Urantia Book 92. The life of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus and his apostles walked up the hill to their camp in Gethsemane Park. They paused at the top and looked at the temple bathed by the sunset. It was beautiful. Jesus had told them that the temple would be destroyed, and they were very curious. Nathaniel said: “Tell us, Master, how shall we know when these events are about to come to pass.” Jesus said: “Yes, the iniquity of the Jews has invited justice to swiftly descend upon this city. Make sure you don’t fall for False Messiahs. Don’t be troubled by wars and rumors of wars. You should not be perturbed by famines or earthquakes; Neither should you be concerned when you are arrested and brought before the magistrates and are persecuted for the sake of the gospel. You will be thrown out of the synagogue and put in prison for my sake, and some of you will be killed. When you are brought before governors and rulers, it shall be for a testimony of your faith and to show your steadfastness in the gospel of the kingdom. And when you stand before judges, don’t be anxious about what you are going to say, for the spirit will teach you in that very hour what you should answer your adversaries. In these persecutions I will not forsake you; my spirit will not desert you. Be patient! Doubt not that this gospel of the kingdom will triumph over all enemies and, eventually, be proclaimed to all nations.” When the people of Jesus rejected his spiritual bestowal and refused to receive the light of heaven as it so mercifully shone upon them, they thereby sealed their doom as an independent people with a special spiritual mission on earth. Even the Jewish leaders subsequently realized that is was this secular idea of the Messiah which directly led to the turbulence which eventually brought about their destruction. Jesus was concerned that his apostles would get caught up in the turmoil of the war. Andrew asked him when they should leave Jerusalem. Jesus advised them to remain in Jerusalem, even though there may be persecutions. And leave Jerusalem when they see the Roman warriors coming. And don’t go back to their rooms for anything. Run away from Jerusalem up into the mountains. They actually found a safe shelter in Pella (176.1.1-5).*************** When Jesus discussed the destruction of Jerusalem, Peter mentioned his ‘second coming,’ which the apostles liked to think was very soon. Jesus couldn’t persuade them that it might be longer…maybe a lot longer. Jesus said he would wait until the “kingdom shall have come to its full fruition.” (I have a theory that Jesus isn’t coming again until the entire world is Christian. But that is a tall order. I read a book that said Christianity is growing in China. I read a book that said Muslims are converting in large numbers but they are terrified of being murdered, so they stay in the closet. Africa and South America are Christian, but Africa is also Muslim. Vladimir Putin is Christian and he encourages his people to take up religion. I even heard that he is in Syria to keep Asad from killing the Christians. I like Putin. He is my all time favorite dictator. But I would like him even if he weren’t a dictator. Anyway, Jesus told the apostles what they could expect when they left this life and went to the next. They would face a judge and then they would go into some kind of service. According to the UB, when you die, you go to the first mansion world, which is a satellite of Jerusem, the huge headquarters planet of the system of Satania. In a building specially made for the purpose, you get a morantia body, get your personality back, your soul and spirit back. You are given leisure time, but your education consists of games that advance you socially. As you advance, you will always be teaching someone less advanced than you. When you are finished with the 7 mansion worlds, you go to the constellation Norlatiadek for more advanced education. You can learn anything you want. After a long education on the constellation, you go to the universe capital, Salvington. You’ll meet Christ the God of the Universe. This is where you become a spirit or semi-spirit. I will explain how to get to God the Father in a later blog.

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