Navy Recruits. Michael Salla interviewed two other individuals with stories similar to Corey Goode’s. Similarities in Michael Relfe’s and Randy Cramer’s testimonies regarding the core elements of their recruitment, service and return to civilian life are consistent with Corey Goode’s extraordinary claims. In 2000 a book titled “The Mars Records” was published containing the testimony of Michael Relfe, who volunteered to join a space program called the “Mars Defense Force.” He served a 20 year tour of duty on Mars, where his psychic abilities were used in increasingly sophisticated ways, from remote viewing to psychic assassination (killing from a remote location). He claimed that he killed 70 high profile targets comprising human VIPs, ETs and synthetic life forms embodying artificial intelligence. At the end of their tours they had their memories wiped. Relfe’s memories returned when Stephanie Relfe, a professional kinesiologist, decided to help him overcome deep emotional issues. The book serves multiple purposes. It is a record of Michael’s 20 year service with the Mars Defense Force and a secret space program. The book also shows how to unlock memories hidden in deep compartments of the human mind, describing how to overcome the various mind control road blocks intended to sabotage memory recovery. Finally, the book reveals how Michael and Stephanie overcame the efforts of a shadowy governmental entity intervening to prevent any of the information about Mars or the SSP from going public.**************************** Michael started being abducted by Gray aliens at age 6. They had done something genetic to his father and Michael was the result. They also did something genetic to Michael. This enhanced his psychic abilities. The government authorities were monitoring the situation. He says he has been a “lab rat” all his life. He was encouraged to join the Navy, but he adds the word “programmed.” His father worked for the government, so Michael believes this is the connection that brought him in. He was then approached by a recruiter for the 20 year tour in the SSP for service in the Mars Defense Force. He traveled to Mars by teleportation from a device called a “jump gate.” It is a camouflaged tunnel in a base under the Great Lakes. Michael describes it “like a tunnel through hyper-space.” Michael rapidly went from remote viewing to remote influencing because they enhanced his abilities by drugs and other technologies. And then he became a psychic assassin. He admits to being suited for it; he admits to being “cold, hard and arrogant.” Some of what he killed were Reptilians, which is interesting. He said he was VERY good at his job. The problem with remote viewing is that your presence can be detected. For example, the Kremlin has remote viewer detectors. I had a period where I was doing remote viewing and I went to a Dulce-like underground facility. I went several floors down, walked down a hall, walked into a room where a man was working at a table. There was a man with a dog like head sitting in the chair which I felt sorry for. Then I realized that the man at the table was looking at me. He had detected me and he was very sinister. In fact he wasn’t even human. I got out of there and was always afraid he’d come after me. Michael, at the conclusion of his tour, besides having his memory wiped, was “age-reversed” to 1976 when he entered the program. Implants were put in him to block his metaphysical abilities and track his location, but this negatively affected his family life, his employment, his relationships and his health. I am confused: he was regressed to 1976, but the people in his life were living in 1996–how does that compute? Or do they change time?

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