The Urantia Book

The First Source and Center is God, the Universal Father; the Second Source and Center is the Eternal Son; the Third Source and Center is the Infinite Spirit. These Gods compose the Trinity; Jesus is not a member of the Trinity, but he is the Sovereign God of the Universe of Nebadon. God existed from eternity; in a nanosecond he created the Eternal Son, and the two of them created the Infinite Spirit. In practical terms they are all eternal Gods. The Universal Father needed to divest himself of power and authority and he did so by placing them on the two other Gods. The Universal Father is noted for giving us our personalities; the Eternal Son is known for his mercy and spirituality. We are strengthened by this spirituality, as was Jesus during his time on Urantia. The Infinite Spirit is known to encourage intellectual activity. There is also an evolving experiential God called the Supreme Being.

There are yet other Gods, but the Father is the Great I AM. “As a time-space creature would view the origin and differentiation of Reality, the eternal and infinite I AM achieved Deity liberation from the fetters of unqualified infinity through the exercise of inherent and eternal free will, and this divorcement from unqualified infinity produced the first ‘absolute divinity-tension’. This tension is resolved by the Universal Absolute, which functions to unify and coodinate the dynamic infinity of Total Deity and the static infinity of the Unqualified Absolute.” These are the other two Gods. We’ve ventured far from Christian theology!

Paradise came into being with the Trinity and Havona. Havona is composed of one billion planets in seven rings revolving around Paradise. All of this is called the central universe. The Father remains in Paradise because all gravity issues from nether or the bottom of Paradise. Seven superuniverses revolve around the central universe. Outer space, beyond the inhabited superuniverses, is being developed. It’s very likey that my generation will go to outerspace if I survive and reach Paradise. After you’ve reached Paradise and worshipped the Father, you join the Corps of the Finality. You will ultimately find an activity that you like, but I don’t know how that works, except the book keeps referring to ex-mortals doing this or that activity.

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