I found out that Q ANON is the handle of a group of people in the military who supposedly asked Donald Trump to run in the 2016 election for a strange reason which doesn’t make sense to me. Anyway, he won the election and is working with this group to bring indictments against the many child traffickers and Satanic sacrifice participants. They are being tried in military tribunals at GITMO because according to the Patriot Act, they must have military trials. I don’t know if any of this stuff is true, but it’s all over YouTube and certain blogs like EraOfLight, which I recommend reading for more information. Now, on to the blog. According to Schlichter, all of America’s institutions are ready for the garbage heap. The FBI is probably the worst. Lisa Page and Peter Stzrok played an irresponsible game on their work phones and were subsequently fired. James Comey and others went to the FISA courts for permission to tap Carter Page’s phones and withheld information about that infamous dossier. James Comey also let Hillary Clinton off the hook after she had played fast and loose with classified documents. Her other crimes were egregious, also. Schlichter says that the FBI’s loss of respect by the Normals is more dangerous for the health of the Republic than the health of the Bureau itself. Another institution is the judiciary. The Supreme Court and the circuit courts are playing to the Elites. The “notorious” 9th circuit court decided that an American flag can’t be displayed in a school. Never mind that flags are in every classroom. I guess they didn’t know that. SCOTUS found the right to have an abortion somewhere in the Constitution. It must be in the small print, or maybe the appendix. Schlichter calls it a “cafeteria jurisprudence imposed by a prix fixe judiciary.” They are the Elite. They now make the laws of the land. He also says the courts invent rights that aren’t in the Bill of Rights and negate rights that are “on the parchment in black and tan.” Another institution is the news media, which just parrots what it’s told by its 2 or 3 corporate owners. The New York Times bashes Trump, which Elites like to read. That’s how the Times survives. Newspapers have been dying for years and even TV news has its Internet versions. Even Hollywood’s most popular actors can’t “open” a movie, meaning that they must have supporting stars. But Normals have a wide range of places to see movies. They don’t have to spend $15 to go to a theater. An institution that Normals distrust is Big Business. In fact, it had a 21% approval rating in 2017. Big Business has shafted Normals and insulted them forever. The Elite didn’t care that Normals saw their jobs go to Mexico and Asia. And Walmart came into one community after another, followed by other “big box” stores, and forced small businesses to close. According to Schlichter, “Elites want the Normals gone, dead, whatever, so they can be free of the last vestiges of restraint, of fealty to the traditional mores of the bourgeois and create the Elite utopia. But what the Elite really want is for the Normals to be enslaved” (Schlichter). Until Trump was elected, the Elites were chipping away at the power of Normals, working toward their goal of taking away every right which the Normals held so proudly. The Elites would deprive them of any ability to govern themselves, starting with the vote. Being politically correct was one way the Elite already ruled the Normals. Normals rightfully think of those crossing the southern borders as illegal aliens, but no–the Elite insist they be called undocumented immigrants, as though being without documents were some mysterious act of Gaia (Schlichter). The pampered Elite, safe behind the liberties it seeks to undermine for others, does not merely reject the authority of President Donald J Trump, but also acts to reject the authority of those who elected him. Donald Trump is merely the avatar of a greater movement, of the Normals themselves. “The Normals reserve the right to reassert control if the Elite fails to perform. Look at the Elites’ track record—failed wars, economic stagnation, rampant self dealing among those with the keys to the culture. The Elite should not have been surprised that the Normals got tired of their crap and kicked them in the ass”(Schlichter). The Elites and the Normals started out with some things in common-family, children, faith; but then a rift opened and widened. Over the years the gap widened and then came the explosion: Donald Trump. And according to the Elite, the people who elected him had no moral right to power, or any moral right to participate in their own governance. The Elite said, “Don’t normalize Trump.” Don’t treat him like he has a right to be where he is (Schlichter). Just a thought-Today is the third annual Women’s March-this is definitely an Elite performance. But Trump is not the real threat. The real threat is Militant Normals. And the Elite hate the Normals for “who they are and for the values they hold: morally inferior, morally bankrupt, possessing parochial and provincial beliefs, contrary to the most deeply held modern Elite values” (Schlichter). And behind those white picket fences, real Christianity is sure to lurk. The Elite has an offshoot it would like to shoot sometimes. It’s called Conservatism, Inc. Schlichter follows with a famous example of a conservative Elite: William F. Buckley. No one would disagree that he was an elite and an Elite. Next he discusses Republican presidents, starting with Eisenhower. He also keeps talking about the “rules of engagement,” which tie the hands of soldiers so they can’t win a battle. For example, they couldn’t bomb certain cities in North Vietnam. There also were lines they couldn’t cross, even if a North Vietnam soldier were in plain sight making faces at them. The war in Iraq had a “counterinsurgency strategy” for winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. This is all according to the author–I didn’t know any of this. This undermines the US and its ability to do warfare. The war in Iraq was apparently never meant to be won. Just saying. Onward. The Elite ignore immigration laws, which are reasonable and fair, and allow people to stay here illegally and give them sanctuary. This is tyranny because the Normals in other states or cities have no say in the situation and get murdered by criminals receiving sanctuary. They feel angry and powerless. Thus, they became militant and exploded (Schlichter).

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