The Urantia Book

The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy preside over the innermost circuit of the Paradise satellites, which is the personal circuit of the Universal Father. These seven planets are presided over by ten Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, seven direct the divisions and three represent the Father, Son and Spirit. These Spirits resemble the Universal Father, and they are shrouded in mystery because they are so perfect in their administrative skills. Their skills are performed just as well on the Eternal Son’s spheres and the spheres of the Infinite Spirit.

Each of the billion worlds of Havona is directed by a Supreme Trinity Personality. These rulers are known as the Eternals of Days, and they number exactly one billion, one for each one of the Havona spheres. The Eternals of Days are visible to all will creatures, and they preside over the regular planetary conclaves. They are akin to and the divine equal of the Ancients of Days, rulers of the superuniverses.

Mortals receive a great deal of training on the satellites of the capital of the local universe. Our capital is Salvington. Our next stop is the capital of the superuniverse, Orvonton, which is Uversa. Before we leave we are given spiritual or semi-spiritual bodies. At Uversa we meet the 3 Ancients of Days, who are almost as old as God. They disclose the combined character and the unified nature of the Trinity, while expressing diversity of personality. They are superperfect offspring of the Paradise Trinity. The personal abodes of each trio of the Ancients of Days are located at the point of spiritual polarity on their headquarters sphere, which is divided into 70 administrative sectors and has 70 divisional capitals. In the vast universe the Ancients of Days alone are invested with the high powers of final executive judgment concerning the eternal extinction of will creatures.

There are 210 Perfections of Days, and they preside over the governments of the ten major sectors of each superuniverse. They were trinitized for special work of assisting the superuniverse directors. Three Perfections of Days are assigned to each major sector capital; our sector is Splandon. As their name implies, they are pecularly perfect at administrative details. The work of ascending mortals on the satellites of the major sector headquarters is mostly of an intellectual nature. On the 490 satellites of Uversa, mortals attend universities and study spirituality. This is the last stop before going to Havona, which is a big leap toward Paradise.

In groups of three the Recents of Days preside over the minor sectors. In the administration of the minor sectors they utilize large numbers of the resident ascending mortals, the personnel of the various courtesy colonies and the various groups originating in the Infinite Spirit. The governments of the minor sectors are mostly concerned with the great physical problems of the superuniverse. Their headquarters house the Master Physical Controllers. Ascending mortals carry on experiments with the Supreme Power Centers and all seven orders of the Master Physical Controllers. The name of our minor sector is Ensa.

The Unions of Days are a group of liaison personalities accredited by the Paradise Trinity to the rulers of the local universes. In a special manner these Trinity observers co-ordinate the administrative activities of all branches of universal government, from those of the local universes up through the sector governments to those of the superuniverse–hence their name Union of Days.

The Faithful of Days are advisers to the Vorondadek Sons who rule the constellations. Three Vorondadek Sons rule and they are called the Most Highs. One of them is senior to the others, but they rorate the position. In ancient times they were confused with God the Most High.

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