Surveillance and Control. Ed Snowden, a contractor for the NSA, exposed its vast surveillance operation. He noticed that Obama was prosecuting whistle-blowers at an unprecedented rate, so he had to leave the US and is now in Russia. Verizon and AT+T both let the NSA collect information on its customers. Prism is the program that the NSA uses to gather data from Apple, Google and Facebook. And get THIS: “The biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the public was fostering their dependence on Google and Facebook, two of the most powerful data mining tools ever conceived by the government and passed off as completely private sector entities”(Hall). The excuse for full spectrum surveillance on the public is national security and the war on terror. One joke is that surveillance has not protected the public from terrorists, and the other joke is that the surveillance is meant to watch us, not protect us or prevent any type of terrorist attack. Hall believes that the Prism and Boundless Informant programs are intimately linked to the electronic harassment and experimentation being perpetrated on the public. As more information is leaked, we will see that these programs are merely the surveillance tentacles of a larger hydra that is more akin to a weapon system rather than tools for merely observing our actions. Hall says that in the short time since he published his first book, A New Breed, there have been countless new developments aimed at perfecting the surveillance state: 1 The inclusion of facial-recognition software on Facebook 2. Border Patrol kiosks that use voice pattern software to monitor pitch and quality along with infrared cameras that monitor the eye movement and pupil dilatation to detect liars. 3. The current research on deep-sea drones used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in contested waters called the Upward Falling Payloads Program. 4. The fielding of the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS) that are binoculars that function off the soldiers brainwaves to assess threat detection 5. NSA ability to lock into surveillance cameras in stores, in computers and in phones using Remote Administration Tools (RATs) allowing your home electronic devices to be used as spy tools 6. The use of millimeter wave sensors in airports allowing TSA agents to see passengers’ naked bodies as they pass through security 7. The FBI uses drones. 8. The proliferation of GPS technology in our vehicles, laptops and cell phones. 9. The inclusion of RFID tags in all of our household goods and apparel. 10. Smart meters for home electrical wiring that can be used for surveillance. According to the ACLU, the 3 big energy companies in California are allowing government agencies to gather data from certain meters. 11. Smart Dust formulated to spread over large areas of the country that will allow tracking of population movement. 12. Recent unleashing of AI Sight technology by BRS Labs. AI Sight is a computer program that monitors thousands of security cameras simultaneously and identifies abnormal behavior. According to BRS president, John Frazzini, “it gives law enforcement the ability to identify unusual behavioral activity that could lead to pre-crime investigation.” 13. Intensive ongoing research on brain-computer interface 14. Non consensual taking of blood from newborns. 30 states consider the babies DNA to be property of the state. The FBI DNA data-base called CODIS was kept for the blood of sex-offenders only, but now they have expanded the data-base for all criminal offenders.

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