Satanic Ritual. There are many different kinds of ritual and ceremony that are performed as part of the Reptilian belief structure. It is not pleasant to read about, let alone witness. However, it is important to be informed, especially because these rites involve global leadership figures that control every aspect of daily life. The most common ceremony performed by the hybrids is the ingestion of human blood and hormones to maintain the human form. Without these substances, the Reptilian mind-pattern would activate their DNA and they would look like lizards. Depending on the need of the individual, this might be as often as every few days, or perhaps every few months. Older hybrids, as well as those with more Reptilian genetics, need the human harmonics more often. The primary way to receive this energy is through blood. Human semen is considered the most potent booster because it contains hormones, genetic material and blood. The procedure can be as simple as fellatio. Or, it can be more complicated, like bloodletting or actual eating of internal organs and/or genitalia. Many missing children and young adults meet their end this way. The hybrids particularly like the young, as their blood and hormones are more energetic. Menstruating women are also considered a prize since blood from the womb is considered highly potent, as are the hormones of pregnant women……. When produced during heightened sexual activity, these fluids are particularly strong, therefore enhancing the human energy of the hybrids for a more prolonged period of time. The death of the supplier is not necessary for this type of exchange. But if the supplier is an unwilling participant, death may be necessary to keep the event secret. There are places on and in the earth where people are kept for the sole purpose of hormone production. These are primarily women kept for breeding to provide the necessary biological substances. ………………………………… Often the blood or body fluid is mixed with an accelerant such as red wine, arsenic or herbs to increase the energy further. Pornography is promoted world-wide to activate sexual desires, making it easier to find willing ceremony participants. Drugs and sexual activity both enhance Illuminate ritual energy……………… Another type of ceremony involves sexual magic. This ritual is designed to use the energy produced during heightened orgasmic activation to physically manifest a specific event or object. MANIFEST! In other words, whatever thought is released into the ethers at the moment of intense orgasm is then propelled into existence. The more people involved the more likely they will manifest a goal. Currently, the drug known as ecstasy, which increases libido, and the ‘date rape’ drug are the latest catalysts to enhance sexual magic activity. Reptilians are androgynous, but they prefer sex with a male because of the higher energy boost from the male body. Female energy is more desirable for sexual magic. But a typical group is 2 males and 1 female. For these reasons, bisexuality is the promoted lifestyle in the New World Order. (This information comes from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict and Creation, by Stewart A. Swerdlow.)

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