovingian Kings, who founded the French monarchy. According to Livingstone, the secret of the Holy Grail is that of a sacred lineage. “Grail lore is Gnostic (and) Mary Magdalene is an esoteric symbol, referring to the goddess; and the royal blood of the Grail is a Luciferian bloodline, which stems from the unholy conspiracy against the life of Jesus”(Livingstone). When Mary Magdalene died in AD 63, Joseph of Arimathea built a chapel as a memorial to her at Glastonbury in England (Kasten). Mary’s religion would conflict with the religion Peter and Paul brought to Rome. For one thing, Kasten says, the Merovingian people were not subject to the authoritarian control of the Pauline church (Catholic). The Merovingian Christians were democratic, not hierarchical, like the Roman church. Peter went to Rome during Nero’s reign and was martyred. Peter was jealous of Mary’s closeness to Jesus, as seen in the Gospel of Mary, a Gnostic text found at Nag Hammadi in 1945 (Kasten). Apparently Constantine, who converted to Christianity and made it the state religion of the Roman Empire, had leprosy. Pagan priests suggested that he fill a font with the blood of infants and bathe in it to cure himself of leprosy. Kasten makes the leap that reptilians were infiltrating the Catholic Church and were planning a takeover. They may have infiltrated the pagan priesthood–the blood of infants sounds suspicious, but that doesn’t mean they infiltrated the Christian priesthood. In any event, Constantine rejected the suggestion and was cured by a miracle of St. Peter.

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