I happened to spot an item about Q Anon on YouTube in connection with trials at GITMO, but I only understand that Q looks like a clock pointing toward a date that Trump was out of the country. Who makes up this stuff?! Who made the clock? Are these trials just another Hoax? And is Trump really behind all this? The whole thing feels impossible to me, even if all these constant tweeters haven’t tweeted since the middle of December. I really don’t like this if it’s all true; it makes me nervous. That must be why Generals Mattis and Kelly resigned when they did–I’ve heard they are involved somehow. Anyway, the blog awaits…. Kaden graduated and moved to where the action was–Washington, DC– and worked as a reporter for an online news outlet. He immersed himself in politics; Obama could do no wrong, but the Republicans were idiots. He became aware of the redneck monsters dwelling outside the beltway. After two great years with Obama (wonderful Obamacare!), the Republicans took the House and Senate. He blamed Fox News for lying to the idiots in the red states; and now Obama needed all the help he could get. “This was a life or death struggle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Darkness was, after all, where democracy died”(Schlichter). Although Kaden had never driven outside the Beltway to explore any of the people there, he just knew what they were like: stupid, ignorant, racist and sexist. And they had a ridiculous belief in their imaginary friend, Jesus. They were also in love with their phallic-symbol assault rifles. They were everything Kaden wanted NOT to be. They were the enemy (Schlichter). Hillary, The Smartest Woman in the World, savioress of Elite America, was going to bring down righteous thunder on them. It was a testimony to their stupidity that they had selected Donald Trump—–arrrgh–Donald Trump! as their nominee… Trump could not possibly win. He shared their crassness, their moral bankruptcy–their stupidity. But his defiance–their defiance–could just not be forgiven. They were going to pay (Schlichter).*************** Kaden truly hated the Normals. The Elites in his plans would take away their religion, their guns, make them cope with masses of immigrants, and—yeah, their little girls were going to share bathrooms with men who dress like women. The Elites would teach the Normals who’s boss. But a deathblow came on November 8, 2016. The Sainted Hillary lost. How could this happen? Trump was just another contractor–how did he deserve to be president? He knew nothing about politics! How could Nate Silver let this happen? He was not ashamed to weep in public, and he and his girlfriend settled in to RESIST.***************************** The Elite have dominated the Normals by the use of their expertise in various fields. A doctor tells us eggs are bad for us one day and a few months later, another expert tells us that eggs are not only harmless but very healthy for us. Normals are starting to distrust experts. An expert, according to the Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 702, “Testimony by Expert Witnesses,” defines an expert as: a witness is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education. The expert is supposed to have knowledge that others don’t have–scientific, technical or specialized. Expertise is a tool the Elite employs to exercise the power delegated to it by the Normals (Schlichter). It is a sword to enforce their will and a shield to protect themselves from accountability. But the Elite experts don’t admit their mistakes. The climate change controversy is an example of expertise abuse. The only place the Elite experts have sold climate change is in silly places like California after 2 decades of nonstop red-alerting. And we have had time to evaluate these warnings of impending doom. According to the experts we should be pushing up daisies into a searing oven of Earth’s atmosphere. We were told the ice-caps were melting. They are still there. We were told that blizzards were a thing of the past. That would be news to most of the US. If you listened to the experts back in the 70s, we should all be entombed in a mile deep glacier. Nor did the ozone hole fry us all. Neither did acid rain melt us all into puddles of pink goo (Schlichter). “Global warming” became “climate change” after Al Gore was seen walking into the umteenth snowed-out global warming conference decked out like an Eskimo on a whale hunt.

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