Galactic Federations, Councils, and Secret Space Programs

This is the name of a new book by Dr. Michael Salla that makes everything in Kevin Freeman’s book, “According to Plan,” somewhat doubtful. This is because the global elite (cabal, Satanists, child trafickkers, human sacrificers and drinkers of blood, globalists and those in league with the Nazis and Reptilians) have been forced to leave Earth and go to a planet in a distant galaxy. They surrendered their tools for making black magic, which they used to control humanity. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I must tell the story behind these events–events which will change the course of human history.

There are thousands of ET civilizations in thousands of galaxies–I could easily say a billion galaxies, because who knows? The important and interesting thing that in our section of space the ETs are human and they have formed many organizations, federations, brotherhoods, councils, confederations, commands, etc. But before I describe our partners, there is a negative group on earth that has caused more destruction and misery than any other. After WWII the Nazis created the Fourth Reich, based in Venezuela and Antarctica. They are partners with the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), which has factories in space and uses slave labor. Also a partner is the Draco Empire, another negative force which had been helping the Nazis since before the war. The good thing is that they are all leaving the Earth, too.

Most of the ET organizations have more than one name, but Salla has managed to untangle them. I should start with Earth. Earth has 14 spacefaring nations, with the US being the leader. The name of our Secret Space Program is Solar Warden; it is old, having started service in the 80s, so a new fleet is being built. Since it is a secret program, information comes out in leaks. However, there is a soft disclosure permitted. Men who have served their 20 years in the program can be interviewed and say anything without losing their pension.

The Ashtar Galactic Command is a friendly collective which has a base 72,000 miles above Earth. They are responsible for the flap over the White House in 1952. The Ashtar Command is associated with the destruction of a planet named Lucifer (aka Maldek or Tiamat). This is very interesting because Maldek could be Marduk and Tiamat was destroyed by a moon of Nibiru. Half of it makes up the asteroid belt and the rest is the Earth. It would be interesting to know why the AC destroyed Lucifer, a peculiar name for a planet. What was its people doing? Love to know. There’s also the Galactic Federation of Worlds aka the CiaKahrr Empire aka United Worlds Alliance. We of Earth are dealing with the Galactic Federation. In 2021 there was a meeting near Jupiter which resulted in the Jupiter Accords. The Galactic Federation met with the 14 representatives of the nations which had space programs and determined that the US had the most stable program and would be the leader of the new Earth Space Alliance, and became the US Space Command. We owe it to our new friends that all the negative influences that have kept humans in bondage, freed the slaves on Mars and the moon Ganymede, and are helping us rise to a higher dimension are finished or in the works.

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