Be Not Afraid. Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. There Paul’s version of Christianity was imposed on the Church, and the Mithraic bloodline subverted the true Christian mission. NOTE: This is only Livingstone’s opinion, and while the New Testament has several pagan motifs, I do not agree that its mission is subverted. The Catholic Church was the true church. In 218 AD Egalabalus and replaced Jupiter with a new god, Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun. The cult of Sol Invictus merged with the cult of Mithras, but it was not popular and ended when Egalabalus died. But the worship of Sol Invictus was continued by Constantine, and some say his conversion to Christianity wasn’t real. Jesus was assimilated to the Gnostic figure of the dying god Mithras in a Herodian plot to subvert the true Christian message. But nothing was subverted; the message came out loud and clear. According to Livingstone (and tradition), Joseph of Arimathea went to Britain in 63 AD, and the Archbishop of Mayence claims that he had Mary Magdalene, Lazarus and Salome with him. He also took the “Holy Grail,” which he hid at Glastonbury Tor, which later became Glastonbury Abbey. His descendants would include King Arthur. So what? Britain has a prominent role in the occult. The Britons were connected to the Phoenicians through the tin trade during the 1st mallenium BC. Also, according to ancient Irish chronicles, the bloodlines of the Britons were supplemented in the 6th century BC by the royal blood of David, resulting in the kings of Scotland (Livingstone). Celts in the 1st centuries AD learned the arts of the Magi through students of Pythagorus. The arts of the Magi and Kabbalistic teaching became entrenched among the Druids. The Druids were interested in astronomy, astrology; they were vegetarians; they believed in reincarnation and worshiped Pluto. The Druids survived Christianity, and are players even today. Even St. Columba defended the Druids. Uther Pendragon’s mother was a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea, and Uther was the father of King Arthur. King Arthur was also related to Constantine, and he was descended from Caesar and Alexander the Great. The dragon (Draco) standard was used by the Pendragon family.******************* The Anglo-Saxons appeared in Britain in the 6th century AD. Odin was a real man, but he was worshiped as a god by his descendants. He was a sorcerer who practiced divination with a severed head. He could also change shape at will. He was identified with Hermes, another dying god like Lucifer. Odin was married to Freya, a relative of Emperor Claudius. Freya was worshiped as the goddess of fertility, love and war; she taught witchcraft and was a priestess of human sacrifice.******************************* The descendants of the Khazars and an Armenian dynasty chose to settle in Cilicia and converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. They eventually settled in Europe and are purportedly descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel (Livingstone). These are called Ashkenazi Jews.*********************************** The Manichean heresy arrived in Armenia and influenced the sect of the Paulicans, whose name derived from their respect for Paul, whose letters they honored. The Paulicans believed in a distinction between the God who made and governs the material world, and the God of heaven, who created souls, who alone should be worshiped, in other words, Lucifer. Like all Gnostic sects, they thought all matter to be corrupt. Their enemies accused them of gross immorality (Livingstone).************** The Armenians and the Khazars were thought to be descendants of Noah’s 3rd son, Japheth, and connected with the Ashkenaz of the Old Testament. The Khazars had a tradition that they were descended from the tribe of Simeon; who had been assimilated into the Edomites. The Edomites have red hair, thus European Jews have blond or red hair. According to the Schechter Letter, Bulan, the leader of the Khazars, was persuaded to adopt Judaism, and his people followed him (Livingstone). Ashkenazi Jews entered Eastern Europe from the south and east-Italy, the Balkans, Asia Minor, the Byzantine Empire-or a combination (Livingstone).

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