Galactic Federations, Councils and Secret Space Programs

The Draco Empire and the Orion Collective steal our electricity, take our oxygen and hydrogen and kidnap our people. The Orion Grays perpetuate a nightmare on the people of Earth. Here’s one scenario: They abduct people, they put them into a coma to the point of death. Here the soul is accessible. In a 4 second procedure they transfer the abductee’s soul to a special box, where it will stay until a hybrid needs it. A ship of the Andromeda Council intercepted a Gray ship and found the following: the souls of thousands of children and adults in those boxes and children in cryogenic stasis. And why are the Grays doing this? They have hundreds or even thousands of hybrid children which have no soul and they are trying to adopt the soul of the human. Failing that, they are staying alive by syphoning off the soul from the box. This is a tragic situation, but the Grays brought it on themselves by forcing human women to give birth to these hybrids. And also the soul goes into the afterlife with the personality, so what are the implications of going to the afterlife without a soul?

The Ashtar Collective is an organization even larger than those previously mentioned; groups splinter off from it, making new groups. The Alcyone Star System is where the Tall Grays (Nebu) come from. The Andromeda Council is also known as the Zanotean Alliance. A group called the Moderates have controlled a cluster of galaxies for 75 million years. They don’t get involved politically, but they are very powerful. We are dealing with the Galactic Federation, which is helping Earth solve its problems and move into a higher dimension. In any event, our solar system is moving into an area of space which will affect humans favorably, but I don’t know much about it, except to hear David Wilcock talking about Ascension all the time.

Salla records an ET making the remark that “Free will was the trap, now it is stopping, you will see it.” This remark is confusing because on Earth we have been taught that God gave us free will. But look at it another way. The Earth is getting more crowded every day. And think of carrying a whole civilization in a spacecraft. These situations demand cooperation more than free will, which is irrelevant. Besides, God only gave us free will so we could choose him freely, so we wouldn’t feel we HAD to choose him. The highest good for the greatest number of people is cooperation, not self-assertion. This Western value is still seen in those who are ruining the Earth in order to make money. I heard several years ago that ETs cleaned the pollution in our air, but China has no regard for the air they are breathing.

Robert Renaud Gabriel Green has a website that informs us of another ET group, the Confederation of the Galaxy of the Stars. There is a Council of 9 embedded in a Council of 24 Elders. They are known for protecting evolving worlds and helping them with their spiritual powers. Their philosophy is that the power of love surpasses all else. There is also the Intergalactic Confederation aka 24 Civilizations (I know, they all sound the same, but I’m trusting Salla to pull us out of the weeds.) One of the groups is the Hoore Civilization, which is linked to Christ. 22 of these races have genetically contributed to our Earth Humanity, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Salla made the remark, perhaps quoting an ET, that “Genetic intervention is better than Intelligent Design.” We know from the Urantia Book that evolution was carefully monitored, but we know from Sitchin that man was produced by combining the genes of the Anunnaki with the genes of Cro Magnon Man. Corey Goode was in the Secret Space Program for 20 years. The SSP is run by the Navy and after their 20 years they retire and the Navy tries to wipe their memory of everything that happened during the 20 years. It didn’t work with several officers and they became our witnesses. Corey said that ETs think we are like royalty because we have spirituality and we can do with our consciousness what ETs need to do with technology.

An international space coalition sent ships and personnel to Ganymede to prepare for the arrival of a highly evolved group of ET visitors. Salla’s sources said “these ETs were highly evolved, powerful, benevolent forces from another dimension and realm that has always tried to free Humanity on Earth from slavery.” This fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation came to evaluate ” the result of our common work regarding the dismantlement of the Dark Alliance and collaborate with the Galactic Federation on the next step”(Thor Han, spokesman for GF). Thor Han also said that these ETs might want civilian contact. WOW! What happens when these ETs find out “civilians” have been murdered to keep the secrets of Special Access Programs?!

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