Be Not Afraid. The Essenes spread their influence to Egypt to the community known as the Therapeutae. Many cultures thrived in Alexandria, Egypt, and the various schools had Gnosticism in common, or rather the Kabbalah, which was disseminated by the large Jewish population. NOTE; I don’t know why Livingstone contradicts himself when previously he says, “the Kabbalah has no expression in Jewish literature until the 3rd C. AD” unless he means there is no commentary on the Kabbalah. The Jews made these doctrines known where ever the Diaspora took them. Alexandria became the most important city of the Diaspora, being a million strong in Egypt alone. They had the highest status of any non-Greeks and had great autonomy. In addition to the Essenes, the other two Jewish philosophical sects were the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Philo of Alexandria compared the Essenes with the Persian Magi and the Indian Yogi. The development of Merkabah mysticism is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which belonged to the Essenes. In Merkabah mysticism, which would spread to all Hellenistic mysticism, is the ascent through the seven planets. This trip was taken for the purpose of “removing the astrological influence the soul had received from them on its descent into matter”(Livingstone). The goal of Merkabah mysticism is union with the highest god, interpreted as the vision of the chariot of God, described in the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel. This is more likely a UFO, perhaps piloted by an Anunnaki, the ETs who created homo sapiens. In Merkabah writings God is known as Shiur Komah, and it is based on the Song of Solomon(Songs). The most important was love poems, interpreted as a dialogue of love between Shekinah (nation of Israel) and God. The Shekinah is goddess, bride, daughter, sister and originally, Venus. *********************** Livingstone has a new interpretation for why the Sanhedrin wanted to crucify Jesus. They wanted to transfer their sins onto Jesus in a ritual sacrifice and atonement for their sins. This was in keeping with Kabbalistic and Mithraic doctrines, human sacrifice being pleasing to their god, and would free them from sin or obedience to their god. Does Livingstone know anything about the Jewish God in the 1st Century? After the crucifixion of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea put His body in his own tomb, which was witnessed by Mary Magdalene. The next day the Jews asked Pilate for a more secure guard at the tomb, but not before Joseph had removed the body. He conspired with the 2 Marys to spread the word that Jesus had risen. Of course, I disagree with this version of the events. Jesus actually did resurrect from the dead. The Urantia Book tells the events in full detail, and it’s not at all like the Biblical tale. In those three days, Jesus leaves the tomb and carries on all kinds of business, meeting Gabriel, His executive administrator, the Incarnation Commission, His brother Immanuel and others. He also went to the first morontia world, where we all go, and received a morontia body. He was busy, not just zoned out. Re: the plans of the Sanhedrin: they wanted the appearance that Jesus rose from the dead, and they wanted Him equal to their god Lucifer. This interpretation was later known as Gnosticism, which “became the basis through which the Western occult tradition subverted Christianity, and secretly inculcated the worship of Lucifer”(Livingstone). Gnosticism is a well-known heresy-why try to make it something more?********************** According to Livingstone, the Apostle Paul is responsible for spreading Gnostic interpretations of Christianity. So the tale goes, Paul was in league with the House of Herod to undermine Christianity. All of those tricky escapes and no martyrdom argue friends in high places. Well, of course I disagree. Paul was pushed and pulled around, almost drowned and usually treated like something the cat dragged in. You can’t read his letters and say he subverted Christianity. And an occultist? Don’t make me laugh. But Livingstone does say something that I like: “Gnostic doctrine articulated the central rationalization for the indulgence in evil, which has become the basis of Illuminati strategy.” I don’t want to lose sight of Lucifer, who found a home in Gnosticism, or those families that are the roots of the Illuminati.


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