Be Not Afraid. The corruption of the education system goes beyond the NEA’s affiliation with the Tavistock Institute. John Dewey, a leader in education in the early days, believed that students should be trained as “units” in an organic society. He was an atheist, a socialist and first president of the American Humanist Society (Hays). Because of George W’s “No Child Left Behind” brainchild, our scores relative to other industrialized nations is only 18 out of 36. States get money for compliance with NCLB, and since state treasuries are often empty, they have no alternative but to comply. The result is a subpar education for the future citizens of America. States must set their own standards for academic success, and then meet those goals in order to get the federal money. This disaster is just one more way the Illuminati is forcing the US to dig its own grave (Hays). I taught in a school where the special education students were mainstreamed into regular classes. Everything had to be dumbed-down so they could pass. They took different tests from the tests the regular students took. As a result, they received higher grades than the regular students, which had no basis in reality. Writing was impossible for them. It only benefited me because I enjoyed helping them. I didn’t know what to do with their essays because they made no sense. Hays thinks the family and community should teach tolerance toward all religions, races, creeds and sexual orientations rather than the schools. I disagree with him. You can prove by Trump’s base that people can be small-minded, but school can give a student the bigger picture.************* The cabal also owns most of the oil. The Rockefellers, with Rothschild backing, monopolized the oil in the late 1800s. Hays tells us that everytime we fill up our car, we are making the cabal richer and more powerful. The cabal is promoting environmental causes because if no more oil is found, the price of oil will stay high. Oh, please! Russia has gobs of oil, and the US has made itself energy independent. That man causes global warming is a fraud, says Hays. He’s right-all the planets are warming up. The Illuminati want to destroy industrialized nations by putting a tax on pollution issued and enforced by the UN. The NWO wants borderless nations under one rule–in fact they won’t be sovereign nations. They want hoards of immigrants pouring into the EU and the US. People who are against these illegal immigrants coming in are called racists, but that’s the wrong term. All humans are the same race. Mexicans are a nationality, most of them devout Christians. If Brits were coming across the border, not a word would be said–they’re white. The government intentionally understaffs our southern border, and then the babies who are born here and their mothers are entitled to services, which is just one more burden on the backs of the taxpayer. But the Illuminati is engineering all this. If they can break down US society, it will be easier to absorb into the one world government. The American Middle Class must be destroyed in order for the US to fall. And it will fall if we fail to act, says Hays. According to Hays, “By flooding the US with third world illegal aliens, the proponents of the NWO accomplish the following: it pits whites against minorities, citizens against aliens, creating racial tensions to divide the country.****illegal labor brings down the price of labor in general, bringing down the standard of living.****it increases government spending to deal with it, further putting the government in debt to Illuminati bankers.****it waters down our sense of patriotism by forcing a new and foreign culture upon us.****it furthers their goal of a borderless, integrated race of man and world with no sovereign nations and no borders.” Hays says that there are 23 million illegal aliens in the US and 10,000 coming in every day. But the flow has decreased in recent years. 99% are Catholic, which to me is positive, but to Hays is negative. He hates the Catholic Church, too. Poor Hays. He has such a bleak vision of events. He says: “We are slowly devolving into a socialist state that is sinking under the horrendous weight of forced multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism and entitlements for the lawless…” La Raza refers to the intentional flooding of the US southwest with so many illegal Mexicans that the naive citizens of the US will be forced out, and those lands lost during the Mexican/American War will be retaken purely through Mexican repopulation(Hays). The cost of this La Raza to the taxpayer is hundreds of billions of dollars. But before all that happens, the Illuminati wants a North American Union (NAU) composed of the US, Canada and Mexico. This would be a disaster for the US because we are already getting refugees from Central America. “In the year 2012 the Census Bureau reported that non-white births had for the first time surpassed white births in the US, mostly due to the illegal invasion from Mexico”(Hays).

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