Reptilians. The Reptilians colonized Earth from the Moon. They built the Moon to their exact specifications; it was hollow, does not spin or rotate; its orbit is mechanically fixed; it is parked in space like a satellite and without a magnetic field. When viewed from Earth it is exactly the same size as the Sun. This made it possible to use the solar and lunar eclipses as timing devices. The dinosaurs were a food source for the Reptilians, so the Moon was essential for a piecemeal move from Draco to the Earth. They colonized the vast continent of Lemuria in the Pacific area of the Earth about one million years ago, and as the first race to settle the Earth, they considered it to be theirs. Humans didn’t arrive until thousands of years later. The human refugees from Mars and Maldek did live underground during this time, however. There was a human group called the Atlans which refused to join the Galactic Federation of Light and were troublesome. But they were also fierce and afraid of nobody. So they were the perfect group to send to Earth to challenge the Reptilians. They colonized Atlantis and built a civilization there. But they had conflicts with the Reps. The dinosaurs of the Reps would destroy the crops of the Atlans, so the Atlans would kill them. Thus followed conflicts, battles, wars. The long term goal of the Federation and the Atlans was to remove the Reps from the Solar System entirely. Meanwhile the Maldekians underground on Mars were having conflicts with the Martians sharing the space with them. So the Federation sent the Maldekians to Earth to fight the Reps. They settled on what now is the Gobi desert; then it was lush and green. The dinosaurs continued to be an issue so the Atlanteans used electromagnetic pulse weapons to kill them. The underground Martians also entered the fray and attacked the Reps on the Moon. But the confusion wasn’t really confusion. The Federation had been orchestrating the whole campaign. The Reptilians now were at a distinct disadvantage. They were light years from help on Draco, their food source was gone, these humans had bested them. They had high-tech weaponry and were motivated to fight to the death. They had to negotiate to survive.******* The Hatona Council was convened to reach a settlement. A new human would be created; it would have the DNA of all interested parties; the Reps, however, wanted it to have a Reptilian body. This did have the desired consequences, but the new person was more resilient and refused the encroachments of the Reps. The Reps planned to mind control them and they were apparently impervious to this also. The location of this breeding program was the same place all the stories talk about: between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There were 13 contributors, and they all tried to make their DNA dominant. A group from the Collective known as the “Elohim” or gods were put in charge of this program. The human method of reproduction was chosen over the Reptilian, which lay eggs. This is described in Chapter 1 of Genesis, of course and contradicted by Chapter 2. Now we know the story of the Moon.

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