Urantia Book 67. The Lucifer Rebellion. Lucifer was a brilliant and beautiful Lanonandek Son. His name means light. There were three levels of these Sons created by the Creator Son Michael, his Mother Spirit Spouse and Father Melchizedek. Lucifer, a primary Lanonandek Son, had a history of being a wonderful administrator at all the Systems he served as System Sovereign. He had been SS in the System of Satania for 500,000 earth years before evil thoughts came into his head. Nothing outside of himself led to these thoughts. He wasn’t dissatisfied with universe administration. He had no disagreements with anybody who worked under him or with Michael. Satan was his assistant and very loyal to the universe administration. Only 3 SS had revolted in Nebadon before Lucifer. The Ancients of Days, 3 of them, rule the superuniverse of Orvonton, which contains our universe, and all judgments on these matters would go to their courts on Uversa, the capital or HQ sphere of Orvonton. After Lucifer was deposed, very little was seen of him, because Satan advocated his cause on Urantia/Earth. Michael was on Urantia; Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia (Planet Prince) tried to sabotage his bestowal mission, but they failed. In the New Testament it said Jesus was tempted by the devil after his baptism, but that never happened. He went into the wilderness to pray and consulted with Gabriel. Abaddon was chief of staff for Caligastia and followed his chief into rebellion. Beelzebub was the leader of the disloyal midwayers and they rebelled in great numbers. Midwayers were created in a very odd way, but they are so versatile that they can do almost anything. They are half-way between a human and an angel. Caligastia as Planet Prince, was invisible, but his 100 staff members were humans and thus visible. But they could not reproduce. But 2 of them shared a non-sexual relationship and had a baby. The baby turned out to be smart and versatile, so every couple had babies and called the species midwayers. Each couple had 1000 babies and couldn’t have anymore. There were 50,000 midwayers when they were finished. As adults they made up the Planet Prince’s intelligence corps, studying and observing the races. When Lucifer told his plans for revolt to Satan, it took several months to corrupt him and turn him to Lucifer’s side. But then Satan was all in. Gabriel, Michael’s chief executive, knew there was something going on in Lucifer’s head, and he sent reports for 100 years to Uversa. It would be no surprise when Lucifer came out with his list of declarations. ********* Now back to the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Rodan decided to talk on the “Religion of the Ideal.” He said to his listeners: “You have told me that your Master regards genuine human religion as the individual’s experience with spiritual realities. I agree that religion symbolizes our supreme devotion to that which represents our highest concept of the ideals of reality and the farthest reach of our minds toward eternal possibilities of spiritual attainment. Religion can never be a matter of mere intellectual belief or philosophic reasoning; religion is always a mode of reacting to the situations of life; it is a species of conduct. Religion embraces feeling, thinking and acting reverently toward some reality which we deem worthy of universal adoration. If something has become a religion in your experience, it is self-evident that you have already become an active evangel in that religion, since you deem the supreme concept of your religion as worthy of the worship of all mankind. If your religion is a spiritual experience, the object of your worship must be the universal spirit reality and ideal of all your spiritualized concepts. This thing, being, state, order of existence or possibility of attainment which constitutes the supreme ideal of religious loyalty, and which is the recipient of the religious devotion of those who worship, is God. Regardless of the name applied to this ideal of spirit reality, it is God. ************************* The social characteristics of a true religion consists in the fact that it seeks to convert the individual and to transform the world. Religion implies the existence of undiscovered ideals which are higher than the known ethics and morality embodied in the most mature institutions of civilization. You cannot have a genuine spiritual religion without the supreme and supernal ideal of an eternal God. A religion might claim as its object of devotion a great ideal, but such ideals are unattainable, and thus are illusions. The word God, the idea of God as contrasted with the ideal of God, can become a part of any religion, no matter how immature that religion may be. The lower religions shape their ideas of God to meet the natural state of the human heart; the higher religions demand that the human heart shall be changed to meet the demands of the ideals of true religion.********************************* “The religion of Jesus transcends all our former concepts of the idea of worship because his Father is infinite, the divine source of values, the center of the universe and personally attainable by every mortal creature who chooses to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth, thereby accepting sonship with God and brotherhood with man. That, I submit, is the highest concept of religion the world has ever known, and I pronounce that there can never be a higher since this gospel embraces the infinity of realities, the divinity of values, and the eternity of universal attainments. I am finally convinced that there are no attainable ideals of reality or values of perfection apart from the eternal and Universal Father. ********************************** “I come, then, to worship, not merely the God of existences, but the God of the possibility of all future existences. Therefore must your devotion to a supreme ideal, if that ideal is real, be devotion to this God of past, present and future universes of things and beings. And there is no other God, for there cannot possibly be any other God. The gospel enables us to seek for the true God and find him. But are we willing to pay the price of this entrance into the kingdom of heaven? Are we willing to be born again? to be remade? Are we willing to be subject to this terrible and testing process of self-destruction and soul reconstruction? Has not the Master said, “Whoever would save his life must lose it.” The religion of Jesus demands living and spiritual experience–actual levels of real spirit progression.

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